Disha asks Hritik to stop crying and tells that she brought Pragya di with her. Hrithik tells that his value is getting less day by day. Disha says Pragya di is coming and ends the call. She asks Pragya what is going on as she saw jiju going from there. Pragya says she had an argument with Aaliya. Disha gets happy and laughs, says I am very proud of you.

Aaliya sees them. Pragya says my mood was wrong, she came at wrong time else I would have talked nicely. Disha says she deserves this. Pragya says we should meet and talk with everyone nicely. Disha says you should behave with the world like they behave with you. Pragya says okay. Aaliya thinks Disha can’t snatch Purab from her and thinks insecurity brings anger. She thinks Purab wants Disha, but he is just mine! She gets Rhea’s call and thinks to answer Pragya using Rhea. She thinks to make their life hell!!

Rishi comes to Sarita behen and asks what happened to his detective Grandma. Sarita behen says yes. Madhu says she has fever and don’t want to eat medicine. Sarita behen says Madhu wants to make grand son and grandmother fight, seeing saas bahu (daughter-in-law’s) serials. She refuses.

Rishi says my happiness lies in your happiness. He says you don’t eat medicine, I will not eat food and will get weak, fall down and get hurt. Sarita behen keeps hand on his mouth and eats medicine. She asks him to go and sleep, asks him not to take tension. Rishi asks Madhu to bring his bedsheet and tells that he will sleep with his Grandma. Sarita behen gets happy and asks him to sleep taking her blanket.

Rhea talks to her friend. Her friend asks if she asked Ranbir? Rhea tells that she talked to him and he was very happy seeing her. She asked him what is going on between Prachi and him, and he got angry and asked who told this nonsense to her. Her friend asks did you tell our names. Rhea says no and tells that she didn’t tell that some stupid friend is provoking her against Ranbir. Her friend tells that Prachi has something in her heart for him. Rhea tells that he is Ranbir and I know him, he has status and will not fall in love with middle class girl. She says if he was my boyfriend then will never cheat me for Prachi. Her friend says yes. Rhea ends the call.

Aaliya comes to Abhi and tells that everyone changes, but Pragya haven’t changed and hates me even now. Abhi asks what did she say? Aaliya says leave it and excuses herself.

The host of the party announces the couple to dance and enjoy. Tujhse hai raabta plays… All couples dance. Abhi and Pragya look at each other. Aaliya takes Purab to dance and they dance. Disha comes to Abhi and dances with him. Disha goes to Pragya and pushes her towards Abhi. Pragya and Abhi dances with each other. They smile looking at each other. Abhi stops his smile and goes away from Pragya.

While partners change, Disha comes to Purab. Purab and Disha look at each other while dancing. The song continues to play. Aaliya couldn’t bear to see Purab with Disha and pins her nails in her hand and it bleeds. Pragya notices that.

Rhea thinks why is Prachi not picking the call and thinks why Ranbir is lying to her? Aryan brings Ranbir home. Ranbir gets happy seeing Rhea and asks how do we reach London, tells that Aryan drives very fast. Rhea asks if they were together? Ranbir asks why the London sofa looks like their house sofa. Rhea tells that she is back home. Aryan tells that Ranbir couldn’t bear to drink vodka and he is in Russia now. Rhea asks him to enjoy and says she will see him tomorrow.

Ranbir tells that Rhea is so pleasant and he likes to hear her, and when Prachi speaks, he feels that he is in classroom and she is giving lecture. He says she spoils his mood. Rhea gets upset hearing Prachi’s name. Aryan takes Ranbir with him.

Priyanka switches off lights thinking when Rishi comes back to his room, then he can’t defend or see her. Madhu notices light suddenly off and thinks it was switched on. She comes inside the room. Priyanka attacks Madhu.

Madhu shouts calling Rishi and asks him to save her. Rishi says I am coming and asks Sarita behen to be there. Priyanka goes out of window. Rishi comes there and asks Madhu what happened? Madhu thinks a guy attacked her and tells Rishi. Rishi takes her out. Priyanka says she will come again to complete her work and love story!!

Sarita behen tells Rishi and Madhu that there must be thief in his room. Rishi says maybe, but the cut is deep and they have to go to the Doctor.

Disha is about to take the drink. Purab takes it and asks her to take. Disha refuses. Purab tells that he didn’t do the dance intentionally and tells that he will not make her uncomfortable intentionally. Disha says I know. Purab asks why do you hate me and hold me responsible for Aaliya’s sayings? Disha says I am upset as you know how is your wife and if you meet me then how she will react. She says I don’t want you to meet me. She says she don’t want to complicate their life.

