Rhea comes to Aaliya’s room and tells that Ranbir is in the Police station still. She tells her that nobody took her statement and tells that Prachi took stand for Ranbir and told that he can’t do this. Aaliya says maybe she is against him, but was silent to return his favours. She says tomorrow, Vikram and Abhi will bail him out, when he was coming home, you shall go and talk to Maya. Rhea is shocked and asks if Maya will do this? Aaliya says she has to do whatever I tell her to do. She says when Ranbir is coming home on bail, our phase 2 will start.

Abhi and Vikram show the bail papers to Ranbir. The Inspector reads the papers. Abhi asks him to hurry up. He scolds Vikram for not giving good values to his son. Abhi says my promise will break. Vikram says even I am getting angry. The Inspector asks him to hire lawyer for his son always and says he will be punished. Abhi says Ranbir can’t do this and tells that he is innocent. Vikram argues.

The Lawyer asks him not to argue. Ranbir comes out and hugs Abhi and Vikram. Abhi says I will thank Inspector. He says Ranbir is not guilty and can’t molest anyone. He says I am not saying that as I love him, but because I know him. He says Ranbir shouldn’t suffer, else you will suffer.

Rhea calls Maya, but the latter doesn’t pick the call. She is outside the house and rings her door bell. Maya opens the door. Rhea comes inside and asks why she is not picking her call. Maya says she is busy. She needs to rest as her eyes are paining after yesterday’s act. Rhea asks her to die. Maya asks what? She says she will not do this.

Rhea asks her to listen fully and asks her to act to commit suicide. She says Prachi is supporting Ranbir even now, if her statement is same then you will be proved as liar. She says I thought Prachi will say that Ranbir molested you, but she didn’t say this. She asks her to break Prachi’s trust and confront her saying what she would have done if same thing happened with her. She asks her to commit suicide infront of her and says Prachi is great and will rescue you. Maya says she don’t want to do the acting.

Rhea asks her to listen.

Ranbir and Vikram are in the car. Ranbir sees Maya’s house and recalls asking her address. He asks Vikram to stop the car and asks him to be inside. He says this is Maya’s house and I want to ask why she did this. Abhi comes in his car and stops seeing their car. He asks Vikram where did Ranbir go? Vikram says this house is of Maya and Ranbir went to talk to her. Abhi says Maya will get him arrested again.

Maya asks Rhea if she will stop her suicide attempt and if she will be there. She says it is a bakwas idea and asks her to go. Just then door bell rings. Maya thinks who could be here, nobody knows that I stay here. Rhea asks if your boyfriend came. Maya asks her to hide. Rhea says I will see who has come.

Rhea opens the door, but Maya comes infront of her and Rhea hides behind the door. Maya sees Ranbir and asks why did he come here? Ranbir says I just had juice with you. Abhi comes there and asks Ranbir to come. He takes him out and tries to make him understand that Maya will not say anything if he asks her, and will put accusation on him again.

Abhi asks Ranbir if he want to go back to jail. Ranbir says no. Abhi hugs him. Rhea thanks Maya for saving her and says if I had opened the door then Ranbir and Dad would have seen me. Maya asks Rhea to go and tells that she will not agree to her plan. Rhea asks her to think and decide carefully, then call her. She goes.

Ranbir comes home. Beeji and Pallavi hug Ranbir. Beeji hugs Abhi and thanks him for bailing out Ranbir. Ranbir says now mummy will say what will happen to her, if something happens to me. Pallavi pats on him. Ranbir tells that he will go to office. Pallavi says you will not go until the case ends. She asks him to get clean chit and then go. Ranbir says if I go out, atleast I can make their mouth shut. He tells that if I don’t go then he will think that I have done a mistake, which I haven’t done. Abhi says Ranbir is right. Beeji asks Pallavi to let him go. Pallavi says Beeji supports him.

Abhi says Ranbir should go and face them, else people will think him wrong. He says if you don’t them that you are not wrong then who will do that. Ranbir tells that he thought that you will think me guilty. Abhi says I have passed from your age and tells that you are a champ and asks him to go. Ranbir hugs him. Pallavi asks him to go to office. Vikram asks him to take bath first. Beeji thanks the God.

Ranbir goes to his room and hugs Aryan. Aryan asks if anything happens to you. Ranbir says Dad, chief and you will save me. Aryan says you went to make Prachi jealous then how did you get drunk? Ranbir says I was very sober and talking to Maya. He says if Maya tells that I was overfriendly with him then people will believe her. he tells that he can’t tell anyone that he was getting friendly with Maya to make Prachi jealous. He tells that he feigns kiss with Maya in front of Prachi.

Aryan asks him to go and talk to her. Ranbir says that’s why he is going to office. Aryan says prachi is a smart girl, she will clear her doubt. She will never judge you.

