Abhi searches for his wallet and finds Pragya’s picture. He thinks she is coming infront of him again and again and asks if she is jealous as he is going to Anuradha’s home. He says Vikram said that something will happen to me seeing Anuradha, but relax nothing will happen, I am all yours. He says I will frame your picture and will see you, talk to me sometimes. He keeps Pragya’s picture in his pocket.

Abhi hears Rhea shouting at the designer and asking what she will wear??  He comes to her room. Rhea says what will I wear now? He asks her to wear anything. Rhea says you don’t have fashion sense. Mira selects dress for her. Abhi thanks Mira for saving his day. The Designer says only a mother can handle her kids and says you are lucky to have a sweet mother. Rhea says I am not lucky, my Mum left me in my childhood. She left me and him! The Designer says sorry. Abhi says sorry.

Pragya searches for Abhi’s picture and says she is searching for something from her box. Prachi says it fell by me yesterday. Pragya scolds her and says it had precious picture in it.

Sarita behen comes and asks them to go as they are getting late, tells Pragya that she will search. Pragya says I searched everywhere. Sarita behen says you are so worried, it might be your husband’s pic. Pragya gets sad and says she had only 1 picture. Sarita behen says when I can figure out this then Prachi and Shahana too and asks her to be calm. Pragya thanks her for asking her to be calm. Sarita behen says you will get your husband too.

Abhi scolds Rhea for talking bad about her Mum in front of an outsider. Rhea says she should also know how my Mum was? Abhi says you shwould accept your mistake. She says she said the truth and says you are taking the side of a woman who is not with us and left us. Abhi asks her to stop talking bad about her Mum. Rhea says what wrong did I say? She says that the designer wants to know about how good my Mum was and how she loves and cares for me, she was referring to someone else as my Mum and I just corrected her, she abandoned me.

Abhi shouts Rhea??? Rhea says you had only said that I was a baby when she left me, didn’t I matter to her? Abhi asks her to just leave! Rhea goes. Abhi gets tensed.

A FB is shown, he comes to Pragya and says hello girls. Pragya asks how do you know that they are girls. Abhi says if he calls them girls, then they will be girls. Pragya asks where did you go and says you went to make her eat ice cream. Abhi asks who told you? Pragya says Kiara and says the weather is bad. Abhi says she only insisted and tells that they should scold her. Pragya says you will spoil her and says you are a bad Dad. Abhi says girls… your mother is a hitler. Pragya turns and smiles. 


Abhi says I will not tell you and says I love you. Pragya asks really? She says we will not fight in front of the kids, and will not have silly jokes and will not call each other will such names. We will give good upbringing to them. Abhi says if fight happened and kids are in front of us then? Pragya says we will have fight in the bathroom, but not in front of them. FB ends.

Mira comes to Abhi and says Rhea left. Abhi says I have to make things better between Pragya and her and have to make her understand that Pragya didn’t leave her. We had a fight and she left. He says she was really good and nobody can like her. He comes to the sofa and sit, thinking about Pragya and Kiara. He gets teary eyes. Mira comes to him and keeps hand on his shoulder. Abhi goes to his room. Song plays… Mira thinks she has to justify her love and will do all the efforts for their happiness.

Shahana asks Prachi to be confident while doing ramp walk. Rhea, Dimpy and Shaina come to college. Rhea says lets have some fun. Shahana asks Prachi to give her best. Rhea says maybe your first show will become last. I asked you to back off and asked my friends not to compromise with your dress, but you want to make a joke of yourself, how you will look doing ramp walk. She says she is going out and planning a party and asks them to come, says she needs a waitress.

Prachi says you celebrate even your failure. Ranbir tells Principal that he can’t do this. Principal says you can do this. Prachi asks Rhea to get ready for her first defeat. Rhea says this finger can be twisted. Shahana asks her to see what she does, showing her safety pin. Prachi says she will not do anything.

The Principal comes and asks what they are doing? He asks should I call your Parents??  Rhea says I was hugging Prachi and hugs her. Prachi says I am fine and asks how are you? Rhea says we saw you in tension and that’s why stopped.

