Kabeer cooks lunch for Zara.

Zara sits in front of Shehbaz and eyes him. He is tensed. Zara says I will come here daily to treat you, you will become fine, you have to become fine. You wanted to see the whole City praying behind Kabeer on Eid, now you become fine and witness that this eid. Kabeer comes there and says it’s time for food. Zeenat comes there and says I will make him eat it.

Kabeer and Imran sit down to have lunch. Imran says Kabeer has made food for you, sit Zara. Kabeer tells Zara that I can’t make good food like you, but I have tried so please have lunch. Zara sits with him and opens her lunchbox. Kabeer says what’s this? Zara says you have some rules like you don’t eat outside, the same way when I go to treat my patient, I don’t take money or eat from them. Kabeer says this is not just your Patient’s house, I am requesting you, as I made it for you.

Zara says your rules are above your love. I remember when you came to Zahida’s house and I made food for you, but you said no to Zahida. I am helpless like you, I know you are feeling bad, but I felt bad too, let’s see where it takes us. Kabeer is hurt. Zara thinks I am sorry Kabeer, but like I had to follow your rules and get another room for music healing, the same way I am arguing about my rules like you do. I just want him to find a middle way like I did by asking for a separate room. The same way we can find a middle way in our lives to be happy together.

Kabeer tells Zara that I will make food daily for you, I will not eat. Imran says you will get ill, he asks Zara to eat his food, otherwise Kabeer will get ill. Kabeer says she used to be so concerned about me but now, she is eating without any care for my food. Zara says if you have cooked the food then eat it, I didn’t ask you to make food for me, I didn’t come here as a guest or to meet you. I came here to make Shehbaz’s life better.

Kabeer says because Kabeer and Zara’s lives are joined together. Zara says no, we have stubbornness standing between our love and as long as it’s there, you will keep tearing our Nikah/Marriage papers. She leaves from there.

Zara brings ice-cream for Shehbaz and says I know you like it. Shehbaz looks on. Zara says I know you want it, take it, please. Shehbaz tries to move, but couldn’t. Zara says I will help you today. She is about to make him eat it, but Rukshar comes there and pulls her away. She says you want to give him poison??? She throws the ice-cream away and tells Shehbaz to stay away from her!

Zara says I don’t want negativity in this room so go away. Rukshar says this is my house so go away otherwise, I will kill you! Zeenat comes there and says she will tell your jokes to Kabeer as something serious. Rukshar says no, Kabeer was standing with me that day and saved me from her. She is so shameless that she doesn’t care, Kabeer threw the Nikah papers at her, but she is running back to him!!

Zara says I regret to never punish you because you are a part of this house, so I didn’t say anything to you. Rukshar says Kabeer married me as well. Zara says I don’t have any relationship with you anymore so… she raises her hand but stops.

Kabeer comes there and tells Rukshar and Zeenat to not come into Shehbaz’s room when Zara is here. Kabeer asks Zara if they said anything? Zara says do you want to know? Imran comes there, so Zara asks him to stay here and nods at Kabeer. They both leave.

Zara makes a plate for Kabeer and says I will tell you what Rukshar said if you eat the food. Kabeer makes a face. Zara says you are making a face like I am asking you to sing, you should kiss my hand for stopping you from sinning, you shouldn’t disrespect food. Kabeer says oh God I am so wrong, if you don’t stop me, then you are a sinner. If I am doing a sin, then you can make me eat. Zara says my hands are denying that… she offers him food with her hands.

Kabeer is mesmerized and holds her hand. He says I can’t believe you are making me eat today here. Zara says I am earning a reward from God. Kabeer says what did Rukshar say in the room? Zara says you tell me first what’s your relationship with Rukshar right now? Kabeer gets tensed. Zara says it’s okay if you don’t want to tell. Kabeer says my relationship with her is of humanity. Zara smiles and says you have a big heart.

Kabeer says what did Rukhsar say? Zara says she said that you will take her side as you protected her that day. I am worried because you always stand with the truth, then why did you take her side that day? Kabeer looks on and says Zara…

Zeenat comes there and says Kabeer, a worker is calling you. Zara says it’s okay, I will come tomorrow, she leaves. Zeenat tells Rukshar that we have to make her run away soon. Rukshar says tomorrow is going to be a big day, Kabeer will make her run away.

