Dadi comes to his room. Ranbir hugs her and cries. He says you was my best friend when I was a child. He says you used to understand what is in my heart seeing me crying and asks why she is not understanding him. She asks him to understand. Ranbir says listen to me first and tells that he loves Prachi truly. He says Prachi will never do this with Rhea. Dida asks him to tell since when he loves Prachi. He tells that he loves her when he saved her from goons. She says since when. he says since he saved her from bank robbers. Dadi says she heard Rhea telling that you love her and will not say anything. Ranbir says I didn’t have any feelings for her, I wanted to stay with her so that people think we are happening people. He says it was his childishness. Dadi says I am answerable to many people. Ranbir hugs her. He tells that it was his childishness and innocence that was with Rhea.

Pallavi hears him and tells that it is clear that Prachi couldn’t bear it and that’s why came inbetween between you and Rhea. Ranbir asks her to understand that he loves Prachi.  Pallavi says Prachi is keeping us away from you, can’t you see. Ranbir says I can’t be away from you, you are my mother and says I want to bring Prachi here and want to be with her. Pallavi says if you care for us then you will not take Prachi’s name else will see my dead face. Ranbir is shocked. Pallavi says if you want to call me mom then forget Prachi. Dadi asks her to listen. Pallavi goes. Ranbir is shocked.

The people checks Pragya and tells that she is alive. Aaliya thinks she might be alive, but can’t meet Abhi. She tries to escape, but the people asks her to come down and pay the damage. Aaliya asks them to go and tells that mistake is of the taxi driver. The Taxi driver tells that you hit my car from behind. He asks her to take the lady to the hospital. Aaliya thinks if Abhi comes to know then? She agrees to take the lady to the hospital. The Driver and the others take the lady to the car.

Aaliya finds the lady to be someone else and says where is Pragya? She takes down the lady from the car and asks driver to take her to hospital.

Pragya reaches Mehra office. Aaliya calls office and asks if Abhi is there. Manish says yes. Aaliya asks if any lady came and asked him to switch off the lights and don’t stop Abhi even if it is important. She asks him not to let any lady come inside the office. Pragya walks inside the office. Manish tries to stop her and thinks to switch off the main switch, else, Aaliya will scold him.

Pragya comes inside. Abhi also comes there. Allah wariyan plays… She sees his glimpse, but doesn’t see his face. Her pallu get stuck and she sits down to free it. Manish switches off the lights. Abhi is about to go. Pragya asks him not to go and asks if he is Mr. Mehra, Rhea’s Papa. He thinks Pragya. Pragya says she is Prachi’s mom and tells that God made us meet so I want to ask you something, says nothing will let you go from here.

Abhi recalls having twin daughters. He recalls his first meeting with Prachi and thinks with whom, he has broken the relation is his blood and they have blood relation. He recalls all the moments spent with her and Prachi calling him Papa. Security guard thinks how did the lights got switched off.

Aaliya comes to the office and hits someone’s car. The guy asks what did you do? Aaliya says just dent came on your car, nothing will remain. She says you don’t know who am I? The guy hits Aaliya’s car, just as she is about to walk away.

Pragya tells Abhi that her daughter got her values from her ancestors and she doesn’t think bad about anyone, not even Rhea. She says Prachi behaves nicely with Rhea, not because she is your daughter or that Prachi needs promotion in your office, but because she is good always. She doesn’t see Abhi still and asks on whose sayings, you had scolded my daughter. She says Rhea told you that Prachi is coming in between Ranbir and her and you scolded Prachi. She says if my daughter comes in between two people then she will unite them and not separate them. She says how can you say about her father and tells him that it is not Prachi’s mistake that her Papa is not with her, circumstances was wrong. She asks who gave you right to comment on someone’s father. She says I am proud of my values and upbringing, not like you who couldn’t do father and mother’s duties.

Abhi thinks you left me and I did what I could. Pragya recalls Prachi shaking up while telling her and tells that she was shaken up and crying, as she felt that someone else is feeling bad because of her. She says you didn’t listen to both side stories and scolded Prachi. She says you didn’t know that Rhea tried to kill Prachi.

Aaliya asks the guy how dare you? The guy tells that he will file a complaint against her and tells that she is a mad woman. Aaliya walks inside the office. Manish asks if there is any problem? He says I have switched off the light, but couldn’t stop the lady. Aaliya asks about Pragya and goes to factory area.

Pragya tells that Rhea tried to kill my daughter and says you might not say anything about it. She says you might tell that I am lying, but I have confession of the truck driver whom Rhea sent to kill Prachi. She says I scolded Rhea and even slapped her. She says do you know why Rhea did this, as she thinks that Prachi will snatch her Papa from her. She says mistake is not of my daughter, but your daughter’s insecurities. She says mistake is of your upbringing, you didn’t give security to her that nobody can snatch you from her. She says it is my values that Rhea attempted to kill my daughter, but I didn’t take any legal action against her, as I feel connection with her and feels she is alone and motherless girl. She is stubborn, mannerless and selfish. She says whatever she is, she is because of you. She says you said that it is good that Prachi’s father is not with her, but it is good that you are not her father, as you might give her money, but not love. She says you had asked her to call you Papa, but did this. She says you can’t be a good father and says no father can do this.

