Pragya says you can think whatever you want and tells that she will bear his insults to save her daughter’s pain. She asks him to go. Abhi says my daughter… my daughter…. so it’s okay, she is only your daughter and Rhea is my daughter. He says he won’t let her meet Rhea! Pragya thinks she loves him and says I love you. Abhi thinks his love will never get less and thinks I love you. He walks towards the car and looks at her. Pragya stands in shock hearing his words and looks at him. He turns and looks at her. It shows their souls come out of their bodies and hug each other emotionally. He sits in the car to leave.

Ranbir brings Rhea to her room. Rhea asks him to help her with the pillows and says she still has burning sensation in her fingers. Ranbir keeps pillows behind her back and asks if she is feeling better? He says this is your home.

Aaliya comes there and asks Rhea to have medicine and goes. Rhea smiles looking at her. Ranbir asks her to have the medicine, but she refuses. He makes her have medicine and says I need to talk to you about something important. He says I am trying to talk to you since 2 days and says our parents have talked about our relation. She asks him to switch off the lights.

Ranbir switches off the lights and tries to speak again. He then asks her to sleep and says he will talk to her later. Rhea holds his hand and tells that she is scared and asks him to sit at her bedside until she sleeps. Ranbir says you are acting like kids after coming from hospital. He asks her to close her eyes and count till 100. Rhea closes her eyes.

Ranbir reminisces Prachi, covers blanket on Rhea and leaves from there. Rhea is pretending to be asleep and thinks he cares for me. She thinks she wants to spend her life with him.

Abhi is on the way. Some goons are standing on the way and tell that they have to kidnap Abhishek Mehra who will go from here. Abhi finds a lady on the road and gets down to help her. He is shocked to see the man in saree. Other goons come there and hold Abhi. Abhi asks who are you? They tell that they are distressed people troubled by the society and plans to get ransom from his family. Abhi says you have chosen the wrong guy and beats him. He is about to go when the goon keeps knife on Abhi’s neck. Bhaskar Shetty comes there in his car and beats up the goons heroically. Abhi asks if he is the same Bhaskar Shetty? Bhaskar Shetty promotes his show on altbalaji.

Aaliya thinks why Abhi is not picking my call and thinks if he is bringing Pragya and her daughter? Mitali hears her and gets shocked. She says we had taunt her a lot and says she will make us Servants. Aaliya says I will give you work list. She says I said that may be he is bringing them. Mitali asks if Abhi met them. Abhi comes there. Aaliya asks if he came from Pragya’s house. Abhi asks her not to take her name and tells that he has broken all relations with her. He says he don’t want to hear her name again. Aaliya thinks she was scared unnecessarily.

Abhi comes to his window. Pragya also comes to the window. They think about their argument. Allah wariyan plays… They both think about each other. Pragya thinks they used to feel happy, now feeling pain to talk about staying away. Abhi thinks how to stay away from them. Pragya thinks he don’t want to understand her. Abhi gets angry.

Aaliya thinks until Pragya doesn’t come in his love, then everything will work as planned. She thinks Abhi will never go against my plan for Rhea. She thinks he can’t get back with Pragya and thinks let’s celebrate Dussera.

Beeji comes to Pallavi and asks where is Vikram? Pallavi says he went to talk to Ranbir about what they have decided. Rhea comes there and greets them. She tells that she thought her burn marks will be visible, but it is not visible. Beeji says that person face will be black who thought bad about you. Pallavi tells that she has planned surprise for her and tells that they are doing engagement of Ranbir and her. Rhea gets happy and asks if he agreed.

Pallavi says he is my son and has agreed, tells that Vikram has gone to buy engagement rings. She says we have decided that you will become our bahu. Beeji says Ranbir thinks of his family’s respect and happiness. Pallavi asks if she agrees for this engagement. Rhea feels shy. Beeji asks her not to tell Ranbir and says it is a surprise for him. Rhea asks about Ranbir. Beeji says don’t tell Abhi also, it is a surprise for him too.

Ranbir wakes up and tells himself happy dussera. He gets Prachi’s video call and picks it. He greets her happy dussera and styles his hairs looking in the mirror. Prachi asks if he wants to break the mirror with his looks. Ranbir asks if she is joking with him early morning. Prachi asks about Rhea. Ranbir says she is fine. Prachi asks about Abhi. Ranbir says he is relaxed as his daughter came home.

