Ranbir pleads in front of Vikram to let him take his own life’s decision and begs in front of him to give Prachi. Beeji says what about us, you are begging in front of us for Prachi and what about our happiness? She tells that she hates her and accuses Prachi for snatching him from them. She says you have shouted at me today. Ranbir apologizes and tells that I didn’t want to talk to you like that. He asks her to punish him, but not Prachi, as she understands everyone. Beeji says this is not love, but betrayal. If this was love, then we wouldn’t have tears in our eyes.

Vikram accuses Ranbir for Beeji’s bad condition and asks him to get out. Pallavi tells that her decision is final and he will marry just Rhea and today, he will get engaged to her. She says my decision is final. Vikram asks beeji not to take tension and tells that Ranbir will marry only Rhea. Ranbir goes shockingly.

Sanju and his friend comes to meet Aaliya and Rhea. Sanju asks her to tell what happened? Aaliya provokes Sanju against Ranbir and tells that he is going against his family for Prachi. Ranbir thinks of his family’s opposition and hatred for Prachi and cries sitting on the ground.

Prachi comes there and sees him crying so badly. She hugs him and asks why are you crying? She says she couldn’t see him crying and asks him not to cry. She tells that she is with him and will always be with him. She wipes his tears and asks him to bring smile on his face. She says when you trouble me, then I like you.

Sanju tells that he is madly in love with Prachi. Aaliya says I will agree when you take Prachi very far from here and then there will be nobody in that place except Prachi and you. Sanju laughs and says you said right. He thinks to take Prachi to Hoshiarpur to his mom and dad’s house. His friend asks if Prachi identified you as you are wanted by Police. Aaliya gives him costume and asks him to wear it. She tells Rhea that Prachi will be happy with Sanju, as he is mad about her and will take care of her.

Ranbir tells Prachi that she is crying with him. Prachi says yes, you are happy… I am happy and when you are sad, I am sad as I… She nods her head. Song plays… SubhanAllah plays… She gets Sarita behen’s call and goes. Ranbir thinks he will be a loser if he lets Prachi go away from his life.

Abhi comes to Sarita behen and asks if she forgot her words that she searches for chance to meet him. Sarita behen recalls hearing Abhi telling Vikram that he has no control on his feelings. She thinks he is after Pragya and thinks there is no chance for him as Pragya loves her husband a lot. Abhi says Sarita ji. Sarita behen says Pragya loves her husband a lot and that’s why she will not let anyone come into her life. Abhi gets surprised and smiles and asks if she loves her husband? He asks her to tell. Sarita behen says this is the truth and goes. Abhi says talk to me. He feels hungry and thinks to eat fruits. He washes apple and tries to cut it with knife, but gets his finger injured.

Prachi comes there and scolds him for cutting apple by placing it in his hand. She says he is very careless and says she doesn’t like it. Abhi says you are talking like your mother. Prachi says you are saying as if you know my mother since years. Abhi says I know her since years, and came to know about you just now.

Pragya comes there and asks Prachi to go and help Sarita behen. Prachi asks Pragya to cut the apple for Sir and goes. Pragya asks what you were doing, if you were telling her the truth? Abhi says I was settling the scores and tells that he has seen how she hugged Rhea while trying to save her. Pragya says anyone would have done the same. Abhi says nobody can take my place in Prachi’s life. Abhi holds her hand. She asks him to show his injury. Abhi goes.

Prachi hides her ring with her dupatta. Ranbir and Sanju look at Prachi. Sanju says I will handle him later.

Prachi comes to Sarita behen and tells that Pragya sent her. Sarita behen asks where is Pragya? Prachi says she is with Mr. Mehra. Sarita behen thinks to tell Pragya about Mr. Mehra.

Sanju wishes happy dussera to Prachi. Prachi wishes him the same and doesn’t identify him.

Pallavi comes to Ranbir. The Priest comes there. Pallavi tells that her son will do ravan’s dahan. The Priest asks him to change his clothes. Pallavi asks Ranbir to go and get ready tells that they all are already stressed. Sarita behen asks a waiter about Pragya. He tells that she has gone that way. Sarita behen asks about Abhi. The Waiter says he has gone the opposite way. Sarita behen goes to see the vegetable. She turns and sees Sanju staring at Prachi. She questions him. He tells that he wants water. Sarita behen asks him to drink water.

Sanju gets a chance and makes Prachi smell chloroform. He then takes her in the bag. Sarita behen notices him taking the bag and asks him. He tells that it is his stuff. Sarita behen gets doubtful that he is taking her kitchen stuff and goes behind him. She calls Prachi and her phone rings from the bag. Sarita behen realizes Prachi is in the bag.

Sarita knocks on the door. Sanju calls Aaliya and says I got Prachi with me, but Sarita has seen me, she is knocking the door, I think I have come to some storeroom. Aaliya asks him to go out from the window. Sanju disconnects the call.

