Pragya brings Prachi to the Police Station. The Inspector says you have come late. Pragya asks why you are saying late and asks him to leave Rhea. Prachi says Rhea didn’t attempted murder on me. Inspector says Mr. Mehra came and bailed Rhea out. Pragya asks Prachi to go home and says I will meet Rhea once. Prachi says I will also come with you, you can meet Rhea and I will meet Papa. Pragya says okay.

Aryan comes to Ranbir’s room with a bag and asks where are we going? Ranbir says I just need your bag and not your clothes. Aryan asks what happened? Ranbir tells that Mummy saw my engagement ring and locked me in the room. Aryan says the door is open? Ranbir says I broke it. I am eloping from here and will never return home. Aryan says this is not the right thing. Ranbir says I have to go and can do anything for Prachi. He says I can’t wait, they can send me to other country, then what I will do. He says I will handle myself and Prachi. Aryan says I will be back.

Pallavi tells Vikram and Beeji that Ranbir got quiet, thinks finally Rhea and Ranbir’s engagement will happen, and everything will be fine.

Aryan comes downstairs. Pallavi asks how did you come here from upstairs. Aryan tells that he came from the window to Ranbir’s room and today he broke the door. He tells that he has always supported Ranbir, he loves Prachi truly. I can’t help Ranbir in doing wrong. Pallavi asks what happened? Aryan says Ranbir is leaving the house and asks her to accept Prachi. Pallavi gets angry.

Aaliya asks Mitali to be alert and stops Pragya from entering the home. She says I am going to room to talk to Abhi, else it will be very late. Mitali nods her head and says I won’t let her come inside, my daughter’s pain is still with me.

Prachi gets nervous when she comes with Pragya. Pragya says she is your sister and is lovely. She tells that even she was nervous when she was meeting Rhea. She says you will know after going inside. Prachi asks what did Papa say? Pragya asks her to wait and rings the bell.

Mitali opens the door. Pragya greets her and introduces Mitali to Prachi. Prachi greets her. Mitali stops Pragya and tells that you have ruined everything by filing case against Rhea. She asks her to go. Pragya says I came to meet Rhea and not to ask anything. She asks her if she forgets what she does, if someone stops her. Mitali gets worried. Pragya asks her to let her meet Rhea. Mitali says she will bring Rhea.

Rhea comes there. Pragya and Prachi come inside. Pragya says Rhea. Rhea asks what do you want? Pragya says we had gone to Police station, but before that you was bailed out. Rhea asks her not to touch her and pushes her. She says I am not your daughter.

Aaliya tries to provoke him against Pragya. Abhi says I can’t hear anything against Pragya, she can’t do this. Aaliya says I just want betterment of the family and asks him to hear her. She says Pragya never changed and came in Rhea’s life suddenly. She says Rhea was happy when she came home, but Pragya gave her happiness and snatched it. She says it is her habit to give happiness and then snatch it. Abhi says you have so much venom in your heart for Pragya and asks her to leave from his room!

Rhea says I am not your daughter. Pragya asks what are you saying? Rhea asks them to stop their drama and asks where were you, you are 20 years late. Meera hears them and thinks she is Pragya. Rhea says you both have fooled me, I had told you that I wanted to kill Prachi, but when I came to know that she is my real sister, I felt very guilty. She says I didn’t know that you are playing all the game and says my so called mother, you don’t love me. She says you just love Prachi and wants to give me pain. She says you sent me to jail.

Prachi says if Mother wanted you to be in th Police Station then why she would have taken her to free her. She tells that when Maa asked me to free you, I refused as the reasons are known to you, but when Mother informed me that you are my sister, I got emotional. Mother told that you will hug me. Rhea asks why will I hug you???

Prachi tells Rhea that Mother said that you will hug me lovingly. Rhea asks will I hug you? She says you both are nothing to me. Aaliya comes there. Prachi says Rhea is very stubborn. Pragya asks Rhea not to get angry. Rhea asks will you forgive your mother if she gets you arrested. She says you had said that you want to make an urgent call, says you might have called the Police or went there.

