Aaliya tells Purab that she wants to talk to him. He says Abhi is inside, lets finish this party and then talk. Aaliya says why you answer me like this, to make me angry. He asks why you do this? She says I am Aaliya and says that doesn’t mean that you treat me like a doormat. Purab says you treat people like them. Aaliya asks if he wants people to know that they will separate as they are not compatible. Purab says yes, and goes inside.

Abhi is talking to the other guests in the party. Purab comes there and excuses himself. Abhi goes behind him.

Prachi tells Shahana that Ranbir is stupid and don’t know why he went to the Principal’s room. She says she never saw him attending the lecture. Shahana puts cotton in her ears and tells that she don’t want to hear anything against him. Prachi says I will not say anything against him, but I am sure that he is doing something wrong.

Ranbir and Aryan look inside the window and see Shilpa sitting. They sit down. Ranbir asks Aryan to tell a mute song to him. Shilpa gets up, switches off night lamp and goes. Ranbir and Aryan jump inside the house.

Prachi calls Ranbir on a video call. Ranbir picks the call and says he will talk to her later, ends the call. Prachi tells Shahana that Ranbir is in the Principal’s house. Shahana asks what Ranbir is doing there, preparation for exam. Prachi gets shocked and says he is going to trapped in a big trouble. She gets up to go. Shahana says I will also come.

Shilpa comes back hearing the sound, looks on and goes. Ranbir tells that he will block Prachi. Sarita behen talks to someone and tells that she really enjoyed working with them. She thanks for the cheque.

Prachi and Shahana come out of house. Sarita behen looks at her. She hears Shahana telling that she knows that she cares for him. Prachi tells that she loves him so much. They sit in taxi and leave.

Sarita behen comes to Rishi and tells that Prachi and Shahana eloped from house and tells about what she heard. Rishi takes her to Prachi’s room and asks her to see her clothes in cupboard. Madhu says she didn’t steal anything. Sarita behen says Prachi should have taken her clothes before eloping. Madhu asks who has eloped? Rishi says Grandmother has gone mad. Sarita behen says what was it, then? Rishi says even Shahana’s clothes are in the wardrobe and asks Madhu to make tea.

Sarita behen doubts Shahana for provoking Prachi. Rishi says yes, Shahana will get the bed. He says then that Shahana and Prachi are sisters and love each other a lot. He says Prachi is Pragya’s daughter and can do anything wrong. He says Prachi and even Shahana love you a lot.

Ranbir drinks the water and tells that it was sour. Aryan says some poison might be mixed in it. Ranbir pretends to fall down. Aryan gets worried and holds him. Ranbir laughs. Aryan says my heart beat has become fast and scolds him. Ranbir asks him to check the papers and thinks that was not water.

Abhi stops Purab. Purab says my mood is bad. Abhi asks him to take the drink and asks if he had any fight with Aaliya. Purab says I don’t know whom to talk, my friend, Aaliya’s brother, head of family or my business partner. He says your sister has made my life hell and tells that she becomes insecure about Disha and tells that she accuses him as if he is cheating on her. he says her talks makes the situation tensed. He says I love Disha, but that doesn’t mean that I hate Aaliya and says I am trying to keep her happy, but her talks make me think that I am a cheater, I feel suffocated and sometimes feel like ending it. Aaliya looks on upset.

Purab tells Abhi that he knows that Aaliya is insecure about Disha and gets possessive. He says that doesn’t mean that I am cheating on her, I try to keep her happy, but her talks remind me that I am a cheater and I feel suffocated and want to end this relationship. Abhi asks him to have a heavy breath.

Aaliya hears him and turns, when some guest calls her. She wipes her tears and goes to him. Abhi says I understand your problem and asks him to decide after thinking and asks him not to do anything in haste. He says lets go inside and asks him to come.

Disha brings Pragya to the same party. Pragya says I don’t know anyone. Disha says but I know and tells that she is her family. She tells Pragya about Mr. Juneja and Mr. Khurana and tells that they are from the music world. She introduces Pragya to them and tells that she doesn’t like rock music, but has good music collection. They say it must be beautiful like your sister.

Mr. Khurana calls Abhi. Pragya and Disha see him. Mr. Khurana tells that Disha is handling their media event planning. Abhi says she is brilliant and good. Mr. Juneja says you know Disha, but don’t know her sister. He says she loves old songs, not rock songs, she is not your fan and laughs. Abhi excuses himself. Purab also goes. Disha thinks something is bothering Pragya di.

