Rhea recalls Ranbir taking a stand for Prachi and gets into thinking.

Ranbir comes there and asks are you okay? Rhea says you took so much time to return. She asks why did you support Prachi today?  Ranbir says Prachi is irritating, but she is not like that what people was saying. He appreciates her for switching off the projector.

Rhea says I didn’t like the way you supported her and I thought that you like her and asked us to apologize to her. She says Dimpy and Shaina are my best friends and you made them apologize to Prachi. Ranbir says I would have done the same thing with any other girl too and says this matter is about her, family, and background. He says if you were in my place, then you would have done the same thing. She says you can break her heart, but can’t ruin her life. Rhea says I got a little jealous and says I am proud of you. Ranbir says I am proud of you and hugs her. He says good night.

Pragya is at home and recalls Prachi calling her. Prachi comes to her. Pragya says I am your mum and knows you better than yourself. She says you missed and need me so tell me what had happened. Prachi says I will tell tomorrow, will sleep in your lap now. Pragya asks what happened? Prachi says it was a small problem, sorted by Mehra sir. She rests on her lap. Pragya recalls Prachi telling that Mehra Sir handled the problem. Pragya messages thank you to Abhi.

Abhi sees Pragya’s message and thinks thanks for what? He thinks to talk to her and calls her, but disconnects the call when Purab comes.

Purab asks if he is not going to the Office? Abhi tells him that he enquired about Hritik and Disha, and they are just business partners and nothing is going on between them. Purab says I know and tells about his argument with Disha and tells that she asked me to stop the car and got down. Abhi says why you asked her on the way. Purab says even Aaliya was upset as you came home, but I didn’t.

Abhi says you are in a complicated situation and says you love Disha, but she doesn’t want to be with you and made a fake boyfriend. He says Disha and Aaliya both get angry with you and says if Aaliya comes to know that I was not with you in Disha’s house then she will. Purab says you might have said so. Abhi says you were a good man and God should not give you any peace. He laughs.

Purab reminds him of the court case and asks him not to forget that Pragya is with another party. Abhi says they will have communication and will sort out everything. He says he will go on a family dinner after the hearing. He hugs him and leaves.

Rishi’s lawyer tells Pragya that Nirmala is a strict judge and takes the right decision. He says we should do the outside settlement. Pragya says this is the matter of truth and Rishi’s respect. She asks if he will get his respect back. The lawyer says no. Pragya says they don’t want settlement then. The lawyer tells that they have strong evidence against Rishi. Rishi gets tensed. Pragya asks him not to worry.

Abhi and Priyanka comes in his car. Abhi smiles looking at Pragya and smiles and vice-versa. Priyanka looks at them. Abhi comes to Pragya and says hi. Allah wariyan plays… Rishi makes an excuse. Abhi asks what happened? Pragya says she is feeling strange, they are in court. Abhi says whatever argument happens inside, we should keep it in the courtroom. He says whatever mistake Rishi has done.

Pragya says Rishi had not done anything. Abhi says let the judge decide and tells that whoever is right will win and whoever is wrong will not. He says we should not suffer because of the case, we shall get each other. Pragya says they have their own life and we have our own. Abhi says our life will be good, this case should end. Pragya says it will.

Priyanka asks Rishi if he wants to marry her. Rishi says you are still stuck on that point. Priyanka says if you agree then we will marry and everything will be fine. You will have to go to the wedding court then, we will be happy together and will go on shopping. She asks him to say yes and says I will forgive you for holding Shahana in office and will forgive Shahana also, will not punish her and will leave her.

Rishi says you will be punished and I will not marry you. Priyanka asks do you love her? Rishi says yes and asks do you want to say something else. Priyanka says okay, now the Judge will decide and I want to see you going to jail!

Abhi hugs Pragya and says best of luck.

Judge Nirmala asks who is from prosecution and who is from the defense? The lawyer introduces themselves. The Prosecution lawyer tells that Rishi molested Priyanka in the court and badmouths about Rishi. The defense lawyer tells that he will get justice for Rishi and tells that he is not proved guilty till now. The Prosecution Lawyer Mr. Vyom asks if you will do the same if this happens with your daughter. The defense lawyer reacts. Nirmala asks him to sit.

Mr. Vyom tells that Rishi and Priyanka were talking and she laughed, he took the wrong signs and molested her. He got shocked and ran away when she resisted.

The Defense Lawyer tells that Priyanka was talking sweety to Rishi and beginning to touch him inappropriately, but he resisted. Priyanka started shouting.

Mr. Vyom asks do you think that Priyanka tried to rape him and says guys are strong and girls are not. Mr. Kharbanda tells that delicate is respect and not a guy or girl. Mr. Vyom says how can a girl can take advantage of a guy. The men sitting there tell that they are waiting for a girl to molest them and laugh. Abhi gets angry with them. Pragya asks him to sit down.

