Ranbir looks at Prachi while she is speaking. Rhea couldn’t tolerate to see them together. Intehaa song plays as Ranbir admires Prachi talking to someone. A lady notices him and tells that the girl loves you a lot. Ranbir thanks the lady and asks her to enjoy the drink and party. Prachi takes the drink from Ranbir’s tray to serve. Pragya comes there with the waiters asking them to serve on time and eat their food on time too.

Mitali recalls Aaliya’s words and decides to treat her as a Servant. She calls Pragya. Pragya gets happy to see her and calls her. Mitali talks to her rudely and calls her Servant, tells that her waiters are not focusing on the work. She asks Pragya for doing time pass with her. Pragya says she was doing work and stopped to talk to her. Mitali asks her to serve her starters. Pragya says it is hot. Mitali takes it to taste and feels it is hot. Pragya says I had told you. Mitali asks for water.

Rhea searches for Pallavi thinking she can handle Prachi. She sees Pragya coming from the other side and says Mother in her heart. She gets emotional. Pragya also gets emotional and reminisces their moments. Pragya walks towards her. Rhea turns her face. Pragya stops and gets teary eyes. Rhea turns towards her and looks at Pragya wiping her tears.

Pragya sees the arrow fired towards Rhea while the Ram leela is going on stage. Pragya runs to save Rhea and hugs her. Rhea asks what does she wants to do? The actor performing on the stage comes to her and apologizes, asking if she is hurt? Pragya scolds him for being careless and firing arrow blindly. He tells that it is light weight and that’s why came here. Pragya says anything would have happened to my daughter and stops. Rhea thinks Pragya cares for her and if I was on Prachi’s place with her, then she would have fought with everyone for my happiness.

Ranbir thinks he has become waiter in love else men become lover. He finds her tray finished and tries to give the drinks to the guests, but nobody takes. Ranbir drinks a glass of juice and throws the another glass. Rhea comes there. Ranbir tells Prachi that the tray is over so she shall talk to him. Prachi says she is busy. Ranbir takes her from there.

Sarita behen asks Shahana to do the work and tells that Pragya and Prachi have done the work with her.

Aaliya talks to Mitali on phone and tells that Pragya made your mouth burn intentionally. She asks her to teach her a lesson. She comes to Sarita behen and asks if they can’t make good food, starters and juice. Sarita behen tells that her food is good else waiters wouldn’t have taken many trays from here and guests are liking it. She threatens to leave from there and says you will not get caterer at this time. She asks Aaliya to apologize to her.

Aaliya has no choice than to apologize to her and says sorry. Sarita behen and Shahana get happy. Aaliya throws a tray and asks them to add the loss to their calculations and goes.

A waiter tells Pragya that Sarita behen is calling her. Pragya says she is going there. Abhi comes from other side and collides with her. Something falls on his suit. He tells it is very hard for him to get ready and looks at Pragya. Pragya says it was your mistake, you were not looking in front and collided with me.

Abhi says you are accusing me rather than accepting your mistake. He says you don’t want to understand me. Pragya says you will never change, gets angry on small things, catch small things and takes reverse meaning of the words. She says I told you that we have to hide truth from Prachi, as she is not yet ready to hear it, and didn’t ask you to stay away from Prachi. Abhi asks why do you say such words that I catch and tells that he don’t want to talk to her. He collides with something and injures his hand. Pragya goes to the bathroom to help him. Allah wariyan plays… She comes inside the bathroom.

Abhi looks at her while washing his injury from his hand. Pragya holds his hand and gets concerned. He refuses to let her touch him. He says when you don’t think that I deserve to meet my daughter then why are you doing this? Pragya wipes his hand injury with a cloth. Abhi says you have hurt me a lot. He says when you are not concerned for me then why you are showing it. He says why are you getting hurt seeing my injury.

Pragya says she is hurt with his thoughts. He says you have hurt me and habitual for it. Abhi says it is your business to hurt me. Pragya says she has earned so much happiness that she never missed anything. Abhi says you left it for me. She thinks she don’t want to hurt him. Abhi thinks say it here and end all the arguments.

Rhea thinks why Ranbir is after Prachi, when he is getting engaged with me. Prachi asks Ranbir to tell where are they going, else she will not come. Ranbir asks her if she is doubting on him and thinking him as a flirt and tells that he trusts her a lot and she….He says I will not talk to you. Rhea thinks Prachi is very sticky with him. Prachi goes to Ranbir and tells that she has so much work in the party. Ranbir asks her to go. Prachi holds his hand. Rhea thinks leave his hand else I can do anything.

Ranbir asks Prachi if she was doubting on his intentions and will take advantage of her. Prachi says no, I was just asking where are we going and says sorry to hurt him. She asks him not to care for her. Ranbir says what are you saying, I am breathing because of you and you are asking me not to care for you. He asks her to look at him and tells that he wants to give her all the happiness of the world and wants to give all his happiness to her. He tells that he wants to give her something big than happiness.