Abhi recalls confronting Prachi. Pragya tells that there is a difference between you and me. She says money is important to fulfill our children’s wishes, but you didn’t see Rhea’s need for your love. She says she feels connected with Rhea as she is good at heart, but she did bad with Prachi. She kept drugs in Prachi’s purse and tried to trap her. She says she tried to malign her respect on diwali night by proving her characterless. She says even that office money which was stolen, was planned by Rhea. She says I have so much to tell you, but Rhea might not be born like this. She blames him for Rhea’s behavior and cries.

Abhi is about to walk towards her. Pragya stops him. Aaliya tells Manish that she would have slapped him if she is not in urgency. She asks him not to switch on the lights and asks him to go.

The lady security guard, finds the fuse taken out.

Pragya says you had told Prachi that it is good her father is not with her, else he would have felt ashamed and says it is good that you are not my daughter’s papa else I would have felt ashamed. She says if you had given good advice to my daughter then I would have listened to you. She says you had already told her much, now not a word anymore.

The lady security guard switches on the lights. Pragya and Abhi looks at each other. Pragya is surprised to see him as Rhea’s father.

Allah wariyan plays… Pragya’s anger melts seeing him. Abhi walks towards her. Aaliya is shocked and walks towards there. Pragya says I asked you if you are Mr. Mehra and asks why you didn’t tell. Abhi says I am Mr. Mehra, Abhishek Prem Mehra., Rhea’s father. He says I didn’t know that Prachi is your daughter, as I always thought that Prachi is Sarita behen’s grand daughter. Pragya says Sarita behen’s daughter’s name is Anuradha and she regards me as her daughter, so you might have got confused.

Abhi says Prachi is my daughter? Pragya says Rhea is my daughter? Abhi says our daughters. He says I scolded her so much. Pragya thinks she also scolded her.

Aaliya comes there and gets shocked, thinks they are united. Pragya says our hearts unite us with our children. Abhi says I always wished that Prachi is my daughter. Pragya says I wished Rhea is my daughter. Abhi tells that we couldn’t speak about our daughters whenever we meet and tells that Rhea is not that bad, like you think. Aaliya hears them and thinks there is more attachment with the kids whom you both have brought up and thinks to make it as their weakness.

Ranbir thinks of Prachi and recalls Pallavi and her words. Inteha song plays… He recalls Pallavi asking him to forget Prachi.

Ranbir cries hugging Aryan and thinks of his love confession to Prachi, Pragya’s acceptance to their alliance, Pallavi warnings to him to not take Prachi’s name etc. Aryan asks him to cry and tells that you are a fighter. Ranbir asks what to do? He says I don’t want to lose Prachi and mom, tells that he is trapped. He says Prachi is waiting for my call. Aryan asks her to talk to Prachi.

Prachi thinks of Abhi confronting her, Ranbir’s love confession and tying her friendship band. A song plays… rabba… Ranbir calls her. Prachi asks how is Rhea? Ranbir says she is better. He asks if you are crying? Prachi says no and tells that she really doesn’t know that Rhea loves him. She says many people are having tears in their eyes because of me, Rhea is having tears in her eyes because of me. Ranbir says Rhea never gave me impression that she loves me, he says if I had known, then I would have told you. Prachi says Rhea tried to commit suicide because of me. He asks who told you this? Prachi says Mehra sir. She says just like Mehra Sir started hating me, even your family must be hating me. Ranbir says no. Prachi says yes. She tells that she can’t bear Mehra sir and his family’s hatred. Ranbir tells that he is feeling alone as everyone is against him. Prachi asks him to take 2 steps back and asks him to do as his family says. Ranbir says my family is asking me to break off with you and never see your face. Prachi asks him to agree and tells that Mehra Sir warned me to stay away from you and your life. She says it is not sure that everyone works as per our thinking.

Ranbir asks if you are scared or my love got less? He says our love just started and you are backing off? Prachi says Rhea is sensitive and asks him to think of her happiness and feelings. Ranbir says what about my feelings? She says this is only right. Ranbir says I love you and don’t give right to anyone to snatch my love from me. Inteha song plays…

Sarita behen comes to Prachi and asks her to drink milk. Prachi asks if Mother came? Sarita behen says she will come and asks her not to worry. Prachi says I did a mistake that I shouldn’t have told Mother. Sarita behen says what your mom taught and tells that you have done right. She says Pragya can’t be wrong. Prachi hugs her.

Abhi asks how is Prachi? Pragya says she is fine. She asks about Rhea? Abhi says she is not that bad as you think. Pragya tells that she is not bad, but got diverted from the right path. She says Rhea tried to kill Prachi and hired tempo driver. Abhi refuses to accept that Rhea attempted to kill Prachi and tells that she is just like him, stubborn, aggressive etc, but can’t take anyone’s life. Aaliya smiles seeing them arguing. Abhi says may be that driver said wrong, he might have trapped Rhea.

Pragya says Ranbir had caught the driver. Abhi says you trust driver and not me and says she is my daughter. And then says our daughter. He says if Rhea would have been with you then how you would have felt. Pragya says sorry, I can understand. Aaliya says continue fighting. She comes to Abhi calling him. Abhi tells her that Prachi is his real daughter and Rhea and Prachi are real sisters.

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