Rhea comes to Pragya’s house. Pragya sees her and asks what happened? Rhea hugs her. Shahana gets upset. Rhea recalls Aaliya’s words and says I don’t know why I came, but I have come here. Pragya says I will not ask you why you came and asked seeing tears in your eyes. Rhea says how do you know? Pragya says there is something between us. Rhea tells that she was going by taxi and having headache, so she came here.

Shahana says medical shop was outside. Pragya says even we have medicine and asks her to get medicine from inside. Shahana hides the medicine and tells that medicine is not at home, asks Rhea to bring it. Pragya wipes Rhea’s hairs and asks Shahana to bring ut. Shahana takes umbrella with her.

Dasi finds her wardrobe opened and thinks she might have let it open. She then thinks to check if something is missing? She checks her necklace and finds it missing. Aaliya comes there and sees Dasi getting shocked and calling Abhi.

Aaliya asks what happened? Dasi asks her to call the Police. Aaliya says your jewellery is not lost and says she took her jewellery for cleaning so took hers also. Dasi says when I asked you to take my jewellery for polishing, you didn’t take it. Aaliya says she is bringing change in herself. Dasi says you did right? Aaliya says I am sorry that I should have asked you before taking it. Dasi says atleast I didn’t get the heart attack.

Aaliya recalls Dasi giving her teachings about Purab and thanks her. She hugs her and asks her to tell next time when to take jewellery for polishing. Dasi hopes they stay happy.

Purab thinks to talk to Disha and asks his secretary to come to his cabin. Juhi comes there. Purab tells that he wants CM vasudha’s media coordinators. Juhi says old and new CM’s media coordinators are same.

Shahana comes home and sees Pragya massaging Rhea’s head and Rhea resting on her lap. She asks Pragya to ask her if she wants massage or not. Pragya says she will feel light and good. Shahana says Rhea wouldn’t have gotten head massage before. Rhea says nobody did it before. Shahana says I will bring taxi for you.

Pragya says she is not going now and asks Shahana not to trouble her, says she will make coffee for her. Pragya goes to the Kitchen. Shahana says you are doing the same thing y keep accusing Prachi of. She says you blame Prachi, but you are snatching his Mum.

Abhi talks to the secretary Juhi. He sees Pragya’s message and thinks to reply her. He then thinks if I message her then she will think I am thinking about her.

Pragya thinks of Kiara and Abhi and hopes to make coffee for her other daughter (Rhea). She burns her hand in the kitchen and Abhi gets the feeling of burning. He asks Juhi if she get such feeling. He then asks to give message to Mr. Juneja.

Shahana asks Rhea why did she come here when Prachi is not at home. Rhea says she was having headache really? Shahana says don’t act infront of me and says you think that Prachi is snatching your dad from you then you want to snatch Aunt from Prachi.

Rhea says nobody can snatch her parent from other. Shahana asks her to go before Pragya comes. Rhea says if you keep saying this then I promise to snatch Prachi’s mum from her.

Pragya brings coffee and gives to Rhea. Shahana asks if I have to get headache to get coffee. Pragya says my jealous daughter and asks Rhea to drink. Rhea thanks Pragya and says she is feeling very light and this coffee is best. She asks can I come to meet you whenever I want ? Pragya asks her to come whenever she wants and says I will feel good. Rhea hugs Pragya.

Pragya goes to keep the coffee cup in Kitchen. Rhea hugs Shahana and asks her not to come in her way and make her angry, and says if she gets angry,  then she will snatch her Mum from her. Pragya comes and says bye. Rhea leaves.

Juhi gets Disha’s number and gives to Purab. Purab dials her number and thinks what to talk to her. He gets Kiran’s number and she asks him to get Aaliya’s report. He says ok. Purab thinks of Disha’s husband and thinks if she is married, then why Kiran will say.

The Secretary comes to Disha and says Hritik sir is calling you downstairs. Disha says she is very busy. Hritik comes there. Disha says she has many files. Hritik asks Varsha to send all files to home. Disha says the same. He takes her with him.

Shahana calls Prachi and says Rhea came after you left and tells everything. Prachi says she asked you to stay out of it and tells that she will talk later after coming home. She rings Ranbir’s door bell.

Beeji says I came to meet you and then says I know you came to take the file. She goes to get file. Ranbir comes and scares Prachi. Prachi runs behind him. Beeji comes there. Ranbir says she got scared. Beeji asks him not to tease her. Prachi asks about his age. Beeji asks why? Prachi says he is grown up, but childish. Beeji asks Ranbir to take Prachi to the Office.

Hritik askis Disha to come with him. Disha says don’t know how I bear you. He says you bear me, but others love me. Disha asks him to go to Jaipur and give her some peace.

Prachi and Ranbir come to the Office. Ranbir flirts with the receptionist. Prachi thinks he will get the company closed.

Purab meets Dr. Kiran. Dr. Kiran says Aaliya is good health wise, but she is mentally depressed. She says I thought Aaliya’s suicide reason was that lady whom you brought, but later came to know that the lady is married. Purab asks about Disha’s husband?

Hritik takes Disha for the check up. He says we are friends. Disha says you are selfish friend as you make me do your work. He says I don’t flirt with you so that you do good work. Disha asks him to show if he can flirt with her. He says he can’t take the risk else he will have to handle the hospital alone.

Kiran tells Purab that she thought he is her husband hearing their conversation. Hritik comes there and says they are waiting outside. The Doctor tells Purab that he is Disha’s husband.