Pragya says I had called Prachi. Rhea says I didn’t know that Prachi was my Sister when I hurt her, but you knew when you filed the complaint. She says I had forgiven you for all your mistakes, I felt guilty and thought that my mother is so good and I thought wrong about her. She says you have expressed that you loves just Prachi and hates me. You are world’s worst mother.

Prachi tells that Mother used to make kheer for me and cupcakes for you, used to pray for you first then for me. She says she used to keep all the gifts for you too. Rhea says same lines, which she told. Prachi says it is not lines, but emotions which can be just felt.

Pragya says sorry to Rhea. Rhea asks did you ever think how I stayed without you and tells that she has already suffered punishment since 20 years. Pragya says when I had gone, the circumstances were such. Rhea says you didn’t hear me, I am breaking my relation with you both. She asks Pragya not to call her daughter and says you have one daughter. She asks Prachi not to talk to her and says I hate you the most. Prachi asks Pragya to come and says maybe we came at the wrong place. Aaliya claps. Rhea asks Mitali to close all doors of the house. Meera looks shocked.

Ranbir calls Prachi and thinks why is she not picking the call. Sarita behen asks Shahana to pick the call. Ranbir calls on landline number and tells that he wants to talk to Prachi.

Sarita behen says Prachi is not at home and asks him to say if he has any message. Ranbir says I am coming home.

Pragya tells Prachi that she has to tell Rhea that she didn’t do anything.

Aaliya tells Mitali that she didn’t think Rhea would do this. Mitali says Rhea is influenced by Aunt. Meera thinks Rhea was betrayed by her mother.

Prachi asks Pragya to come. Pragya sits and cries.

Meera comes to Rhea. Aaliya asks Rhea not to feel guilty and says whatever you did is right. She says I told you that Pragya is just Prachi’s mom and asks her if she has seen what she has done with you. Prachi angrily knocks on the door. Mitali says I will see. Rhea says I will check and end the matter. She opens the door and asks where is your Mother?

Prachi says Mother haven’t come, but her reflection came, but thinks otherwise. She says you are stubborn and spoilt girl. Aaliya shouts at her for trying to teach her manners. Prachi says you are feeling bad as I told her this. She says you shouldn’t have talked to Maa like this. She says you was not with Mother since childhood and I was lucky that she was with me. She says if you was with us, then Mother would have cursed herself for giving birth to a daughter like you. She says what you didn’t have, that I have. I have my mother and her love. She says Mother has chosen me and not you. Mitali asks her to go. Rhea says I will answer her! Meera asks her to go. Rhea tells that she had filed a case against me.

Prachi says she didn’t file any complaint against you. Aaliya says so that you come here and become rich. Prachi says my mother has taught me values and raises a question on Aaliya’s behaviour. She says if you was good then you would have made Rhea meet her mother. She says children can be made, but not mother. She says if you forget the past then you will get mother’s love, but you are so unlucky that nobody will call you daughter and you can’t call anyone as mother. She provokes Rhea’s anger.

Rhea pushes her and asks her to leave. She then closes the door. Aaliya provokes Rhea and appreciates her anger. Rhea says please and goes. Aaliya winks her eye at Mitali. Mitali smiles. Rhea goes to the room and shouts Mom, cryingly.

Pragya hears her and gets up to go. Prachi comes there and stops Pragya. Prachi says Rhea said that she hates you. Pragya says she is in anger. Prachi says she hates you and closed all doors for you. She asks her to come and says everything is finished, says sorry. Pragya says no and says just now everything started, how it can end. They hug and cry.

Abhi gets up from the bed and thinks he didn’t get Pragya’s call and she didn’t come too. He thinks to call her, but his phone battery is dead. He thinks his headache is becoming unbearable, as if something is wrong or going to be. He thinks to have some fresh air and moves the curtain. Allah wariyan plays…

Pragya cries hugging Prachi.

