Sanju asks Bittu to come with him. They leave. Prachi thinks she would have tell him I love you. Ranbir fires the arrow, but it doesn’t hit Ravan. He says I don’t know what is happening? Pallavi says I can understand well, you are thinking that if Ravan dahan doesn’t happen, then you will not get engaged.

Sanju takes Aaliya to the side. Aaliya asks how dare you, didn’t you go till now and where is Prachi? Sanju says she is inside the Ravan and will get burn today. He says I know Prachi before Ranbir knows her and I won’t let become anyone else’s. He says if she can’t be mine, then she can’t be of anyone else and wishes her happy dussera. Aaliya hears everything and says happy dussera. She comes back and thinks this is the best Ravan Dahan, Prachi’s ravan dahan.

Ranbir thinks even my love knows what I want, and that’s why the arrow is not shot. Rhea thinks if Ravan ends, then Prachi will also end!

Prachi wishes to meet her Papa and thinks if he had been here, then he would have saved me. She says Mother used to tell that Sister Kiara used to call him super man and thinks he would have saved her as well.

Abhi searches for Prachi.

Sanju asks Bittu to unlock any car to escape from there. They are about to escape on the bike, when Abhi catches Bittu and asks him about Prachi. Bittu tells that she is inside the Ravan. Abhi thinks to call Vikram and asks about stopping the Ravan dahan, but his phone falls down in the pit. Ranbir aims arrow at the Ravan. Aaliya thinks nobody will know how Prachi died, I have seen the dreams with intensity and they will be fulfilled. Vikram and Mitali ask Ranbir to shoot the arrow at the Ravan’s navel. Ranbir shoots the arrow at the Ravan and it starts burning. Abhi is reaching there. Ranbir fires an arrow at Ravan’s head. They say Jai shri Ram.

Abhi sees her inside and shouts Prachi. Prachi thinks Papa haven’t come, but Mehra Sir came, he is like my Papa. He runs inside and opens the rope to free Prachi. Prachi asks him to go and says Ravan can blast at anytime. Abhi says I have lost my daughter once and can’t lose her again.

Pragya collides with Bittu. Bittu says sorry and goes. Pragya comes to the Ravan and thinks if someone tied Prachi inside and recalls Aaliya getting her tied inside and Abhi rescuing her. Dadi says she is feeling unwell and sits. Pragya tries to go inside the Ravan, but the security guards stop her. Abhi asks Prachi to go out, but she refuses and calls for help. Pragya asks the guards to understand that her daughter is inside. Prachi comes out and hugs Pragya. Abhi comes there and looks at them. Just then Ravan’s burning wood falls down on Abhi. Pragya and Prachi run to him. Pragya shouts for help.

Ranbir, Rhea and everyone rush to help him. Ranbir moves the wood log from Abhi. Aaliya says Abhi… Ranbir and Pragya take Abhi to the side. Pragya asks him to open his eyes and asks someone please call the ambulance. Raj calls the ambulance. Pragya asks him to get up. Prachi notices Abhi holding her hand. Aaliya asks are you fine Abhi? Abhi gains consciousness and gets up. He says someone kidnapped Prachi and tied her inside the Ravan’s mannequin. Vikram asks who were they? Prachi says Sanju and his friend Bittu. Abhi tells Prachi that he will not leave Sanju! Ranbir goes to call the Police. Prachi hugs Abhi. Rhea gets upset and goes from there. Pragya looks at Abhi. Rhea goes to the Ravan upset.

Bittu comes home. Sanju asks are you fine? Bittu says you left me alone there. Sanju says sorry and hugs him. He says I was cursing myself to leave you there and asks if he is fine? He says they have beaten you up seeing injury. Bittu says yes. Sanju asks about Prachi? Bittu says she is alive. Sanju hugs him happily.