Prachi and Rhea scold Ranbir and asks what did he do. Prachi says Rhea and I are best friends now. Ranbir thinks if someone is dubbing for Rhea and thinks the voice is hers. The Principal asks what safety pin is doing in Shahana’s hand. Shahana says it will be in the hand and not in legs, laughs. Others also laugh.

Prachi asks Shahana to tell why there is safety pin in her hand. Shahana says Rhea’s dress button broke so she thought to pin the dress. Rhea says I have no button, she is joking. The Principal leaves with Ranbir.

Rhea holds Prachi’s hand and asks her to get ready for her first defeat! Shahana tells Prachi that if you don’t win, then I will return to Hoshiarpur. She says she is going home as Sarita behen called twice and asks her call her before leaving from Office.

Pallavi comes to Mira and asks what is she thinking? She asks her to tell and says I will not judge and will not tell anything. Meera says Mr. Mehra told something today. Pallavi says I knew it. You like Abhi very much and asks her to just chill. She says infact, if I was not married then? Mira smiles and says Mr. Mehra loves his wife a lot. Pallavi asks her to give a shot and says Vikram praises Prachi’s mum and she has good chances. Mira asks her to handle Vikram. Pallavi says if he does such thing than she will kill him with taunts and asks Mira to think about what she said.

Prachi comes to Ranbir and asks why did you do such thing? She says the Principal scolded you and asks why he took you to his cabin? Ranbir says he didn’t scold me and don’t want to play football aggressive.

Rhea sees them and messages him to come to backyard. Prachi asks him to concentrate on singing and says you sing well. Ranbir asks do you like my song? Prachi says everyone likes your singing. Ranbir says I want to hug you and says I wanted to hug the Principal, but then he scolded him. Prachi says how are you? Ranbir says if you know me then you will fall in love with me. Prachi asks him not to say nonsense. Ranbir says I am joking and asks did you see your face and compares herself with other girls. He says your mummy is not having tension as she knows that nobody will take you. Prachi asks if it is over and goes.

Ranbir comes to Rhea. Rhea asks can I keep my head on his shoulder? He says yes. Rhea tells that she was sad. Ranbir asks if she became Prachi’s friend. Rhea says no and asks him to do her work. Ranbir says I don’t hate her, but don’t like her. Rhea says today she heard Prachi and Shahana talking and they were telling that whatever happens is from the heart. She asks him to think from the mind that he loves Prachi. Ranbir says if my mind agreed and if I actually fell in love with her then?

Rhea asks Ranbir if he thinks that he will love Prachi? Ranbir says no and says I can convince my mind and how to convince heart and says you know that it happens from the heart. He asks if she will not doubt him. Rhea says I know what is in your heart and Wardtobe and tells that she wants to say those three words and asks him to do the work and then she will say. Ranbir thinks to go to the Office and talk to Prachi.

Sarita behen, Disha and Shahana are coming home from market. Sarita behen taunts her. Shahana says Prachi is lucky to get salary from his boss, but I get taunts from you. Sarita behen says she shall get salary to bear her. Disha smiles and says Shahana is so cute. Sarita behen says cute, thanda doodh etc. Disha says you are cute. Sarita behen says if she is cute then I can’t be. Shahana says there is an age problem. Sarita behen runs behind her. Dimpy thinks she never laughed so much after that day.

Ranbir tells his mind to think that Prachi is a desirable girl. Prachi comes there and says I work here, so why you are ruining your face. She taunts him and says I will not leave this job as this is important for me and will not break Vikram and Abhi sir’s trust. Ranbir asks her to sit and says you are thinking me wrong, you have many qualities which other girls don’t, you are not my type, and you can’t be like those girls whom I like. Prachi says I come here to work and not to impress you. She goes.

Ranbir thinks what to do, how to impress her. How to praise her fakely and thinks to take Abhi’s help. He comes to Abhi and says I need your help.

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