Ranbir and Aryan come back to car. Ranbir tells Aryan that although thief escaped, but they got the money back. He says he will prove Prachi innocent now. Abhi tells Sarita behen that he will leave. He gets Ranbir’s call who tells him everything and ends the call. Abhi tells that the thief is arrested and asks her to come with him. He says it is necessary to prove her innocence.

Pallavi asks why Abhi asked to call Aaliya here. Rhea asks if the goon is caught then and take our name then? Aaliya says she will think. Abhi and Prachi come home. Abhi thanks Vikram and says Aaliya has problem with Prachi, and said that she will prove that she is guilty, but I had said that he will prove her innocence. He tells Rhea that Ranbir got the proof.

Ranbir tells that he has hired the investigator and he cracked this case. He told the exact location where thief was taking money. He says we couldn’t catch the thief, but we have the proof and shows the money 1,000,000 rs. Aaliya smiles fakely. Ranbir says Prachi is innocent. He says this bag has all the money and that’s how it is proved that Prachi is innocent.

Ranbir shows the money and says hence it is proved that Prachi is innocent. Pallavi apologizes to Prachi. Prachi asks her not to apologize and says situation was such and anyone else would have reacted that day. Beeji apologizes to Prachi. Prachi hugs her and asks her not to apologize. Abhi asks Aaliya to apologize to Prachi as you said so much to her. Aaliya says my phone’s battery is low and goes to charge her phone. Abhi thinks she will not apologize. Vikram also apologizes to her. Prachi says she doesn’t want anything rather than their trust. Ranbir asks her to smile and says should I bring laughing gas for you? He says everyone trusts you, cheer up and smile. Prachi gets emotional and hugs Ranbir. Rhea gets shocked and angry.

Prachi thanks Ranbir and says thank you so much. Ranbir is surprised. Abhi and everyone looks at them hugging. Abhi thinks Rhea got upset as she loves Ranbir. Rhea goes from there. Aaliya goes behind her. Abhi thinks Rhea doesn’t need to be jealous as he loves her only. Aaliya asks why did she get angry infront of all. Rhea tells that she calmed herself and asks why people don’t see goodness in me, she tells that Dad and Ranbir’s love is with Prachi. She says World’s best mother is with Prachi too. She says if I had her mother then I don’t want anything else.

Aaliya says Prachi’s Mom must be like her. Rhea tells that she likes her touch and her talks. Aaliya asks if she is more good than your Aunt. Rhea says yes and tells that the fact is that Prachi’s mom is too good, whenever Prachi is in problem, she comes out because of her wishes. Rhea says Prachi’s Mom is hers and not yours, she wishes for her daughter and not you. She asks her to focus on Ranbir!

Abhi comes there and asks why Rhea is in tears? Rhea says you are the reason. Abhi says reason is something else, you are jealous of Prachi. Rhea says everyone likes her. Abhi thinks Rhea can’t handle jealously. He tells that when Prachi was blamed, she didn’t say anything against us. He says how can you get jealous from a clean hearted girl. He says whatever is yours, is yours too.

Aaliya thinks I should go and tell Sanju to be underground as his man is not caught. She says she is leaving for office. Abhi says even I will come. He asks Rhea to show her muscles. Rhea shows her hands. Abhi says phuski. He comes out and asks where is Ranbir?

Vikram says he went to drop Beeji to her room. Vikram asks him to say. Aaliya says lets go. He asks him to listen to the music. Abhi says I will hear on phone. Ranbir asks him to listen and gives his ear phones. Aaliya searches for her mobile and thinks if Sanju calls on my number then? She tells Abhi that her phone is not here. She finds Prachi’s phone there and tells that this girl is careless. Pallavi says sorry and tells that she gave her phone to Prachi. Aaliya says no problem, I will handle it. She messages Sanju not to call on her number.