Ranbir tells Aryan that everything was like adventure to him. He tells that Prachi came to help them at night, she is sweet, but bitter and spoiled my mood. Aryan thinks of Dimpy’s words. He says I want to forget you something. Ranbir says you are pregnant. Aryan asks him not to joke and asks do you know why Rhea came back? Ranbir says she missed me. Aryan says she thinks there is something going on between Prachi and him. Ranbir spits water and tells that Rhea can never think of this as she asked him to have affair and break…he then stops and says nothing. He says Rhea doesn’t think like that. Aryan tells what he heard about Divya and Shaina talking about Prachi and his closeness. He says they are scared that if Prachi becomes your girl friend then she will become popular and Rhea’s popularity will lower. Ranbir says Rhea doesn’t think like that. Aryan asks him not to drink again and goes to make black coffee for him.

Aaliya comes to Disha, holds her hand and takes her to other side of hall. She asks what do you want to show me by dancing with my husband. She closes the door. Disha asks if she can’t see what she is doing? Aaliya says you are making him dance on your sign and says he is my husband, stay away from me. Disha asks if he can’t smile, dance, live etc. Aaliya says he will do everything, but with me. She says he left you years back. Disha says I had left him. Aaliya says you are extremely frustrated and asks her to stay away from her husband. She says he will do whatever he wants, with me. Disha asks her to go and talk to her husband.

Aaliya says if you cross your limits then I will stop you. Disha says you don’t know what you are saying. She says I don’t want to interfere in your life. Aaliya says you are coming in my husband’s life and asks him to marry a rich businessman, tells that she will help her find a man and asks her not to dare try to get her husband! Disha says if I had needed a man then I wouldn’t have waited all these years. She says today I am forgiving you, but if you say this again then…

Aaliya asks will you go to Purab, complain to him about me and cry on his shoulder. She says you are doing this cheap tricks to get him. Disha says yes, I am doing this cheap things to get Purab, you had just said that I need a man and tells that who could be better than Purab. She says I will snatch him away from you. She says if you don’t trust your relationship, then don’t blame me. Aaliya says you are talking about this, you couldn’t save your own relationship. Disha recalls seeing them together and goes. Aaliya smirks.

Prachi and Shahana comes to a tea shop after their cab stopped on the way. Prachi tells Shahana that today Ranbir would have beaten up by the Principal, his wife and the neighbors. She says he don’t know anything other than talking. She calls him Baklu. The lady sitting there asks about him. Prachi shows his picture. The lady asks Baklu means handsome.

Prachi says baklu means idiot, stupid, and all the bad words is used for Baklu. The lady says it seems she had breakup with this guy and that’s why she is angry. Prachi asks if she didn’t see his face and asks why she is talking at bakli. The lady gets angry at her. Shahana takes Prachi away from her before the lady reacts.

Shahana asks Prachi what happened to her. Prachi says she will go and reply to the lady. She tells that she is angry with Ranbir and helped him for his family. She says how Pallavi, Vikram and Abhi would have thought. She says she thought about them and helped him.

Prachi thinks where is Aaliya and Disha? Where are they? Disha comes and hugs her. She says lets go home. Pragya asks what happened? They are about to leave. Pragya’s hand touches Abhi’s hand and they look at each other. Allah wariyan plays… Disha asks her to go and sit in car, as she has an urgent call to attend. Disha attends a call and gets busy in talking. Purab looks at her from the window and smiles. Disha looks at him and then turns to resume talking. Aaliya sees that and gets angry.

Abhi tells Purab that he is going home as he has an urgent meeting tomorrow in Delhi. He leaves. Aaliya sees her inner self and tells herself that Purab is slipping from her hands. She says he is with me, but not with me. her inner self asks her to keep him with her and do whatever she can to get him. Aaliya says I will do anything to get him. She sits in her car and drives car towards Disha.

Pragya sees a fast speedy car going towards Disha and is shocked. Aaliya hits her and Disha falls high in the air and falls down. Prachi and Shahana are going from there and stop their car seeing Disha’s accident. Pragya is shocked.

Pallavi tells Vikram that Aryan told that Ranbir didn’t drink vodka intentionally, and drank it thinking it as water. Vikram says Aryan and Ranbir are chaddi buddies and get angry on Ranbir. Ranbir jumps down the bed and tells that he drank it mistakenly. He swears. Vikram asks him to tell truth.

