Disha tells Pragya that she had left Purab that day and saw herself as Disha purab Khanna. She says she will never forgive him.

Purab tells Abhi that he went to check Aaliya’s shower. Aaliya thinks she was sure that he will check the shower and that’s why she compromised with the shower. Abhi asks Purab to tell if water was coming. Purab says yes and then it stopped, it was not working properly. Abhi says she has done so much bad that it is very difficult to trust him. Aaliya thinks she conspired to get him, but didn’t do anything wrong after getting wrong. Purab tells Abhi that he will never go to Disha as she didn’t trust his love and left him. He hugs Purab. Aaliya thinks she will never tell anyone what she did that night.

Prachi and Shahana sees Disha in their house in the morning. Pragya says Disha will stay here with us for few days. Prachi and Shahana argue that she will stay with them. Sarita behen takes Disha to show her way. Pragya thinks it is good that Disha agreed to stay here.

Abhi wakes up in the morning and kisses Pragya’s picture. He turns and sees Purab sleeping beside him and asks him to wake up.

Vikram comes there and sees them on bed and asks if their dostana is going on. He asks if Aaliya knows and says he will tell her. Abhi asks Purab to take Vikram and his pic and send to Pallavi. He says I will get your divorce without fighting in court. Purab says I am going to my room.

Rhea comes to Ranbir’s room. Ranbir says you are looking so beautiful. She says I know. He says your eyes smile with you, your smile give a reason to the man about to die. He asks why she did come here? She asks him to drop her at College. He says okay and asks her to give him sometime. He opens the wardrobe. Rhea tries to peep into the wardrobe.

Pallavi says he doesn’t show his wardrobe to anyone. Ranbir goes to change. Rhea thinks what is he hiding in the wardrobe and checks it. She finds her picture and thinks she will accept his proposal once he breaks Prachi’s heart.

Disha and Purab think about each other. Zara se Zara se adhure… plays… Purab thinks Aaliya wants him, he wants Disha, but Disha doesn’t want him. He asks what do you want? Disha says Purab ji. Purab feels she mentioned his name.

Ranbir is going to college with Rhea. Rhea asks if he is hiding something? He says no. Rhea tells him that she will say yes, once he does the work. Someone calls her to check the dresses. Rhea goes.

Aryan comes there and tells that he couldn’t sleep all night because of shahana. Ranbir suggests that he will talk to Shahana from his house and scold her. Aryan says okay. They go to his room.

Disha asks Pragya what does she mean asking her to talk to Purab, and go back to him if she can’t live without him. Pragya says I said that as you was crying a lot. Disha says you said that I can get the life what I wanted and asks if she believes in this. Pragya says yes. Disha asks then why she don’t want to go back to Abhi. She says you both are standing at the same corner where you both were 20 years back. She says if I want to go but then also I can’t go as Purab is married and has a Son. She says Brother-in-law didn’t cheat on you and he is still single, do you know?

Pragya smiles and says I know that he can’t give my place to someone else. She tells about an incident and says once we went for lunch.

A FB is shown, Abhi teases her for talking to his Dadi and then her mother after coming with him for lunch. He asks who Am I? Driver. He asks her to at least talk to him if not hold his hand and kiss him. He asks her to get inside the menu card. Pragya says I came here to have food. Abhi says if you don’t give me importance, then I will give to other. Pragya says you are married. Abhi says he got the licence to do anything. Pragya asks him to go and do so. Abhi says if I flirt then… He says I can’t break anyone’s heart after flirting. Pragya asks him to go and flirt, asks him not to give her false warnings. Abhi takes out his handkerchief and asks if it is her hanky? FB ends.

Disha says Brother-in-law is naughty and asks then what happened? Pragya says opposite thing happened.

FB starts, The girls argue that the hanky is theirs. Pragya says the hanky is of a man. The girl says so what?? Both girls fight that Abhi is hers. Abhi says I will stay with you for 6 months and 6 month with the other girl. Pragya says he is mine. They asks who is she? Abhi says monkey enjoying your fight. Abhi decides the months to stay with them. Pragya says she is his Wife. Abhi says you don’t love me. Pragya says I love him and asks them to go and come in 8th birth. She threatens them. Abhi says she is dangerous and asks them to leave. He gives flying kiss to them. Pragya scolds him for blowing them kiss. Abhi says it was just a flying kiss, and physical kiss with you. He says let’s go home, I will kiss you. Pragya says I will not let you touch me. Abhi says you only asked me to flirt and tells that he can never give her place to anyone. He promises her and asks should I give wet kiss to you? He asks everyone to turn and kisses her. FB ends.

Pragya says that’s why I think that he can’t give my place to anyone. He says she wants to unite with him, but I have to love him again from a new start. Disha says I didn’t understand this concept, but hopes this wish is fulfilled. She hugs her.

Ranbir is dancing in his room watching the song Radhe Radhe Radhe… oh Radhe… on TV. Aryan switches off the TV and asks him to call Shahana. Shahana thinks why he is calling me and gives call to Prachi, asks her to talk to him.

Prachi picks the call and asks him to say fast whatever he wants to say. Ranbir asks why her voice is like Prachi. Aryan says may be as they are sisters. Prachi says I will end the call if you don’t want to talk. She says she has no time. Aryan asks him to see how she talks. Ranbir calls her troublemaker and says if you did this again then I will not leave you. Prachi asks what did I do? he says I will not bear if anything happens between Rhea and you. He says my name is Aryan Khanna and ends the call.

Prachi gets upset. Aryan asks if he has the same screensaver as him?  Ranbir says no. They check the phone. Ranbir says it is mine. He says now Shahana will think that I scolded her taking your name. He gets worried. Prachi calls him. Ranbir gets sweating and says troublemaker’s call. Aryan says if she gets mixed in your life and asks if he is scared of her. Ranbir says no. he picks the call and asks her to listen. She says you spoke already and asks him to get treatment in a hospital, says she will give him money. He says you are calling from your phone and telling that you are Aryan.

Ranbir says he called her by mistake. Prachi says you would have taken your name and asks why did you take Aryan’s name. She says if you interfere again between Rhea and me then I will block your number. Aryan says she called me helpless and teases Ranbir. He says I like her. Ranbir says you are enjoying.

Aryan asks how are you feeling and asks him to bring water. Ranbir says I am not thirsty. Aryan asks him to get drown and laughs what kind of man you are. Ranbir says you are laughing a lot.

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