Zara is shocked and screams, but Kabeer comes there and hits the man. Zara is shocked to see him. Kabeer tries to go to her, but she moves away. Kabeer asks if she is fine? The attacker runs from there. Kabeer runs behind him, but loses the chase.

Kabeer comes to Zara’s house and sees her dusting her clothes. He is mesmerized to see her. Zara is surprised to see him. He waves in a hi and gets emotional. They recall their memories, fitoor plays… Kabeer tries to hold her hand, but she moves back. Kabeer says it’s me Zara, did you forget me? It’s okay, I didn’t forget you, I can’t as we have a soul connection. Why are you running away from us?

Zahida wakes up and runs to Zara. She says Nargis are you fine? Zara says I am fine Mom, your prayers are with me. Kabeer is shocked. Zara thanks Kabeer and says I am Nargis and this is my Mom. Zahida thanks him. Kabeer says I am sorry, but she is my Wife, my Zara. Zara says I am Nargis, if you doubt me, then come with me.

Zara brings Kabeer to her music room, he is shocked. Zara shows him her pictures and says you can clarify. He says they are recent pictures. Zara shows him old pictures of her School and college with Zahida. Kabeer says these are photoshopped.

Zara says you are a liar, you talk against music and then you save me like a hero! Kabeer says I will never lie, I came to save you because we have a soul connection, you are my Zara. Zara says I am Nargis, if you keep repeating that I am Zara, then I will not become that? Kabeer is stunned. Zara says I don’t like to be angry, but I talked to you for a minute and I lost my cool. She ignores him and starts playing music.

Kabeer tries to ignore it and gets agitated. He shouts Zara!! Zara says see you think that music is evil, but I think this is a hope for her. Kabeer says stop about this rubbish music, can’t you accept that you are Zara? Zara says I don’t like your thoughts, I am not Zara, I want positivity in my life, I want to bring life into people’s lives.

Kabeer is mesmerized listening to her and recalls how Zara used to talk like that. He says my Zara… same voice, same attitude and same thought process. Years changed but you didn’t. Come with me, come with your Kabeer. We are your people. He tries to hold her hand, but Zara moves away and says don’t even think about it, we have different lives, stay away from me!

Kabeer says I don’t know why you are asking me to go away, I didn’t understand when God took you away from me, but I know for sure that you will come running to me because God will wake your love for me because you are mine. Zara was made for Kabeer, you are mine to keep, take care of my debt that is your love. He smiles and leaves from there. Fitoor plays as Zara looks on…

Kabeer calls Imran and says I am sure she is Zara and she will accept soon. Try to find out who tried to attack her, maybe we are doubting the right person.

Rukshar calls her attacker and says why didn’t you kill her? He says Kabeer came there and I didn’t want Kabeer to know that Miraj and Siraj (who kidnapped Zara) had a third brother Sartaj which is me. He says I am hunting for my revenge. Rukshar asks that Kabeer went to her? Why didn’t you kill her? Sartaj says I am praying that she is Zara, so I can take my revenge, he ends the call.

Zeenat comes there and asks Rukshar what are you doing? If Kabeer knows all this, then he won’t spare us. Rukshar says this baby inside me is our protector, nobody can throw us ou, as long as I have this baby, and that Zara will die a painful death!

Zara recalls Kabeer’s words that she is his Wife and she will come back to him because of their love. Zahida comes there and says Nargis you are not playing rhythmic music because you are not at peace, so have this milk. Zara drinks it and says I thought I was healed with your healing, but I lost my cool today and scolded Kabeer. Zahida looks on and smiles at her. Zara lies in her lap. Zahida starts playing an instrument to calm her.

Zahida says I have seen you sad and disappointed, but this is the first time I saw you getting angry and I realized that it’s your old wounds. I saw the truth in Kabeer’s eyes, when Kabeer comes back, then tell him your grievances. Zara says no, I don’t want to change my path, I want to continue this new path. I don’t want to question Kabeer on anything, he is a liar and I have heard his lies with my own ears.

