Priyanka tears the flower petals and says he loves me, he loves me not. Rishi comes there and asks what was that message? Priyanka says his shouting and angry voice makes her mad. Rishi says he came as she wrote that she is dying. Rishi says I won’t let you die as you have troubled me a lot and asks did you know how much my Aunt and I bear a lot. He says you have become psycho in love and my Aunt and your  Chucks (Uncle) fought with each other. He asks her to tell the truth to everyone, thinking about her Chucks, Aunt, and them. She says everything will think that I am bad girl. He says I am with you. She says I have a condition and asks him to hurt Shahana and slap her.

Ranbir is still at Prachi’s house. Madhu gives juice to him. Ranbir says he likes it. Prachi says it is canned juice. Prachi asks if bitter gourd is at home. Madhu says no. She tells Ranbir that he is handsome and what cream she applies. Ranbir asks her not to be jealous of him. Prachi says she don’t feel jealousy from him. Ranbir says who is talking to her and says it is said… Madhu tells the sayings.

Ranbir tells Madhu that Prachi don’t think that he is handsome. She asks do you know how many hair are there on your head. Ranbir tells the number. Prachi tries to pull his hair. Ranbir runs to room. Prachi asks him to please leave. He says you are a bad fighter. Prachi says do I fight always. Ranbir says you are not suitable for love. Prachi asks him to leave her and stop his over confidence. He calls her chikchiki…

Rohit is in the hotel. His friend calls him and says your father came to know about your Delhi address and he’s coming there. Rohit thanks him.

Priyanka tells Rishi that he should slap Shahana and tell her that he slapped her on her (Priyanka’s) sayings. Rishi refuses to do as she said. Priyanka says she will commit suicide and will take his name. Rishi asks her to die and says he has decided to fight back. He leaves in car. Priyanka thinks he did wrong.

Purab thinks of Disha and thinks to talk to her. He thinks love never dies, it is always in the heart.

Disha thinks about Pragya’s words. Hritik comes there and asks why do you call me? Disha asks do you love me? Hritik says yes. Disha says how such special feelings came for me. Hritik says I don’t feel hurt when I break up with my girlfriends. He says he doesn’t feel what he feels for her and tells that he thought to propose her on cruise, but… He says I love you. Disha slaps him and says I am blocking your number, and breaking the partnership. She says she will resign tomorrow. She says I still love my husband. Hritik says ex-husband. Disha says whatever… and cries.

Purab buys flowers for Disha.

Disha asks Hritik to go. Hritik says he was joking and says you are not my type, I don’t love you. He is about to leave. Disha stops him and apologizes for slapping him, he says you are my only friend. She comes to him and hugs him.

Purab comes there in his car and gets teary eyes seeing Disha hugging Hritik. He thinks of his moments with Disha. Disha is still hugging Hritik and talking to him. Purab couldn’t bear anymore and looks at the flowers.

Rishi recalls Priyanka asking him to hurt and slap Shahana. Pragya comes to him. Rishi says he met Priyanka today as she messaged him that she will commit suicide. He says she said that she is ready to confess and asked me to slap Shahana. He asks Pragya why did she say this? Pragya says your Grandmother told her that Shahana and you are engaged, thinking Priyanka is not right. She says Priyanka got more desperate now and she has some mental illness. She asks him to tell everything whatever happened.

Rishi tells that when he reached office, Abhi warned him to stay away from Priyanka. Then later he called Shahana and asks her to come and take the house keys from him. He says later in the evening, Peon Harish came to me and said that Priyanka’s Uncle is waiting for me. When I went there, Priyanka was there, I was about to go, but she stopped me and began talking about their past and then… Pragya says she will go tomorrow and meet Harish.

Purab comes to Abhi and tells that he saw them (Disha and Hritik) together today. Abhi asks him to drink water. Purab says again. Abhi says I don’t want to come to conclusion. Purab says I was thinking wrong that she still loves me and says I can’t live without her. Abhi says you was living without her and asks what is wrong. Purab says I wanted to take care of her. He says she behaves as if I never loved her and was waiting for her to go from his life.