Sarita goes and tells everything to Pragya. Pragya asks Prachi to open the door. They get in.

Ranbir recalls Pallavi’s words. He gets Pallavi’s call. She asks where are you, pandit is asking for you, come soon. He says I m coming. She says your dad and Dadi have come. Pallavi ends the call and says Ranbir is coming, he will do what we want. Mitali hears this and says so much is going on here.

Pragya calls out to Prachi. She says there is no one here. Shahana says the man didn’t close the door, maybe the door was jammed. Sarita says you don’t believe me? Pragya says Prachi’s number is engaged, it means she is okay. Sanju says I thought someone is troubling you by calls. Pragya says she will call back. Sarita says trust me, I had seen him.

Shahana calls Ranbir. The Priest says this arrow is light weight. Ranbir answers the call. The Priest asks should I make this final? Shahana asks were you talking to Prachi? Ranbir says yes. Shahana says see, he said he was talking to Prachi. Vikram asks Ranbir to come. Aaliya says Rhea, you and Ranbir will get engaged, Prachi and Sanju will be out of your life. Rhea says Prachi deserves Sanju and I deserve Ranbir.

Pragya says Pallavi is calling, maybe there is some work. She goes. Sarita says see the dirty mud marks here.

Shahana calls Ranbir and asks when did you talk to Prachi, you said you spoke to her. He says no, when did I say that. Sarita says see, something is wrong.

Sanju says I left those marks so that they look for me outside, I will take you easily, if anyone asks me what’s in sack, I will say it’s some stuff, I did this to marry you, I have everything, not you. He takes the sack on his back.

Abhi sees him and asks who are you? Sanju says Raghbir. Abhi asks what’s in the sack? Sanju says stuff. Abhi stops him and asks is your beard fake, show me what’s in the sack. He tries to pull the beard. Sanju’s friend hits on Abhi’s arm. Abhi falls down. Pragya stops and looks around. Sanju’s friend asks him to come fast. He goes. Sanju takes the sack. He sees Pragya coming and goes the other way.

Pragya sees Raj. They see Abhi fallen and run upstairs to him. Pragya asks how did this happen, get up. Raj says we will take him. They take Abhi to his room.

Sarita and Shahana look for Prachi. Pragya asks Raj to call a doctor. Raj says I will alert the guards, someone has come with a motive of robbery, stay with Abhi. He goes. Pragya asks Abhi to open his eyes. He holds her hand. She cries. Sarita comes there. She sees Pragya and Abhi. She says Pragya is holding Mr. Mehra’s hand, what can be their relationship?

Sanju’s friend says the security is tight, be careful. Sanju says yes. Prachi gets conscious. She sees him and tries to run. He catches her. She struggles and gets his beard in hand. She sees him and says Sanju. He says I love you a lot, I want to marry you. She says I will die than marrying you, Ranbir and I love each other, his love is for my happiness, you are forcing me, it’s wrong. He recalls Aaliya’s words. Prachi says I love Ranbir, you are no way close to him. Sanju scolds her. He ties her with a cloth. He says if you love Ranbir, then you will die, if your love isn’t for me, then it’s for no one, I will tie you inside the Raavan, raavan will burn, you will burn, Ranbir will shoot the arrow, he will burn in the regret fire, everyone will burn, no use to beg or cry! Prachi is shocked. Sanju says you will burn and he will die.

Pragya says please open your eyes… She kisses Abhi’s hand. Abhi opens his eyes. He says I’m fine. She asks are you hurt? He says no, I m happy. He tells everything. She says Sarita had seen someone has Prachi’s phone, someone had a sack. Abhi says I had stopped that man, Prachi is kidnapped. Pragya says Prachi isn’t safe. He says I have to save my daughter.

Sanju shouts at Prachi. He says I had thought a lot, I loved Prachi, what did I ask in return, I asked love, she gave me hatred, she will get hatred, today, you will leave this world because of your love! Ranbir points the arrow at the Raavan.

Sanju tells Prachi that she will leave this world because of her love. He says you will also burn with Ravan and I will see you burning and nobody can hear your screams in the blasts. He says Sita returns with Ram in Dussera, but in this Dussera, Sita will get burnt with Ravan today. Sanju’s friend asks him to leave her. Sanju asks him to go and check if Ranbir got ready with the arrow and bow. He says if you don’t go, then I will tie you here too. His friend goes. Sanju says I am giving you the last chance, if you want to come with me, then nod your head, else no. He asks her to tell that she will come with him and says I love you very much. His friend comes and tells that the Priest has set fire on the arrow, Ranbir can shoot the arrow at anytime, take her out, else you both will die. Sanju asks Prachi to hear what his friend said and says happy Dussera to Prachi.

Ranbir gets ready to shoot the arrow. Prachi is shocked and cries.

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