Pragya comes to the temple and says you have snatched my elder daughter and other daughter too, but I didn’t say anything. She says I will not let you snatch my Prachi. She says what wrong did she do that always bad things happening with Prachi. She asks God to answer her else she will lose trust on her. She says you have to leave your stubbornness and return my Prachi back to me else a mother have to answer to the world why she betrayed other mother. She says if I lose then two mothers will lose.

Sarita behen comes there. Pragya says she will ring the temple bell, until she gets back Prachi. Prachi is still critical in the hospital while the Doctor are checking her. Sarita behen also rings the temple bell. Prachi opens her eyes. The Nurse tells Doctor that she is gaining consciousness. Pragya and Sarita behen continues to ring the temple bell.

The Doctors come out. Ranbir asks how is she? Doctor tells that she is better and gained consciousness. Nurse comes out and tells that Prachi is calling her mom. Shahana goes to call her. Ranbir asks can I meet her until her mom comes. Doctor says okay. Aryan gets Aaliya’s calls constantly and picks it. Ranbir comes to the ICU and looks at Prachi.. Prachi smiles… Subhan Allah plays…

Ranbir asks can I hold your hand? She nods no. He says Please… Prachi smiles and he holds her hands. He says I know that you wanted to meet your mummy, but I came, I hope you don’t mind. Prachi nods no. Ranbir sits on the chair and tells that since I met you, you used to hear chik chik, but I can’t see you here in this condition and couldn’t stop myself from crying. He tells that the Doctor said something and they were very worried. He says he is afraid and don’t want to lose her. They look at each other… Aisa hua plays…

Shahana informs Pragya that Prachi has gained consciousness. Pragya gets happy. Sarita behen thanks Mata Rani for hearing Pragya’s prayers. Pragya cries and thanks Mata Rani. Rhea breaks the door and comes inside Pragya’s house. She thinks I had drank Kada here, but that mug is not here, where I have drank kada. She thinks mug is not here so it must have been washed so no finger prints. She checks in the room and finds Pragya’s photo frame. She thinks I know you will not talk to me so that’s why I will take your photo with me. She opens the photo frame and finds Abhi’s picture in it. She gets surprised to see the picture in which Pragya is carrying a baby, thinks it is me. She wonders what I am doing in her lap. She opens the cupboard and checks the wardrobe. She finds more pictures in the box kept in the cupboard. She finds Prachi and her baby picture and is shocked and teary eyes.

She recalls and a FB is shown, Abhi tells her that she was just 20 days old, when she was looking at the photos in the album. Rhea says she was so cute. Abhi says you used to cry a lot and I used to sing rock songs, and you used to cry more. He says you used to make crying face. Rhea says I will tear it. Abhi takes it and keeps the album in the cupboard, tells her that it has all precious things in it and keeps the keys on above the Wardrobe. FB ends.

She finds her birthdate on the backside of the photo and thinks Prachi’s mum is my mum. She recalls Pragya’s words that whenever she sees her, she feels like she is meeting her other daughter, asking her to become her daughter and she will become her Mother.

Prachi asks Ranbir to wipe his tears and asks why is he crying when she is in her senses, as she will do chik chik again? Ranbir smiles and tells that he want to hear her chik chik all life and tells that his condition was very bad when she was unconscious, was praying to God and was very afraid. Prachi says when truck came from the front side, I was shocked and doesn’t know what to do. Ranbir says it was not an accident, but a planned murder. He tells that truck driver had come to hospital, I ran behind him and caught him.

Prachi asks who did this? Ranbir tells that your mother knows about the name of the person. Prachi says Mother knows. Ranbir says your mom doesn’t trust me and didn’t tell. Prachi says she trusts you equally like I do. Ranbir says even you must have felt something. Prachi says do I need to tell you. Ranbir says do I have to tell. Prachi says if we both ask one another to say then can’t say. Ranbir says okay I will say and says I…

Pragya comes there. Their conversation is interrupted. Pragya tells Prachi that everything will be fine. Ranbir sees Pragya’s hand bleeding and asks what is it? Pragya says nothing. Ranbir says your hand is bleeding and applies ointment kept there. He tells that he will bring water for them. He goes out. Pragya thinks I didn’t tell Rhea’s name to you Ranbir, as she is your friend. She says she is very angry with her, but don’t want anyone to hate her.