Rhea comes home and rushes to Aaliya’s room. She tells her that Dad and Ranbir came to Maya’s house. She tells everything. Aaliya says mistake is mine, I shouldn’t have sent you there. She asks did you talk to Maya about the fake suicide act. Rhea says Maya refused. Aaliya says she has to do this. She gets a business conference call.

Rhea goes from there. She sees Ranbir coming and asks if he is fine. She says I wish I could have done something for you. Ranbir says I am a bad boy and a flirt, says I never thought what the opposite person would have thought about it. He says I did all the bad things, stolen Dad’s money and question papers. He says I never hurt anyone intentionally. He says I was just talking to Maya and says what she is saying. He says I deserve this. Rhea asks if my opinion matters to you.

Ranbir says everyone’s opinion. Rhea tells that she trust him and will always stand for him. She says I mean it and thanks him. Ranbir hugs her and tells that he will go to office, will tell everyone that it is not his mistake. Rhea thinks he hugged her and gets happy.

Prachi is in the Office and talking to Pragya. Ranbir comes there. Prachi says I didn’t think that you will come. Ranbir says are you talking to your mummy. Prachi looks on. Ranbir says he knows her well and catches her lies too. He says hi to an employee, but she walks away ignoring him. Ranbir gets upset. Prachi goes to the employee and asks if she can’t greet her boss. She asks if she is thinking that Ranbir molested the girl. The employee tells that Ranbir is a flirt.

Prachi says he is a flirt, but not pervert. She says she knows Ranbir’s thinking very well. She says if he flirts with you then it is flirt and if he does same thing with other girl then it is molestation. She says what you do, you stare him all day and wears small clothes to get noticed by him. She says you even sends personal messages to him. I know this as I am his secretary and sees the telephone bills. She says there are many girls here, who sends him personal messages, but Ranbir doesn’t reply to them. She says you wanted to go out with him to have coffee, but Ranbir asked you to bring your boyfriend along with you. She says if he was characterless then would have taken you on a dinner date alone. She walks away from there.

Rhea comes to her room… ye mera deewana pan song plays… She recalls Ranbir hugging her and smiles. She thinks when I told him that I trust him, he held my hand. She thinks Ranbir is falling in love with her and thinks to show that she trusts him more and not that Prachi. She thinks to convince Maya and sends money picture to her. She then messages her that the money could be hers, if she agrees. She thinks if Maya agrees, then Ranbir will hate Prachi.

Prachi comes to Ranbir’s cabin and asks what is his plan for today? Ranbir says you shall know. Prachi says you might have get you arrested so that you don’t have to work. Ranbir tells that he has to write a mail to her, in which he will write that you are the best person I know. He says you are the best girl of this world. He says I heard what you told outside. Prachi says she couldn’t bear whatever the girl said.

Ranbir thanks her for be with him and for being his friend. Prachi says she is his friend. He asks do you trust me? Prachi asks why did you get close to Maya? Ranbir thinks what to tell her. Prachi says she is upset as he was behaving strange. She says you are good baklu, and mad too… Ranbir smiles.

The employees comes to Ranbir and apologize for their behavior. They say they were confused after seeing the news. Ranbir says it’s okay and says we are like a family and shall not have any hard feelings for each other. He thanks Prachi for being with him. Prachi asks from where you learnt this, and asks from Mehra Sir or Vikram sir. She says copy cat. Ranbir says it is very difficult to impress you. Prachi says this is right. Ranbir asks shall I try. Prachi says friends don’t impress each other and she will fulfill friendship anyhow.

Pallavi ass Vikram if he left Ranbir alone in office and asks him to be with him in the office. She asks him to motivate him and give him courage. Vikram tells that Ranbir doesn’t need him and tells that everyone is giving full support to him. He tells that when Ranbir reached office, some people ignored him and talked bad about him. So Prachi scolded them and make them understand that Ranbir didn’t do anything wrong. He tells that he was in his cabin at that time. He says our son got a good friend and says she asked them if they don’t know about Ranbir, how is he? He says he is impressed.

Pallavi thanks God for giving Prachi as a friend to Ranbir. Beeji says Prachi’s mum shall get credit too. Pallavi appreciates Prachi’s mum for the good upbringing and tells that she wants to meet her and hug her. She asks shall we go to their home. Beeji says yes. They leave. Rhea hears them.

Abhi comes downstairs. Purab reminds him about his meeting with the client. Abhi asks him to postponed it. He says yesterday was tiresome. He says Ranbir is gold and tells that he can’t do anything wrong. He is so cultured and says I know my boy. Purab says your boy or his. Abhi says both. He says he couldn’t meet Pragya after the party. Purab asks him to talk to her now. He makes a call to Pragya and gives the call to Abhi.