Prachi and Pragya comes home with Sarita behen. Pragya thinks what everyone will think about us now. Prachi thinks if Mother knows Mr Mehra since the beginning. Sarita behen thinks Pragya knows Mr. Mehra since years and might be thinking about him now. Abhi removes his suit and recalls Pragya worrying for him, thinks if she loves him so much, then why does she keeps herself and Prachi away from him?

Abhi looks at Pragya’s picture. Rhea sees him and thinks why he ran to save Prachi and didn’t care what Ranbir is for her? She thinks why am I not getting angry? Why am I not affected as Prachi is saved. If this feeling is overpowering my anger, that she is my sister?

Dadi comes to Abhi’s room and sees him looking at Pragya’s picture. She thinks he misses Pragya so much.

Pragya asks everyone to sleep, being tired.

Abhi goes to the window. Allah wariyan plays… and thinks if everyone was not there, she would have hugged him for saving Prachi and gives him the best Papa tag. Abhi thinks if everyone was not there, I would have asked you to return and bring the happiness home. He kisses her picture. Dadi thinks Pragya loves him even till now. They love each other so much, then who is stopping them from uniting?

Aaliya says I have stopped them before and even now, I will stop them. She thinks she did a big mistake not to get Abhi remarried, and thinks she should have gotten him married to Meera, as she loves him. She thinks she should bring Meera close to Abhi and make him go away from Pragya forever.

Abhi thinks he doesn’t celebrate Diwali, as he can’t lift the aarti plate alone. Pragya says I have lifted the aarti plate alone. He says you come back home, we will light our house together and darkness will end. Aaliya plans to get him married to Meera, and says you will light oil lamps with Meera, and Pragya’s life will always be in danger!

Ranbir thinks of Prachi while resting on the bed.

Prachi thinks Mother gets worried for everyone and thinks why did Mehra sir said that he doesn’t want to leave his daughter again. She thinks maybe he said that as she regards me as his daughter. She thinks Rhea would have felt bad seeing him loving me so much, but it is so childish of her (Rhea), she should understand that there is a difference between the real and namesake daughter.

Rhea thinks of Ranbir and Abhi and thinks they don’t love her. She thinks it is good that nothing happened to Prachi as we have blood connection.

Prachi thinks why did Rhea think that I came between Ranbir and her, as we both love each other? She feels shy.

Ranbir thinks he is just for Prachi. Rhea cries.

Dadi thinks Pragya’s love is having strength and today, she saved Abhi. She thinks Pragya is Abhi’s happiness and she needs to come here for our happiness. She looks at Daljeet Dadi’s picture and thinks if she is also thinking to bring back Pragya? She says Sita will return to her Ram this Diwali, I will light ghee oil lamps, and thinks she doesn’t know Pragya’s address.

Prachi and Shahana return home. Shahana says I have forgotten our purse. She takes it. Pragya teases her. They leave. Pragya locks the door. Someone knocks again. Pragya opens the door and says I will slap you. She sees Dadi there and gets happy. Dadi says slap. Pragya says she said that for Shahana. Dadi says she got her address from Ranbir. Pragya hugs her and asks her to come inside. She says I will bring coffee for you.

Dadi asks her to sit and asks why does she think about other people, if she loves Abhi so much? Pragya says what to say? Dadi says daughters don’t know about their father or mother. She says I will not ask you anything, but come home for Diwali prayer. Pragya says nothing is solved between us and until everything is fine, I can’t come back. Dadi says if Daljeet would have asked, then you wouldn’t have refused. Pragya says it is not like that. Dadi says you have the right on the house and should do prayer. Pragya says okay, I will come. Daljeet asks her to bring the daughters and says she will light the house with oil lamps. Pragya smiles.

Aaliya searches for Meera in the Diwali party.

Mitali stops Aryan and asks where is he going in a hurry? Aryan says he is anchoring the event today. Abhi says today it will be dhamaal as their event company has organized today’s event and big celebrities come here. Tai ji asks when the prayer will start?

Dadi thinks after Pragya comes, both Ram and Sita will do the prayer together. Abhi asks Aryan what will he do? He says good luck and goes. Mitali says she will help him if he forgets.