The Judge asks him to sit, else it will be contempt of court. Abhi tells Pragya that he said that this will happen. The Judge asks the men to go out. Abhi says Rishi is guilty. Mr. Vyom shows the picture and says these are the pictures that were taken by the Police.

The Judge sees Priyanka’s picture. Pragya reminds the lawyer of the office. Mr. Kharbanda calls Abhi to the witness box.

Aaliya asks Purab with whom he was talking to? Purab says nobody. She asks why he is behaving as if he is upset. Purab asks her to ask him straightly. He asks her not to annoy him and ask directly. Aaliya says why you didn’t tell me that you went to Disha’s house. Purab says it was not planned, you asked me in the night also. Aaliya says I don’t believe you in the night and now also. Purab says I went to her house as I wanted and asks if she is happy. Aaliya says if you are saying this to make me angry. Purab says I don’t know what to tell you, truth or false. You don’t believe me. Aaliya says sorry. Purab says just like you don’t trust me, I don’t trust your sorry. He leaves. Aaliya asks herself to calm down.

Mr. Kharbanda asks Abhi if he knows that Rishi and Priyanka knew each other before joining the office. Abhi says no, I came to know later. Mr. Kharbanda asks him if Rishi used to work under you. Abhi says he used to work for my sister concerned company in the same office. Mr. Kharbanda says so you might not have talked to him personally. Abhi says maybe in the group. Mr. Kharbanda says do you remember that you called him in office.

Abhi says I didn’t call him and tells him that he saw Rishi going out of the office while his shirt was unbuttoned. He tells that he saw Priyanka in a bad condition.

The Judge asks Abhi to go. Mr. Vyom tells that Abhi has said this in his statement too and asks the Judge to give her verdict. Mr. Kharbanda asks the Judge to see the pictures carefully. The Judge tells that the marks on the next day’s picture.

Mr. Kharbanda tells that Priyanka has made marks on her body so that Rishi doesn’t get bailed. Priyanka asks him to stop and says she came here for justice and doesn’t want this! Abhi makes her sit down. Mr. Kharbanda tells that the marks are made by Priyanka on her body and Rishi is innocent. He says Rishi is badly beaten by Abhishek Mehra in the Police custody. Abhi looks at Pragya, who is clueless about the Lawyer’s statement.

Mr. Kharbanda/Defense Lawyer telling that Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra had beaten Rishi while the latter was in Police custody. Priyanka acts to cry and asks him not to drag her chucks in the case. The Judge asks her to come to witness box and say.

Priyanka goes to the witness box and tells that Rishi and I was in college and he started loving her, but soon he realized that their relationship has no future.

Pragya says she is lying, she told me that she wanted to marry Rishi and threatened to commit suicide. Priyanka says you are lying!  Mr. Vyom asks her to tell what happened that day. Priyanka says when she went to Chucks’ cabin, Rishi was already there and began talking to her. She says he then started touching her inappropriately, she got shocked and shouted. Rishi ran away from there. Mr. Kharbanda says he wants to call a witness there. Harish, a peon comes there shocking Abhi and Priyanka. Priyanka thinks he might tell that I called him to Chucks’ (Uncle’s) cabin.

Rhea gets down from her car and runs. Sanju runs behind her and says it’s me. He asks Rhea what to do and tells that Ranbir had threatened me and asked me to go back. Rhea says then you should go. Sanju says you promised to marry me. Rhea says she didn’t say that she will read the mantras and tells that she needs some time, when the right time comes, I will get your marriage done and asks him to understand. Sanju says if your plan flops again. Rhea asks him to give her sometime. He says I am trusting you else will return.

Harish comes to the witness box. Mr. Kharbanda asks do you know Priyanka. Harish says she is niece of Abhi and Purab. Mr. Kharbanda asks did you call Rishi to Abhi’s cabin. Harish says I went to Rishi and said that Abhishek Mehra called him, but Priyanka asked him to call him.

Mr. Kharbanda tells that Priyanka’s intention was to call Rishi and want to trap him. Priyanka says he is lying, Rishi came to me and molested me!

Pragya tells that she wants to tell something in the witness box. She tells that this case is not simple, but complicated as someone’s respect and reputation is concerned. She says Priyanka had said that they were friends, but it is not truth that Rishi wanted to marry her. She says Priyanka came with the marriage proposal/deal and said that if we get her married to Rishi, then she will make his life better, else she will ruin his life!

Priyanka says she is lying, I never said this and asked Abhi to say something, and says you know everything.

Pragya says you are wrong and will be punished. Pragya says she threatened to commit suicide by cutting her veins if we don’t get her marry Rishi. She says Priyanka is obsessed and needs mental treatment. Abhi says this is not right. Pragya says this is right and it is proved.

The Judge says it is proved that Priyanka’s accusations on Rishi is baseless and tells that the court verdict is safe and will be given after 3 days. Rishi signals to Pragya and smiles. Priyanka and Abhi come out of the Court room.

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