Pragya calls Prachi. She tells Pragya over the phone that she’s fine and on her way to get cab home now, but Pragya becomes suspicious because she feels something is wrong with Prachi’s voice. When Prachi cuts the call abruptly, Pragya is convinced something is wrong. Ranbir gets a call from his mother asking him to come home as soon as the cyclone is over. However, she finds Ranbir sounding odd too. Ranbir tries to avoid telling the truth but then admits to his mother that he is arrested.

Aryan goes to Ranbir’s house and helps his mother in finding ways to help Ranbir. Pragya also calls up Ranbir to ask about Prachi. The police inspector answers the phone and informs Pragya that Prachi and Ranbir are both arrested. Pragya also panics and starts threatening to take action against the police for this.

Pallavi goes to Abhi and asks for help in saving Ranbir. He calls up his friends in the police but they tell him that there’s nothing they can do till the case goes to court. Abhi goes to the hotel and ask Ranbir why he confessed to his crimes if he didn’t do anything. Ranbir doesn’t say he was trying to save Prachi, instead he says that he got scared.

Sarita finds that Maya has escaped from the hotel. While everyone looks for Maya, Shahana sees her getting away in a cab. She takes another cab and follows Maya. Pragya, Prachi and Sarita rush out of the hotel to follow Maya and Shahana. Abhi sees Pragya passing by but he decides to help Ranbir first and meet her later.

Prachi is unable to get a cab when Kalyani Rane (Tujhse Hai Raabta) shows up and  she helps Prachi catch up with Maya in no time. Meanwhile Abhi manages to trick the police and escapes with Ranbir. Pragya and Prachi try to create a small fire to lure Maya out. Meanwhile Ranbir reaches home  and informs his family that both he and Abhi have escaped from the police.

Abhi’s lawyer tells him to stay away from the cops till he gets bail papers arranged. Meanwhile Pragya manages to get a confession out of Maya but they decide the police must be helping Maya’s family too. Maya threatens to put them in trouble if her family finds out they have kidnapped her.

Malhar Rane (Tujhse Hai Raabta) shows up to Abhi’s house looking for both the escaped convicts. Abhi and Ranbir both hid in different places. Malhar catches Abhi and says he doesn’t want to arrest anyone because he knows they are both innocent. Before the other policemen reach Ranbir, Abhi surrenders himself and has to be arrested.

Pragya, Prachi, Shahana and Sarita all surround Maya and take her out of the hotel.

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