Ranbir calls up Prachi and finds out that Maya already came to their room. Prachi says she convinced Maya that Ranbir is in the room and is sure that Maya will leave Ranbir now. Meera overhears Aliya telling Maya to kill Prachi or commit suicide. She gets worried and decides to call Rhea to check if this has anything to do with her.

When Meera calls up Rhea, her friend Dimpy answers the call and says Rhea is not in London but is staying with her. She says Rhea is depressed. Meera realises that Aliya is trying to get rid of Maya and Prachi both to make Rhea happy. Ranbir enters the room where Prachi is but doesn’t get close to her. Prachi asks him to stay in another room altogether.

Meera finds out that Maya is trying to kill Prachi.

Maya stands outside the room where Prachi is. She throws kerosene on the door and lights it on fire, hoping to kill Prachi. Meanwhile, Shahana and Sarita are planning ways to make Prachi realise that she loves Ranbir too. Aliya hopes that Maya kills Prachi and then goes to jail for committing murder.

Abhi and Pragya are both in their rooms holding photos of each other. Pragya hears a song and misses being with Abhi. She is worried that Prachi will also have to go through the same kind of troubles when she falls in love. Abhi and Pragya hope they can one day be together again.

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