Aaliya comes home. Rhea comes to her running and hugs her. Bahadur Kaka comes there. Aaliya asks him how is he? And asks him to get her stuff from the car.

Pallavi comes there and asks about Purab. Aaliya says he went for meeting. She asks Rhea who is that guy and says she heard her singing song. Rhea says there is nobody. Pallavi asks her to let Rhea go and says she mightbe going to college to meet him. Aaliya says we will find out about the guy. Rhea says bye and goes. Aaliya thinks to find out about the guy and hopes he is not poor guy.

Purab sees Pragya and greets her. Pragya asks if he is fine? Purab says yes and says he wants to say something hesitantly. Pragya asks if he broke all relations with her. Purab says no. Pragya asks why there is hesitation? Purab says Abhi misses you a lot. Purab says it is shown. Pragya says even I miss him and asks if he told something. Purab says he told that you both have a fight because of Rishi and Priyanka and says I always took your side and says this time you might be wrong. Pragya says you are thinking this based on the info and says now I am more sure that he is innocent. He asks about his elder niece. Pragya says she is fine. He asks about her name? Just then Pragya gets a call and excuses herself. Prachi sees Pragya and is coming towards her with Vikram.

Purab gets Aaliya’s call and thinks why she is calling him now. Purab thinks to ask Pragya today about what she does. Aaliya sees Disha’s pic in her room and gets upset with her. Pragya tells Purab that they will talk tomorrow. Purab goes.

Vikram and Prachi come to Pragya. He greets her and praises Prachi. Pragya thanks him for giving job to Prachi. Vikram asks her to thank Mr. Mehra for this. Prachi goes. Vikram asks her to meet Mr. Mehra.

Abhi talks to the Lawyer Vyom and says he wants to end this case and wants justice for Priyanka. He says Rishi should be punished. Vyom says he wants to talk to her about the case. Vikram comes to Abhi and asks him to come to see the surprise. Abhi asks him to go and says he is having important talk with Vyom. He thinks of Priyanka and lies to Vikram that the matter is about him and his wife. Vyom says when I met you all for the first time, I thought you all are brothers. Abhi says we are not blood brothers, but brotherhood in our blood.

Aaliya comes to the Office. Purab asks when did you come? Aaliya thinks of Disha and says you was worried when you left from here and then when you left from there, so she thought to ask him. Purab says sorry and says relax, I am fine. Aaliya says I thought you love me.

Purab recalls dropping disha’s picture in the room. Aaliya says I thought you love me, but you love me very much. She says I was sleeping and you left me. Purab says sorry. Aaliya says you wanted me to rest and I appreciate that. She says you lied to me, I hate lies. She says our engagement ring will fit you now and says whenever you see it, you will realize that you are just mine. She makes him wear the ring.

Vikram takes Pragya to his cabin and tells that Mr. Mehra is busy with his personal problem. Pragya asks if Rhea is fine. Vikram says I am surprised seeing Rhea’s closeness with you. Pragya tells him that Rhea is like her husband. Vikram looks on surprised. Vikram says everyone thinks she is like his dad. Pragya says he seems to be mature and understanding guy on chat. Vikram laughs and tells that Mr. Mehra is not mature and says I am mature. He says Mr. Mehra is mature for only sometime. He says when I went to call him, he said that he is tensed about something. Pragya asks him to tell him to eat ice cream. Vikram asks her to tell herself.

Abhi talks to Vyom and tells that Priyanka wants to keep the case secretive. Vyom says Priyanka has handled herself well and tells that victim needs psychiatrist, but Priyanka has become her own psychiatrist. she is so calm and composed of which usually, victim don’t.

Pragya messages Abhi asking him to eat ice cream. Abhi replies how she knows? Pragya says she is in his Office.

Abhi comes out and sees a lady calling her Anuradha. She turns. Abhi says sorry, I was searching for someone and thinks he didn’t see Anuradha before. He comes to Vikram and asks about Anuradha. Vikram says I came to call you and give you a big surprise, but you didn’t listen to me. Abhi gets upset with Vikram and goes out. Vikram thinks Abhi is liking Anuradha.

Abhi sees Pragya and thinks if she comes to meet me. He is about to walk towards her, when Vyom stops him and says he needs to talk to him. Abhi asks him to wait for a minute and turns to Pragya, but she is already left.

Aaliya sees that and thinks to make Rhea against Pragya and thinks she will do what I used to do. She thinks I got Purab when I did something bad and thinks she got betrayal when she became good.

Priyanka comes to Rhea and asks about Ranbir. She asks if she likes him and tells that she saw him proposing her. Rhea closes the door and tells everything. She tells that she asked Ranbir to break a girl’s heart. Priyanka says this thing goes in your mind too. Rhea asks do you also think this. She asks about the girl’s name? Rhea says Prachi. Priyanka says I know her.