Ranbir says I did it mistakenly. Vikram asks him to tell everything and gives his promise. Pallavi asks him not to give promise. Ranbir says I went to the Principal’s house to get something from him. He says when I entered there, I was thirsty and drank vodka thinking it was water. Vikram says he is not taking his promise seriously and tells that he will talk to him in the morning. He asks Pallavi to handle her son well. Pallavi tells Ranbir that his Papa loves him a lot and asks him to sleep. Ranbir says I want to tell you something. He says you are my life’s serious human and will be my no. 1 priority. Pallavi says love you too.

Ranbir tells Aryan that although he don’t love Dad much, but he can’t lie taking his promise. He says he loves mom so much and his dad less. He says he told the truth, but they didn’t believe. Aryan asks what is his plan? Ranbir tells that he will ignore Papa in the Office.

Prachi takes a picture of Aaliya’s car number plate. They see Pragya asking Disha to get up. Purab comes there running and asks what happened to him. Pragya says accident. He lifts her. Pragya asks them to go home. Prachi says no. Pragya asks her to take Shahana home.

Aaliya comes back home and recalls hitting Disha in anger and Prachi taking the picture of her car’s number plate. Rhea comes to Aaliya. Aaliya tells Rhea that she did a mistake and the Police will arrest her. Rhea pacifies her. Prachi gives the number plate info to Inspector and shows the picture. Inspector says the owner will be arrested. Prachi tells that they shall go to hospital. Shahana asks her to think good.

In the hospital, Pragya looks at Purab. The Doctor comes out and tells them that she has a head injury and will get 2-3 stitches. Purab asks if she needs to be discharged. The Doctor says for 2-3 days, but she will be fine. Purab asks Doctor to treat her nicely and be careful while doing stitches. The Doctor asks if you are her husband? Purab says yes, I am her husband. The Doctor says I thought that, love and concern can be given only by the loved ones. He says I will take care. Purab thanks him. Pragya comes to him.

Rhea tells Aaliya not to worry. Aaliya says I did an accident. Rhea says I can handle this, tell me where to go, I will give her money. Aaliya says I was scared and left her on the road. She says many people came and was like seeing me and that’s why I drove fast. She cries and says she did a mistake. Rhea asks her not to cry. Just then, the door bell rings. Aaliya gets scared.

The Door bell rings. Pallavi and Vikram come to hall. Pallavi says who came at this time. Meera comes and tells that she will check. She opens the door and finds the Inspector standing there.

The Inspector gets inside the house and tells that they have arrest warrant against Aaliya Khanna. He asks Meera if she is Aaliya Khanna. Meera says no and asks what is the matter? Pallavi asks what is the matter, tell us. Inspector says she hit a lady and ran. It is a case of hit and run.

Purab tells Pragya that when Doctor asked suddenly, he said… Pragya says you said what your heart feels and tells that mind knows, but heart doesn’t know and speaks with eye or tongue. She says its ok. Purab hugs her and cries. Pragya asks him to sit. She asks Purab not to cry and asks him to make his heart understand. Purab says he was waiting for her since 20 years and feels like everything is slipping off from his hands. He says he has a life, but nothing in it. Pragya asks him to have patience and says everything will be fine. Purab asks do you think this? Pragya nods her head. Meera tells that she will bring Aaliya.

Aaliya tells Rhea that Police came. Rhea asks her to hide and says they behave badly. Aaliya hugs her and says I love you more than anyone else in this world. She says she will deny everything. Rhea says okay. Meera comes there and tells that the Police came. Aaliya asks why? Rhea says Aunt didn’t do anything. Aaliya says I am coming. Meera comes downstairs and asks the Inspector to wait.

Aaliya comes down and says she is Aaliya Khanna. Rhea asks why you want to arrest her and says she is innocent. Aaliya asks Inspector to say. Inspector says you hit Disha with your high speed car and ran away. Dasi asks if she is Disha singh? The Inspector says yes. Aaliya asks her to be quiet. Dasi says why Aaliya will cause her accident? The Inspector says then only she did the accident and asks lady constable to arrest her.

Rhea takes handcuff from the lady constable and throws it. Inspector says if she interferes then we will arrest her too. Pallavi says she is a kid and says she can’t see her Aunt arrest. The Inspector tells that she hit Disha Singh with her high speed car and then stopped her car at a distance, and then escaped. He says he has an eye witness and says she is Prachi.

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