Rhea asks Priyanka if she loves someone and that guy rejected her? Priyanka asks do you love anyone? Rhea says I don’t love anyone, but guys’ love me. Priyanka says I am not doing anything, but doing what others is making me do. She says love is good, but it is not certain that everything is good in love. She asks Rhea to keep her boyfriend away from middle class girls and says that guy, whom I loved loves a middle class girl and I just gave a strong reaction for his actions. Rhea thinks of her words and thinks Ranbir has a class and doesn’t like middle class girls. She thinks Ranbir gets irritated by Prachi and loves just me.

Ranbir thinks why Prachi doesn’t go off my mind? Aryan comes and asks him to fight boxing with him. Ranbir asks if I am thinking much about Prachi. Aryan says yes.

Vikram comes there. He says you will lie? Ranbir says mummy says lie. Vikram says your mummy is a good boxer and takes Ranbir with him. Aryan goes through window.

Pragya asks the Inspector to take Rishi to hospital and says she don’t want any stranger’s help. Abhi says I have seen with my hands and says Priyanka is innocent. The Constable asks Abhi to move his car as Commissioner came. Abhi says I am talking and asks him to park his car to other place. Inspector requests him to go.

Pragya thinks I have to fight with him again, now this is the fight of truth and lie. Abhi leaves from there and thinks of Pragya. Pragya cries and thinks of Abhi. Abhi talks to the moon and says who is Rishi, she shall not fight with me for him. He says we shall talk about ourselves and not him. He thinks even he was very angry, thinks to meet her and talk to her nicely. He hopes she is there itself.

Disha calls Pragya and asks her not to hide anything. She says she talked to Sarita behen and she said that you went for dinner with Rishi. Pragya tells her about Priyanka accusing Rishi of molestation. She says Priyanka’s Uncle is your Brother-in-law. Disha asks did you meet him? Pragya says we had a fight here, he fought with me because of Priyanka. Disha says I am reaching there and asks Driver to take her to Police station.

Abhi sits in his car. The song plays… Chadariya song plays… He thinks of Pragya’s words. Pragya cries.

Vikram asks Pallavi if Ranbir drank beer or not? Pallavi says yes. Vikram scolds Ranbir. Ranbir calls Beeeji. Beeji asks Pallavi why she told Vikram today. Pallavi says yes, but… Ranbir asks why did you tell him and says beat Papa and love me. He says I am a complete Punjabi. Pallavi says you will be beaten by me. Beeji asks pallavi to make kheer for Vikram and cheer him. Ranbir says this is not fair, you made them fight. Beeji says the more they fight, the more they love.

Rishi is taken to the hospital by the Police. Pragya comes out and sees Abhi standing. Abhi holds her hand. Abhi asks Pragya if he is really bad? Pragya nods no and says you are not bad, but your decisions and thoughts about them are wrong. Abhi says it is not like that, but sometimes it happens. He says but not this time. Pragya says I want to go.

Abhi says if it is more important than me? Pragya says today it is important. Abhi asks her to wait for sometime and talk to him. Pragya says not today and recalls their argument. Abhi says when, and says I will be busy next time and asks why she is stubborn? Pragya says I need to go somewhere urgently and has genuine reason.

Disha comes there in car. Pragya sees her. She sits in the car and leaves. Abhi looks on and says she has attitude, she didn’t talk to me nicely. He thinks I shouldn’t have returned, everyone is important to her except me.

Pragya and Disha comes to the hospital. The Inspector tells that Rishi is inside and the Doctor is checking him. Pragya comes to the cabin, while Inspector stops her. Disha asks him not to stop her. Pragya asks the Doctor about Rishi. Rishi says he is fine. The Doctor tells her that he has no internal bleeding and is fine.

Rishi tells Pragya that he thought about Priyanka’s Uncle reaction and tells that he is right at his place and trusting Priyanka like you are trusting me. Pragya says Priyanka’s Uncle should understand her. Rishi says why will he understand you, he is nothing to you. Pragya is about to tell about their relationship, but Disha stops her. Pragya assures Rishi that he will be bailed by tomorrow. The Inspector comes inside and takes the tablets.