Ranbir tells Prachi that he wants her in his life permanently and wants her to light the diya on this Diwali as a dsughter-in-law. Shahana calls her. Prachi says she has to end the call. Ranbir says I have to capture your picture in my eyes and says I am making your pics folder in my heart. Prachi says happy dussera and ends the call. Ranbir thinks he has to talk to Dad and make him understand that he wants to marry only Prachi.

Pallavi comes there and hugs him. She says happy dussera and apologizes for slapping him. She tells that she couldn’t sleep at night. Ranbir says it’s okay, I swear that I didn’t want to hurt you and says sorry. Pallavi says I can’t see you like this and says I will do what you likes. Ranbir says I can do anything for you. Pallavi thinks he will choose her when the time comes to choose between Prachi and her. Beeji calls her and she goes. Ranbir thinks Pallavi has agreed for Prachi and his alliance as she loves him a lot.

Sarita behen comes to Pragya and asks if the coffee is made? Pragya says yes and says even he likes it. Sarita behen goes. Pragya reminisces Abhi and their argument. She thinks she will hug him without any bitterness if he calls her, she don’t want anything incomplete.

Beeji asks Vikram if adrak is in the tea? Vikram says yes. He shows the engagement ring. Pallavi comes there and tells that she had gone to give meet Ranbir and to wish him happy dussera. Vikram says she must have gone to convince him. Pallavi says she had went to patch up with him and to tell him sorry. She says she went to make him understand so that he don’t refuse her decision. Beeji says Prachi might accuse Ranbir like Maya. Pallavi says she won’t let Prachi’s black magic work on Ranbir or anyone in the house. She tells that Prachi and Ranbir are not made for each other, I will fix this in her mind. She says she will call her here.

Vikram says don’t call her and insult her. Pallavi says she is getting Rhea and Ranbir’s engagement done today as the latter couldn’t refuse on Dussera and Prachi’s chapter will be over. Vikram says Ranbir will feel bad. Pallavi says let it be, but he will understand that this is right. Vikram says we shouldn’t keep the engagement today. Beeji says it is right.

Pallavi tells that she is doing what she should do. She wants to expose Prachi in front of everyone and that’s why she’s calling Pragya and Sarita behen for catering, so that this engagement happens even infront of her mother, her chapter will be over. Vikram asks her to think again. Pallavi says she has already thought of it, she just needs to do it. She calls Prachi and asks her to come to their house right now! Prachi gets tensed.

Sarita behen scolds a guy for not been able to bring workers for the catering. She tells that she has to cancel the order. Pragya tells that they all will come with her. Sarita behen asks if you will work on festival. Pragya says yes. Sarita behen says you are my daughter. She asks the guy to bring some of the available workers. She then tells Pragya that the order is for Pallavi’s party as her manager called her at the last moment. She thinks Abhi might be there too. She hopes that he doesn’t remain at home today.

Abhi sits in the car and thinks he wanted her to call him and hug him. He says when that car was coming towards you, it was like my life is taken away. He thinks to check Aaliya’s car. Just then Rhea comes there and tells Abhi that Pallavi and Dadi have planned something and asks him not to go anywhere. Abhi promises her.

Aaliya comes there and asks what is the surprise? Rhea gets Dimpy’s call and says she will tell later. Abhi stops Aaliya and asks if you had gone somewhere yesterday. Aaliya thinks to tell him. Abhi checks her car. Aaliya tells that she got it painted and it came yesterday morning. Abhi believes her and leaves in his car. Aaliya thinks it is good that she got it painted in the night itself.

Ranbir asks Vikram if I can come with you. Pallavi stops him from talking to him and tells that she wants to see him smiling all day. She gives him clothes. Dadi says your mother thinks that you look like Ram and that’s why she gave you these clothes. Dadi says I will give you Krishna’s clothes.

Vikram says I will give you jeans and T-shirt. Pallavi asks him to wear clothes fast. Ranbir says why should I wear these clothes. They all laugh. Dida holds the arrow and bow. Pallavi tells that evil will lose today and then we will celebrate Dussera. Vikram tells that whoever is taking part today will get gifts. Pallavi tells that she has planned surprise for him and tells that it is once in a lifetime kind of gift.

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