Aryan starts anchoring the event and begins the event with Surbhi Jyoti. Surbhi Jyoti performs on the song… prem rattan dhan payo… plays…

Abhi talks to someone and asks if the voice is coming? He thinks there is no network here. He looks at the sky and says even you left me like Pragya. He says when you were with me, I couldn’t tell you that you look nice in glasses, your glass bangles… I was scared to hold your hand thinking your bangles might break. He says your anklet, though you rarely wear it, but you look beautiful whenever you wear it. He says I wish I could have seen you.

Pragya gets ready, wears her glasses, glass bangles and anklet. Dadi thinks Pragya will return and will wear it all. Sarita behen takes out specs from Pragya’s eyes and asks her to stay away from Mr. Mehra and says actually he likes you and was staring at you. She asks what is his right? Pragya says he is not like that, actually… she stops, seeing Prachi standing there.

Prachi says stunning, you are looking so beautiful and will look as my elder sister. She says rickshaw came and tells that they should apply black tika. Pragya says Sarita behen has applied it on me already. Prachi teases Pragya. They leave.

Karan and Preeta dance to the song… seene se tere… Meera tells Rhea that her smile will not work and asks her not to go. Rhea says let me go. Aaliya comes there. Meera says she is leaving Diwali’s party and wants to go to Dimpy’s house. Aaliya asks her to let her go. Rhea promises to return soon. Meera says today that I came and you want to go? Rhea says I will return and thinks I can’t face my Mom and sister. She leaves.

Aaliya looks at Meera and tells that she brought maroon saree for her, for Diwali gift. She thinks she will give special place to her, so that Pragya leaves from Abhi’s life. She says Abhi was searching for you. Meera says I will go. Aaliya asks her to change her dress and wear the saree which she brought. She thinks she will play cupid between Abhi and Meera.

Ranbir comes to Aryan and asks did you see Shahana? Aryan asks if he is not enjoying the party, then why do you want her here? Ranbir says she is so sweet. Aryan says she talks so much and you would have asked about Prachi. Ranbir smiles. Aryan says you are Kohli’s son and not Sharma’s son. He says it happens in first love. Ranbir goes.

Ranbir imagines dancing with Prachi. Aryan teases him for imagining dancing with Prachi.

Pragya asks Sarita behen to come there soon. She sits in auto and thinks nothing wrong should happen today. She leaves.

Shahana thinks Aunt is in tension. Prachi says Mother is going to meet Mehra sir. Sarita behen thinks even Pragya likes him and must be worried about what Prachi will think. Shahana says Aunt was nervous. Prachi asks her not to tease her.

Dadi tells the Waiter that Pragya will come and asks him to make the arrangements. Tai ji and Mitali hear her. Dadi asks how was the surprise?

Aryan announces dance performance by Deepika Goyal. Deepika performs on the stage. Dadi asks what happened? Mitali asks if Pragya isreturning? Tai ji says she can’t come here. Mitali says everyone hates her here, Rhea hates her, what will she think that her mother abandoned her? Dadi says you should think of uniting them and tells that Pragya will come here.

Ranbir collides with a girl and wishes her happy Diwali. He then collides with Beeji. Beeji asks whom you are searching for? She asks if it’s Vikram? Ranbir says yes, I thought to wish him happy diwali. Pallavi says he is sitting in the lawn. Ranbir thinks Prachi haven’t come and thinks to call her.

Sarita behen asks Prachi and Shahana to select saree for her. Shahana selects saree for her. Prachi’s phone rings. Shahana tells Prachi that her phone is ringing. Prachi asks her to go and help Sarita behen and attends Ranbir’s call. Ranbir says I want to give you good news that you saved me from dying and says if I had not heard you then I would have died. Prachi says stop it. He asks where are you? Prachi tells that she is at home and will leave soon. Ranbir asks what to do till then, I will take your name.

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