Abhi thinks to call Prachi’s Mum and then thinks to call Sarita ji. Sarita behen and Pragya are outside the house. Abhi calls Sarita behen and says he wants to talk to her about work for Aaliya’s anniversary. He says he wants to give catering order to her. Sarita behen says they are outside and calls him to the hotel, says Prachi’s Mum is with me. Abhi says okay, I will come there. Sarita behen comes to the hotel with Pragya.

The girls tell dialogue about Delhi darlings and collide with Sarita behen. Pragya scolds them. They promote the show. Pragya says it is a reality show.

Purab comes out of the Cabin. Hritik says the PPatientcame out and calls Disha. Disha goes to get something from her mobile. Purab gets upset.

Prachi tells Ranbir that she saw him telling sweet things to the Receptionist and tells that he shall be impressed with her work. Ranbir says she told her name as sweety. Prachi says she is veronica. Ranbir says she told her name as sweety. Prachi says you are lying. She asks about the other girl in party. Ranbir asks are you jealous? Prachi looks at him.

Vikram comes there and hears them talking. Ranbir says Prachi can never praise me and will talk bad about him. Vikram tells him that he is an employee here and not boss. Ranbir asks when your knees will be fine and says I want you to be fine soon. Vikram says Abhi will not adopt you as he has to end friendship with me which he will not do. He says you have to be with me.

Ranbir says I don’t like you Prachi, as Dad trusts you more than me. Prachi asks him not to create image of a bad boy and says you are a good son and asks him to be, the way he is. Ranbir gets touched by her words.

Pragya and Sarita behen come to the restaurant. The Manager asks about their reservation and show them table. They sit on the table. Pragya says we will order in sometime when waiter asks. Sarita behen says she saw the hotel from outside most of the time. She says she is nervous. Pragya says I am with you. Sarita behen says when you are with me, then we will do one work. She asks the Manager if they have the place. The Manager says no and tells that he can arrange. Sarita behen gives him a business offer. He says I will talk to the owner. Pragya says she is nervous about how to thank him and tells that she scolded him last time.

Abhi comes inside the restaurant and calls Sarita behen. He says he got late to park the car. Sarita behen says she is sitting inside Abhi tries to look at them as it is dark.

Abhi calls on Sarita behn’s phone and inquires where they are. Sarita says they are right here. Pragya accompanied Sarita. A Waiter was serving food and spoils Pragya’s saree with the sauce. Abhi was gathered around by some fan girls. Pragya goes to wash her dress.

Ranbir comes to his father’s room. A lady convinced him to accompany her to birthday party. Ranbir teases his father to be blushing. He tells the lady that he is old man now, and it’s time for him to take rest. The lady leaves. Afterwards, father son have an argument. Ranbir says he had planned a party, but later on rejected the idea. He must take his mummy to every place. He threatens to call his Mummy and complain, but the father doesn’t let him. Ranbir tells him to stay as loyal as now. He leaves the office.

Purab was worried why he wants to know about Disha.

Some girls pass by Pragya, excited to have taken photos with Abhishek Mehra. Pragya confirms with the girls if he is still there? She runs inside.

Ranbir finds Prachi in the office. She turns around, and the file fells off from her hand. He walks into the room and offers lift. Prachi replies she doesn’t give lifts on her taxi. Ranbir was irked that he was offering her the lift. Every other girl dies to meet and go with him. Prachi says that’s why she isn’t interested.

In the restaurant, Abhi sat with Sarita Behn. Sarita Behn says Prachi’s mother has gone to washroom to wash her dress. Some fan girls gather around and requests Abhi for a selfie. Abhi agrees to entertain them. Sarita thinks he is really handsome, and couples nicely with Pragya. She comes to send all the girls away. Abhi smiles that his girlfriend is extremely possessive.

Everyone eyes Sarita Behn. She says her daughter is his girlfriend. Both laugh when the girls had left. Afterwards, the manager comes to Abhi and says one of his fan couple got a special cake with the script ‘Love the Feeling’. He requests Abhi to wish them. Abhi teases Sarita Behn as his girlfriend and asks the Manager for her permission. Sarita allows Abhi. Abhi comes to congratulate the Couple.

Prachi is waiting for a Cab, worried as it was late. Ranbir comes to accompany her, and asks if she enjoys it. Prachi asks if he is making fun of her. Ranbir says it’s extremely late, his Dida always want children to be home in time. He terrifies Prachi that the times are really bad these days. He takes a leave from Prachi to get his car. Prachi thinks he deliberately wanted to terrify her. Ranbir stops the Car with Prachi. He bids her bye, and tells her to send a reminder message for a text.

Prachi requests from him a lift. He says no, and reminds how she had insulted his car. He turns his car but stops at a distance. He thinks he can’t even leave her alone, and decides to take her along. He asks Prachi if she is ready to apologize? Prachi agrees she was mistaken, and doesn’t feel guilt in apology. He agrees to give a lift. Ranbir teases at what speed he must drive the Car, 20, 30 or the cycle speed.

Sarita was annoyed that Mr. Mehra is meeting everyone here. The restaurant team announces Abhi’s presence. The crowd chants Abhi! Abhi says he came here to meet someone, he isn’t prepared to sing. The crowd convince Abhi. He begins a few questions of love from the crowd. He asks what is love? One of the girls replies, its madness. Another reply, it’s friendship. Another reply, its addiction. Pragya now raises her hand. Abhi turns around but was surrounded by the girls.

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