Pragya asks Maya to come with them silently. Shahana asks her not to think of eloping and blames her for bringing turmoil in Ranbir’s life. Maya says first time, she wanted to send him to jail, but this time she was broken when he went to jail. Shahana says she is lying. Sarita behen says she was crying for Ranbir when I made him unconscious.

Maya asks them to let her go, else bade papa will not leave them. Pragya says your bade papa is not powerful than the law. She asks her to come to Ranbir’s house. Bade Papa is in Maya’s house and calls her. Maya’s mother says she must be busy. Bade Papa says I tried to trap someone with Maya’s murder case and the person met with an accident who was helping me. Her mother is shocked and says Maya is alive,  you had just talked to her. Bade papa says Maya got saved because of him, else she would have died. He says he wanted to trap Ranbir. Maya’s mother asks him to save Ranbir somehow.

Bade Papa says if I save Ranbir then my intentions will be revealed and my brother’s election ticket will be cancelled. Mrs. Chaubey gets worried.

Ranbir blames himself for Abhi’s arrest and says he got arrested to save me. He blames himself. Meera says Mr. Mehra did what he thought wrong. Ranbir says he distracted them, but I won’t be quiet and will surrender myself. Pallavi takes him to room and asks him to hide here. She says I know you are emotional, but you are strong and can handle this issue. She asks him not to do anything wrong, says all the problems teach us something and made us face it. Ranbir says mom…

Pallavi says I know my upbringing, when you used to cry in childhood, Dida used to say that ant is dead and you used to cry more knowing ant is dead because of you. She says when you can’t kill an ant then how can you kill a girl. Ranbir says Maya is murdered, and I have the motive to kill her. Pallavi says you can’t kill her and I will protect you. She asks him to keep himself save and says everything will be fine with him and his chief. Door bell rings again. Pallavi asks him to hide.

Beeji gets worried and says Police came again. Aryan says when they couldn’t find Ranbir in office then they have come here. Pallavi is about to open the door, but Beeji stops her. Pallavi says we shall open the door. She opens the door and finds Maya with Prachi, Pragya, Sarita behen and Shahana. She says Maya…what is all this? Everyone gets shocked seeing Maya.

Beeji says she was dead. Pragya says she is alive and standing in front of you. Pallavi asks how? Pragya says she was not murdered. Pallavi says why did Police try to arrest Ranbir? Pragya says Police saw her fake dead body and she was hiding from the Police. Aryan gets upset. Beeji says she wants to slap her. Pragya stops her. Beeji says she has troubled us a lot. Sarita behen says they have caught her with much difficulty.

Shahana says they wanted to take her to Police station, but then thought she will be freed using her connection, that’s why brought her here. Beeji says Maya’s family will be ruined now. Vikram says we will see her, when Maya is alive then Police has to leave my son.

Prachi asks about Mehra Sir. Vikram and Aryan tell him about Abhi getting himself arrested to save Ranbir. Maya says she can’t see Ranbir in trouble and goes inside calling him. Pragya says Mr. Mehra did wrong by making Ranbir escape from Police’s captivity. Beeji asks her to scold him when she meets him.

Maya goes to Ranbir’s room and calls him. Ranbir comes out of cupboard and gets shocked seeing him. She says she was helpless to do this. Ranbir asks what do you mean? Prachi comes there and asks her to come out. Maya asks her not to interfere between them and tells that she did all this so that Prachi gets arrested, she says Prachi made her feel bad.

Ranbir asks her to shut up and says Prachi didn’t make you feel bad, but made you see the truth. He says Prachi is far better than her or any other girl. He says he don’t like Maya. He says what matters to him is humanity, and Prachi is good at heart, and all that matters to him. Maya asks him to say what is his relation with Prachi. Prachi looks at him hearing this.

Song plays… Ranbir says you can’t understand our relation, we feel our relation and it is special. He says she saved me before and even now. She brought you here from your grave to save you. He turns to Prachi and says you didn’t know your qualities and don’t know how much you cares for me. Prachi says Mother, Shahana and Sarita behen have also come. Ranbir goes to meet them. Maya asks if she is happy now? Vikram tells that the lawyer’s associate told that they will go together.

Shahana speaks to Aryan about the strong relations. Aryan says I didn’t know that you talk such. Shahana says the two love birds will get more close now. Aryan asks who? Shahana says Ranbir and Prachi. Aryan says he is very happy. Shahana says you are not more happy than me. Ranbir comes to Pragya and thanks him. Pragya says I was worried for my daughter and even Sarita behen, she has caught Maya with much difficulty. Just then Mrs. Chaubey’s call comes on Maya’s phone.

