Sarita behen tells Pragya that all relations are not same, says you don’t say anything, but Prachi understands everything. She says Rhea doesn’t understand even after you made her understand. She says it happens when there is so much love. She says Rhea can’t make herself understand her love. She asks did you talk to Mr. Mehra. Pragya says I couldn’t speak to him. She says Rhea was very angry yesterday. Sarita behen says I had difficulty in understanding Mr. Mehra and your relation, but now I understand. She says you are lucky to get Mr. Mehra as he loves you a lot.

Pragya tells that Ranbir loves Prachi so much and their relationship is good. Sarita behen tells that their relationship will be set, when your relationship is set. Pragya reminisces Abhi telling that he wants all her life. Sarita behen asks her to marry Mr. Mehra again and wait for his proposal. Pragya says I need to talk to him and hugs her. Sarita behen asks her to talk to him. Pragya goes to get her phone.

Shahana comes and asks why are you showing dreams to her, as Mr. Mehra don’t love her. Sarita behen says he loves her and will propose straight on her face. She thinks although he was far from Pragya, but kept her closer to his heart.

Prachi comes to the hospital. Ranbir looks at Prachi. Main Kamli wale… plays… Prachi looks at him. Ranbir cries and wipes his tears. He hugs her. They sit on the sofa. Prachi says everything will be fine, I know you are scared for your mom, but once she gets fine, then everything will be fine. Ranbir says I am not worried for today, but about future. He says I have to fight for my love with my family, which I can’t do. Prachi says love is something which you shouldn’t try to get. He says he is feeling helpless. Prachi asks him to listen to his mom and do whatever she is saying. She asks him not to think about the third person. Ranbir says if I shall not think if the third person is my life. Prachi says mother’s love is unconditional and asks him to promise that he will obey her.

Vikram comes there and asks Ranbir to come. Ranbir asks Prachi to wait there. Prachi says I will meet Pallavi aunty. Vikram asks Ranbir to stop her and handle the situation. Beeji looks at Prachi and recalls everything. Prachi goes inside the ward and says hi, I came to know about you today. Pallavi asks who asked you to come here?? Ranbir comes there.

Pragya gets Abhi’s message asking her to meet at the hotel behind her home as he needs to talk something important and urgent. Pragya thinks he is worried as Rhea might have told him something. She thinks what it could be… and thinks to call him at the same number. She calls him, but his call can’t be connected.

Mitali calls Raj and tells that it is an important thing, which Aaliya will only say. Dadi asks what is the matter? Mitali says the same thing. Rhea comes downstairs and hugs Dadi. Dadi says I am happy that you came back home. She says so this is the big thing and says I got Pragya’s grah pravesh done, and she fulfilled her duty and brought her home. She says when I called Pragya, she said that she is taking Prachi to the Police Station. She says your mother and sister loves you a lot. Rhea says I don’t have any mother or sister.

Meera comes there and asks do you called me? Aaliya says yes, and says her conversation is related to Abhi, Pragya and Meera.

Pragya thinks to call on the landline number.

Aaliya tells Dadi that Abhi took Rhea out of the Police Station and not Pragya as he can’t see her in pain. Rhea says she came to jail to see me in pain. Dadi says you have a misunderstanding. Aaliya says the matter is about happiness now.

Pragya calls on the landline number. Mitali picks the call. Aaliya takes the receiver from her hand and keeps it improperly. Pragya tries to speak and asks Mitali about Abhi. She then hears Aaliya telling Dadi that the matter is about Rhea, as Abhi is marrying Meera. Meera smiles. Pragya is shocked.

Aaliya congratulates Meera for becoming Abhi’s wife and Rhea’s mother. Mitali congratulates Meera. Rhea asks can I call you Mom? Meera smiles. Dadi tells that Abhi’s wife is just Pragya and tells Meera that she has no problem with her, but Abhi can’t be happy with her. She says I will talk to him. Mitali says what you will talk? Raj says Mitali told me everything and that’s why Abhi took this stand. Aaliya says Abhi himself has proposed Meera for marriage. She says Pragya had come here to put Rhea in problem. She says Abhi and Pragya’s relationship have faded away and died. She says Meera has brought up Rhea so what is wrong if Abhi is marrying Meera. She says we will celebrate Abhi’s marriage happily.

Pragya hears everything on call and cries badly.

Abhi is on the way and thinks Pragya must have some solution for this. Vikram calls Abhi and asks him to go to the conference. Abhi says not today. Vikram tells that Pallavi is in hospital since last night as she got heart attack. Abhi stops the car. Vikram says she is operated, but Doctor said that her heart is weak. Abhi asks Vikram to tell the hospital name. Vikram asks him not to come there and go to the conference. Abhi ends the call and calls Beeji.