Ranbir brings keys and gives to Abhi. Abhi says bye. Ranbir thins Prachi must be relaxed now. Prachi tells Pragya that thief is not caught, but she was cleared from the blame. Sarita behen says it’s okay. Prachi tells that Mehra sir send her in car. She says she has brought umbrella. Pragya says Inder dev got happy hearing the thunder storm.

Sarita behen asks her to make tea. Prachi says okay. Sarita behen takes off the bad sight from her and prays for her happiness. She says this smile is because of Ranbir.

Aaliya and Abhi comes in their car. Aaliya says she will get her phone. Abhi says he will hear the music and come there. Pragya takes off the cloth from the rope and her face gets covered. Aaliya thinks both mother and daughter are foolish. She sees Pragya’s face when Prachi lifts the curtain from her mother’s face. Aaliya sees her face and gets shocked. Abhi is coming there.

Maya comes to Ranbir’s house and calls him. Ranbir thanks her and tells that he doesn’t need the money now. Maya tells that she has arranged the money with much difficulty. Rhea hears them. Ranbir thanks her and tells that he will meet her tomorrow. He says if anyone sees you here, then literally I have no answer to tell them. Maya goes.

Aryan comes and asks why did Maya come here? Ranbir says she came to help me and tells that for the first time, she seems to be sweet. Rhea thinks if he will say that he will marry Maya.

Abhi tells Aaliya that there were wires on the ground and sparking. He says if Sarita behen, Prachi or mum get electrocuted with the wires. He will bring wooden stick from inside. He is about to go to Prachi’s house. Aaliya recalls Pragya’s words and gets tensed. She runs to stop Abhi. Prachi and Pragya are searching the stick. Pragya tells that the wire is outside and sparking.

Aaliya stops Abhi and thinks if you meet Pragya that she will return and will show right on family, property and business. She says she doesn’t want them to know that Rhea is their daughter. Abhi asks what happened? Prachi gets the stick and tells Pragya that she will accompany her. Aaliya asks Abhi not to go inside and feigns chest pain.

Abhi and Aaliya sit in the car. Abhi calls Prachi to inform her. Aaliya sees Prachi and Pragya coming out to move the wire with the stick, and panics. She says I can’t breathe. Abhi gets down the car. Aaliya keeps hand on her eyes. Abhi says short circuit stopped. Aaliya thinks I don’t want Abhi to meet Pragya.

Abhi asks Aaliya to get her phone. Aaliya says I can’t breathe and asks him to come fast. Abhi says what happened to you. They leave.

Aryan asks Ranbir to tell why he is calling bittergourd juice as sweet. Ranbir tells that he had asked Maya to give 1,000,000 Rs, but she managed to arrange the money and came to give it to him. He says I forgot to tell her that we managed to arrange the money. Aryan asks you asked Maya for help, didn’t think about your respect. Ranbir says he was thinking about Prachi that time. Aryan says you have risked your self respect for Prachi’s self respect. Ranbir says yes. Rhea hears them and gets shocked.

Sanju thinks what is happening. He calls Aaliya, but her phone is not reachable. He is about to throw his phone and then thinks it is costly, network is bad and not phone. He calls on Aaliya’s number. Prachi picks the call and says hello. Sanju says whose sweet voice is this and says Prachi’s promise. Prachi hears him and looks at the phone.

Abhi and Aaliya comes back home. Abhi tells Vikram that Aaliya has seen the ghost. Vikram says she is tensed. Abhi tells that Aaliya acted childishly seeing the spark in the wire. Vikram asks if she is fine? Aaliya says I am fine, the Doctor tells that it was panic attack. Abhi says sparking ghost. Aaliya says she was worried for Abhi, if he had got shock then. She goes. Abhi says he did this to make her normal.

Aaliya comes to her room and looks at Rhea’s photo. She recalls Rhea’s words that world’s best mom is with Prachi and if she gets her, then she don’t want anything, her touch is like medicine for her. Aaliya says I love you Rhea, she is my everything, I hate her, but Rhea is my own. She tells that hatred for Pragya is not more than my love for Rhea. She says I kept bhai away from Pragya, but I can’t keep Rhea away from Pragya, as she wants her to love her as her daughter. She says I have to tell Rhea that Pragya is her mother, tells that don’t know how much she will get happy and will hug me. She decides to tell Rhea.