Rhea cries hugging Pragya’s picture and says do you know, I never used to believe in other’s sayings that if we wish for something with heart then we’ll surely get it. She says I have one complain, why you came late. She says since you came, I used to like you, and wished to have you as my mom. She smiles and cries, tells that I used to think that I have heart connection with you. She says I was stupid not to think that you are my mom. She hugs her picture and cries, says you are my mom. She keeps everything back in the wardrobe. She comes to Prachi and Shahana’s room and looks at the bed and takes out the diary kept there. She finds Prachi and Pragya’s picture in it and says Prachi is my elder sister and says sorry Sister. She sits down and cries.

The Lawyer tells Aaliya that Prachi’s mom knows everything, but she didn’t complain as Rhea is not arrested till now. He says there is a solid reason behind him. He says if I refuse this case then it won’t be possible to save her. Aaliya asks him to tell the solution. The Lawyer asks her to send her far so that Police couldn’t arrest her and tells that FIR will be filed, as Prachi’s mom is not Rhea’s mom who shows pity and don’t file the case. Aaliya thinks if Pragya came to know that Rhea is her daughter and thinks if they unite, then I will be alone. She thinks I never want Pragya to come here.

Shahana says big baby is crying. Sarita behen says something went in my eye. Shahana says I brought your phone. Sarita behen says I forgot the flowers there and goes. Prachi asks Pragya, who was behind her accident? Pragya recalls Rhea’s confession. Prachi says someone got it done and asks her to say. Pragya looks on.

Prachi asks Pragya about the person who did the accident. Pragya goes out. Sarita comes. Prachi asks her the same. Sarita says the one who showed love and respect for Pragya, she cheated us, Rhea, she has done everything against you. Prachi is shocked. Sarita says Rhea did everything to defame you in front of Mr. Mehra and Ranbir. Ranbir hears this and gets angry. Prachi says Ranbir… She gets up from the bed to go to him.

Rhea sees the pictures and cry. Rhea recalls Prachi. She cries and says I have done wrong, Abhi was liking Prachi, I didn’t like it, he used to say that Prachi was his daughter, I felt so jealous, everyone started liking you, I used to be everyone’s favourite, when you became a favourite, I didn’t like it, I’m really sorry. She says please forgive me, if you forgive me, I will give you a big surprise, your dad, our dad, and your mom, our mom… they didn’t meet, I wish they met before, dad always said that you went on mom and I went on him, he was right, he said I will love my mom when I meet her, I love you and mom, I wish to come along, I need to tell dad, then we will come to take you two.

Prachi stops Ranbir. He says sorry, Rhea did all this in front of me, she has hurt you, she tried to ruin your life, I can’t leave her, she has hurt all of us. She stops him. She says mum is here, we will talk to her and sort it, you can’t get angry, you care for me, you won’t do anything. She coughs. He says fine.

Pragya comes to Prachi. The Nurse says doctor said you can take Prachi if you can properly care for her. Sarita says fine. Nurse says I will make discharge papers ready. Prachi signs no to Ranbir. He asks shall I drop you home. Shahana and Aryan have a talk on phone. She says we got Prachi home, we just reached, I m still outside the house.

Rhea comes crying. Aryan sees her and thinks she is crying, it means she got to know that Prachi is out of danger, don’t know why she hates Prachi. Rhea looks for Abhi. She recalls his words and checks his wardrobe. She gets Abhi and Pragya’s picutures. She hugs the pictures. She says I always wished you to become my mum, I’m so sorry, I have to tell dad.

Dadi comes. Rhea says I have to talk to dad. Dadi says he just took medicines and slept, calm down. She sends Rhea. She says I will keep Abhi’s phone outside, else his sleep will be disturbed, he is incomplete without Pragya, if she comes back, then my sister Dillo’s wish will be fulfilled.

Shahana and Pragya ask Prachi to just sit and not go anywhere. Ranbir gets water for Shahana. He asks her to go. He says I will hold Prachi’s hand, I mean I will take her, my hindi isn’t proper. He holds Prachi. SubhanAllah… plays… She recalls their moments. Shahana smiles and teases them. Sarita laughs. Pragya asks what’s going on. Sarita says something is going on between them, eyelock and gestures. Pragya says anything. Shahana says they both love each other, I already knew it, everyone knows this in the college also. Pragya says maybe, I will change and come, I will make food.

Sarita says everyone’s love story is incomplete in this family. Pragya looks for her photos. Shahana says I kept that frame to fix Prachi and my picture. Pragya goes.

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