Rukshar comes to Shehbaz and says you know all my enemies are going to die, we will see how he leaves you here to go and save Zara. She makes him drink water and start leaving his room. She sees Kabeer and others coming to his room so she hides and leaves.

Kabeer comes to Shehbaz and sees him panicking. He shouts at his Servant that why did you leave him alone??  Irfan tells Kabeer that if you were not with Rukshar the whole night, then this wouldn’t have happened and Zara is still missing. Kabeer says I will find her and won’t let anything happen to her. He makes Shehbaz sit in the wheelchair and tells Irfan that till I find Zara, you have to take Shehbaz to your house. Irfan nods.

Kabeer tells Zeenat that tell Rukshar if she is behind this, then you both won’t stay in this house anymore! I won’t let anything happen to Zara.

The guard tells Kabeer that Zara was worried when she was leaving. They see the CCTV of Zara talking to the servant and leaving the house. A Cab took her and went away. Kabeer asks him to note the Car number and search. They see that the Car number plate is fake. Kabeer says it means someone lied to Zara to make her sit in the Car and take her away. But who would have done it?

Sartaj points the gun at Zara. Zara says don’t show me the gun by thinking that I will get scared, God will protect me and Kabeer’s love will secure me. You would have killed me before if you wanted to, I am not moving from this Car. Sartaj laughs and says if you don’t get out of the Car, then I will kill Kabeer.

Zara thinks that I can’t put Kabeer’s life in danger and I have to get off the Car to leave from here. She comes out of the Car. Sartaj says there are no rules here, so we will get married easily here. Zara says you want me to fear you? He says no, we wll get married and go to Singapore forever.

Kabeer comes to the Police station. Irfan comes there and says Shehbaz is with Salma. Kabeer gets a call and comes out of the Police station. A man is talking on the call that some goons broke everything in the shop and said that their boss is going to marry the girl he kidnapped. Kabeer hears it and asks him to give details.

Sartaj tells Zara that Kabeer is not coming to save you. You gave pain to my brothers, but now I will give you that pain! Zara starts to run, he fires behind her. Zara grabs him and says what happened with your brothers will happen with you! You can never come in between me and Kabeer! He grabs her. Zara says when Kabeer comes there, then he won’t let you misbehave with me. Sartaj pulls her closer.

Kabeer sees the CCTV footage of the shop where some goons came and stole some wedding clothes. Kabeer notes the Car number and Imran finds the house number of the Car owner.

Sartaj shouts at his goons for tying Zara to the chair. He says sorry to Zara and says I will open it for you. Some girls bring haldi (turmeric) there. Zara throws it away. Sartaj says I like this style of yours. He says force her if she doesn’t comply! Zara says you can’t make me say Qubool hai ( I do) to you, Kabeer will do what he did with your brother. Sartaj gets angry and asks his workers to work on her!!

Kabeer tells the woman whose Car was used in the robbery? Kabeer says I will help you, but you have to tell me everything. She says I don’t know anything. Kabeer says if you let God help you, then he will protect you too. The woman calls her husband and says come here fast, your mother has a heart attack.

Sartaj brings the bridal dresses for Zara and says you can choose the one you like.

The goon comes to his house so Kabeer grabs him and beats him. He shouts at his Wife for lying to him. Kabeer beats him and asks whose marriage is happening? He shows him Zara’s picture. The man says she is getting married and you can’t save her. Kabeer is stunned.

Zara is locked in the room. A goon brings jewelry and asks her to wear what she likes. She throws it away.

Kabeer calls the Superintendent and tells him that this goon’s boss’s name is Sartaj. The Superintendent calls and says we need the force at some venue. The goon says if we do something there, then Sartaj might hurt Zara. The Superintendent tells Kabeer that you go there and my men will be there as civilians.

Zara is trying to leave the house she is locked in. She hides from the goons and comes to the porch. She sees some women there and says you all are women, please help me. The woman says let’s go with us. They cover her face and bring her to a room. The woman says you are safe now.

Sartaj comes there and smirks. He tells Zara that you are so beautiful and going to be my Wife soon. He asks to bring the Priest fast. He tells her that I can call your Parents here too, we would like some Parents here.

Salma asks Shehbaz to pray for Zara. I will forgive you if she comes back fast. A goon comes there and points a gun at Irfan’s head.

Kabeer is disguised as an old man. He tells Imran and other Officers that you all are going to be a witness in the wedding. Sartaj can’t know that we are there to stop it. A man tells Kabeer that he needs a Nikah Priest in the English, he doesn’t know Urdu. Kabeer says I will use that to my advantage and save my Zara. He recalls his moments with Zara, judaiyan plays…

Zara tells Sartaj that I am never marrying you, I got saved from death because of Kabeer’s love, he doesn’t like someone looking at me, but you have touched me, so he won’t spare you. She thinks I am sure Kabeer will come to save me. She recalls their moments too and smiles. Sartaj tells her I will show you a video, I have my men here all around and if he tries to come here, then he will be dead. The Priest/Professor Parents are under my house arrest too.

Kabeer calls the Superintendent and says I will message you when it’s safe for Zara. Kabeer and others come to the wedding. The goon introduces them as Priests. Kabeer sees Zara coming there dressed as a bride. Tere sang plays as he looks at her and thinks to look at me and see it’s your Kabeer. Zara looks at him, but doesn’t recognize it.

The goon brings Kabeer and others in disguise. He tells Sartaj that I couldn’t find a Qazi.

Zara comes there so Kabeer stares at her. Sartaj tells him that the Professor/Translator shouldn’t eye my bride. A goon tells him and some Police officers are in the area. Sartaj says if someone tries to stop this wedding, then shoot this bride! Kabeer is stunned to hear that. Zara is scared.

Sartaj tells Kabeer you have to do your work as a witness. Kabeer says let’s do it fast, you can leave me with the bride. Sartaj nods and leaves. Kabeer says madam Zara are you fine? Zara is stunned to recognize him. Kabeer says I won’t let anything wrong happen with you, are you ready for this wedding? He silently nods at her so Zara nods as Sartaj smiles. Sartaj says are you okay now? Zara says Professor… she looks into Kabeer’s eyes as Sartaj brings Irfan there on the gunpoint.

Sartaj says Kabeer must be around with the Police so I called you here to stop them. He tells Irfan that I want this Nikah to be done in 10 minutes, if it doesn’t happen, then shoot Zara and Irfan soon. Kabeer looks on and huffs.

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