Ranbir tells that he can’t see tears in her eyes and feels hurt seeing her like this. He asks her to wipe her tears and tells that he can do anything for her. He wants to become the reason for her happiness and not for her trouble. He says I brought you here because. I can tell you about the surprise. He tells that mummy told that she will surprise me after Ravan dahan and she has kept an engagement ring for her daughter-in-law, that means it is for you. He says mummy has realized that the girl is you and kept my surprise engagement with you.

Ranbir tells that he brought the ring to show her and says that day I couldn’t make you wear ring, as it was from my side. Today, this ring is from my family members. I will not listen to you and will make you wear this ring now. He makes her wear it. Prachi says it is tight. Ranbir says it is good, you have become my fiancé and will soon be my wife. Rhea hears everything, gets jealous and goes.

Abhi asks Pragya if she has no answer and is about to leave, when she holds his hand and cleans the stain from his suit. Allah wariyan plays… Abhi looks at her and thinks give me any pain, but return going on a long drive with me, choosing my dresses, having cutting tea with you, coffee made by you, give all this back to me. He holds her hands. She looks at him. Abhi tells that there is just your decision between us, asks her to tell him if she loves him or not. She is about to touch him. He says until you tell me that you loves me then only I will let you touch me. He asks what does she wants and tells that he wants to hurt himself seeing her tears. He asks her to tell if she loves him like she used to love him 20 years back and tells that he don’t want her less time. He asks her to say if she loves him or not.

Rhea recalls Ranbir’s words for Prachi and recalls their engagement. She collides with a waiter and is walking out. Pallavi stops her and asks why is she crying. Rhea asks what you will do by knowing and tells that she is upset due to Ranbir, he made Prachi wear that ring which was for me. She cries. Aaliya scolds Pallavi for showing dreams to Rhea and breaking it. Rhea tells that he doesn’t like me.

Pallavi tells that we really don’t care for what they want and she promises her that Ranbir will get engaged to her and not with cheap Prachi. She asks Aaliya to see whom Ranbir will get engaged and says what Ranbir wants doesn’t really matter and what matters is just their happiness. She asks Rhea if she likes her son. Rhea says she loves him. Pallavi asks Rhea to help her and tells that she is going to do something. She goes.

Aaliya asks Rhea not to get tensed and smile. Abhi asks Pragya to give answer. Pragya says she has an answer, but he needs to hear it then their relation is baseless. Abhi asks her to answer him. Pragya says she should leave from here. Abhi says I got habitual to seeing you leaving. Pragya tells that she don’t have answer to his wrong question and she can’t explain. Abhi asks her to explain to him. She says she should leave the student who doesn’t want to understand and is about to go. Abhi says I won’t let you go until you give me answer and pulls her closer to him.

Sarita behen calls Pragya and comes to the room. Pragya says she don’t want her to know about us. They are still in changing room. Abhi says and I want… He pulls her closer. Pragya hugs him. Allah wariyan plays… Sarita behen is still standing in the room. The door gets opened. Abhi looks outside and closes the door. Sarita behen asks if Pragya is inside. Abhi says I am inside and changing my clothes. He asks should I come out? Sarita behen says no and goes.

Abhi tells Pragya that he didn’t tell her as she don’t want. Mitali comes to the room calling Pragya. Pragya says Mitali Sister-in-law came for me, I will talk to her. Abhi stops her. Pragya says she knows that we are husband and wife. Abhi tells that when there is nothing between us, then why others shall think that we were in the washroom together. He says he will go.

Ranbir tells Prachi that he will make her wear ring again and tells that their bond is special. He says everything will be fine. God will make everything fine. Prachi asks him to make her wear ring infront of everyone. Ranbir says okay. She tries to take it out and asks him to help her take out. Ranbir says we should get your finger cut and take out the ring, then get it fixed it. He then asks her to continue wearing it and then he will act to make her wear it for engagement in front of everyone. Prachi asks what are you saying? Ranbir goes out and takes gloves from the waiter. He brings gloves and makes Prachi wear it. Prachi says anyone will see.

Dadi comes there and asks Prachi to go and do work. She asks if she wants free money and gets angry. Ranbir asks how are you talking to her and tells that he can’t bear it. Dida tells that she was tensed and asks Prachi to go and help Sarita behen. Prachi goes. Dadi cries and tells that Ranbir has talked rudely with her for the first time. Ranbir apologizes and hugs her. Dadi thinks how Pallavi will get him engaged to Rhea, as he loves Prachi so much?

Abhi calls Mitali and asks where is she? Mitali says she is in her room. Abhi asks her to come out and tells that Raj is going to make her Rani in the play. Mitali thinks Raj is going to give her a good role in Ram Leela and goes from there.

