Aaliya says Purab is having second thoughts about our marriage. She says since the day, I met him, I loved him. She says your mum doesn’t like me and got Purab married to the girl he loved. She says I never thought that, but that woman made my brother go far from me. She says Abhi started hating me and kicked me out because of her. She says when I returned back somehow, I saw that the woman had left my brother. Rhea says she left me also.

Aaliya says this was old thing, she left Abhi for some other guy and tells that she didn’t come and see you. She says I was fooled by that middle class woman ruined my life and sent Purab to some other woman. She says stay away from middle class women. I don’t want anyone to break your heart. She says your mum brought a rival into my life years back, now she has returned. Rhea thinks my Mum took her Children, but not her as she doesn’t love her.

Sarita behen calls Pragya and tells that her phone is ringing. She picks the call and Rhea is on call. Rhea is crying and asks Sarita behen to give call to Pragya. Pragya takes the call and asks Rhea if she is fine. Rhea cries. Pragya asks what happened? Rhea asks her to meet her. Pragya says I will come to your house. Rhea says not here, but restaurant near your house. Pragya says I will come there and asks her not to cry. Sarita behen asks where is she going? Pragya says I will come and goes. Sarita behen thinks don’t know what Pragya sees in that girl.

Aaliya picks Disha’s picture from the floor and thinks she is more good looking and educated than her. She has become good for Purab and held him when he was in need. She thinks she changed for him, but he still loves you and has sympathy for me. She thinks I want his love and not his sympathy. She thinks why did you come, you shouldn’t have returned. You shwould go back, if not this way, then that way. She burns her pictire with the lighter. She says I will not let you come in between Purab and me!

Pragya comes to the restaurant and waits for Rhea. She sees Rhea there. Rhea thanks her for coming and says I have no idea why I called you. She says I just felt that I want to meet you and asks can I hug you? Pragya says yes. Rhea hugs her and says can we sit there? Pragya says yes. They sit.

Abhi gets worried for Rhea and calls her, but she doesn’t pick the call. Pragya asks her to let her talk to her Dad. Rhea says sometimes, he gets insensitive and doesn’t listen to things. She says she is not upset with her Dad, but with her Mum.

Abhi tells Mira that Rhea is sitting in the fine line restaurant. She insists to come with him. Abhi says he will go alone.

An Employee looks at Ranbir and says he is hot, wishes to have him as a boyfriend. Ranbir comes to Prachi and asks her to have coffee with him. She refuses saying she has so much work. Ranbir gets upset and asks the employees to come to his cabin and have coffee. Prachi gets up. Ranbir asks her to sit back. Prachi gets upset.

Pragya says you are upset with your Mum, but it is not in our control with whom we want to stay with. She says our destiny sets us away from our loved ones. She tells that it is not necessary that we get everything. Rhea says I have an Aunt whom my mother troubled a lot and tortured her life. Pragya asks did you see her, and who told you this? Rhea says Aunt told and tells that she loves her a lot more than her Dad. Pragya hugs her and asks her not to cry, and says you are very lucky.

Rhea asks do you love me? Pragya says I love you a lot. Rhea says I love you equally to my Aunt and says if you talk to my Dad, then everything will be fine. Pragya says Parents understand their kids, but kids don’t understand them. She says you will understand your Parents’ helplessness when you become a mother yourself and then you will think you were wrong. Rhea says my Mum has done wrong with Aunt and loved my two Sisters more, and left me and never thought of me, she never thought that she should meet me.

Pragya says you have so many people in your life who loves you. Rhea says but they can’t give mother’s love and goes crying. Pragya messages Mr. Mehra/Abhi to meet her as she wants to talk to him about Rhea. The Waiter comes and takes her order.

Prachi thinks if everyone is drinking coffee till now and thinks Ranbir wastes his time. She says she should tell Kohli Sir about him and says he should know about whom he made boss. She thinks discipline matters.

