Pragya tells Shahana that she doubts on Nishant and asks her to bring Taxi. Shahana brings Taxi. Pragya hits Nishant on his head and takes him in the taxi.

Aaliya sees Suwarni Dasi’s jewellery with Rhea and asks her. Rhea says it is not like that. Aaliya asks her to tell the truth, either it is good or bad.

Pragya takes Nishant to her house. Prachi asks him why did he keep drugs in her bag. Nishant says I don’t know you. Prachi says we have seen you many times, giving money to the watchman. Sarita behen says your name shall be Vish. He asks how many ladies are here? He gets scared seeing them. Sarita behen threatens him showing the knife and says they will cut the hand veins.

Nishant says I am innocent and asks them not to harm him. Pragya says my daughter is innocent. They are holding knives and ask him to commit suicide. Sarita behen goes to bring something. Pragya gives him last chance and says if you don’t tell then I will kill you. Nishant agrees to tell the truth.

Abhi reaches somewhere following Ashok and comes to the place where he is hiding. He catches Ashok.

Aaliya asks Rhea why did she steal Dasi’s necklace? Rhea says I already took all money from Dad’s room. Aaliya says this is unacceptable and asks what was the need? Rhea hugs her and says I hate Prachi. Aaliya asks if she is blackmailing you and says she is in jail.

Rhea says she sent her to jail and says I made her understand, but she is not understanding and gifted brooch to Dad. She says now she is trying to get close to Ranbir also, and I have decided to throw her out of our lives. She says she took Nish’s help and he deals with drugs. She says she did what her friends asked her to do. Aaliya asks then why do you need money for drugs.

Rhea says my friends gave already. She says Nish blackmailed her and asked for 500,000 and then 700,000. Aaliya says you shouldn’t have friendship with such people and says brorher will take out Prachi somehow and if he comes to know about you then.. She asks her not to do anything and says I will do something. Rhea says Ranbir is in jail now. Aaliya says I was away from home since 2 days and this has happened.

Aryan hears her and claps. He says Prachi and Ranbir are suffering because of you. He leaves. Aaliya fears that he will tell the Police.

Abhi asks Shukla about Nish. Shukla says he doesn’t know. Pragya asks Nishant did you keep drugs in Prachi’s bag or not. Nishant says yes. She asks Prachi to make video and tells that they have to open the rope else it will be proved that they has threatened him. She asks Shahana to stand on the door.

Nishant confesses to have kept the drugs in Prachi’s bag and telling that both Prachi and Ranbir are innocent. Prachi sends the video to everyone. She says they will take him to Police Station.

Vikram asks Abhi if he has beaten Shukla. Abhi says he has confessed to his crime. Shukla runs away. Abhi catches him again. He asks Vikram to give his belt. Vikram gives his belt. Shukla says my belt is not loose. Abhi asks him to tie his hands and feet with the belts.

Other Inspector comes to the Police station. Inspector Vishal receives the video sent by Pragya and tells that she caught the culprit. Beeji and Pallavi comes there with Aryan and scold Inspector to arresting their little and innocent son.

The Inspector says Ranbir surrendered himself and assures that Prachi’s Mum has caught the Culprit and once she brings him here, we will leave Ranbir.

Pragya is taking Nishant in the taxi with Prachi and Shahana. Driver says he is looking bechara. Pragya says he is not bechara and asks him to take him home.

Abhi tells Ashok that he would have stopped Nishant from doing wrong. Ashok says he didn’t know. Abhi says this matter is not about money, but about Prachi. Ashok thinks if he comes to know that Nishant blackmailed Rhea, then he will kill me. Abhi sees Nishant in Taxi and looks on.

Abhi gets down the Car seeing Nishant, but Pragya’s car is already left. He sits back in the Car and asks if he is with his family. Ashok says I don’t know. Vikram asks what do you know then? Abhi says I will not leave the person on whose orders Nishant did this. Ashok gets tensed.

Ranbir comes out of lock up. His Mum and Beeji get emotional seeing him. He says I got arrested to save Prachi. Beeji asks him to come home. Pallavi says the Inspector said Prachi’s Mum caught the real culprit. Ranbir gets happy.

Aryan recalls hearing about Rhea’s truth. He recalls telling Aaliya that Rhea did wrong with Prachi and Rhea. Aaliya says you have to take care of Rhea as she is your Sister. Aryan asks what about Prachi? Aaliya asks do you want Rhea to get punished. She says everyone of us have done mistake and tells that she has covered his mistake when he broke his friend’s table in childhood. She says I didn’t tell your father as I wanted to make you a better person. He says if you tell Abhi, then Rhea will get more angry and might do more bad with Prachi. She asks do you want her to do something more bad and says this will be possible when we don’t tell anyone about her. Aryan asks about Ranbir? Aaliya promises that she will take him out and asks him to promise and swear on her that he will not tell anyone. FB ends.