Irfan prays to God and says if Zara is alive, then bring her back, my eyes are dying to see her again. Please give us our daughter back. Salma comes there and hears it. She is shocked and says Irfan Sahab?

Kabeer comes to the house and recalls Rukshar talking to a shady person in burqa. He says I smelled a man’s perfume from that woman that met Rukshar and then the same smell of the person that attacked Zara. It means Rukshar…

Salma tells Irfan that Zara is alive? I want to meet her, where is she? She cries, so Irfan hugs her.

Kabeer looks around the house and he’s mad at Rukshar. He comes to her room and says who was the person in the clinic and you sent to Zara? Rukshar says I didn’t do anything… He raises his hand, but doesn’t slap her. He says don’t test my patience, who was that person??? He drags her from there and calls Zeenat.

Ruksaar snatches her hand from him and falls down. She hits her stomach and cries. Zeenat comes there and says are you crazy?? She is pregnant… it all turns out of be Kabeer’s dream. He says no… I can’t do that. Kabeer says what to do? I can’t punish her because of the innocent soul attached to her. I can’t punish her, but I can question her. He goes to check on her but she is not in her room. Kabeer gets a call from Irfan and he’s shocked? He says I am coming right now.

Salma is crying in her sub-conscious state for Zara. She says make me meet my Zara. Irfan asks her to calm down, everything will become fine. Kabeer and Imran look on. Salma says I want Zara here, Zara… Zara…

Irfan turns to Kabeer and says God has some bigger plans of us humans, he takes something and gives us back something. I can’t stop my heart since I know that my Zara is alive. I can’t see my Wife like this, she just wants to hear Zara call her Mother.

Zara is teaching her student. The Student’s mom says she is smiling after a year. Zara says if anyone comes to me with hope, then I try to help them.

Kabeer comes there and says I have come with hope too, your mother Salma Khala… She is very ill and she wants your treatment. She can’t come here, so can you come? Zara looks on. Her student leaves.

Zara ignores Kabeer and wipes her tears. She turns to him and says what happened? Kabeer says she knows that you are alive, she doesn’t eat anything and just wants to see you. Come with me and give her some hope. Zara suddenly laughs and says you are very smart and a good writer. Kabeer tries to control himself and says I am telling you about your Mother’s illness and you are laughing? Zara says this is a lie, you are lying. Kabeer says I am saying the truth.

Zara says you are a good liar Qazi and you don’t even trust this mode of treatment and now asking me to go with you? Kabeer says I am sorry, but I don’t trust this evil way of treating someone. I want to take you to your Mom for another reason.

Zahida says what reason? Kabeer thinks that once I make her meet her Parents, she will drop her facade. Zara says answer us. Kabeer says I know you are Zara. Even if I believe that you are Nargis, but you look like Zara, so I am just asking you to come and meet her this once, call her Mother for once. Zara says you think I am a fool that I will believe you and come with you?? I will never!

Kabeer says she has been crying for 2 years, she has stopped living, she doesn’t have any hope left, so come with me and give her hope. It’s for your Mother. Zara controls herself and says you can leave. I don’t buy your big words and I request you to not come here again with some useless reason!

Kabeer tells Zara that I am not lying, what is wrong with you?? You used to run to your Mother at one phone call, you married me only because she has asked you to. Zara says I am Nargis and I am not listening to you. Kabeer says I am not going anywhere without you, you can do anything in life, but if you lose your Mother, then everything will be finished. Zara falters in her steps, but leaves from there.

Kabeer comes to Zahida and says can you talk to my Zara? She has to listen to me, you have to convince her! I am sorry I can’t control my anger, please try to convince her. Zahida says you should have guts to not lie and force someone, if you are following truth’s path, then God will always be with you. Kabeer thinks about her words and he leaves.

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