Ranbir thinks of Pallavi’s words. He thinks nobody can separate him from Prachi and comes downstairs. Pallavi says so you are leaving home. Aryan says sorry bro. Ranbir says when you all came to know everything then I don’t need to tell anything. Vikram stops Ranbir and says I will beat you so much, you want to go leaving all of us. Ranbir says I have no option. Vikram says do you know how this world works, and says it is very difficult to bear it. Ranbir says sorry, I have to leave and says Prachi is my world.

Beeji tries to stop him. Ranbir says let me go. Vikram tries to stop him. Pallavi says let him go and asks Ranbir to leave everything, business, property and money. Ranbir asks do you think that I will stop here due to the greed of all this and tells that he don’t want anything. Pallavi asks what will you do, 9-5 pm job and asks how will he live with poverty and asks what you will feed her. Ranbir tells that he will work hard and will manage to live. He says love teaches everything. Pallavi says you love her so much that you want to leave us and says this door is closed for you. She accuses him for leaving them. Ranbir says I am not leaving you all, going out of the house for my happiness. Pallavi holds his hand and stops him. Ranbir says I know that you will agree for Prachi and is about to hug her. Pallavi says she will die, but will never accept Prachi. She tells that from today, neither he is her son nor she is his mother.

Vikram asks what are you saying? Pallavi says from today, all our relations ended. She says we will forget that we have a son named Ranbir. Beeji asks what are you saying? Pallavi asks did we ask him for this day and says I loved him too much, and that’s why he got blinded and thinking of just his love. She says if you will get the happiness then go to her, but don’t turn and look at me.

Ranbir says you are a good mother and nobody can love me like you. He says just like you said that you will never accept Prachi, I will never leave her. He says I don’t want anything from you, Beeji and Dad. He says I have one request, when I bring Prachi here, just bless her. Pallavi asks him not to bring her and says she will curse her. She asks him not to come. Ranbir promises that once he leaves, he will never return. He steps out of the house.

Vikram shouts Ranbir?? Pallavi holds her chest and falls. Beeji shouts calling Ranbir and asks him to come. Vikram asks beeji to call Doctor. Ranbir comes inside forgetting his promise. Pallavi asks if he will leave her. He says no. She faints. Vikram goes to call the doctor.

Meera comes to Rhea’s room and asks her not to cry, everything will be fine. Rhea tells that her destiny is bad. Meera says there is a possibility of good things and says your mom is a nice very person. Rhea says she sent me to jail. Meera asks if she didn’t see her tears. Rhea says it was fake. She says I thought she is the world’s best mom and loves me, but she just loves Prachi. Meera says she is your Mom. Rhea says I was always a motherless girl and says I have no mother. Meera asks what about me? She says I can’t take your mother’s place, but I loved you so much and became your foster mother. She says you have always loved me and asks her to trust her, says everything will be fine. Rhea says I don’t know, I just want a hug.

Pragya and Prachi come home. Sarita behen asks if Rhea is freed from jail and asks Pragya what happened? Prachi says Mother is tired. Pragya goes to room. Shahana says Sarita behen scolded me. Sarita behen asks Prachi to say what happened? Prachi’s phone rings. Shahana says Ranbir must have called you, as he called you so many times. She says this is an unknown number. Prachi calls Ranbir, but his number is unreachable. Sarita behen says today is an inauspicious day and says Ranbir was in distress.

Vikram, Beeji and Ranbir are taking Pallavi in car. Beeji says if anything happens to Pallavi. Ranbir says nothing will happen to her. Pallavi asks if he will leave her? Ranbir says no, I will be with you. She faints.

Rhea cries and tells Meera that she loves her even before knowing that she is her mom. Aaliya comes there and asks her not to cry. Rhea tells that if she gets mom then she will be fine. Aaliya provokes her against Pragya and Prachi, and says shall I write on the paper, that they both hate you. Rhea says you will not understand Aunt and goes out. Meera says you know how she is. Aaliya says yes, she should go behind her.

Abhi calls Pragya and then Prachi. Prachi’s phone rings. She says Papa’s call, but doesn’t pick the call. He calls her again. Sarita behen asks her to talk to her Papa and tell him everything. Prachi picks the call, just then Abhi hears Aaliya calling Rhea and goes out. Prachi says the call is disconnected. Abhi goes out and asks what happened?

