Maya says she has not written any letter. Prachi says where did you go then? Maya says she had gone to get her chunari, which someone had tear intentionally. Prachi thinks chunari was fine, and what is happening and where is Rahul. Dushyant tells Maya that Ranbir missed her. He blames Prachi for writing the letter. Prachi says she didn’t write the letter. Dushyant says my brother has forgiven you for last time.

Rhea goes to the kitchen and calls Minty to know about Abhi’s gift. She thinks Minty called her many times, but she didn’t pick the calls. She thinks she invites troubles. She thinks to make coffee for Abhi and checks on the internet. Ranbir sees her and says you are back. He gets happy seeing her and says so nice to see you. Rhea asks how are you? He says great. Rhea says she came in afternoon. Ranbir says everyone missed you so much. Rhea asks really. Ranbir says yes. He asks about London? Rhea says it was good. She tells that she returned hearing Maya and his engagement, can’t see him getting married to somebody else.

Ranbir says even he doesn’t want him to see him married to Maya. She says she is making coffee for dad. Ranbir says he will make world’s best coffee for chief and takes the coffee powder in his hand. Rhea also tries to hold it and they keep hand on each other’s hand. Ranbir says we will make coffee now. Rhea plays songs. He makes coffee and says it is done.

Prachi calls on his mobile, but Rhea rejects her call. Prachi thinks he is not picking the call after reaching home. She calls him. Rhea tells that his phone is ringing. Ranbir asks her to show. Rhea asks who is important to you, chief or this call. She rejects the call. Prachi says he is strange guy.

Shahana says you are yearning to talk to him and tells that he is just a friend. Prachi thinks why she is feeling bad. Ranbir tells that he will check the call. Rhea tells him that dad was in hospital and asks if he will not come. Ranbir says he didn’t know and gets worried for Abhi. He goes to meet him.

Prachi gets restless in the night and couldn’t sleep. Shahana asks if she is not getting sleep. Prachi asks her to sleep and thinks Ranbir always picks her call, thinks he must be busy. She then thinks not to pick his call.

Ranbir comes to Abhi and asks what happened to him. Abhi says he is fine, absolutely fine. Rhea comes holding coffee and tells that she didn’t know that Vikram uncle was here, so she brought only one coffee.

Vikram takes the coffee and asks her to bring another coffee for Abhi. Abhi throws pillow on him and tells that he never misses anything, her first school, her first coffee etc. Vikram gives coffee to Abhi. Abhi tastes and enjoys. Vikram goes. Abhi asks Ranbir to sit. He says he came to know everything and asks him to do whatever he wants to do and tells that his Chief is with him. Ranbir thanks him and asks him to have coffee.

Abhi tells Rhea that coffee is good. Rhea thanks him. Ranbir finds his phone switched off and switches it on. He sees Prachi’s missed calls and calls her. Prachi gets upset with him and scolds him for not picking her calls. She says if you had called me then I would have told that I was busy, will talk later. Ranbir says I am talking later.

Prachi says you called me at wrong time and tells that she was sleeping. Ranbir asks if you are my girl friend. Prachi says no. He says you want to talk to me, but you are angry and tells that these are symptoms of a good girlfriend. Prachi says she doesn’t want such talks and tells that it is madness. She tells that she wants to sleep, and is angry. She says you didn’t pick my call twice and then switches off your phone. Ranbir says I didn’t know how did it switched off. She asks if you are a child. He says I didn’t tell you that you are my girlfriend and asks if she wants to become his girlfriend.

Prachi says no. He tells that they will go to Rahul’s house and will ask him why he stepped back. He says he will pick her from her house at 8:30 am. Prachi ends the call and lie down on the bed. Shahana tells Prachi that this is love symptom. Prachi asks her to sleep.

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