Abhi tells Vikram that he will give him 1,000,000 from his account. Vikram says what are you saying? Aaliya says money is stolen. I am your sister. Abhi says she is my daughter and says like a daughter. He says I have an intuition that she didn’t steal money. Aaliya says I have a judgement that. Abhi says you are not a judge. He tells Vikram that Sanju will transfer the money.

Pallavi says we are family. Abhi says then you wouldn’t called her thief, Prachi is like my family and for family I have to return money. He says Prachi will not go to office. He says he is going to drop her. Ranbir says I will come with you. Abhi says okay. Aaliya tries to instigate Vikram and his family against Prachi. Beeji asks Aaliya to stop it. Aryan thinks Prachi needs to be proved innocent.

Abhi, Aryan, Rhea come to drop Prachi. Sarita behen opens the door and welcomes them. Rhea says she wants to meet Prachi’s mom. Sarita behen asks them to sit and goes to make tea. Prachi thanks Abhi for his trust. Abhi asks Prachi to learn how to be happy from Rhea and says she never gets sad, gives sadness to the world. Ranbir says yes and laughs. He tells Abhi that he will do his work and come with them.

Abhi says okay and thinks he is making excuses to be with Rhea, thinks even he has the same madness to stay with someone (Pragya). Rhea asks what are you thinking? Abhi says I am thinking if Sarita behen brought phapda… Rhea gets a call and goes.

Abhi asks Prachi to come home and says I will say that you had stolen. He smiles and tells that Rhea is lucky to have such a father. Abhi says all fathers are same. Prachi says she doesn’t know as she don’t have the father. Rhea talks to Aaliya and asks her to do something else she will kick out Prachi.

Aaliya says didn’t you hear what Pallavi said and tells that she will prove Prachi as thief then nobody will trust her. She tells that she has asked someone to delete the CCTV footage of Sanju and send her remaining footage so that everyone thinks that prachi has hidden the money. Aaliya calls Sanju, from unknown number but he doesn’t pick her call.

Rhea thinks Papa said right that she hurts others, tells that she will hurt her badly. Prachi says she doesn’t have a father, if he would have been with her then he would have thought that he got a sad daughter. She says she is not like Rhea, who is fun loving. She asks him to laugh if she says joke.

Abhi laughs and says that her Papa is unlucky not to be with you and tells that he would have been proud seeing you. He says he wishes to have another daughter like Prachi. He says if you was my daughter then I would have tell the world proudly that she is my daughter. Rhea hears him and gets very angry. She cries keeping her mouth on the pillow. Prachi says I didn’t know what to say. Abhi says I will see Sarita behen, she had gone to make tea. Prachi smiles.

Abhi asks Sarita behen how did she know that he came to her left as he tapped on her right shoulder. Sarita behen tells that she played this game in childhood. Abhi says you have taken much time to make tea. Sarita behen makes him smell tea’s aroma. Abhi says it is good. Sarita behen tells that she doesn’t want to ask, but tells him that she wants to ask about money. She tells that she had caught the thief, but they had kept knife on Prachi’s neck and eloped with money.

Abhi asks her not to worry else their relationship will not set. Sarita behen tells that she wants to set him with Prachi’s mum, but she will reject him as she loves her husband even now. Abhi says I will also reject her as I love my wife even now. He says maybe her husband is dashing and that she couldn’t forget him. Sarita behen says she will show his picture, which is hidden in her box.

Pragya calls Sarita behen and tells that she is coming home. Sarita behen tells Abhi that they can’t steal today as she is coming. Abhi says he will see the heroine’s photo and not loser’s photo.

Prachi and Ranbir come towards each other. Prachi says thank you Ranbir. Ranbir says whatever had happened with you…He says I don’t understand. Prachi recalls Aaliya’s bitter words and Ranbir taking a stand for her, that he knows Prachi and her family. He wipes her tears. Subhan Allah plays… Prachi cries. He asks her not to cry and says he will make everything fine. He says even he will cry if she doesn’t stop. He asks shall I bring wipe. Rhea comes there and gets jealous seeing them standing closer. She walks in between them and tells that she came to get her keys.

Aaliya gets the compromised footage from Sumit’s man and tells that she will prove that Prachi is the thief. She thinks on whatever Rhea keeps hand is hers, and whoever I look at, his/her life is ruined.