Ranbir and Vikram rushes Pallavi to the hospital. He blames himself for Pallavi’s condition. Vikram says she had complications from before. Beeji says Pallavi lives for you and when you said that you will leave the house, she got heart attack. Vikram asks her not to say this. Ranbir feels guilty and looks at Pallavi in the ICU, as she is being treated in the ICU.

Sarita behen says she doesn’t like Rhea. Shahana says even she. Pragya looks at Rhea’s picture and thinks of her words.

Pragya cries thinking of Rhea’s words and says how you have said that I am not your mother? Prachi knocks on the door and finds it opened. She shows the doll and says I have taken for you too… She cries and shows the crayons which she brought for her, when she brought for Prachi. She says I used to write these letters for you, but it used to return as the address was changed. Sarita behen, Shahana and Prachi see her crying so much. Sarita behen says let her cry and take out her pain.

Rhea walks on the road and thinks of Aaliya’s provocative words, and also Pragya’s words favoring Prachi, Prachi’s words that she is very unlucky and nobody will call her daughter. She stands on the middle of the road and is about to meet with an accident.

Aaliya and Abhi comes on the road. Rhea runs towards the car and she’s about to get hit, when Abhi comes and saves her. Aaliya hugs her and asks if she is fine? Rhea pushes her and hugs Abhi. Abhi brings her home and asks Rhea to sleep. He asks Meera to make Rhea sleep and then she can also sleep. He then asks Aaliya to come out.

The Doctor comes out and asks Vikram to keep Pallavi away from any tension, as her heart is very weak. Vikram asks can we meet? The Doctor asks Ranbir to meet first. Beeji asks him not to say anything wrong to Pallavi now.

Abhi asks Aaliya what does she want? He says I told you many times, not to insult Pragya and says I feel bad. He says you are insulting her since years, now you have a family and should not do this. Aaliya says it is not like this. Abhi asks why did you do such a thing that hurts me, Pragya and my daughters. He asks why don’t she think good about his family. Aaliya asks what did I do now? Abhi says you must have said something to Rhea, you know that she is short tempered, angry etc and when you kept your hand on her shoulder, she brushed off your hand from her shoulder.

Aaliya says thank you Abhi, you are sure that Rhea’s condition is because of me. She says Rhea is upset because of Pragya, whom she had started liking a lot. She says Rhea is the daughter like the daughters are used to be, but Pragya is not the same mother. She asks if any mother sends her daughter to jail. Abhi says Pragya didn’t do that, I know her more than myself. Aaliya says you don’t know her. She says we all were present when that murder attempt happened, but Pragya complained about it. She says she doesn’t want to enter here as a daughter-in-law, don’t want to be Rhea’s mother and don’t want Prachi to get your love. She says you might say that there are many enemies who did this. She provokes him and says there was Pragya’s name in the FIR. She says they had come here and insulted Rhea. She says Prachi humiliated Rhea very much.

Abhi asks when did they come? Aaliya says they had come, when you was sleeping with headache. Abhi says Prachi can’t humiliate Rhea. Aaliya says Prachi told Rhea that it is good that Pragya has chosen her over Rhea, as she is a bad girl and God don’t want to give her a mother, her destiny is such. She says she said that she doesn’t deserve a mother. He says Prachi can’t say this. Aaliya says Prachi said that Rhea is a curse and they couldn’t bear to see her out of lock up. She says I didn’t tell you as you was unwell. She says Pragya came to Police Station, but she came to see her in pain. Abhi says Pragya must have come to free her. Aaliya says even the child knows that only that person can take back the FIR on whose name case is filed. She says Rhea did many mistakes, that time she didn’t know about the truth, but Prachi knew about her sister and acted with her. She says they were planning case against her and accuses Abhi for Rhea’s condition. Mitali hears everything.

Rhea recalls Prachi’s taunting words and then Sarita behen’s words. She thinks of Pragya’s warning and wipes her tears.

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