Abhi comes to the restaurant and sees Rhea leaving. He asks why you are crying, who is inside? Rhea says Prachi’s Mum is inside and she didn’t tell me anything. She says today, I came to know about my Mum and she left me and ruined my childhood. He asks why you think she is bad and destroyed everything. Abhi asks her not to talk about her like that and says you don’t know her, but she is a really really nice woman.

Rhea says she is not a good woman, but ruined my life and childhood. She has ruined your life and my life and you still think that she is a good woman, she is not a good mother! She says when I have to give an example of a bad woman, then I will give example of my mother. Abhi raises his hand to slap her, but stops. He says sorry. Rhea says I was right, Prachi’s Mum said that she will talk to you, but I told that you will not listen. Abhi asks her to behave herself! Rhea says you should have asked my Mum to behave herself. She sits in the taxi and asks the Driver to take her far away from here.

Abhi gets upset and goes inside the restaurant. Pragya thinks she should talk to Mr. Mehra and says he should know that his daughter is so disturbed, as she doesn’t have her Mum with her. She says he should give sometime to Rhea and her feelings should be her first priority. She thinks her Aunr shouldn’t have told negative things to Rhea and poisoned her mind. She goes to the washroom.

Abhi comes inside and calls Pragya. He thinks of Rhea’s words and thinks I am made to do mistakes, but Pragya should be with me. He thinks he shouldn’t have fought with her. He goes to the bar and asks for the one large peg and asks the bartender not to stop until he says so. He thinks of Rhea’s words and drinks the wine. He thinks how will I tell Pragya that her daughter doesn’t like her? He says Rhea is like him and once she starts hating someone, she doesn’t like that person. He hopes Pragya should have been with him.

Pragya comes and sits on the chair, waiting for Mr. Mehra. Abhi continues to drink. Abhi continues to drink and asks the bartender to give more drinks. The Bartender refuses to give any more drinks and says you already have 6-7 drinks. Abhi says you are refusing to give me and says I will break the glass on my head!!

Pragya hears him and turns to him. She asks what are you doing? Abhi says he is refusing to give drink and then looks at Pragya. Allah wariyan sogng plays… Abhi looks at Pragya and smiles. Pragya also looks at him. Abhi hugs her tightly. Pragya cries emotionally.

Abhi sees Pragya in the restaurant and hugs her. He says I missed you and you came, my life is back to me. He hugs her again. Pragya smiles.

Prachi comes to Vikram and says she came to give report of Ranbir. She says he don’t work and does stupid things, just now he asked me to have coffee with him. She says when I refused, he teased me and took all staff members for coffee party, but they are not drinking coffee and are gossiping. She says she would have said yes, but she comes here to work. She asks him to take strict action against him and says if this continues that no project will be completed. She asks him to do something and asks him to take strict action today. Vikram wears his suit and asks her to come. He says she is like his mum. She asks him to come and they hear loud music. Vikram says may be he is doing some good. Prachi asks him to check.

They come to his room and sees happy birthday Gulaal and Ranbir and Staff are dancing. Vikram says today is Gulaal’s birthday and only Ranbir remembered this and he surprised her. Prachi and Vikram wish Gulaal happy birthday. Ranbir asks the staff members to relax. Vikram asks her to cut the cake. Prachi says sorry. Vikram says it’s okay and tells that Ranbir’s reputation is bad, says Pallavi complains to him about Ranbir when he is at home.

Prachi apologizes to Ranbir and says you should have told me. Ranbir says I didn’t want to spoil Gulaal’s birthday because of your ego. Prachi says I am feeling bad. Ranbir says I can see.

Pragya asks Abhi to leave her. Abhi says if I leave you then you will go. Manager says he will complain to Police. Pragya says I am with him and asks Abhi why did you drink? Abhi says he drank because he was angry. Pragya says you was angry always. Abhi says I was missing you and tells that the bartender gave me many drinks. He hugs her again. Pragya asks him to come out. Abhi says there are enemies outside. Pragya assures him that nobody will separate them and asks him to come. Abhi hugs and kisses her and asks for a kiss. Pragya happily kisses on his cheeks and takes Abhi out.