Prachi thinks this is not her phone, it had scratch. Sanju thinks that sweet voice touched his heart and asks who is she? Shahana comes to the room. Prachi tells Sanju that this is not her phone as she brought someone else by mistake. Sanju says I know that this phone’s owner voice is very dangerous. Prachi says I can’t listen anything.

Sanju says your voice is clear. Shahana calls her Prachi and asks her to end the call. Sanju hears her and thinks how did Aaliya’s phone reach Prachi? He thinks Prachi’s phone must be with Aaliya and thinks how to call her.

Rhea thinks of Ranbir and Prachi standing on the railing on the terrace. Aaliya comes there and asks her to come down. Rhea is about to jump. Aaliya holds her hand and takes her down. Rhea cries and tells that nobody loves me. Aaliya asks who? Rhea says Ranbir asked Maya to give money, but he didn’t ask me for help. She says I didn’t matter to him. He doesn’t love me, I didn’t mean to him. She says I heard dad saying that he likes Prachi.

Aaliya says it is not like that. Rhea asks why I am so unlucky, my first love will be left incomplete and asks her to do something. She says my mother choose my elder sister and didn’t choose me. I will never meet her.

Sanju calls Rhea. Rhea picks the call and says I will talk to you later. Sanju says I am outside your house and asks her to give call to her Buji. Rhea gives call to Aaliya. Aaliya asks him to buy a good phone. Sanju tells that he has a costly phone, but network is bad. He asks her to meet him at the backyard of the house. Aaliya says okay. She asks Rhea to relax and says if anything happens then I will take blame on myself. She tells that she will love only her. Rhea hugs her. Aaliya thinks she can’t share Rhea’s love with Pragya.

They come to meet Sanju. Sanju gives the money bag. Aaliya asks whose money it is? Sanju says it is your money. He tells that Ranbir didn’t catch his man and calls his man. The guy tells him that he took the right. Sanju says Ranbir didn’t catch him. Rhea says from where Ranbir got the money. Ranbir tells that they have to keep the money back in office, tells that it is next event money.

Aryan tells that Neil helped them. Ranbir says thankfully Neil came in CCTV area and says if someone sees the footage then they will see us running behind the man, wearing mask and snatching money from him. Aryan says you are very smart. Ranbir says I have to save Prachi. He says she will prove innocent. He says nobody shall check in office. Aryan asks from where you will return the money. Ranbir says I have applied loan and once I get it, I will keep the money back and will repay to bank.

Sanju asks Aaliya to give 20 percent money. Aaliya says later, don’t you trust me. Sanju says yes and asks her to say sorry for slapping him. Sanju says yes. Aaliya tells Rhea that Ranbir had snatched money from someone known to him. Rhea asks what is this puzzle? Aaliya thinks and tells Rhea that puzzle is solved. Rhea thinks to hide the money somewhere.

Aaliya comes to the office and checks the money in the locker. She finds the bag empty and thinks my doubt was right. She sees the CCTV footage in which Ranbir is seen taking out the money from the locker. She says it is in my hands what will happen with Prachi and her mother Pragya. She says your one glimpse has troubled me a lot and tomorrow my game will trouble you. She says whatever Ranbir did for your daughter, your daughter has to suffer.

Beeji tells that she had gone to temple. Ranbir is surprised. Beeji says she was joking and tells that Meera had gone to temple and I just brought her thaali. Pallavi says so much hera pheri. Ranbir tells him that she is becoming dangerous Dida.

Door bell rings. Pallavi asks Ranbir to have his breakfast and goes to see the door. She says Prachi said that Aaliya’s phone is with her. Pallavi opens the door and finds police standing outside. Pallavi is shocked.

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