Abhi comes home. Vikram tries to talk to him. Abhi says I will talk to you tomorrow and goes to his room. He meets Priyanka on the way. Priyanka tells him that she has hidden the marks with make up. Abhi asks her not to apply make up tomorrow and come with him for identification. Priyanka acts to be scared. Abhi says I will be with you, you just identify Rishi then he will be punished. Priyanka thanks and hugs him. Abhi goes.

Priyanka thinks to keep the condition of taking back the case when they break his engagement with Shahana and fixes her (Priyanka’s) marriage with him.

Sarita behen calls Rishi, but his number is off. She then calls Pragya and asks about them? Pragya says they had finished dinner and Rishi went to play cricket match. She says she will stay at a friend’s place in night and will come in the morning. Sarita behen says ok and ends the call.

Disha says it is good that you said that you will stay at a friend’s place and worries for her relation with Abhi. Pragya says their relationship is affected.

Abhi thinks of pragya’s words and talks to her picture, says everytime you was right, but this time I was right. He says when I tell you that you are wrong and I am right, I don’t want to make you feel sorry, but want to make you realize that I can be right too.

Mira knocks on his door. Abhi hides her picture and then sees Meera. He says I was talking to Pragya’s picture. Mira says you are sounding as if you are madly in love. Abhi asks how do you know? Mira talks about love. Abhi asks do you want to see her picture? Mira is about to see her picture, but he asks her to meet her when she comes back. MIra asks where did you meet her? Abhi says he met her outside the Police station and tells that she is pretty as usual. Mira asks why didn’t you bring her home?  Abhi says I am mad, I should have followed her and find out about her house. He asks why did you come? Mira says she forgot.

Pragya tells Disha that Abhi had beaten Rishi badly. Disha asks why you are over reacting and tells that Rishi is not having any internal bleeding. Pragya says if you want to support your jiju then I will not talk to you about this. Disha says why you both are fighting for Rishi and Priyanka. Pragya says he didn’t change at all and takes everything is on his ego. She says even now he thinks that Pragya is wrong and can never be right.

Disha thinks they fight like kids and thinks they will meet some day, lets see until when they will hide their feelings. She says di had said that she wants to love Brother-in-law again with a fresh start and says their love story will not be simple.

Abhi wakes up and thinks of Pragya in dream. He thinks if this is dream and calls Disha. Disha picks the call. Abhi asks what is the time? Disha is surprised. He tells that he saw a dream in which Pragya refused to talk to him. He asks for her number? Disha says Pragya di is sleeping beside me, at my house. Abhi is surprised and asks her to wake her up. Disha asks him to talk to her in the morning and ends the call.

Disha thinks they should meet in the morning. Abhi thinks to meet her in the morning and talk to her about what is important to her, Abhi-Pragya, Abhigya. He sleeps.

Rohit/Sanju tells his friend that Prachi shouldn’t know that he is mad about her. He says even though he is crazy and bad about her, but she shall not know. Prachi comes out of house. Rohit and his friend get happy. He tells that last night, he followed her. He tells that he will woo Prachi this time else I will change my name. His friend asks if Ronnie looks best. Rohit/Sanju scolds him. His friend asks him to go to her mum and apologize to her. Sanju looks on.

Pragya tells Disha that she is going out. Disha tells her that jiju called her last night. Pragya asks what did he say? Disha says he wanted to talk to you. Pragya asks why didn’t you make me talk to him. Disha says I thought you are angry with him. Pragya says don’t know what he wants to talk. Disha laughs and says her feelings are on her face. She asks if she felt good that he called for her. Pragya smiles.

Disha asks her to wear jhumkas and says it is pretty. She asks if Brother-in-law is coming to police station. Pragya says she will go, she recalls Disha’s words and comes inside and checks jhumkas on her. Disha comes and asks her to wear it. Pragya says I am not wearing it. Disha says I know you are going to free Rishi, but Brother-in-law might be there. Pragya says okay, as you are saying and wears it. Disha thinks it is like Di is falling in love for the first time and says all the best. Pragya says bye. Disha says for all the best for Rishi.

