In the Car, Abhi tells Hritik that he knows Purab since his childhood and asks Hrithik since when he knows Disha. Hritik says since 7 years. Abhi asks if they are… Hritik says no and asks him not to ask Disha even by mistake, else she will kill me and tells that she likes to stay alone and had a bad past relationship. Abhi says you don’t know anything. Hritik asks what? Abhi thinks I shouldn’t tell him, it is Disha and Purab’s personal matter. He tells Hritik that he had a wrong notion. Hritik tells that he wishes to have Disha in his life. Abhi puts the sudden brake and says don’t think that even in your dreams, as I am her brother and don’t like you. Hritik gets upset.

Purab and Disha are in the car. Purab asks Disha if she is thinking something and asks about Hritik’s college. Disha says Dehradun. She tells that she don’t want to answer and liking the silence. Purab says you are scared to answer me as you are hiding something from me. Disha says there is nothing which I am hiding and tells that she will tell everything when did he propose her, held her hand and hugged her. Purab puts the brakes to the car and tells that he don’t want to know.

Disha gets down from the car and starts walking. Purab asks why did she get down on the way. Disha asks him not to trouble her as she will call Police. Purab asks her to call Police, if she really thinks that he is troubling her. He asks her to use his phone and call the cops. He calls the Police. Disha stops him. He tells that he is not a liar and he didn’t leave her, but she left him. Disha says I don’t want to talk to you. Purab tries to stop her. She sits in car and starts leaving. Purab asks who is Veronia, Hritik’s girlfriend. He says happy diwali. Disha leaves in a Car/Cab.

Prachi gets down the stairs. Shahana comes to Prachi and hugs her. Prachi asks what had happened, tell me, I will handle. Shahana says they are saying that you was with someone in the room.

Aaliya asks where is your boyfriend? Prachi asks what are you saying? Aaliya shouts asking where is her boyfriend and says we have seen everything. Prachi is shocked. Sanju comes there and says I am here. Aaliya says now I will see, how you will lie? Prachi asks her to tell what she wants to say?

Rhea says how cheap Prachi, you have spoiled our Diwali. I was showing our pics on CCTV, but somehow guest room CCTV was connected and we all have seen. She says I didn’t think you will do this. Prachi says I didn’t do anything wrong. Aaliya says did you do all these things in everyone’s house and says you was taking off that guy’s clothes. She says you both knew that there was nobody in that room and went there. She asks are you a married couple? Rhea says we all have seen what you have done there. Prachi says I went there to clean my scarf as something fell on it.

Sanju says she said right. Aaliya says and you went there to take off her scarf. She humiliates Prachi and tells Sanju that you had said that you belong to a rich family. Sanju asks what is the connection here? Aaliya says there is a connection as Prachi like girls searches rich guys. Prachi cries. She says nothing happened as you thought and asks why you are not letting me say? Aaliya says we have seen what happened in room and says we are not blind.

Mitali asks Aaliya to let her talk. Aaliya asks if we will believe her? Pallavi says even if this is true then let her speak and says she is someone’s daughter. Prachi asks Pallavi not to have sympathy on her and tells that she didn’t do anything wrong, had come with respect and will go with respect. Aaliya asks how you will prove that you was taking off Sanju’s shirt in room. Prachi looks on.

Aaliya asks Prachi, how she will proof that she was taking off Sanju’s shirt in the room. Prachi says I was drowsy, held him and maybe his shirt came in my hands. Sanju says yes. Aaliya says you will defend her, else your respect will be ruined. She says your mother will see this truth also, asks her to call her mother there. Prachi and Shahana are shocked.

Pragya sees Purab in his car and upset.

Shahana says we don’t want to call her and asks Prachi to come. Priyanka asks Aaliya to talk to Prachi’s mum and calls Pragya. Prachi asks Aaliya not to involve her mum. Priyanka says Prachi’s mum might not receive my call and calls Pragya from Shahana’s phone. Pragya gets the call and thinks to talk later. Shahana goes to call Abhi. Priyanka goes behind her.

Pragya asks Purab why is he crying?

The guest gossip about Prachi’s mum. Pallavi asks them to stop. Mira asks them to leave. Aaliya tells Prachi that everyone should wait and tells that milk and water will be separated in front of everyone. Rhea says we should leave her and can’t stoop down to her standard. Aaliya says no and asks Prachi if she doesn’t want to call her mother as her truth will be out too, she must be teaching you to trap rich guys. Rhea says even her mum must not be knowing. Aaliya says you and your mum will not be saved from this confrontation.

Prachi says my mum never taught me anything wrong and says my mum is not like that. She asks her not to say anything against her mum and cries. She says I shouldn’t have come.

Shahana goes to Abhi’s room to call him.

