Maya decides to take Ranbir away from Prachi by forcing him to marry her. Meanwhile Rhea keeps spending time at her friend’s house and away from home believing that she has lost Ranbir forever. Ranbir tries to call up Prachi and start a friendly conversation with her. Maya follows Ranbir and tries to interrupt his conversation.

Ranbir pretends he doesn’t see her and begins flirting with Prachi. However, Ranbir finds himself expressing his true feelings for Prachi on the call. He then asks her to meet him in a hotel room. Maya is shocked hearing this and after she leaves Ranbir tells Prachi that all of this was to get rid of Maya, but Prachi feels herself developing feelings for Ranbir too.

Aliya is worried that Rhea is going into depression because of Prachi. She decides to deal with Maya first and then on getting Prachi out of Ranbir’s life. Maya follows Prachi into the hotel room but Prachi refuses to let her in. Ranbir is not with her but she convinces Maya that Ranbir is in the room with her.

Maya gets upset when on top of all this she gets a call from Aliya. She tells Aliya that Ranbir and Prachi are in a hotel room together. Aliya tells Maya that this has gone too far. She tells Maya to either kill Prachi or commit suicide because is Prachi takes Ranbir it will be a big embarrassment for her.

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