Ranbir asks Aryan what happened? Aryan says I am so happy that you are out. Pragya brings Nishant there and asks him to leave Ranbir.

The Inspector apologizes to Pragya and says you have done our duty and caught the culprit. Pragya tells that whatever she has done is for her daughter. She requests Inspector not to be harsh on the young generation before the crime is proved. Inspector says he will try. Pragya asks him to leave Ranbir.

Other Inspector says we shall not leave him for giving false statement, but we will leave him as the case is solved by a mother. Pragya says he was helpless to do this for Prachi.

The Inspector apologizes again. Shahana scolds him for arresting Ranbir. Prachi scolds him for arresting Abhi. Ranbir is freed from lock up. Beeji and Pallavi thank Pragya. Pragya thanks Ranbir. Ranbir says whatever he has done is for Chief.

The Inspector says they will start the case afresh. Pragya says we will go home. Pallavi offers to drop her. Pragya asks her to take Ranbir go. Prachi thinks Ranbir is not a bad guy as she thought. They leave.

Abhi brings Ashok to Police station and says he has confessed that his nephew had kept drugs in Prachi’s bag. He asks him to leave Ranbir.

The Inspector tells that Prachi’s Mum caught Nishant and made him confess. He says we have freed Ranbir. They get happy.

Ranbir comes home. Rhea asks if Prachi is arrested so he is freed. Aryan says she is innocent, why she will get arrest. He says Prachi’s mum got the real culprit Nishant arrested. Aaliya assures Rhea that she will handle everything.

Ashok tells Nishant that don’t know how their plan failed. Nishant says Prachi’s mum and Nani were very clever. Ashok says I told in heart asking you not to do this. He says I should have stopped you.

Nishant says let me think what to do. He says did you tell anyone that Rhea was involved. Ashok says I was scared and that’s why didn’t tell. Nishant tells that Rhea will give money to Megan and will help us to come out. He calls the Inspector.

Pragya finds Abhi’s handkerchief and smiles. Sarita behen asks about it. Pragya tells that someone gave when she was crying. Sarita behen says maybe that person wants to convey that he is with you. Pragya says don’t know who has kept it.

Sarita behen says only Mr. Mehra can do this and says he is my hero. Pragya asks how many times he saved you from goons. Sarita behen goes on praising him and says he is a diamond. Pragya asks him to wear him as a ring. Sarita behen says I will get engaged to him and told him I love you. Pragya says you have confessed love as well and laughs. Sarita behen thinks to make them friends.

Pragya laughs knowing Sarita behen confessed her feelings to Mr. Mehra. Sarita behen thinks if Pragya and Mr. Mehra meet then they will be happy. Pragya asks her not to think that. Sarita behen says you should meet him. Pragya says he will think that I want to have any relation with him. She says I am good staying at far.

Prachi and Shahana are waiting for Abhi in Mehra Mansion. Shahana says we shall go. Prachi says Sir might be coming.

Rhea comes there and smiles. Prachi tells her that Nish who was in our college is caught. Rhea thinks how can you give me good news and thinks she is in big problem. Prachi says we came to meet Mehra Sir, he helped me to get out of jail. Rhea asks about Pragya and goes.

Shahana tells Prachi that Rhea is tensed seeing them. Prachi asks what could be her tension. Shahana says she might be tensed as you came out of lock up. Prachi says she don’t like me, but jail..she can’t be bad. Rhea thinks I thought bad about her and she is thinking I can’t do bad.

Abhi comes there. Shahana says we came to thank you and says Prachi got emotional. Prachi thanks him for bringing her out of lock up. Abhi says your Mum brought you out and asks her to ask her mum to tell her next time and says I want her to be safe and take care of you both. Shahana says I was with Aunt.

Abhi says that is a tension. He says I will ask driver to drop you home. Prachi says we will go. Abhi calls the Driver and asks him to drop Prachi and Shahana to their home. Prachi says we will go. She gives him red velvet pastry made by her mum and says my elder Sister used to like it. Abhi remembers Kiara and gets emotional. Rhea gets upset and goes.

Nishant calls Rhea and asks her to arrange money for their bail. Pragya writes diary for Kiara and tells that Mr. Mehra helped your sister like your superman helped you. She writes that she has sent her favorite red velvet pastry to him.

Abhi opens the container and sees the pastry. He recalls his moments with Kiara and sees her pic with Pragya. He asks her to eat her favorite red velvet cake and asks her to eat it, else he will eat all. He says I miss you a lot. Pragya also says the same. Abhi says I have saved Prachi, but I couldn’t save you and couldn’t become your superman. I am sorry.

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