Abhi says I doubted that Pragya and King were together, but actually she was with him due to Kiara. Purab says what might be Disha’s reason behind this and says today he saw her in Hritik’s embrace. He drops her pic on floor. Abhi says lets go out and takes his yellow suit from the wardrobe.

They come to the bar. Purab says he doesn’t want to drink. Abhi says I want to drink. He takes him to table and asks him to have shorts. He says lets fight with loneliness in style. Purab asks have you gone mad? Abhi says both brothers are mad. He says I am angry with Pragya, and says there are two ways to deal with the situation, one that I stay in room and sad and the other situation is that I come out and be happy. He says let’s play a game and says if you drink much, then I will help you get Disha back. Purab says you will help me. Abhi says a teacher is a teacher and says he will help him to get Disha. He asks the people sitting there to count their glasses. They drink.

Abhi stops drinking and makes Purab win. Purab gets much drunk. Abhi calls him sala for putting his weight on him. Purab says you are my Sala. Abhi says I am your brother, friend and girlfriend.

The Manager asks them to come on stage and speak. Abhi asks Purab if they shall talk about Pragya and Disha. Both of them are angry at them. Abhi says there was a girl in my life. Purab says his wife. Abhi says I will not take his name. Purab says his wife is my wife’s sister. The guy sitting there, says wife troubles a lot. Abhi says my wife doesn’t trouble me, but brings storm into my life and leave me alone in it. Purab says it is difficult to understand wife and bear her. Abhi says when she is silent, it is the silence before the storm comes.

Ranbir asks Aryan to give his gloves. Aryan runs. Ranbir runs behind him. Rhea comes and is about to fall. He holds her hand. Rhea looks at him and pulls her near him. He asks how much marks she will give him for his heropanti and asks her to call him whenever she wants to fall. Aada Ishq song plays… She smiles and asks where is my ring?

Ranbir searches for her ring. Ranbir finds her ring, bends on his knees and makes her wear the ring. She says it is not engagement ring. He says give me a chance, I will make you wear engagement ring also. Rhea says my finger is waiting for you to break Prachi’s heart, then the ring will come in my finger. Ranbir gets tensed.

Rhea asks Ranbir to break Prachi’s heart soon and then his ring will be in her finger and asks about the status of his plan. Ranbir says I need time till tomorrow. Aryan calls him. Ranbir says you are very beautiful Rhea Mehra and goes behind Aryan.

Abhi tells the people that his wife knows that he is best and returns home. Purab says wives know that their husbands will not go anywhere. Abhi says my wife knows that her life is in me and that’s why couldn’t stay away from me and coming infront of me again and again. Purab says even I couldn’t stay without my wife and tells Abhi that he wants his wife. Abhi says even I want my life. Purab says let’s go and bring our wives. Purab dances standing on the table and Abhi joins him. Shaitaan ka sala song plays….They have a gala time with the other people in the bar. Abhi and purab leave from the bar.

Sarita behen asks Madhu to work faster and keep the things in the auto. Prachi comes and asks for Pragya. Sarita behen says she is tired and sleeping. Rishi offers help to Sarita behen and says he isn’t going to office today. Pragya comes and tells that she has some work and will go with Prachi. She asks Rishi to go with Sarita behen.

Purab is talking to an employee. Abhi comes and says hi… Purab asks him to move his hand from his shoulder. Abhi asks should I tell what happened yesterday. Vikram says I am excited to hear. Abhi says two brothers went to bar yesterday and one was heavily drunk and danced on the table. Purab says I danced on the road. Vikram asks him to dance for him.

Prachi and Pragya comes to the Office. Prachi says I thought you are going to some other place. Pragya says she has to collect some papers for Rishi and asks her to go. Abhi sees her hugging Prachi, but doesn’t see her face. He gets a call and goes. Pragya comes to a peon and asks him if he knows Rishi. He says yes and asks what happened? She asks if Mr. Mehra asked you to call Rishi. Peon says Priyanka asked me to call him. He asks if she is a lawyer. He says he don’t want to be stuck in any problem. Pragya says I will not put you in any problem and thanks him for his help. She says I might pull someone out of trouble because of you and asks him to help her if needed.

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