Zahida prays for Zara and says I couldn’t forgive a person who tried to kill me, but you did, I am so proud of you. What did you do there? Zara says I saw fear on Shehbaz’s face and he was tensed in front of Rukshar. It means he does have emotions, he just has to show it, I saw hope too, so I will make him fine. Zahida says the Patient becomes fine with hope from his treatment person. You have raised one level above in my eyes, so I have to move one level up too. She takes her suitcase and says I have to go to open healing centers at other places. Zara says no, you are not leaving me. Zahida says but we have to make this music healing work at other places too, so I am requesting you to let me go. Zara hugs her tightly.

Salma tells Irfan that I have made Zahida go from here, I can’t hear Zara calling her Mother/Teacher, promise me you won’t stop her.

Zara comes there and says Mother/Teacher is leaving, please ask her to stay for some days. Irfan is tensed.

The President comes there. He tells Zara that you have given a new life to KabEer by coming here. Irfan says the President always believed that you are alive. Zara thanks him for praying and says my Mother/Teacher saved me. The President thanks her. Zara says she is leaving. The President says she took care of Zara, saved her, so we have to serve her, he asks Irfan to stop her.

Irfan says I have never said no to the President, so I request you Zahida to stay. Zahida says I have to go now. Zara asks Salma to request Zahida to stay. Salma looks away and says please stay. Zara kisses her cheek. Salma glares at Zahida.

Zara comes to Kabeer’s house. Kabeer says the outhouse is ready and Shehbaz is there. Zara thanks him. Kabeer says thank you for respecting my views, he leaves.

Zara comes to the outhouse and sees Shehbaz there. He eyes the lunchbox. Zara says we will start with the music, you have to hear it and in the end, I will treat you with the ice-cream.

Kabeer is in the meeting and tells people that we have to help people after the pandemic, but we have to make sure that their self-esteem is not tarnished, we will provide them work… they all hear Zara playing music. A Minister says that Zara’s music is very soulful, it’s different. Kabeer says we are praising music instead of discussing religion, that’s why I am against the music. He says we have to work for people… Rukshar runs there and says Shehbaz is very tensed.

Kabeer rushes to Shehbaz’s room and sees him lying on the floor. He puts him on the bed and asks Zara what happened to him? Zara says I don’t know what happened to him. Rukshar says this Zara is responsible because of her music, Shehbaz doesn’t like this evil music, Shahbaz doesn’t believe in it, he is tensed because of this evil music!

Zeenat says I didn’t expect this from Zara, are you taking your revenge on him?? If anything happens to him, then we will not spare you!

Zara tells Kabeer that I don’t know how this happened. Rukshar smirks and thinks Kabeer will throw Zara out.

Kabeer tells Shehbaz that nothing will happen to you, he asks what happened? Shehbaz tries to point at Rukshar but she hides behind Zara. Zara glares at Rukshar. Rukshar tells Kabeer that I know Shehbaz and he doesn’t want Zara’s treatment. Kabeer looks at Zara worriedly.

Zara says no, he was afraid at the start but then, he became fine yesterday. Rukshar says because you didn’t play music yesterday. She asks Kabeer to look at Shehbaz and hear his message, save him from this evil music. Kabeer asks her to shut up, we have to calm Shehbaz down first. Zara tells Kabeer that this didn’t happen because of me, trust me. Kabeer says let’s call the doctor first.

Salma comes to Zahida and says you have to come downstairs for food, we don’t have Servants to invite here. Zahida says I am sorry, this won’t happen again. She shows her Ayesha’s photos and says this is Zara’s mother-in-law? Salma says she was like her mother, she came to this house when Zara left Kabeer’s house. I used to feel peace when Zara used to call her mother, but when she calls you that, I feel a storm in my heart.

Zara calls Zahida and tells her about Shehbaz’s condition. Zahida says I am sure no one can fall ill with our treatment, she gives her some instructions.

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