Rhea tells Aaliya about Ranbir’s marriage with Maya fixed. Aaliya asks her to calm down and relax and tells that Maya knows about your feelings for Ranbir. She asks her to meet Maya and asks her to refuse for marriage. She then asks her to meet pallavi and assures that everything will be fine. She says she likes you. Rhea gets happy.

Mr. Chaubey asks the security guy to keep eye on Ranbir. He asks Maya if she is happy? Maya says she is happy. Her mother tells that it is good that her marriage with Mohit is cancelled and tells that Ranbir is far more handsome than Mohit. She says when you take him to the election campaign, people will ask who is this hero and will give more votes. Maya smiles hesitantly.

Ranbir stops his car near Prachi’s house. Prachi says sorry and says I couldn’t do anything for you. She says I failed you. Ranbir says it is not your fault, it is like someone doesn’t want to see me happy. He says Maya doesn’t want to marry me, but she is silent due to her Papa and hates me. He says I hope that she tells at home that she hates me and don’t want to marry me. Prachi tells him that she is with him and will become a boat and protect him. She says I will never let you fall. Ranbir thanks her. She asks him to take care and gets down from the car. She walks away. Ranbir thinks don’t know who is the girl behind me, because of her I couldn’t confess my feelings to Prachi. He says whenever I come to know about her, that day will be the worst day of her life.

Rhea calls Maya, but the latter doesn’t see her call and is lost in thoughts. Maya thinks to tell Dad that she don’t want to marry Ranbir. Her mum hears her and tells that her dad has agreed for this marriage. She says his reputation shall not be stained, and he reached till this position with much difficulty and asks her to remember what happened to her Bua. She says she was dear to your dad, but now nobody knows about her. She asks her to convince Ranbir to marry her at the earliest.

Prachi comes home and is upset. Sarita behen and Shahana ask what happened? Prachi tells that Maya’s family have fixed Ranbir’s marriage with Maya. She tells that Mehra Sir has said that he will make everything fine, but I don’t think this is possible. She tells that her heart is shakening and she couldn’t stand. She goes. Sarita behen tells Shahana that Prachi is in love and very much worried for Ranbir. She thinks Rhea is the vamp between Ranbir and Prachi.

Rhea tells Aaliya that Maya is not picking the call. She asks did you know that Maya is a politician’s daughter. Aaliya says she didn’t know and couldn’t understand why a MLA’s daughter agreed to do their work, as they are very image conscious. Rhea says may be she didn’t think that the matter will become worse. Aaliya asks her to meet Maya and threatens her not to marry Ranbir else she wants all her money back. Aaliya thinks the problem is small, but Rhea is worried.

Beeji and Pallavi are worried for Ranbir. Rhea comes there and tells that she will not let anything happen to Ranbir. Ranbir comes home. Beeji goes to Ranbir and hugs him. Pallavi asks Rhea if she loves Ranbir. Rhea smiles. Pallavi says I understood. Rhea looks at Ranbir and goes. Pallavi tells that Rhea told that she will take you out from this problem. Ranbir says Rhea is behaving strangely, she can’t help herself, how she will help me. She says Chief will help me.

Pragya asks Prachi what happened? Prachi says she is thinking about Ranbir and tells that he is stuck in another problem. Shahana says even I am worried. Prachi says I wanted to find out who is making Maya do all this, and tells that the person is very cheap and wants to ruin Ranbir’s life. She tells that if Ranbir marries Maya then all his life will be ruined. She says people will think that the case is real.

Prachi tells Pragya and Sarita behen that she couldn’t sit all night and was thinking his life will be ruined if he forced to marry Maya. She asks Pragya to say something. Sarita behen says nothing will happen to Ranbir as chief is with him. She tells that Ranbir should go to Maya and tells her that he is happy to marry her. He shall act to be emotional and tells that you accused me of molestation, but he thinks it is their destiny that they got together and he fell in love with her. She says maya might tell getting emotional about the person’s name who asked her to trap him. Prachi says it is a good idea.

Pragya asks Sarita behen if she watched this in film. Sarita behen asks Prachi to record their video. She goes to college and thanks Sarita behen. Sarita behen tells Pragya that Prachi is in love with Prachi.

Ranbir comes to the college. His friends ask why he is marrying Maya? Ranbir tells that Maya is a fraud and trapped him, but he will not marry her. Prachi takes him away from there and tells that she has a plan. She asks him to go to Maya and say something. Rhea calls Maya and thinks if she is avoiding me. Maya’s mother picks the call. Rhea asks about Maya. Her mother tells that Maya went to college. Ranbir tells Prachi that he can’t do this.