Rhea is outside and thinks of Aaliya’s bad words for her mum, Priyanka’s cheap plan against Prachi etc and cries aloud.

Ranbir asks Gulaal to go home early today. Gulaal says no. Ranbir says your boyfriend is waiting for you outside and asks her to come. Gulaal thanks him. Ranbir asks him to enjoy the day.

Vikram comes there and says you can go when you want. She says bye and goes. Vikram thinks this is not the girl. Ranbir asks what? Vikram says he is worried about his heart beat. He asks all employees to go home and asks Ranbir to come.

Ranbir sends all the employees home. Prachi is still sitting in his cabin. He asks what happened and asks her to eat cake? She nods no. He asks if she wants to say something? Prachi says she wants to says sorry as he didn’t accept her apology. Ranbir says I accepted it. Prachi says no and tells that he is just saying. Ranbir says when I came near you to tell you about Gulaal’s birthday, you pushed me. He says everyone loves me and you… thinks wrong about me.

Prachi asks him to push her as she pushed him. He asks if she is sure? Prachi says yes. He says I will push you with force. She says ok and closes her eyes. Ranbir is about to push her, but stops and admires her. He smiles looking at her. tujhe kitna chahne lage hum plays… Prachi opens her eyes and sees him. He says he doesn’t push girls. They talk. Prachi says we shall be friends to irritate each other. Ranbir says okay and says just to irritate each other.

Purab comes to Aaliya and asks if everything is fine. If she wants to say something. Aaliya says no.

Pragya takes Abhi out of Fine Dine Restaurant. He holds her and asks her to wait, asks what are you doing. Pragya asks which is your car? She tries to get the key from the pocket. He says she is tickling me and asks people to see. Pragya says she didn’t do anything and was searching the keys. Abhi says she was coming near me so that I hug her. Pragya says everyone is watching us.

Abhi says everyone should know that my wife loves me so much. Pragya nods no, asks people to go and says he is drunk. Abhi says I am drunk, but saying the truth. He asks a man to say about love. Man says give love and take love. Pragya asks him to come. He asks her to say, I am fuggi and loves rockstar. Pragya says I am fuggi, love rockstar… The Lady says she can’t say. Pragya says romantically, I… fuggi loves my rockstar a lot. Everyone smiles. He says we have done penance, now we will do a sin. He asks everyone to turn and asks Pragya to kiss him. Pragya kisses his cheeks. Abhi asks everyone to see and says it is lovely. Pragya smiles.

Pragya kisses Abhi. Abhi asks everyone to see and says lovely. Pragya smiles and asks shall we go home. Abhi says no and says someone will separate us. Pragya says no and says she will be with him. Pragya says yes and tells that sometimes they have to go far from each other to get together and that wish is very beautiful. Abhi says he has this wish since many years and gets sleepy.

Pragya calls Purab so that he can take Abhi, but Aaliya sees her call and thinks she won’t let her come and her try will be just try. She takes his phone in her hand, switches off his phone. Purab comes there and she keeps the phone back. Pragya thinks what to do, she can’t take him home as Prachi is at home. She then thinks to take him to her home and will hide him from Prachi.

Rhea is still crying thinking about Abhi’s words. Aaliya comes to her and hugs her. She says I am sorry, don’t cry. I shouldn’t have told you all those things, you are small for those big things. Rhea says truth will be truth always, even if I know later. She says my mum has done so much bad, but my dad still cares for her. Aaliya asks did you tell about me? Rhea says I didn’t tell him anything that you told me. Aaliya says Abhi will be upset with me. Rhea says no and tells that she is best Aunt in the world. Aaliya says you are mine and you are my blood, I love you. She hugs Rhea.

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