Priyanka comes to Rishi’s room and thinks if they can’t live together, then shall die together. Rishi comes out from bathroom. Priyanka hides. Rishi sleeps. Priyanka thinks it is just your mistake Rishi, if we couldn’t live then will die. If not we, then our soul will meet.

Pragya tells Disha that she knows that she wants to ask her, why I am like this. Disha says I want to become like you, you take stand for the thing you believe. She asks how do you do this? She tells that she becomes weak in some situation, but you are not like that and tells that you take stand for the right. Pragya says it is not easy, sometimes you have to go against your family, and this thing is not liked by anyone. She says this is the punishment which is uninvited. She says she wishes everything becomes fine.

Abhi tells Purab that how will things be normal?  Purab asks him not to let Priyanka’s issue come between Pragya and him. Abhi tells him that Priyanka is dead and he read her suicide note. Purab is shocked. Abhi tells that Rishi forced Priyanka to take this extreme step. Pragya tells Disha, how to search Priyanka? She says she is alive and is in Delhi. She says don’t know where?

Aryan searches for the question paper and calls Ranbir. He finds Ranbir sleeping on the ground. He asks how can you sleep. Ranbir says something was mixed in the glass. He asks Aryan, why he is two…and falls. Principal and his wife hear the sound. Principal takes baseball bat and tells that he will beat the thieves for entering his study.

Rhea comes back. Her friends come to welcome her. They greet Rhea and hug her. Rhea tells that they shall sit in the car. Dimpy asks her to listen to them. Shaina tells that Prachi and Ranbir are inching closer to each other. Dimpy says if Prachi becomes his girlfriend then your popularity can get less. Rhea asks them to keep her bag in the car and tells them that she will ask Ranbir to stop talking to Prachi. Dimpy says they must be having party too. Rhea says she wants to meet Dad and thinks to call Ranbir, thinks Prachi will be insulted.

Prachi and Shahana are in the car. Shahana asks what you are going to do? prachi says I am thinking about him, late in the night about that lafandar in these night clothes. Shahana says you must not have thought violent about him, when she is at home. She says Ranbir called and said that he is in the Principal’s study. Prachi says I called him and asks her to get down from the car. She asks driver to stop the car. Shahana tells that she is worried about Ranbir and asks her to let her come with her.. She says sorry. Prachi asks driver to drive the car. Shahana asks if Principal have any daughter.

Pragya and Abhi cross each other. Pragya asks are you still angry with me. He walks away. Allah wariyan plays… Abhi comes back to Pragya and asks what do you think that I will get upset in this life stage. He says I have two daughters and I am not a kid to get upset for losing something.

Pragya tells that she is not against him, but standing with truth. Abhi says if you think Rishi is right then I am upset. He says your trust on Rishi is more than me. He says it is all my fault, I didn’t know that Rishi is more important to you than me. Pragya says it is about my thoughts, rules and choices and not about Rishi. Abhi asks her to stand with truth and not with him.

Aaliya sees them talking and arguing. Pragya recalls their happy moments. Aaliya smiles seeing Pragya tensed. Pragya walks behind Abhi.

Prachi and Shahana reach the Principal’s house. Prachi asks the Driver to wait for them and says they will come. She says I know that Ranbir came here to steal the question paper. They try to look inside the window and peeps through the glass.

Ranbir sees them. Aryan opens the window and takes them inside, asking what they are doing here. Aryan says Ranbir is drunk and tells that they are trapped. Shahana blames Aryan for forcing Ranbir to steal the question papers. Aryan says I was involved in his work. Ranbir asks Prachi to be silent.

The Principal and his wife are coming there and hear their voice. Prachi asks Aryan to stop Ranbir from stealing the question papers. Aryan says friends help others. Prachi scolds him and tells that we are trapped too indirectly. If someone sees us then will think that we are trapped too.

