Rukshar brings tea for Zeenat and Zara and thinks to stay here so they can’t doubt me. The Servant comes running and says Shehbaz’s room is filled with smoke. They all rush there and see Shehbaz but Zara turns the wheelchair and it’s not Shehbaz but a dummy. She shows her the video of Rukshar coming into the room and filling it with smoke. Zeenat shakes her head. Zara says she can’t change her ways. Zeenat asks where is Shehbaz??? Zara glares at Rukshar.

Zara shows Shehbaz in another room, she calls Kabeer and says Rukshar tried to kill Shehbaz today, she is not scared of us, what to do? Kabir says she will stay in isolation now where she can’t hurt anyone. She will stay there until her baby is born. Zara says you are right.

Zara grabs Rukshar’s hand and says we didn’t say anything to you because you are pregnant but if you do anything now, then you will be sent to jail. She brings Rukshar into a room and says you will stay in this room all the time, this is your jail and you will get food here too!

Zeenat says you are right Zara, it’s good that Kabeer didn’t call the Police. Zara says we will make a ward here like a hospital so you will be treated here in case of an emergency, pray to God now. They lock her in the room and leave.

After a month, Zara is playing music for Shehbaz.

Kabeer and Zara start enjoying their lives. Kabeer shows his wish to have a baby with Zara. She blushes.

With time, Amaan starts studying again.

A Nurse comes to check on Rukshar, she asks how is Shehbaz? But the Nurse doesn’t answer and leave. She thinks if Shehbaz becomes fine, then he will tell the truth.

With time, Shehbaz starts eating ice-cream on his own.

After some time, Zara shows the video of Shehbaz’s improvements to the Sharia board. She shows how he can eat on his own now. Zara says I haven’t done anything, he really wanted to eat the ice-cream and he tried for it. The Country’s Chiarman says this is a change, we want to give you 6 months time for Shehbaz to become fine.

Zara tells Kabeer that I have a way to find out why Rukshar is scaring Shehbaz. They come to Shehbaz. Zara tells Shehbaz that he looks fit and handsome. Shehbaz smiles at her. Zeenat is confused as he looks the same.

Zara asks Shehbaz what thing is hurting him? What makes him agitated? I will show you pictures. She shows him Rukshar’s picture and he gets angry. Zara says don’t worry, we are with you. Did Rukshar do something with me or Kabeer? She shows him pictures of the family, but he doesn’t react and shakes his head. She points at Kashan and Zeenat’s picture but he shakes his head. He sees Ayesha’s picture and gets agitated.

Kabeer stops and asks if Rukshar did anything with Ayesha? He nods. Kabeer asks what did she do? Zeenat gets scared and thinks I need to tell the truth. She says I will tell the truth… she cries and says I was threatened before but I will tell now… Kabir says tell me now. Zeenat says Rukshar…

Salma comes there and says Rukshar ruined Shehbaz’s life and Rukshar took away Kabeer’s mother, Rukshar killed Ayesha. Kabeer is stunned. All cry hearing that.

Kabeer says Ayesha gave her family and love, made her a daughter and that Rukshar… killed my mother??  Zara asks Salma how does she know? Salma says I found Ayesha’s letter which says that Rukshar was giving her poison to slowly kill her. Kabeer cries reading the letter. Zara says where did you find it?

Salma says I was cleaning the wardrobe and found her box there, I read this letter and was shocked. Kabeer cries and hugs Salma. Amaan comes there too. Zara asks Shebaz if he wanted to tell them this? He nods.

Amaan shouts at Rukshar’s room that she killed Ayesha and Kabeer will punish her!! He kicks at her door. Rukshar gets scared and takes some pills. She says I won’t go to jail.

Kabeer and others are coming to Rukshar’s room. Kabeer opens Rukshar’s room but Rukshar falls down and cries in pain. All are stunned to see her in labour pain. Salma says her baby is in danger. Zeenat and Salma help her. Zeenat calls the Doctor while Zara looks on. She thinks I have to save her innocent baby.

Rukshar is taken to the room where a Doctor checks her. Kabeer says I lost my mother because of her, I will call the Police right now but Irfan stops him and says we have to save the innocent baby first, you need to calm down. Salma tells Zara that we are saving a killer in this situation. Zara says we are going to apply all the teachings, we have humanity left in us, we have to be right and save her and then the law can take action.

The Doctor checks Rukshar and tells Kabeer that we have to do pre-mature delivery to save Rukshar’s baby. Kabeer says do anything you can to save that baby. The Doctor says we need blood and it’s AB- group. Zara says I can give the blood to her. Kabeer says but she is a killer. Zara says but she is a human and I am saving her life.

A Nurse tells the Doctor that we need blood immediately, but Zara’s levels her low. Zara says I am ready to give the blood to save a live.

Rukshar’s daughter is born. Zara hugs Kabeer and smiles. Zeenat holds the baby. Salma tells Zara that we are proud of you.

Kabeer hugs Zara and says I love you a lot, I will keep you on my eyelashes. Zara says no I am fine on the floor only, you didn’t do exercise today. Kabeer says you didn’t do it so I stopped also.

Zeenat comes there and says the Assistant Commissioner of Police is here to arrest Rukshar, this baby has been in this world for a week only and Rukshar has called the orphanage to take this baby away, she is not answering anyone, don’t send this baby to an orphanage.

Zara cries and tells Kabeer to ask Rukshar to give this baby to him, I will raise this baby, but don’t let this baby be punished for her deeds, please forgive her, please.

Kabeer thinks that she forgave my father who tried to kill her so how can I punish this baby when she didn’t even do any sin. Kabeer takes the baby and says your love won Zara, I will give my name to this baby.

Rukshar comes there and says you tried a lot to bring me on the right path but I didn’t listen, I am going to pay for my deeds now and the biggest punishment is to stay away from my baby. You know why I didn’t give my baby to Zeenat? Because somehow I wanted Zara to raise her, to make her be just like Zara. I request you to not make this baby like mine, make her like you and Zara so people can be proud of her. You are giving your name to a baby whose mother killed your mother, stay happy, you are the nicest person, I am going to pay for my deeds and I am going to leave my small love to my love only.

Rukshar cries and tells Zeenat to forgive her. Zeenat hugs her and cries. The police take her away while Kabeer and Zara hugs the baby.

Zara gives the ice-cream to Shehbaz and he is able to hold it. Amaan comes there and says I got an admission in a big boarding School. Kabeer is happy to hear that. Zeenat says it’s all because of Zara. I wish Kashan was here. Zara says we can try, your happiness is empty without him, we will try to make him listen and make him come back to you.

Kabeer calls everyone and says meet my and Zara’s daughter Ayesha. All are happy to hear that.

Zeenat gets a call and is stunned.

Kabeer and Zara are infatuated with their baby. Kabeer says I will take her to the School daily. Zeenat comes there and says Kashan is coming back and it’s all because of Zara. Zara says it all happened because of my and Kabeer’s love.

Kabeer and Zara argue over where Ayesha will go for schooling. Zara says she will go to my School. Kabeer says she will go to a Madarasa. They smile at her. Zara says we will respect each other’s thoughts. We will give her teachings and let her choose her path. Kabeer says we will not fight in front of Ayesha. Zara says she will see our love only. We will spread love only. They hug as a family.

The End 

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