Beeji says they are in City hospital. Abhi says I am coming there. Prachi says I insisted with Ranbir about meeting you. Pallavi says it’s okay. She calls Ranbir near her. Prachi says I am happy to see you. Pallavi asks happy to see me in the hospital? Prachi says seeing you are fine. Pallavi asks Ranbir to take out this cheap ring from his finger and asks Prachi to stop all that!!

Vikram comes and asks Ranbir and Prachi to go out. Doctor comes there and says let me see, what the problem is. Abhi thinks to meet Pragya later and thinks to meet Pallavi first. He sends message to Pragya. Pragya is still crying.

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Pragya is crying thinking about Aaliya’s words that Abhi is going to marry Meera. She recalls Abhi’s words that he will never leave her and loves her. She thinks she can never believe this. She recalls Aaliya’s words again. She hears Abhi’s voice message asking her to meet 1:30 pm, as he is going to meet Pallavi now in the hospital as she met with a heart attack. Pragya thinks he is getting married, I will ask him. She collides with Sarita behen and tells that she is going to meet him. Sarita behen prays to God to make Pragya and Prachi meet Abhi.

Dadi argues with everyone that Abhi’s happiness lies with Pragya and says nobody will be happy in this house. Rhea says I will be happy. Aaliya says Rhea will be happy. Dadi asks Aaliya to understand atleast. Mitali says they were separated with their wish during Kiara’s time. Dadi says if Daljeet was here, then she wouldn’t have get this happen. She asks Raj to make them understand. Raj says whenever Pragya is away from Abhi, then he is happy. Dadi prays to daljeet Dadi. Aaliya says Dadi is not with us, because of Pragya. Dadi says I am not happy with Abhi and Meera’s marriage. Aaliya asks Dadi to leave from the house. Dadi gets shocked.

Ranbir gets shocked. Prachi asks what are you saying? Ranbir says if Rhea is your sister, then Chief and your Mom? Prachi says they are husband and wife. She says they were unaware of each other, as Mehra Sir used to think her mother as Anuradha, who is Sarita behen’s daughter. Prachi asks what Pallavi was about to tell her, when the Doctor came. Ranbir says I wish I could tell you that I can’t see you again, with whom I want to spend my life with. He gets teary eyes. Prachi asks him to be with Pallavi aunty and says she will go. He says I will drop you off. Prachi says she will go and asks him to stay with his Mom. She turns to go, while Ranbir looks at her sadly. Song plays… teri galiyan plays. Prachi looks at him and goes.

Prachi comes out of the hospital and is going out, when she gets hit by Abhi’s car and falls down on the road. Abhi gets down from the car and rushes to her. He asks where was your concentration and makes her sit on the bench. He brings the first aid box and asks who looks down while crossing the road instead of left and right. He applies ointment to her hand. Prachi calls him Papa and says when you didn’t know about me, then also you used to take care of me. Abhi says I used to feel a deep relationship with you. Prachi hugs him and cries, says even she used to feel the connection. She asks him to make Rhea understand not to do wrong and says we have to pay for her mistakes. Abhi asks her to leave that conversation.

Prachi says Rhea said bad things to Mother and kicked me out of the house. Abhi apologizes on Rhea’s behalf and says she is some what stupid and stubborn, but not bad at heart. Prachi says what do you mean? If she will say anything and will be good at heart and we should bear it? She says this is injustice and says Rhea is bad. Abhi says Prachi. Prachi says you don’t know what happened? Abhi says I know, but… Prachi says she is bad and becoming more bad.

Abhi gets up and shouts stop it! Prachi says Rhea said that Mother can’t call her daughter and Rhea will not call her mother. She asks him to tell how he will feel if she asks him not to call her daughter. Abhi asks her to relax. Prachi says I can’t relax and says Rhea said so much to us, when we were not having any mistake. Abhi asks her to understand. Prachi asks him to understand and says Mother was crying taking Rhea’s name and says she will never forgive Rhea for her doings. Abhi loses his cool and asks her to stop! He asks her not to worry about Pragya and asks her to go home. He says I will sort out everything. Prachi says nothing will be sorted. Abhi asks her to go and ask her Mom, there is nothing like impossible in my dictionary. He says once I decided something, I do it. He says I have come here to meet Pallavi and says sorry. He asks Prachi to understand that Rhea is without a mother since 20 years and that’s why it is my mistake that she is stubborn and spoilt, but not that bad which you think. He asks her to take care of her hand and goes inside the hospital.

Pragya is in the car and thinks he let me go from the home, but I can’t let him marry someone else. I can’t bear this pain. she thinks whatever had happened until now was mutual, so how can he take the decision alone.

