Ranbir calls his mother, Pallavi, and tells her that Maya is finally going to be out of his life.

Maya reaches the room with a can of Kerosene. She tries to burn the door down and trap Prachi inside. However, Ranbir sees her through the keyhole. and he asks Prachi to again pretend like they are in love. Maya overhears Ranbir saying that he plans to divorce Maya even if she forces him to marry her because he cannot live without Prachi.

Maya decides that she cannot stop Ranbir and to avoid embarrassment she must kill herself just like Aliya told her. Just before she jumps off the terrace, she gets a call from her uncle saying he is in the city for her wedding and wants to meet her. Maya says that no wedding will happen because Ranbir doesn’t love her. Maya cuts the call and commits suicide.

Maya’s uncle blames Ranbir for Maya’s death
Ranbir and Prachi see Maya get upset and leave so they are convinced she will not marry him anymore. Ranbir calls his mother, Pallavi, and tells her that Maya is finally going to be out of his life. Pallavi calls Pragya also and thanks her for helping Ranbir get rid of Maya. However, Maya’s uncle tries to track down Ranbir with the help of the police.

Ranbir is set to return home from the hotel when Maya’s uncle, a very powerful man, calls up Ranbir. He blames Ranbir for cheating on Maya by promising to marry her and then backing out. Ranbir is shocked to hear that Maya committed suicide and Maya’s family will make sure he spends his life in jail.

The Police reach the hotel and arrest both Prachi and Ranbir after Prachi identifies Maya’s dead body.

Ranbir hears police sirens and panics. He gets a call from Aryan and informs him that Maya committed suicide and the police are coming for him. Aryan asks Ranbir to run away from there but Ranbir stays because Prachi will be left alone to face the police. Pragya senses something wrong is about to happen. She asks Prachi to come home soon.

Just as Prachi is about to leave a woman stops her by saying she is the hotel receptionist. She asks Prachi to identify Maya’s body. Prachi refuses to believe that Maya committed suicide. However, she goes out and sees the dead body covered with a white cloth. She sees Ranbir’s engagement ring on Maya’s hand she admits that the body is Maya without seeing the face.

Aryan informs Meera that Ranbir and Prachi have been arrested.

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