Prachi comes to Ranbir’s Office. He teases her. She asks for his laptop. Ranbir says I have a girlfriend now and asks why did she touch him. Prachi says I am not interested in you and tells about his type of guy. She says she likes guy who is focused and plucks flower for her from the garden. Ranbir gets closer to her and says we look good together. He asks if she doesn’t feel anything. Prachi says no and tells that she will leave the job. She goes out. Ranbir finds his heart beating and thinks he got some illness.

Pragya talks to the lawyer and says we have to end this conversation before Sarita behen comes. She tells that she met the peon who said that Priyanka asked him to call Rishi, and says she had planned to do this with him. Lawyer says boss and the peon can give wrong statement. Pragya says she is sure that he will support us.

Sarita behen comes there. Pragya stops talking to the lawyer. Rishi tells her that he is his Cricket Coach. Sarita behen scolds him as Rishi was injured. Rishi says that time, the Coach was different. The Lawyer asks her to hear first before coming to a conclusion. Pragya asks about the hearing date. The Lawyer goes. Madhu brings phone and gives to Rishi. Rishi sees Priyanka’s missed calls.

Pragya asks Rishi to pick the call. Rishi picks the call and asks why did you call me? Priyanka scolds him for picking his calls lately. She asks him to give call to his Aunt. Rishi gives call to Pragya.

Priyanka asks Pragya to ask him to pick her at once. Pragya says you are a fool that you don’t understand that he doesn’t want to talk to you. Priyanka asks her to listen to her and tells a story asking Pragya to convince Rishi to marry her. Pragya says if you both have loved each other, then I would have supported you both, but you don’t love him, but only mad about him. Priyanka asks about Prachi and says she is the one whom Rhea likes a lot. Pragya asks what do you mean? Priyanka smirks and ends the call. Rishi asks what she was saying? Pragya says nonsense talks.

Ranbir asks Vikram if he’s adopted or someone else’ child? Vikram says no. Ranbir says my heart beat was beating heavily due to work stress. Vikram checks and says the heart signals us when we see a beautiful girl and our heart want to convey the feelings and beats desperately. He asks him to think who was that girl? Ranbir thinks of Prachi and tells that there was nobody. Vikram understands that there is some girl for sure.

Priyanka thinks of Pragya’s words and thinks to make Prachi’s life ruined by Rhea’s hand. She comes to Rhea and asks her to show Prachi’s picture. Rhea says you are mad! Priyanka says I know. Rhea shows her picture. Priyanka says she is beautiful. Rhea gets upset. Priyanka tries to instigate her against Prachi. Rhea says Ranbir is taking much time.

Priyanka tells Rhea that she has a solution and tells that Prachi’s heart will be broken instantly. She says Ranbir should go to Prachi in college and tell that he is sorry for whatever happened with her. She says Prachi will hug him and Ranbir will break her heart right then. She asks if she knows any guy who loves Prachi? Rhea says nobody and thinks of Sanju and tells her. Priyanka says nobody will know what happened with Prachi.

Abhi and Vikram tease each other. Abhi asks if he likes her? Vikram says he respects her a lot and tells that when he told Anuradha that his friend Mr. Mehra is in tension. He asks him to guess what she had said. Abhi says she must have asked if I have loss in business. Vikram says no and says she asked about Rhea and asks if she is fine. Abhi is surprised. Vikram praises her and tells him that Anuradha told that Rhea is like her husband. Abhi is surprised and asks if her husband is like me. He says she might be liking me. Vikram teases Abhi. Abhi says he likes her. They tease each other.

Rhea asks what is that plan? Priyanka says for a middle class girl, her respect is most important. She says when she loses her respect and when Ranbir tries to save her, Prachi will confess her love to him, but Ranbir will break her heart. Rhea says I don’t understand anything.

Priyanka explains her plan. Rhea is shocked and says she is not a bad girl and what she is saying is evil. Se says it is worse than killing. Priyanka asks her to tell her if she changes her mind, then will tell her and asks her not to tell anyone. She threatens to expose her secret and then asks her to relax. Rhea thinks she can’t do wrong as she is not bad.

Abhi comes to Purab. Purab tells him that Aaliya returned so they can’t go out. Abhi says Aaliya has camera in her eyes and that’s why got your ring repaired so that she can make you think that you are married to her. He goes.

Aaliya cries in her room and thinks about Purab. Rhea comes there and asks did anyone say something? Aaliya says if anyone can say something to me? Rhea cries and asks her to share her problems. Aaliya asks her not to cry. Rhea asks her to tell else she will not stop crying.

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