Vikram asks the nurse to give the bills. Abhi comes and hugs him. He says you called me when you thought of meeting. He hugs Ranbir and tells Beeji that nobody called him. He says if I don’t go inside then Pallavi will shout at me. He goes inside and asks can I come in? Pallavi asks why did you come here, leaving all the office work. Abhi says I didn’t know that I have to handle you too, I dealt with Vikram, Ranbir and Beeji there.

Pallavi says if you have come to meet me, then would have brought chocolates, bouquet etc. Abhi says I came to meet Ranbir, to ask him not to trouble you. He says you have to take care of yourself as new responsibilities are awaiting. Pallavi says Abhi is talking about Ranbir and Rhea. He gets the alarm alert and tells that he has to go and meet Pragya. He tells that his wife had come to his house many times, whom they thought her as Anuradha. He says I want to clear everyone’s misunderstanding. He tells Beeji that Prachi is my Pragya’s daughter. He says Pragya is my wife, she is Rhea’s mother too. He says I am going to meet her, it is very urgent. He says he will go and meet her. Vikram, Pallavi and Beeji get shocked.

Pragya waits for Abhi in the hotel and thinks she is calling him at the wrong number. She calls him at the number from which she got the voice message. She calls him, while he reaches the hotel and calls her. Their calls seem to be busy. Pragya gets water from the waiter. Abhi didn’t see her and goes at other side. Pragya looks for him and is about to go, when Abhi sees her and calls her name. Pragya walks towards him. Abhi asks were you leaving? She says no. He says I need to talk to you about something important and says he agreed to marry Meera. Pragya asks did you come to give invitation? She asks him to do whatever he wants to, and asks him not to give false hopes to everyone, says everyone thinks that you love me. Abhi asks her to listen as she starts leaving. He says you are not changed and runs behind her. Pragya says you said that you are standing at the same place where I left you. Abhi says I didn’t lie and asks her to listen. He runs behind her and asks her to stop. He takes her to the room of the hotel. Pragya asks why did you call me here, to give explanation or to tell your love story? Abhi says I will not let you go until my conversation ends! Pragya asks him to talk then.

Abhi says I thought you will understand. Pragya says I am not that Pragya anymore and will not believe your story. She says I believed you when you was about to marry Tanu. Abhi says you wanted me to marry Tanu. Pragya says I thought Tanu is pregnant with your baby. Abhi says I never went close to anybody except you. Pragya says you couldn’t keep Tanu away from yourself even after our marriage and says it was your mistake. She asks him not to lie, else she has to say everything. He says I was just close to you. She asks him not to talk emotional things and says you went to Tanu on our wedding night. Abhi asks her to talk about their present and not past. She says now you want to go to Meera. Abhi says Meera is not like Tanu, she has taken good care of Rhea and respects me. He asks her not to compare Meera with Tanu. He says she is not a gold digger and that’s why you shouldn’t say this about her. Pragya is shocked.

Pragya asks then tell me the reason for your decision to marry her? She asks do you love her, or do you hold me responsible for your decision? She says you can never change. Abhi says yes, I am marrying Meera because of you. Pragya is about to leave. Abhi asks her to listen and tells that if she had showed some love to Rhea, then this thing wouldn’t have happened. Pragya says it is enough! Abhi says you have broken her heart, she used to love you and you have filed FIR against her. Pragya says I didn’t do anything. She says I didn’t file the FIR, but you have the habit to accuse me. Abhi says I am not accusing you and telling you the fact.

Pragya says fact is that a mother has sent her daughter to lock up. Abhi says fact is that the Inspector told me that you have filed the complaint and that Prachi was attacked two times, first on Dussera day and also with truck. He says only we both knew about this and asks how did the Inspector know? Pragya says I am seeing that you are doubtful on me. He says if you haven’t filed the complaint then you would have taken it back. He asks why you didn’t take Prachi to the Police Station. Pragya says I had gone home to take Prachi to the Police Station. Abhi says I had done whatever I want to and got my daughter freed from the Police Station. Pragya says your daughter? Abhi says yes, my daughter.

Sarita behen lights the oil lamps and asks God to clear all their misunderstandings. Shahana tells Sarita behen that Rhea hates Prachi and now Aunt, she will not let Mr. Mehra and Aunt unite. She asks did Mr. Mehra call Prachi once? She says Aunt is getting mad for Rhea, why he is not caring for Prachi? She says she never saw them unhappy in Hoshiarpur, but since they came here, they have faced many turmoils. Sarita behen hugs her and pacifies her. Shahana asks her to talk to God for their happiness.

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