Prachi tells that I shouldn’t have gone there, you had said that the face shall not be familiar, but what I would have done, I can’t get Ranbir’s engagement with Maya. She says I am stupid and blames herself for his engagement. Pragya asks if Mr. Chaubey got upset. Sarita behen tells that he has forgiven them and invited us for holi celebration and asks Pragya to come with them.

Pragya refuses. Sarita behen asks her to come with them and says this is the last chance to stop the marriage. Pragya tells that she will not come. Sarita behen says we will get a good idea if you are with us. Pragya goes inside. Prachi and Shahana tell Sarita behen that Pragya don’t celebrate holi. Sarita behen asks why? Pragya is sad in the room.

The Kohlis’ returns home. Beeji says it is done. Meera says so sorry. Aaliya says nothing will happen. Meera says marriage didn’t happen, doesn’t mean anything. Beeji says he has threatened us repeatedly, we can’t go to Police. Abhi calls vikram.

Vikram asks why did you call me, you would have earned 2-4 crores more and says when you return home, Ranbir 2-3 children chintu, minto, monty might be roaming in the house. Abhi says it is Chintu, Mintu and Rinku. Vikram puts the call on loudspeaker and tells that he is teasing me. Ranbir tells that he is engaged and tells that his children names will be grand brack kohli or dolly kohli.

Pallavi asks if he is in shock and says if that girl comes in this house, then I will go out from here. Ranbir says dad has selected the baby’s names. Abhi asks them to relax and tells Ranbir that he will not marry Maya and will marry with his wish and can name his babies as per his wish. He says he talked to Aaliya. Aaliya says I am here.

Abhi tells that the investor got a heart attack and he had taken care of him. Vikram says sorry. Abhi asks them to call Chaubey for holi celebration at their house. Beeji says Chaubey invited us. Abhi says convince them somehow. Ranbir asks if you will come and play holi with us. Abhi says I don’t play holi, I will come tomorrow and talk to Chaubey. Aaliya says Bhai don’t celebrate holi. Meera wonders why, thinks if the reason is Pragya.

Pragya thinks she can just play holi with Abhi. Abhi also thinks of the same and thinks celebrating holi was with her only. Tu yaad aaya plays… She thinks only he has the first right to apply holi to her face. Abhi also thinks the same and says he will not apply colour to anyone and will not let anyone to apply colour to him. They recall their moments. Pragya thinks if he celebrated holi without her. Abhi thinks he will play holi only with her. Pragya thinks if that day will come when they will play holi together.

Aaliya asks Vikram to call Chaubey and invite them for holi. Vikram says I will not call, if Ranbir calls him then he will agree. Ranbir says I am sorry, but I will not call him. He says whenever I talk to Maya or her family, then I do a mistake. He says if I calls again then I will get married. Pallavi says she will talk to them. Meera says should I talk?

Vikram says you are so sweet and if you talk then Chaubey will get their kids marry in this house. He asks Aaliya to keep Aryan safe. Pallavi calls Chaubey and calls him Samdhi ji. She says she has a request and invites them for a holi party at their house. Chaubey says holi party will happen in our house only.

Pallavi says as you wish, but our guests will be coming here to our house and I was thinking if you have come here then we can make a small announcement to the guests about Ranbir’s engagement. Chaubey agrees to come there. Pallavi and everyone get happy. Ranbir calls Prachi and asks her to come to his house for holi party, says holi party will be at his house. Sarita behen asks Prachi to convince Pragya to come to holi party, saying Ranbir’s trouble is hers and her’s trouble is of Pragya. Prachi says she will not come.

Prachi comes to Pragya’s room and goes out seeing her sleeping. Pragya calls her and asks if she is not getting sleep. Prachi hugs her. Pragya sits on the sofa while Prachi rests her head on her lap. Pragya says I was thinking about her. Prachi says I am thinking about Ranbir, says she couldn’t handle a ghunghat and ruined everything.

Pragya says you don’t do anything wrong and tells that whatever you have done is can’t done by everyone, even I couldn’t do. She says we can do good work, but can’t expect the result to be good. She says the situation is very complicated, at least you tried. She asks why did you come to room.

Prachi says I know you don’t like to play holi, just wants to tell you that this is the last chance for us to make everything fine. Pragya asks what will I do there? Prachi says just like Sarita behen said, everything will be fine with your presence. She tells that party is not at Maya’s house, but at Ranbir’s house. Pragya agrees to come with her, but refuses to play holi. Prachi says you are best and hugs her.

Beeji, Pallavi and Ranbir come to Vikram’s room. They apply holi colors on his face. Vikram wakes up and sees Ranbir applying color on his face. He checks his face and says my son’s love is very colorful and asks if they couldn’t stop him from becoming M F Hussain. Ranbir tells that they have always colored your face.

Vikram says I will not leave them. Beeji runs from there. Vikram holds Pallavi’s hands. He says even I am showing my love and applies color to her. Pallavi also applies color to him and says happy holi.

Ranbir runs and collides with Aryan. He tells that Papa is behind him. He tells that nobody can color him, even though he can apply colors to anyone. He says he was clean till the evening. Aryan challenges him to come out and see if he remains clean without holi color. They come out.

Vikram, Pallavi and others play holi with Aaliya, Meera and Aryan. Ranbir wishes happy holi to everyone. He says one day I will be very proud and says whenever people compares me with you, they say Ranbir is the best. He applies colour to Ranbir, but he runs away. Aaliya applies colour to Aryan and wishes him happy holi. Aryan says I was running away from them.

Abhi and Purab comes there. Vikram and Ranbir also come there. Vikram is about to apply color to Abhi, but he stops him. Aaliya comes to Purab and applies colour on his face, saying happy holi. Meera sees Abhi and smiles.

Beeji and Pallavi ask abhi to apply colour. Abhi refuses. Meera calls him and says happy holi. Abhi says the same and goes. He gets upset as someone has applied color on his jacket and goes to changing room. He calls bahadur asking for towel.

Meera knocks on the door and gives him towel. She selects clothes for him and keeps on the bed. He comes out and thinks who has kept these clothes here. He thinks what happened that Pragya stopped talking to him and thinks if they have talked then she would have been here.

Prachi, Shahana, Pragya and Sarita behen comes to the holi party. Shahana asks if she is thinking that someone will apply colour to her. Pragya says yes. Beeji is about to apply color to Pragya, but Prachi stops her saying Maa don’t play holi. Pragya tells that she came for Ranbir and asks why he is neat and clean.

Aryan tells about his challenge. Ranbir comes to Prachi and tells that his family members apply tilak on everyone’s faces. Prachi says you haven’t apply color on your face. Ranbir says he will not let anyone or her to apply color on his face. Prachi looks on. Pragya comes inside the house to meet Meera. Ranbir tells Prachi that he never lost from anyone. He lost in Maya’s matters. He says nobody can colour his face. Prachi challenges to apply colour to his face. Ranbir accepts the challenge. Shahana asks Prachi to apply all the colours to him. Aryan comes and colors her face. Shahana runs behind him.

Prachi takes colour in her hand and runs behind Ranbir. Balam Pichkari song plays… Ranbir throws colour on Prachi’s clothes. Prachi comes near him and hugs him so that the colours from her clothes gets applied to his clothes also. She takes colors in his hand and applies colour to his face. Song plays…tujhse milta rahun main… Ranbir is surprised to see his face coloured. Prachi dances happily.

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