Aaliya tells Abhi that she reacted early and that she shouldn’t have reacted such way, but the circumstances are such. She says Rhea has a good presence of mind and pulled the wire of the CCTV. Abhi appreciates her. Mitali appreciates Ranbir for proving Prachi innocent. Ranbir says I did what I thought wrong.

Sanju thinks Abhi will not do anything to his daughter, but will not leave me. He thinks how to stop Prachi from identifying the waiter. Abhi asks Sanju and Prachi to identify the waiter and says I will not leave him. Sanju thinks of the waiter giving him drink. Prachi identifies the waiter and says he is the one who brought drink for me. Waiter says I didn’t do anything and tries to run.

Vikram asks Ranbir to catch him. Aryan and Ranbir catch him. Abhi holds the waiter and beats him, asking why did he do this, and asks on whose saying you mixed tablet in the glass. Waiter says I will talk.

Pragya and Purab sit at the road side tea stall. Pragya says I never saw you in this condition. Purab says even I didn’t know when I started crying. Pragya says when you shall be with family, you was crying here alone. Purab says I am not alone, you are with me. Pragya says your pain will not get less. Purab asks Pragya, do you know that Disha and I are not together. She says she know. Purab asks do you trust me?

Abhi asks the waiter if the person is outsider or family member who gave him money. Priyanka sees knife on the table and cut her hand to divert him. Abhi and others run to Priyanka leaving the waiter.

Rhea pushes the knife near the waiter, asks him to hold the knife and keep on her neck and threaten her Dad. Waiter does as she says and tells that he will slit her throat. Abhi says just leave her. Waiter pushes her and runs. Rhea pretends to cry and hugs Abhi. Waiter escapes. Ranbir runs behind him and tries to catch him. The Waiter takes someone’s bike and escapes.

Purab tells Pragya that nothing had happened between Aaliya and him. He says whatever Disha had seen had not happened. Aaliya and I was in bathroom, but nothing had happened between us. He asks if she believes him. Pragya tells that if she thinks him right then it means she is thinking Disha wrong.

Purab tells that Disha misunderstood and left him. She didn’t even tell about her place else I would have gone there and clear her misunderstanding. He tells that Disha hates him so much and even lied to him that Hritik is her boyfriend. He says Veronica is Hritik’s girlfriend. Pragya tells him that Disha don’t want to come in your life and you want to get in her life. This is wrong.

Abhi calls the Police and tells about the waiter. Rhea prays to God to help him and thinks she will not do this again. She cries. Abhi asks her not to cry and says he has gone. Aaliya thinks Rhea has done something stupid and that’s why she is crying. Dimpy thinks don’t tell anything Rhea. Abhi asks Rhea not to cry. Aaliya says Rhea is feeling guilty of saying bad things to Prachi. Abhi says you are feeling guilty and that’s good.

Ranbir comes back and tells that the waiter escaped. Abhi comes to Prachi. Prachi thanks him for the trust he showed in her. Abhi asks her not to thank him. Ranbir says we all have said bad things about Prachi which we shouldn’t have, we all know that someone got something mixed in her drink and asks everyone to apologize to Prachi, whoever had said bad things to her. Prachi says it’s okay. Ranbir says it’s not okay.

Aaliya asks Ranbir what is wrong? Ranbir says we all know how is Prachi and then also said bad things about her. He says you had spoken bad things about her, her upbringing, family and character. Aaliya asks if he is mad to ask their guest to apologize. Abhi asks Prachi if this really happened? Prachi nods her head.

Abhi asks whoever had said bad things to Prachi, should apologize. Dimpy, Shaina and Priyanka apologize to her. Aaliya says I reacted seeing what I saw, and tells that she didn’t mean that, apologize and goes. Abhi apologizes to Prachi. Prachi says I don’t care about myself, but can’t make my mum head down. Abhi pacifies her and says I will drop you home. Rhea asks Abhi not to go. Abhi hugs her too and asks Ranbir to drop Prachi and Shahana to their house. He asks Sanju to go.

Two guys come to Sanju and says whatever happened? Sanju says misunderstanding. The guy says that’s what I thought, what Prachi saw in you. her level is different and up. Sanju says he is having high level than her and that she likes him. Ranbir hears him and asks what did you say? He says Prachi can never like you. Prachi and Shahana comes out.

Sanju tells that Prachi knows him since Hoshiarpur. Prachi says he came to apologize to me. Shahana tells that he had proposed to Prachi and got slapped by her. Sanju says Prachi slapped him just as her Mum said. She asks when is he returning? Sanju says tomorrow. Ranbir says it is good and asks him to return to where he came from. He asks Aryan to book his tickets and make sure he leaves. Sanju thinks he has to go now, but will return to get Prachi back.

