Prachi asks Ranbir why are they hiding? Ranbir says he don’t want anyone to see them together and misunderstand and promises to fix everything. He says my family don’t like you now, but I promise that they will love you like I love you. Prachi asks why you are doing this for me. Ranbir says I love you and this love is very peaceful. Prachi asks him to say why he loves her so much. Ranbir says I will tell you today.

Dadi says when she is very happy to see them together, then they must also be very happy. She turns and the vase falls down. Abhi says I am coming Dadi and comes out running. Pragya also comes there. Abhi asks if she is fine. Dadi tells that she has done a big loss. Pragya asks Abhi to take her inside for rest. Dadi tells that she is fit and fine, shows ring for Pragya. He asks Abhi if he remembers and tells that this is Dallu’s ring, which she wanted to give to Pragya, but forgotten it in my house. Pragya says time has changed, but the ring reached me with Dadi’s love. Dadi says you and your love is with us, what else do we need? Rhea comes there.

Pragya scolds Sanju and Rhea. Sanju jumps out of window and goes. Pragya follows. Rhea says please don’t go after him, why did you come to my room, forget it, I don’t care, no, if she catches Sanju, it will be Police case, then dad will know it, no… She follows. Prachi asks Shahana did you see Mum. Shahana says no, you didn’t find it odd about Mehra Sir/Abhi, he is talking much sweetly. Prachi says he is sweet, he felt I have emotionally hurt Rhea, he was mistaken. Shahana says you don’t think he behaves like your real dad. Aaliya and Sarita look on. Sarita recalls Abhi’s words. Prachi says when emotions are real, then everything is real. Shahana says yes, but relation isn’t real.

Prachi says some relations are special than blood relations, we make it by heart, Mehra Sir and my relation is such. Aaliya asks are you two still here. Sarita asks why. Aaliya says Pragya was waiting for auto, I sent my driver to drop her home, if she went home, don’t you guys think you should also go. Sanju runs to his car and says did I leave keys in Rhea’s house.

Pragya shouts Sanju. He says Mother-in-law will send me to jail. Rhea shouts stop and runs after Pragya. Sanju falls down. Pragya asks how dare you try to kill my daughter. Sanju points knife at Pragya and says I will stab you. She says I m not scared. Rhea says leave her Sanju please. Pragya says you know Sanju…

Ranbir comes there. Sanju sees him and says he has become a problem in my life. He pushes Pragya and runs. Ranbir follows him. Pragya says don’t touch me Rhea. She goes crying. Fire crackers light up there. Rhea shouts move away. She worries seeing Pragya. She takes a lady’s shawl and covers up Pragya. They go away.

Aaliya says if Meera is with Abhi, then Pragya will stay away. Abhi asks Meera where were you. She asks were you looking for me. He says yes, why would I lie, Rhea wasn’t in the aarti, where is she. She asks were you asking about Rhea, she came from Dimpy’s house, she is here.

Abhi goes to the guests. Aaliya thinks the party is a good chance to bring them close. Meera thinks maybe you aren’t in my destiny. She goes. Aaliya thinks I have to do something where they are alone. Rhea asks are you hurt, is there any burning sensation. Pragya says don’t touch me, you did worse thing that that fire. Rhea asks what did I do. Pragya says stop fooling me, you just think what you get, you are selfish, you did bad, you wanted to kill Prachi. Rhea says no. Pragya scolds her a lot. She says when Prachi didn’t die in the accident, you paid Sanju to kill her, how can you do that, you don’t have a heart. Rhea says I didn’t do that.

Pragya says when you attempted suicide, why did you put blame on Prachi, you know she never came in between Ranbir and you, you lied to your dad, Prachi is my daughter, I raised her, I know her values, you paid Sanju to kill her, I called Prachi and asked can you do this, she said no, Rhea can’t do this, Rhea didn’t fight with her after accident, she never thinks wrong about anyone, you can’t become like her, so your dad loves her more. Rhea says enough, you just see Prachi always, I regret, why is she alive, I wanted to kill her. Pragya slaps her and says don’t say about her death again. Rhea asks why, who is she, she isn’t anyone to me. Pragya says she is your sister, I m your mum. Rhea says thanks, finally you accepted what you are to me, you are just a namesake Mum. Rhea argues. She cries. Charkho mera… plays… Rhea says don’t touch me, no…

Aaliya says Abhi is in the room, I will send Meera there, Pragya will see them together, she won’t believe the affair, but she will doubt on him. She collides with Abhi and says sorry. He says thank God, it didn’t spoil my clothes. She says sorry, it was sugar syrup, you have to change. He says I will need half an hour to select the outfit. Aaliya says sorry. She says I will send Meera to him.

Rhea says I thought to kill Prachi when I didn’t know she is my elder sister, let me finish, when I knew this, don’t know how I got emotional, you compare me with Prachi and made me like before, I have equal right on your love like Prachi, you left me alone, I was hospitalized after suicide attempt, you didn’t come to meet me. Pragya says I came there. Rhea says I was waiting for you, everyone came to see me, house Servants also came, you didn’t come to see me, its because of Prachi, you don’t remember that you gave birth to me, you will remember because Prachi and I are twins, I have waited for my Mum for 20 years, you ended that wait now, stay away from me. Pragya says listen to me once. Rhea says stay away from me. She goes. Pragya cries.

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