Irfan tells Salma that why did Kabeer take Rukshar’s side? Salma says I didn’t understand but then I thought Kabeer knows Rukshar can do anything and had divorced her, but he has kept her in the house, but there must be a reason to save her from Zara. Kabeer comes there and says I have some work, he leaves from there. Salma says did they have a fight?

Kabeer calls his servant and asks did you have Bubbli’s letter? He says I have torn it. Kabeer says you will find all the pieces and piece that letter back.

Zara looks at the camera and recalls her wedding night. Kabeer said to Zara that we fought when we first got married. Zara says I didn’t get any gift the first time. Kabeer says I have one now. He gifts her a camera. Zara smiles and asks if he is fine? You don’t like taking pictures. Kabeer says but you like to pose and take pictures so why not? Zara says I love you for that, I will take pictures when you pose with me. She tries to take his pictures and he covers his face. The flashback ends. Zara says I am thinking about Kabeer? I can’t be of Kabeer and he can’t be mine.

Kabeer tells Imran that I have to prove to Zara that I am not with that Bubbli. Imran says you are going to prove your love to Zara? Kabeer says that the teacher has distracted Zara, so I will prove her wrong. He starts rejoining the paper.

Kabeer brings the rejoined letter to Zara and says it’s proof of my love for you, this is a letter from that Bubbli. Salma reads the letter that Kabeer is a fool, I know you love the kids and if you try to find me, then I will not spare these kids, I came to fool you, but I fell in love with you but you never looked at me with love.

Zara recalls how she started hating Kabeer. She looks at him and thinks. Salma tells Zara that you think Kabeer and that Bubbli…  no. Kabeer’s love is pure for you and I can testify to that. Kabeer says I told you everything on the first day. I wrote a letter for you. Zara says I didn’t get any letter. Kabeer says if you didn’t get it, then where is it?

Zahida comes there and says I have that letter. She says I got this letter in your room Zara. Zara hugs her and says Ammi Jan. Salma is stunned to see their affection. Kabeer tells Zara there was and is only one Zara in my life. I love only you. Zara looks on.

Irfan tells Zara that before you leave, I want to make you eat my kheer.

Irfan cooks kheer for Zara and makes her eat it. Zara smiles and says it’s so tasty. Irfan says everything is the same as earlier. Zara says I know your, Salma and Kabeer’s love hasn’t changed. I love Kabeer too but he is not my husband. Irfan says but he can become your husband, why are you acting like that with him?

Zara says he can’t become my husband. I can’t stay away from Kabeer, but when I was with him, he had to bear so much pain. I know that Kabeer will accept me, but he won’t accept my thought process and he is a Qazi, so I don’t want to pressurize him. My thought process is important to me and I can’t leave it, but I don’t want to hurt Kabeer.

Irfan says I know your love is strong, I think you should marry Kabeer. Zara says I am ready to care for him and give him time, but will he accept me with love for music? Irfan says you are right, I will talk to Kabeer.

Kabeer says to Zahida that I have never begged to anyone, but I am folding my hands to you, please free my love.

Irfan says to Zara that you can make Salma fine if you accept Kabeer. Salma hides and hears it. Irfan says you should leave everything on God when you married him the first time, you both hated each other, but then you both fell in love and madly in love. Zara smiles and says yes I had many good memories with Kabeer… She is tensed and hugs him. Irfan says that time will come back. Salma cries and prays to God for that.

Kabeer begs to Zahida and says I can’t live without her. Salma takes him from there and hugs him. She says Irfan has convinced Zara. Kabeer is shocked and says really? Salma says Zara has accepted a Nikah/Islamic Marriage. Kabeer gets excited and hugs her. Salma says you start preparing for it. I heard Zara saying that her most favorite memories were with you. Kabeer says I knew and trusted my love.

Salma says look there. He turns to see Zara staring at him. Zara shyly moves towards him. They both recall their moments together. Kabeer thanks Zara for moving towards him. Zara says if you thank me then I am not yours. Kabeer says I am sorry and smiles at her. He tries to go to her, but Salma pulls him back and says you have to stay away from her untill Nikah. Kabeer says I can’t live without Zara and I feel like she can’t without me too.

Irfan calls Salma so she leaves. Zara smiles at Kabeer and puts a scarf in front of her. Kabeer tries to touch her, but she throws her scarf at him and runs away. Kabeer smiles.

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