Purab tells Pragya that Disha wants to stay away from me as she needs time. Pragya says she doesn’t need time, but trust. She says she left from your house as she lost trust. Purab asks if trust is everything and if there is no love. He says she should have trusted me. Pragya tells that your life is complicated as you married Aaliya and asks him to sort that out first. She says if Disha gains her trust in you back, then she will return to you.

Abhi bandages Rhea’s injury. Rhea thinks sometimes she feel that Dad loves her more, but sometimes she feels that dad loves Prachi, but when she shouted, Dad let that waiter go and there was no importance of Prachi with my shout.

Abhi asks Rhea to support Prachi when she is in problem. Rhea says she reacted seeing the video. Abhi says then what will be the difference between the people and you, you are different. He says it was good that Meera messaged me and that’s why I flied and came here. He asks Priyanka to take care of her and goes. Abhi hears him standing outside and gets upset.

Shahana asks Ranbir what is he talking to Sanju? Ranbir says boys talk. He stops his car at their house. Prachi and Shahana get down. He says bye Shahana. He looks at Prachi as she is going inside the house.

Sarita behen sees Prachi and Shahana and asks where is Pragya? She asks what happened to her. Shahana says she got tired. Sarita behen asks them to change their clothes and calls Madhu to bring water. Rishi goes to bring water. Prachi says I will be back.

Ranbir gets down from the car. Prachi comes out. Ranbir says I dropped you so I will be here. Prachi asks didn’t you go home? He says he was going. Prachi says sorry. He asks her to let him speak. Prachi says let me speak first. She thanks him and says I want to ask, why you helped me even though you don’t like me? Ranbir says I don’t know, I can’t see your tears and that was why I helped you. She says good night. Ranbir comes near his car. She waves him bye. He leaves.

Aaliya thinks of Abhi’s words and comes to Rhea’s room. Rhea asks her what is she thinking of? Aaliya says she is thinking about outsiders, if they manipulate family members home then how to handle them. She asks whose idea it was. Priyanka asks what? Aaliya says I am sure that this idea is yours, referring to Priyanka. Rhea asks which idea? Aaliya asks who planned this??

Rhea says we have done this, but the idea was of Priyanka. Aaliya asks have you lost your mind and asks if the waiter had been caught then what would have happened?? She says you wanted to lower Prachi and tells that your own level is getting down and you didn’t think of your image. She says Prachi’s level is already low and tells that maybe Prachi wanted to trap Sanju and you both got trapped in her plan. Rhea says sorry.

Aaliya asks Priyanka not to give such dirty ideas to Rhea and says it is not going to be nice! Priyanka and Rhea say sorry. Aaliya holds Rhea’s hands and says I love you and can’t see you in pain. She says you might have gotten jailed if the waiter was caught, and asks him not to listen to nonsense ideas and do anything as such ever again. Rhea promises her and says I love you. Aaliya says love you too and leaves.

Aaliya thinks Prachi is in Rhea’s mind and I have to take her out from her mind, else Rhea will creates some problems for herself. She says why God sends middle class girl to our family and don’t know who is that God who sends them. She says first Pragya had come, Disha and now this Prachi. She thinks where is Purab?

Rhea tells Priyanka that if the waiter has opened his mouth then we would have gone to jail and Dad? Priyanka says if we were successful with the plan, then we would have gotten a big achievement and thinks of Rishi. Rhea asks what are you thinking about?

Priyanka says if I you don’t do anything so soon, then you will lose your Dad and also Ranbir. She says Abhi hugged her as if he was hugging his daughter and tells that Ranbir showed trust in Prachi as well. She asks are you sure that he has no feelings for Prachi? Rhea says absolutely not. Priyanka provokes her against Prachi and asks him to focus and keep an eye on Ranbir, else Prachi will fly away with him. Rhea says close the door while leaving.

Shahana comes to Prachi. Prachi says Mother must have gone to Disha Aunt. She says it is good that she didn’t come for party and asks her to forget everything. Shahana says I will forget, but the good thing is that Ranbir supported you. she says Abhi always supports you, but this time, Ranbir supported you as a hero, came to you and wiped your tears. He also took a stand for you. Prachi feels bad about her behaviour towards him. Shahana asks her to say sorry to him tomorrow.

Prachi calls Pragya. Pragya tells Purab that she got a call from home. She attends to Prachi’s call and tells that she stopped on the way for an important work. Prachi asks her to come soon. Pragya says okay. Purab gets Aaliya’s call and tells that he is coming home.

Mira is in the kitchen and tells Abhi that she is making turmeric milk for Rhea. Abhi thanks her for messaging him about Prachi. Mira says she messaged him as he only knows about her. Abhi says why you wanted to save her? Mira says even I trust her like you and tells that everyone was badmouthing about her. She says Ranbir took a stand for her.

Abhi says he is a man now and tells that someone is behind Prachi and wants to ruin her life, whenever she comes here. He says first it was Rhea, and now… He doubts on Priyanka. Mira thinks who is behind this?

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