Rhea comes out and cries, thinking Prachi has snatched her everything from her, first Ranbir and now Dad. She thinks why did you do this with me and hits her hand on the car. Pragya comes there and asks what happened? Rhea hugs her and asks her not to leave her. Pragya says I am here only.

Sanju calls Aaliya. Aaliya says you got time to call me now. Sanju says he got call from her and replying. He says I didn’t have your number and asks why did you call me? Aaliya asks him to return the money which he had stolen. She says if I tell police then what will happen. Sanju says even I have Police number and will tell that you made me steal the money.

Aaliya says if Police will believe me. Sanju tells that he has recording of their conversation from day 1 and he can make the Police heard that. Aaliya is shocked. Sanju says I had learnt in childhood that if you befriend a snake, then find out about its antidote first. He then tells that he doesn’t have the recording, he was joking and asks her to tell where to keep the money. Aaliya says I will call you later and ends the call. Sanju thinks Rhea will call me now and will scold me. Aaliya thinks Sanju is a professional and she shall call him from PCO.

Rhea tells Pragya that whenever she meets her, she gets a feeling like meeting her mother and feels complete. Pragya says even she feels completed meeting her and tells that her daughter might be like her. Rhea asks what do you mean? Just then Pragya gets Sarita behen’s call and she tells her that she is with Rhea outside. Sarita behen tells Abhi that Prachi’s Mum is with Rhea. Abhi says we should surprise her outside.

Rhea asks Pragya not to go inside and tells that her Mum had left her. She asks do you think about me? Pragya says yes, as I care for you and I want to fill your life’s incompleteness myself. Rhea says why you are so good, I like you, but I don’t like Prachi. Pragya asks why? Rhea says I feel jealous. She says you might be talking negative about me. Pragya says I don’t feel jealous or negative things. She says jealousy happens between sisters and asks what is her date of birth.

Just then, Rhea feels pain in her hand and Pragya cares for her hand. Abhi and Sarita behen come out and see Rhea talking, but don’t see Pragya. Rhea asks Pragya to come with her on a long drive. They leave.

Abhi calls Rhea, but she is already gone in her car. Sarita behen says even Prachi’s mum is gone. Abhi says she might hate me. Sarita behen says Prachi’s mum likes you. Abhi says I will leave now. Sarita behen tells that she will not let him go before having tea. Abhi thinks Rhea likes Prachi’s mum so much and feels good.

Pragya asks Rhea what happened? Rhea tells that dad doesn’t love her. Pragya asks her to stop her car. She says our parents are like tree and it can’t happen that the tree don’t give shadow to its roots. She says your dad loves you a lot. Rhea tells that she is not his perfect daughter, not his good daughter. Pragya says your dad loves you a lot and tells that during the award function, Prachi had said that your dad praised you a lot. She says even you call him when you are afraid or in trouble, as he never let you miss your mom. Rhea asks how do you understand so well.

Pragya says it comes with the job, I am a mother. She asks if she wanted a daughter like Prachi. Pragya says yes, I feel proud to be her mother and says I would have been more happy, if I had daughter like you. Rhea gets happy. Pragya tells that there was someone close to her heart. Rhea tells that Prachi is lucky. Pragya says even I am lucky to get daughter like you because of Prachi. Rhea says whoever brought you here from Hoshiarpur, thanks to him so much. Pragya hugs Rhea.

Ranbir gets a call and tells that he is coming there. Abhi asks what happened? Ranbir tells that he came to know about the thief and runs out. Abhi comes out. Ranbir tells that an agency called him and told him that the thief is caught. Abhi says all the best.

Vikram calls Abhi and says sorry for their behavior, says we shouldn’t have doubt Prachi. Abhi asks him to go and tell everyone that Prachi is not the thief, he tells that Ranbir had hired an agency to catch the thief and now he is caught. Vikram says thank God, where are you? Abhi says I am coming home and asks him to tell Aaliya that if someone is middleclass, then they are not thief. Vikram says what to tell her, leave it. Abhi asks if he didn’t mean sorry from heart. Vikram says I mean it, whatever you said is right. I will tell Aaliya and asks her to come home. He turns to Pallavi and tells that real thief was caught.