Pragya informs everyone about the call. Mrs. Chaubey blames bade Papa for Maya’s condition. Bade Papa says I was just helping her. Mrs. Chaubey says it was of no use. Maya asks Prachi to answer her and tells that she can’t see hatred in Ranbir’s eyes. Prachi says you made him hate him by your acting. Maya says I acted to be dead so that you go to jail and he comes back to me. Prachi looks on.

Maya tells Prachi that she wanted to send her to jail so that Ranbir goes away from her and come to her (Maya herself). She says she has lost her first boyfriend Rahul and now she doesn’t want to lose Ranbir and I love him. Prachi says this is not love and says if you love him then you wouldn’t have done this. She asks what about his future, he has confessed for your murder and signed on the confession letter. Maya says he had signed on the confession letter, just to save you. She says she was fed up of Ranbir’s care and love for Prachi and that’s why tried to commit suicide, but her bade Papa stopped her.

Prachi says this is not your love. Maya asks if this is not love then tell me, if you really loves Ranbir. Pragya tells Pallavi that Maya’s Papa and bade Papa can do anything. She says Maya’s bade Papa has planned all this and is very influential and that’s why we shall get her bade Papa get arrested. She says if he gets arrested then all the problem will be solved.

Sarita behen says you wanted to say that we shall clear the web rather than clearing the spider. Beeji and others agree with Pragya. Vikram says we have to get him arrested else this thing will go on. Ranbir says we are not culprit, they are culprit. Pragya says we shall bring their truth in front of everyone, before they trouble someone from our family. She says we shall expose them. Meera asks how? Pragya says they will say themselves that they have trapped Prachi and Ranbir in Maya’s murder case. Maya tells Prachi that she has seen their closeness and when she asked her in the mall, you both have simply refused. She says the way you both look at each other, it is clear that you love him. She says I want to you say it from your mouth.

Prachi says you will not understand that we have friendship between us. Maya asks so you don’t love him. Prachi says yes, we are friends. Shahana asks Prachi to come out and says there is something important happening here. Prachi stops Shahana and tricks Maya and locks her in room. Shahana says Prachi has become smart.

Aaliya comes to the Police station. Abhi asks her not to cry. Aaliya says you are not understanding that I… Abhi asks her not to cry and says you are crying as you couldn’t bring me out. She thinks Abhi is here because of her. Abhi asks her to go home and says he will talk to her later. He says I am happy here. Aaliya says I won’t let you be here for more time.

Abhi asks her to go. Aaliya thinks my mistake was to brainwash Maya to commit suicide, but my plan was ruined, if anyone comes to know that it is a suicide and not murder then they will not forgive me. She thinks it is good that Pragya is not with us, else I would have felt suffocation.

Prachi comes downstairs. Beeji says your mother said that we shall trap Maya’s father and bade papa. Pallavi says she is saying that they are guilty. Sarita behen says even Maya is very cunning. Pragya says we have to call Maya’s bade Papa here.

Ranbir asks why will he come here? Pragya says we will call him and tell that Maya is here. Pallavi says then he will know that she is here. Pragya says he will confess with his mouth about his conspiracy of fake murder. Maya thinks to call bade papa and thinks how to get phone. She finds the phone there and calls him.

Mrs. Chaubey picks the call and asks if she is fine. Bade papa takes the call and asks where is she? Maya asks him to save Ranbir from the case. bade papa asks her to come home first and then they will think about Ranbir. Maya says Ranbir’s life will be ruined first. Bade papa says we can’t risk our reputation and your family’s political career for you. He says we will be sending you to village to your Dada and Dadi.

Maya asks if he will stay in jail then? Bade papa says if he had not betrayed you then this thing wouldn’t have happened, once he will be in jail, he will get back some intelligence. Maya is shocked and knocks on the door. Sarita behen asks Shahana to check and says if we open the door then she will run away. Prachi says she will not go. Shahana opens the door.

Maya comes out and tells that she has called Bade Papa and he refused to help Ranbir. She says she don’t want Ranbir to be jailed and asks them to take her to Police station. Pallavi asks what is she saying? Maya says it was bade Papa’s plan to send Prachi to jail so that she gets Ranbir. She says she has forgotten that she is not a small girl and her bade Papa will bring him anything. She says I did a big mistake and apologizes to them. She says I called bade Papa, but he asked me to save myself and let Ranbir be rotten in jail. Everyone is shocked.

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