Ranbir steals question paper. Prachi asks Shahana to divert Principal’s attention, till Aryan and I take Ranbir out. Aryan and Prachi come out of window. Ranbir is about to climb down the window and looks at Prachi. Tujhe kitna chahne lage hum plays…

Prachi asks Aryan to take Ranbir out and tells that alcohol smell is coming from his mouth. Prachi closes the window. Aryan takes Ranbir. The Principal tells his wife that he was doubtful, and tells that the thieves are his college students. They hear a car sound and are about to check, when Shahana breaks a pot to divert their attention. Principal and Shilpa look at the pot. Principal says thief. Shahana walks silently and goes to other room.

Rhea comes back home. Meera hugs her and says she has become lean. Pallavi hugs her and tells that Meera missed her a lot. She says you was about to come after some days. Rhea says I was missing you all a lot and that’s why came. Rhea asks about Ranbir and Aryan. Pallavi says he went to meet his friend or have some urgent work. Rhea thinks he don’t meet any friends at home. Meera takes Rhea with her and tells that she will talk to her.

Vikram tells Pallavi that Rhea is taking a lot of interest in Ranbir. Pallavi says he is my son and girls will take interest in him. She says you have lost in the game and that’s why I will leave.

Aaliya holds Pragya’s hand and asks what happened? Did you get the answer and asks if she don’t understand that Abhi doesn’t want to talk to her. She says we don’t want you. She says it is your good luck or our bad luck that you are stuck in the house like a paint. She says none of us want you in our life, you don’t understand this, you were begging like beggars in front of him.

Pragya asks her to stop it! Aaliya says I am showing your value and the mirror. She says when Bhai said that he don’t want to talk, then why you are after him. Pragya says she doesn’t want to talk to her. Aaliya says don’t know what you have, you used to show attitude, bhai used to love you, but now he brushed off his hand and left. She says I wish AbhI would have broke your fake attitude. She says I would have told you that you are a middle class girl and will be the same. She asks if Disha is also pleading for Purab like you are pleading?

Pragya says if you had got the love by pleading then you would have got Purab’s love long before. Aaliya says Pragya. Pragya says if you have courage to taunt others then get ready to bear it too. She says I don’t care for your words before and even now. She says if he don’t answer me or not, but if you talk to me like this then I will give you such an answer that you won’t be able to open mouth in front of anyone. She says now there is no relationship between us, you shall be scared, may be I will take out all those years anger on you at once.

Rhea is in her room and recalls Dimpy’s words, Ranbir’s love confession and Priyanka’s provocation. Meera asks her to eat and says I missed you so much. Rhea says I missed you too and tells that I tried calling him, but he didn’t pick my call. Meera says you came early, he didn’t know. She says he loves you more than his Pra… and then says his music etc.

Rhea says she needs assurance that Dad loves her more and thanks her. Meera asks why? Rhea says because my mother left. Meera says there are many people who love you more like your mum and tells that your mum loves you as much as your father loves you. Rhea says she didn’t care to see me if I am alive or not. Meera says how you know, you must have met her, but you didn’t know. She says I was missing you when you went, and tells that your mother must be missing you being your mother. Rhea says you think others as you. meera asks her to sleep. Rhea thinks why I am scared seeing Ranbir and Prachi’s closeness. She thinks her insecurity is because of her mum. Meera asks her to sleep. Rhea says I will sleep. She calls Ranbir and Prachi and thinks both of their number is unreachable.

Shahana manages to come out towards the car. Prachi scolds Ranbir for stealing the question paper and asks him to do hardwork and use his mind. Ranbir laughs. Prachi says you are already popular, how much popular you want. She says study well and get good marks. She says we have saved you from the Principal and asks him to get drowned in water if he has any shame. Ranbir asks if she has gone mad and says you came here to save yourself. Prachi says you are selfish.

Aryan tries to take Ranbir in the car. Shahana takes Prachi with her in the cab. Aryan takes Ranbir in the car. The Principal and Shilpa come out. He says there is nobody, seems like they went.

Priyanka is in Rishi’s room while the latter is sleeping. She stares him and drops the knife. She then picks it up and says everything is your mistake, we couldn’t be together because of you. We couldn’t live together, but will die together. If not we, then our souls will unite. She is about to stab him with the knife, but she hears Madhu calling Rishi. She hides.

Madhu comes there and wakes Rishi up, calling him out as Sarita behen refused to eat medicine. Priyanka is hiding and thinks all these women are hindering in her love story. She tells that she has decided not to trouble her love in court case and will kill him when he returns to sleep. She says then she will also die!

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