Abhi says hello. Pragya says you are calling from Purab’s phone. Abhi says he was thinking about her and says you handles all the problems alone. Pragya says you are with me. Abhi asks will you meet me? Pragya says she will meet him at café coffee house at 2 am. Abhi and Purab get happy.

Ranbir thinks of Prachi’s words and then of Vikram’s words. He thinks he will do everything traditional way. He says he will impress Pragya and asks Prachi to come with him to meet her mum. They leave.

Rhea comes to Aaliya and cries. She tells that Pallavi and Beeji were thanking God that Prachi came in his life. She says don’t know what magic did she do. They want to meet Prachi’s mum and wants to appreciate her for her upbringing. She asks if they will give her medal. She asks if they are taking alliance for Prachi. Aaliya says it is not like that. Rhea says Prachi’s upbringing is good and asks if my upbringing is bad.

Meera comes there. Aaliya tells that she is hungry. Rhea asks Meera how did they do her upbringing? Meera says in the best way and tells that she is best. Aaliya says I told you. Rhea says if I am best and superior then why do Pallavi aunty went to Prachi’s house. She says that is not happening, I will not let them meet Prachi. Aaliya asks her to stop it and gives her promise. She says if you are going to tell them that Kohli family is bringing alliance for Prachi then don’t do that. She says don’t tell that you are good. Rhea says you don’t know how the world goes? Aaliya asks if I don’t know and tells that she will also come with her, and can handle the things which go out of hand.

Ranbir asks Prachi to call her Mum and asks her to get ready to go for coffee. Prachi says ok, and calls her. She says you alone was mad, now she is also favoring your madness.

Sarita behen picks the call. Prachi asks her to ask mum to get ready to come for coffee with them. Pragya is ready and is going out. Sarita behen tells her that Ranbir and Prachi are coming here, to take you for having coffee. Pragya thinks she is going to meet Abhi. Sarita behen asks her to take the kids along with her.

Vikram calls Pragya and says my family wants to meet you and asks if they can come to her house. Pragya says okay. She thinks what to do? She thinks she wants to meet Abhi. Pallavi and beeji ask Abhi to come along with them as they are going to Prachi’s house to thank them. Abhi says he is going to meet his wife and called his client to café coffee house too. He asks them not to come there.

Prachi tells Ranbir that his unpredictably will not change. Ranbir says I just came out of lock up. They sit in car and leave. Maya looks at them and calls Rhea, says Ranbir loves Prachi. She says I saw them leaving the office together. She says I came to know that Ranbir is very rich and asks her to give the money whose pic she has sent.

Prachi says Ranbir you are in good mood. Ranbir says all because of you. Prachi asks him not to get stuck himself. Ranibir says yes. Maya thinks the more big trouble, I do, I will get more cash. Rhea tells whatever Maya told Aaliya. Aaliya asks her to calm down and says she is talking about our advantage. Rhea says where they have gone? Aaliya says may be for the work.

Meera is thinking about Abhi going to meet his wife. She slips on the stairs and falls. Abhi comes to her and holds her. He takes her to sofa and tells that he will call the doctor. Meera says no and tells that she is allergic to allopathic medicine. Abhi asks her to call Prachi’s mum as she knows treatment for all the problems. He says she will tell home remedies.

Pragya asks Shahana to get something from market as some people are coming home. Sarita behen asks her to give theplas to her customer. Shahana takes it from her.

Abhi calls Prachi’s Mum from his phone and gives the call to Meera. Meera tells her that she slipped and Mr. Mehra wanted to call the doctor, but she is allergic to allopathic medicine. Pragya says she will make lep and send to her house. Meera says okay. Purab comes and asks Abhi to come. Abhi asks Meera if Prachi’s mum told any home remedy. He asks shall I go? Meera nods her head and thinks she can get his concern, but not love.

Ranbir and Prachi get down from the car. Prachi says you might not like to walk in the street/mohalla. Ranbir says I like it, it is nice and asks about the decoration stuff in the shop. Just then a cycle rider is about to hit Prachi, but Ranbir takes her to side and they have an eye lock. Song plays… tu pehla pehla pyaar hai mera…

Shahana comes and smiles looking at them. Prachi asks if there are many cycles behind and asks him to leave her. He leaves her and says sorry. He says he has saved the cycle rider. Pragya smiles hardly. He asks her to smile often. Prachi says everyone smiles here, look at Shahana. Shahana tells that Ranbir will look at her if he keeps his eye off someone. Prachi asks what do you mean? Shahana says he understand what I want to say. Ranbir and Prachi go inside the house.

Sanju collides with waiter and yells at him. Abhi and Purab hear him and think he is taking out frustration on poor waiter. Just then Sanju turns and they look at him.

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