Ranbir gets surprised when Prachi applies holi colour on his face. Song plays, do me a favour, let’s play holi. Prachi and Ranbir dance with each other. Shahana and Aryan dance with each other. Prachi applies more color to Ranbir’s face. Aryan takes Vikram, Pallavi and Sarita behen for dance. Prachi falls in Ranbir’s embrace.

Maya comes there with her Parents and looks at Prachi and Ranbir. Meera thinks of Abhi. Pragya comes there and calls her name. Meera gets surprised and the water falls on Pragya from the glass which she is holding. Pragya asks about special person in her life. She knows it happens when someone is in love.

Meera says everyone will know then. Pragya says only the persons who are in love can know. They wish each other happy holi. Meera asks if nobody applied color to her. Pragya tells that she don’t celebrate holi. Abhi asks Servant about Meera. Servant says she is in kitchen. Abhi looks at the colors and thinks it is meaningless without Pragya.

Mr. Chaubey and his wife wish everyone happy holi. Sarita behen feels suffocated as everyone is acting. Mrs. Chaubey applies color to Prachi and Shahana’s faces. Maya stares at Ranbir angrily. Ranbir asks Aryan to take him to see colors. They start walking.

Maya calls Ranbir. Ranbir asks Aryan not to turn and continue walking. Prachi tells Shahana that they have to stop Maya. She goes behind Maya and makes her fall down. The holi color from her plate falls on her face. Shahana asks how much you will stoop? Prachi helps her get up and tells that they shall take her to doctor.

Shahana says no doctor will come so we have to take her. Maya says I am fine and tells that she knows that she made her fall. Maya goes saying she will apply color to Ranbir.

Aryan and Ranbir comes to Prachi. Ranbir says we saw how you made her fall. Aryan asks if we will get to see more. Prachi says I didn’t want to make her fall down, but have to push her. She says she does this with such people. Ranbir says she is tedhi, but meri… laughs.

Maya hears them. Prachi tells Meera about her husband and tells that he is very mischievous and is like a child, celebrates the festival. Meera gives description about Abhi whom she loves. Abhi comes near the kitchen. Just then something falls down, Meera goes out to get something.

Abhi asks her if Pragya is with her in the kitchen. Meera says no. Abhi says I heard her voice. He goes inside, but doesn’t see Pragya as she is cleaning the stain while sitting down. He comes out of the kitchen. Pragya comes out. Meera looks at Abhi and then comes to Pragya.

Beeji and Mrs. Chaubey are talking. Sarita behen comes there and applies color to Mrs. Chaubey. Beeji says she is allergic to it. Sarita behen says they say so that they don’t get to bath after applying colour.

Pragya and Meera come out. Meera tells her that her someone special loves someone else and it hurts her. Pragya says everyone has the right to love someone. Beeji takes Meera with her. Maya talks to her Dad and asks him not to forgive Prachi, tells that she wants to get him as he is rich. Pragya gets upset hearing this. She comes to Ranbir and Prachi and tells that she has a plan to make Maya confess and asks Prachi to record it in mobile, before Maya does something wrong.

Vikram asks Abhi to come to talk to Mr. Chaubey. Abhi says he felt that Pragya is here. Ranbir comes to Mrs. Chaubey and Maya. He sends Mrs. Chaubey to her husband and talks to Maya. He takes her to her room and asks Servant to bring bhang.

Sarita behen asks Pragya about her mischievous idea. Pragya says human will not be in their control when drank bhaang. Sarita behen then asks why she don’t celebrate holi. Pragya says she don’t celebrate holi. Sarita behen says if you don’t want to play holi as your husband is not with you. Abhi comes there.

Sarita behen asks why don’t you play holi since so many years? Pragya says she just doesn’t celebrate holi. Sarita behen asks didn’t you want to play as you want to play with your husband.

Abhi and Vikram comes there. Vikram asks why you don’t want to play holi. Abhi says he just wants to celebrate holi with his wife. Abhi sees a guy standing holding the holi color and coughing. Abhi tries to help him and takes the plate. He sees someone about to throw color on him and turns to save him, and the color from the plate falls on Pragya. He turns to her, but doesn’t see her face.

Pragya keeps hand on her face. Someone throws yellow colour on him. he comes near her and is about to see her, but Vikram comes and takes Abhi from there.

Sarita behen asks did you meet your husband? Pragya goes from there and smiles thinking about Abhi. Maya comes to Prachi and asks why she is behind Ranbir, knowing he is marrying her. Prachi says we shall talk about how this marriage is happening. Just then Maya gets a call.

Ranbir is on call and asks her to come to dad’s room. Maya tells Prachi that Ranbir is calling her to his bedroom and is desperate about her. She then tells Pragya that if I see you near him then… Ranbir calls her again. Maya asks him to come and take her as she don’t know where is the room? Pallavi asks Prachi why are you talking to her.

Prachi says she was trying to bring out the truth. Meera is with Aaliya and comes to Sarita behen and wishes her happy holi. Sarita behen tells that Prachi’s mum is enjoying holi as someone threw colour on her.

Pragya comes there and gives water to Sarita behen. Meera asks who has colored you? Pragya says someone threw it. Aaliya is about to see Pragya, but some guest stops her. Pragya goes with Sarita behen to wash her face. Prachi tells Beeji and Pallavi that Maya’s family is not an ordinary, just then, something goes into her eyes.

Ranbir comes and takes her to wash her eyes. beeji smiles looking at them and tells Pallavi that Ranbir has changed so much and have become gentlemen.

Sarita behen takes Pragya to the washroom. Abhi and Vikram come there and greet Sarita behen. Pragya hears Abhi and thinks she is missing him and that’s why hearing him. Sarita behen asks what they are doing here? Abhi and Vikram say that this is our home.

Abhi does Sarita behen’s tilak. She also does their tilaks. She tells that Prachi’s mum is inside and went to clean the colour from her face. She asks them to meet her.

Ranbir takes Prachi to the other washroom. Prachi washes her face. Ranbir wipes the colour from her eyes. He looks at her and blows on her eyes. Tujhme khoya rahun main… plays… Prachi opens her eyes and looks at him. She signals that she is fine. Ranbir stops her and moves her hairs from her shoulder. He takes out flowers from her hairs.

Aaliya is going from there and looks at them angrily. She goes. They hear the door sound and turn to come out. Prachi falls and he holds her. Prachi goes out. Pallavi asks Prachi if colour came out. Prachi says yes. Pallavi asks what is her plan to stop the marriage. Prachi says we will make Maya drink. Ranbir says so that she tells her plan. Pallavi likes the idea and goes to tell Beeji.

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