Sanju asks his friend to see the lady whom he saw with Prachi last night. Sarita behen and Prachi come out. Prachi gives her money. Sarita behen appreciates her. Sanju tells his friend that Prachi’s smile is good and tells that the lady is her Grandmother. He says he will impress her Grandmother. Sanju comes to Sarita behen and tells that he will help her get the taxi. He stops a taxi. His friend insists to take taxi, but Sanju asks him to leave the taxi for Sarita behen. They sit in the taxi and says they will share the money.

Priyanka acts in her room and thinks this marks will stain Rishi’s family and says some stains are good in some matters. She covers herself with stole and acts to cry, saying how to show inner wounds.

Abhi knocks on her door. She opens the door and panics. She covers herself with stole and tells him that she didn’t apply make up today, they will go and come back soon. Priyanka says Rishi has to marry her.

Disha stops Pragya and says Hritik is coming to drop you. Pragya says she has called the taxi. Hritik comes and asks her to give whatever she wants as his meter is not working. Pragya asks Disha if she called him? Hritik says no. Disha says I thought he can help you. Pragya sits in the car. Hritik tells Pragya that if you like me, then Disha might like me too.

Sarita behen gets down the taxi. Sanju and his friend also get down. He says I will help you. Sanju’s friend tells that the guy is good and says he don’t have any sister. Sarita behen asks him to marry Sanju’s sister. She buys the vegetables and bargains. Sanju asks her to go to the next cart and gives the difference amount to the seller and asks him to praise him. They offer to drop Sarita behen home.

Abhi and Priyanka come to the Police station. He asks the Inspector to start the identification process and end it soon. The Inspector tells the Constable that he is going inside for Rishi’s identification.

Sanju and his friend help Sarita behen and drop her home. Sarita behen thanks them. Sanju says we will take you inside the house. Sarita behen says taxi’s meter will increase and asks them to go. she takes her bags and goes inside. Sanju’s friend tells that she didn’t ask for tea. Rohit says he gave so much money to the green grocer. He says very soon everyone will like him.

Sarita behen tells Prachi and Shahana about Rohit and Bittu giving money to the green grocers and pretending as if they got her discount. She says she was silently watching them as they were fooling her, but they were fooled. Prachi says you shouldn’t have taken the money and says don’t know if they are genuine or not. Shahana teases Prachi. Sarita behen says she shall not be so good. Shahana asks her to listen to Sarita behen.

The Inspector sees Priyanka’s injury marks and says it is fresh as if he did this today. Priyanka gets angry and asks if he means that she is mad about Rishi and wants to have a relationship with him. She says if she made these marks. Abhi asks her to relax. The Constable brings Rishi. Priyanka gets tensed.

Rishi is brought to the Inspector’s cabin. The Inspector asks Priyanka if he is the same guy who misbehaved with you. Priyanka recalls molesting him.

Pragya comes to the Police station. The Inspector asks Priyanka to see and tell him if Rishi is the guy who molested him. Priyanka gets up and says yes, he molested me. Rishi says she is lying and I didn’t do anything. Priyanka shows the marks on her neck and says you behaved inhumanly with me. Abhi says I am helpless else would have taught you a lesson.

Pragya comes inside and asks Priyanka to stop it. She asks until when you will lie and says these marks and her stories are wrong. Abhi says Priyanka is crying. Pragya says Rishi is not crying and that doesn’t mean that he is lying and says his life is getting ruined. Abhi says Rishi is lying. Pragya says I can prove that she is lying. Priyanka asks why any girl will lie about this. Rishi says you tried to molest me, kissed me forcefully and then opened my shirt button.

Abhi gets angry and is about to beat him, but Pragya stops Abhi. Abhi asks the Inspector to do what is needed and says the identification is done. He gets a call and goes out of the cabin. The Inspector signals a Constable to take Rishi to lock up. Pragya gets a call and says I am coming.

Rohit and Bittu are outside the college. Bittu says Lakshmi devi is coming seeing Rhea. Rohit says Chamundi devi. Rhea comes to him. Rohit asks her not to touch him and says he is honest to Prachi. Rhea says you think that I am interested in you and asks him not to come to college again. Rohit tells me that he came to meet Prachi leaving everything in Hoshiarpur and you are asking me to stay away from Prachi. Rhea says I am not interested in you and you are safe with me, and if you want to get your love, then stop coming to this College.

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