Shehbaz asks him to promise on Quran. Zara cries. Irfan asks Kabeer to defeat them by telling the truth. Kabeer looks on. He puts his hand on Quran and says I don’t have a questionable relationship with Zara, I don’t love her. Zara is hurt.

Rukshar says you are lying, I am going to promise and will prove this. She promises that Kabeer never had an emotional or physical relationship with me. He destroyed my life.

Jalali asks him to answer, why he did that with her? Rukshar says that girl took him away. She sees Zara gone from there. Shehbaz says we will continue this tomorrow. Rukshar says we will make her say the truth tomorrow.

Kabeer says my Vice Qazi will listen to this case against me. Shehbaz says because you chose him? Rukshar says I want Jalali to hear my case.

Irfan says this can’t happen as Jalali is against Kabeer, so he will not be just with him. Jalali says I have an option, Imran can be the judge of this case. Rukshar says I agree. Imran says he might be my friend, but I will be just and punish him if he is guilty. Kabeer looks on.

Zara recalls Kabeer promising that he doesn’t love her. She cries alone. Kabeer comes there and says I am sorry for your disrespect. Zara says it’s not your fault. I know Rukshar shouldn’t have said it… it doesn’t matter, I was your friend and I got your honour tarnished.

Kabeer sits with her and says they can blame us all they want, but I know that I don’t have any such feeling for you and I know you don’t have any feelings for me either. He leaves from there. Zara weeps.

Rukshar dances with Zeenat and says Kabeer ignored me and now, I will make sure that he doesn’t become a Qazi, he won’t be saved! I will make sure that Azrha makes Imran go against Kabeer in this case!!

Kashan comes there and says Saima will stay here. Saima says Rukshar dances well. Kashan goes to check the guestroom for Saima.

Imran comes to Kabeer with Azhra. Imran says I have to ask you something, am I a deserving Imam? Kabeer says yes. Imran says then why didn’t you make me the Vice Qazi? You insulted me. Kabeer looks at Azhra.

Azhra says you use Kabeer and then you don’t take his side. Kabeer says my friend didn’t see my position, Kamran went against Jalali, he put his family in danger for me, he made me a Qazi, so he was more deserving, he is a Senior, we are friends so you should understand my intentions. All are blaming me, but I didn’t expect this from you. Imran says we will meet tomorrow in the Sharia board! He leaves. Kabeer is hurt.

Zeenat tells Kashan that you shouldn’t have brought Saima into this house. Shehbaz comes there and says I brought Saima into this house, her father is a big businessman and I want to work with her. I don’t want her to stay in a hotel, you have to adjust with Saima and take care of her otherwise, you can leave this house!

Zara talks to the kids. Rukshar comes there and tells the kids that Zara is going to leave them soon. Kabeer comes there and asks Rukshar to have some shame! He tells the kids that nothing will happen tomorrow. Rukshar says Kabeer is defending Zara like he’s her lover.

Kabeer shouts at Rukshar to stop it! Rukshar says don’t shout, you have lost your mind! Kabeer says why are you doing this? I don’t love you, I didn’t marry you out of love. You are a cheater, what do you want?? Rukshar says you can’t deny my allegations tomorrow. You have to give me a place in your life, you can keep me as your Wife and then you can do what you want, you can keep these kids here as well. Kabeer looks on.

Kabeer sits in his room and thinks of what Rukshar wants?

Zara prays for herself to have strength.

The next morning, all are waiting for Imran to come. Kabeer tells Jalali that he won’t win!

Zara gets ready. Firdous says I saw a dream that you are going away. She cries and tells the kids that I won’t be able to live without you, nobody can take you away from me. Kaeeir asks her to get ready and come. Zara is tensed and covers her head. Kabeer says be fast, all are waiting. Zara is jittery and asks him to help. Kabeer helps her in tying the head scarf. Zara lovingly looks at him. He leaves.

Salma tells Irfan that they will insult Kabeer and Zara so why go there? Irfan says God is with Kabeer, Zara always takes the side of the truth, so don’t worry.

The case starts, Kabeer tells Rukshar that you couldn’t take care of the kids so Zara had to come here, she never took the salary to take care of the kids, she won the hearts of everyone. Zara says leave it.

Kabeer says Zara gives her money and time to the Orphan kids so what’s wrong with keeping her here? Rukshar says you are divorcing me for her. Kabeer says I told you the condition to adopt the kids, but you tried to kill the, so I decided to divorce you, Imran knows about it too. He tells the members that this woman tried to kill my kids, so I can’t divorce her? All look on.

Shehbaz says you were not loyal to your father, this Zara trapped Kabeer in her love. I can prove it. He brings the Quran and asks her to promise that she doesn’t love Kabeer. Zara gets tensed and takes it. Zara tells Kabeer that I love you, I love your respect for the women and everything that you do. All are shocked. Jalali laughs and says listen to this.

Kabeer glares at Zara. Jalali says what is happening here? Zara confessed her love for him. Zara says you are a dog, I love Kabeer knowing that I won’t ever get him, I love that he is just, that he is respectful, any girl can love him. I am sorry Kabeer.

Rukshar says you trapped him. Zara says you crossed all the limit, but he married you for my kids, I fell in love with him when he adopted my kids. I am proud to love him, this love is one sided, so it can’t be a reason for his and Rukshar’s divorce.

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