Pallavi says she will call Aaliya and inform her, she was stressed about the money. Vikram says even you was stressed about money. Pallavi says she was not stressed about money, but she was angry on Prachi. She tells that she will talk to Prachi and will apologize to her. She says she will forgive me.

Aaliya comes to Sanju’s house and asks for his phone. Sanju tells that there is no recording. Aaliya checks. He says I trust you, but you don’t trust me. She asks him to give money. Sanju tells that he doesn’t have cash as his third partner is having the cash. He says Police was after us so we three, took three different ways. He says he will get the cash. Aaliya asks him to keep 20 percent and bring the remaining money to the backyard of her house. She turns to go when she gets Pallavi’s call.

Pallavi informs her that they have done a big mistake by accusing Prachi, she says I shouldn’t have tell all that to Prachi. Aaliya asks what are you saying? Pallavi tells that the real thief is caught, I heard Vikram and Abhi talking, Ranbir has gone to catch him and I am sure that he will catch him. Aaliya looks at Sanju and says great, ends the call.

Pragya tells Rhea that she wants to say something, but she might not like it. Rhea asks her to tell. Pragya says she will tell and tells that she has a bracelet which she kept since many years. She takes out the bracelet and recalls, a FB is shown.

Pragya tells Abhi that she has gone to temple with Suwarni Dadi and the Priest asked what did I want, I wanted your happiness always so he read some mantra and gave this mala. He said that it will have all your happiness. Abhi says I am very happy and says she should have asked for her happiness. He asks her to keep it and tells that he is born to do sin and then will wear to penance. He makes her wear it and says happiness will be yours. FB ends.

Rhea asks what is in it? Pragya tells that it will keep her sorrows away and will keep her happy. She tells that she had taken for someone who gave it to her as he used to care for her. Rhea asks if she is going to give this to her. Pragya says your dad might have joked, you are perfect and more perfect than perfect. She says you understood it so easily and asks her to keep it with herself and whenever she is stressed, keep on her forehead. Rhea asks her to make her wear it so that she gets her love and also the person’s love who returned it.

Dimpy comes there and tells Rhea that her car is working. Rhea asks Pragya to sit in the car and goes to check Dumpy’s car.

Aaliya gets angry and slaps Sanju. Sanju asks what did I do? Aaliya says Ranbir’s private investigator has seen your man and he must be arrested by now. Sanju gets shocked. His other friend comes there. Sanju asks him to keep hand on his face and says his hand is heavy. Aaliya tells that she has done a mistake by hiring him and counts that he couldn’t do any of her works.

Aaliya slaps Sanju’s friend. Sanju’s friend gets angry. Aaliya slaps him again. Sanju asks his friend to be quiet and tells that he will not leave her. Sanju asks him to think what will happen to us, if our third partner is caught. He says Rhea will drown us. Sanju thinks whenever Rhea gives some work, it fails and I get caught. He says don’t know if our fate will ever match or not?

Aryan and Ranbir get down the car and see the goon running. Ranbir manages to get the bag and runs behind the goon. Dimpy tells Rhea that her car is fine and asks why she is with Prachi’s mom. Aaliya calls on Rhea’s number.

Pragya informs Rhea about her Aunt’s call. Rhea asks her to attend the call and tell Aunt that she will talk to her later. She then asks Dimpy not to lecture her and tells that Prachi’s mom is different from her, she cares for me. Aaliya calls Rhea. Pragya picks the call. Aaliya thinks Pragya and ends the call. She thinks she must be stressed out and that’s why she’s thinking of her as Pragya.

Rhea comes back to the car. Pragya tells Rhea that she couldn’t give her message to her Aunt. Rhea tells that her buji can handle the problems and tells that she tells that blood is thicker than the water. Pragya thinks of Aaliya and asks Rhea not to be impulsive. She asks her to think for 5 mins and then take a decision. Aaliya calls her again and asks where are you? Rhea says she is with Prachi’s mum. Aaliya says thank God, she is with Anuradha and not Pragya. She asks her to return home and tells that there is a problem in her plan. Rhea says okay. She tells Pragya that she has to go.

Pragya tells that she will take taxi. Rhea says she will drop her. Pragya says she will go and gets down the car. Rhea calls Aaliya and asks what happened? Aaliya tells that Ranbir has gone to catch the thief. Rhea gets tensed.

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