Hritik tells Abhi that everyone likes me and asks what thing you don’t like about me? Abhi says you might be thinking of strangling me. Hritik asks how do you know? Abhi says someone taught me and left, but I will bring him back. Hritik asks him if Disha is his real sister. Abhi says more real than real sister. Hritik says he wants to make her girlfriend. The Police constable stops him and takes selfie with him. Hritik tells Abhi that Disha called and said that she is going back home, and was angry.

Mira calls Abhi, but the call gets disconnected.

Sanju tells that Prachi is right and they belong to a nice family. Dimpy asks are you dump and tells that we have seen CCTV footage. Meera thinks why he is not picking the call. Aaliya asks Prachi to get out and asks her never to come. Prachi says sorry for spoiling her Diwali and asks where is Shahana? Aaliya asks her to take herself and Shahana’s phone and says I can’t bear you even for a minute. She holds her hand and taking her out.

Ranbir asks Aaliya to stop and tells that he wants to say something important. Beeji and Pallavi ask him to stop. Ranbir says it is necessary. Prachi thinks everyone is saying, you also say yours.

Shahana checks in the bathroom and thinks where is he? Priyanka comes and makes her fall down. She says God has punished you for troubling me and tells that everyone know that Prachi is characterless and was slapped. She says you will go through the same which I had gone through. Shahana says you are mad girl, I will see you later. Priyanka says I won’t let you go to Prachi and help her. She hits Priyanka with a vase and tries to call Abhi, but Priyanka cuts the telephone wire. Shahana pushes her on bed and goes. Priyanka gets angry.

Ranbir says I wished that I would have known your truth before and says I was wrong about you. Aaliya says small town girls are such. Ranbir says I didn’t mean that. A guest guy tells that such girls are clever. Ranbir asks if you didn’t have any daughter and tells that Prachi is also someone’s daughter. He asks Prachi to wipe her tears and asks her to raise her voice so that he can raise his voice.

Ranbir tells that Pallavi, Mira and Aryan used to say that Prachi is good and asked him to learn from her. He says everyone is silent as they are burdened by the society, but I will not and tells that he will tell everyone that Prachi is such a nice girl. He says Sanju and Prachi were talking as they belong to the same hometown.

Aaliya asks what do you mean? He tells Prachi that everyone is thinking her wrong and asks her. Aaliya says she is lying. Ranbir says she said the truth. He says I will take a stand for her respect and will save my family reputation. He says it was an accident and says that he accepts that they were in compromising state, but it was not true. He says everyone is blaming her and nobody want to save her respect. He says I will save her respect and will stand for a respected girl. Prachi gets touched.

Ranbir tells Prachi that something is missing and asks Prachi when she took off Sanju’s clothes, it was not action, but reaction. You were falling down and held him and that’s how his shirt was removed and asks why you were falling down and asks what had happened to you? He asks if you are fine?

Prachi says I was fine even then, but then waiter came and gave her drink. She says she felt dizzy after drinking that and her head was heavy. She says Sanju told me that mustard sauce fell on my scarf, so I went to guest room to clean it. As I was disbalanced, Sanju came behind me and then water fell from my hand on his shirt, so he said that he will dry it with hair dryer. When I returned from washroom, he was wearing his shirt and asked me to help him as he couldn’t wear it himself. When I went near him, I felt dizzy again and held the shirt for support else would have fallen down.

Ranbir says you didn’t do anything wrong and the mistake is of the drink which you drank, and says someone added something in your drink. Rhea and others get tensed. Ranbir says someone added something in your drink to make you drowsy.

Aaliya sees Abhi coming there and tells that may be this is possible. She asks Aaliya to leave from here. Abhi comes and hears them, says Prachi can’t go anywhere.

Prachi runs to Abhi and hugs him, cries. Shahana also hugs him and cries. Abhi asks Bahadur to close all the doors and asks Security not to let anybody go. He asks Vikram to make all waiters stand in line and Prachi and Sanju will identify them. Rhea goes from there.

Priyanka comes out of room and tells that Shahana attacked her. Rhea says she will go and see her. Priyanka says she attacked her first as she tried to stop her from calling Abhi. Rhea tells that Dad has come and trusts Prachi a lot. She says we made a plan, but didn’t make any counter plan if we trap. She says if our waiter opens his mouth then? Priyanka asks her to do something. Rhea asks her to let her think. She gets Abhi’s call and picks it. She says I am coming down and tells Priyanka that they should go down.

Vikram asks all the waiters to stand in line and keep their head up. Rhea and Priyanka come there. Abhi asks Prachi to relax and says everything will be fine. Rhea thinks God save me, that waiter shall not be caught. Priyanka thinks truth shall not come out and tells that if this happens then she will lose his trust, Rishi etc.

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