Abhi comes to the room and asks Pragya to come seeing Mitali gone. Pragya asks if Mitali Sister-in-law knew about Prachi and me. Abhi says nobody knows except Aaliya. I will not tell anyone until you wants. Pragya asks him if he loves her. Abhi smiles and says if you are asking this question to me after so many years then really we have nothing between us. He says he hates her. Pragya says even I hate you.

Abhi says I don’t want to stay with you. Pragya says even me and looks at him emotionally. She goes out. Abhi comes behind her. They look at each other. Kal raaste me ghum milgaya tha… Humnava plays… They look at each other while going far from each other.

Prachi looks at the ring in her hand and recalls Ranbir’s words. She smiles and admires the ring thinking about Ranbir’s love confession. Song plays… Shahana comes to Prachi and says secret engagement, what he couldn’t do that day, is done today and hugs her. She asks if they got married and planned honeymoon after party. Prachi asks her to be silent and listen to her first. She says she was feeling shy as she was singing song. Shahana teases her and says Ranbir made you wear ring. Prachi says she has much work. Aryan hears them.

Aaliya tells Rhea that Ranbir is just hers and nobody can separate him from her. She says Pallavi assured that she will handle everything. Rhea tells that Pallavi aunty can’t do this and tells that if she don’t get engaged to Ranbir today, then I swear that I will kill myself today. Aaliya slaps her and says you are my life and I can’t let you die. She says yes, we have to make Prachi go away from Ranbir’s life for forever. Rhea looks on.

Aryan searches for Ranbir and finally finds him. He comes to Ranbir and asks if he got engaged to Prachi. Ranbir says no. Aryan tells that he heard Shahana talking and also saw ring on Prachi’s hands. Ranbir tells that family members will feel bad about his secret engagement and tells that let them announce it on stage. Aryan says you have a big misunderstanding, your family is not announcing your and Prachi’s engagement, but your engagement with Rhea. Aryan tells that his family has planned to get him engaged to Rhea. Ranbir asks him not to joke. Aryan tells that he is not joking and heard Pallavi promising Rhea that she will only get engaged with him and not Prachi, as she don’t deserve to be in his life.

Aaliya says we have to permanently make Prachi go away from Ranbir’s life. Rhea recalls Pragya crying when Prachi met with an accident and says no. Aaliya says you had planned her accident. Rhea says that time I didn’t know that she is my elder sister. Aaliya asks do you regard her as your sister. Rhea says I regard her mom as my mom and tells that if anything happens to Prachi then Mom can’t bear it. Aaliya says you have misunderstood my words, I am talking about sending Prachi far away from here and not kill her. Rhea says we should call Prachi’s lover Sanju here. She calls him.

Sanju is in dariya gunj and enjoying in stall. He picks the call. Rhea asks him to come home else he will repent. Sanju asks what is the matter? Rhea tells that you will also get in tension and tells that Ranbir made Prachi wear the engagement ring. Sanju is shocked and tells that he is coming there. Rhea tells Aaliya that Sanju is coming. Sanju’s friend tells that Prachi Sister-in-law has an affair with Ranbir. Sanju scolds him and says I will break your mouth, but now needs to break their engagement!

<span;>Ranbir desperately searches for Pallavi and collides with Pragya. Pragya asks if everything is fine. Ranbir says no, but everything will be fine. Pragya asks what is the matter? Ranbir hugs her and says thank you that you have accepted me for Prachi, I swear that I will become your Son-in-law.

<span;>A guest tells Abhi that Ranbir is hardworking and will touch the heights. Abhi says I will make sure that he touches new heights. He sees Pragya coming and thinks to inform her that Rhea and Ranbir like each other and I have fixed their alliance. He is about to go behind her, when Vikram stops Abhi and teases him for going behind Prachi’s Mom. He asks what is your problem and checks his heart beat. He gets Pallavi’s call and goes.

<span;>Sanju is on the way.

<span;>Ranbir asks Raj about his mummy. Raj says she went inside, and Dida does not seems to be fine. Vikram tells that he will call Doctor. Dadi tells that she is fine. Ranbir says I came to talk to you about something important. Vikram asks what is your problem? Ranbir says there is a big problem. Pallavi says I need to talk to you about something important.

<span;>Ranbir tells that he wants to talk to her about something important and tells that he has a big misunderstanding. He says he felt that they have bought the ring for Prachi, but they have bought it for someone else. He says I thought that Prachi will wear that ring. Pallavi asks him to be quiet. Ranbir says it is my mistake, I perceived wrongly and says if Prachi comes to know this then she will feel bad. Dadi says you will get engaged to just Rhea. Vikram asks Ranbir to get engaged to Rhea and do whatever he wants in life. He says let us take this important decision. Ranbir pleads in front of Vikram to let him take this decision of his life, asks him to take away his car, life and everything, but just give his Prachi.

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