Prachi says you have flirt with others many times. He says I can’t flirt with Maya. Prachi asks him to take a long breath and asks him to do as she said. Ranbir says you asked me to make her believe that he is also happy like her. He says once I take her in confidence, then I will ask her why she accused him of molestation, rather than she shall ask him for marriage. Prachi says she might tell the case is fake and might tell about her partner’s name. She says once she tells her partner’s name then. She says you should take her in confidence and tell some secret so that she tells her secret. She sees Maya coming and hides with Ranbir. She asks Ranbir to come to library with Maya and she will be ready there with camera to record.

Ranbir comes in front of Maya and asks her to come with him, says as they are getting married, trust is foremost important. Maya agrees.

Ranbir brings Maya to the library. Maya says you brought me here to tell me that you are studious. Ranbir tells that he brought her here so that nobody disturb us and nobody could hear. He says we are alone here. maya asks what you are going to tell me. Ranbir says I feel everything is just destiny, so I never thought you hot and cool until yesterday, but today… she asks if she is looking warm/gunguni. Ranbir laughs and tells that she cracked a good joke. Maya says you was talking about destiny. Ranbir says I didn’t like you since yesterday, but now I like you. He says that lori night was best night with you for me. Maya asks him to tell in easy words.

Ranbir tells that he is really happy to marry her and hugs her. Prachi records in her mobile, tells that I didn’t ask you to do this. He says I want to tell you something and being honest. He tells that the girl whom I wanted to make jealous is Prachi, whom I love.

Prachi thinks he is fooling her. Ranbir tells sorry to Maya and says he likes her now and loves her and her hairs. He says it was destiny, whatever is happening. He says that molestation case, you have filed case against me was wrong. He says people will think that we are together due to compromise, but that is not true. He asks why did you do this? He asks her to tell the truth to people.

Maya says that girl…. just then, two college students come there. Maya realizes what she was going to tell him and tells that she needs to make an urgent phone call to her dad. Ranbir asks her to use his phone. Maya goes and the library door gets locked. Prachi and Ranbir find the door locked.

Rhea comes to college. Dimpy asks Shaina if this is truth that Ranbir is marrying Maya. Rhea says who told you. Shaina says Roshan. Dimpy says Mayuri told her. Rhea tells that Ranbir will not marry weird and ugly girl like Maya. She says she likes Ranbir. Dimpy says your status matches with him and you both look beautiful. Rhea says we shall not talk about Maya and give her importance. She sees Maya and goes behind her. Ranbir tells Prachi that the door is locked. Prachi says you kicked it. Ranbir says it is my fault.

Prachi asks someone to open the door. She says what shall we do and thinks to call Shahana, but her phone battery is gone. She asks him to call Aryan. Ranbir searches for his phone and realizes that his phone is in the car. He says college will be closed in 10 mins, if we don’t go out in 10 mins then we will be stuck here all night. Prachi gets tensed.

Maya thinks of Ranbir’s words that he is very happy that he is getting married to her. Rhea pulls Maya to her. She asks where is your phone? Maya says she has forgotten her phone at home. Rhea says how can you do mistake and tells that it is the only way to contact you. She asks why you didn’t pick my call last night. Maya tells that she didn’t see her call and she was in problem, and couldn’t sleep. She says my life is fully upside down. Rhea says it is out of control, I understand and asks her to go and talk to her father. She asks her to tell him that she will not marry Ranbir as she don’t love him. She says no father can get his daughter marry the guy she don’t love and says he will help you. Maya tells that she can’t tell her dad that she don’t want to marry Ranbir. Rhea says you can tell this. Maya says I can’t as I want to marry him. Rhea is shocked and slaps her.

Prachi asks Ranbir to drop her home. Ranbir says I am also stuck with you. He asks if there is any other door. She says this is the only door. They search for the window, but there is no window. She says she is scared. Ranbir asks if she is scared that she has to be here all night or because she has to be with him all night. Prachi says I am not scared of you.

Ranbir says this college will be closed in 10 mins and if we don’t out before that, then don’t know what might happen here, says lights will be closed and it will be darkness here. He says may be your heart beat will increase so much that I hear it and it will be so dark that we will also be able to see in each other’s eyes and we will be very close. He says you might be scared thinking about this and says who knows that you will fall in love with me.

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