Tony and his men search for Pragya. Tony asks if that woman is still wearing the necklace. His guy says yes, she might be still wearing the necklace or kept it safely.

Ranbir gets Rhea’s call. Rhea says she was upset and that’s why called him. Ranbir asks why? Rhea says I don’t want to talk about that. She asks did you see the ring? Ranbir says yes, it is for whom? Rhea says it is for you. Ranbir asks her to buy the ring when their engagement happens as new trendy ring might come. He asks did you come to know that Prachi and Shahana also come there? Rhea says yes, and tells that they had a chit chat. Network goes. Rhea thinks there is no network as the call gets disconnected.

Pragya comes downstairs sad. Rhea sees her and thinks if she didn’t see me or avoided me intentionally. Aaliya is in office and talks to her employee. Meera calls Aaliya and tells that she don’t share with anybody, but sharing with her. She tells that she had gone to restroom, where Pragya was there, she talked to her. Later, when Pragya came out of the restroom, then Mr. Mehra came behind her. Aaliya is shocked and says this can’t happen. She says she was telling her about Pragya. Meera asks her to guide her.

Pragya cries and sits down. Sarita behen gives her promise and asks her to tell. She says we don’t have blood relation that you will tell me. Pragya says I don’t know how to tell you. She tells that when she met him last time, he told that he has proposed Meera for marriage. Today, he came to buy jewellery for her, and came to shop for the marriage. She says jeweller thought her as his wife and made her try the jewellery. He says jewellery is not important for me, but… Sarita behen asks her to sit there and says I will be back. Pragya recalls her moments with Abhi and Rhea.

The new show’s heroine Shubhra comes to Pragya and says she has heard her conversation with Sarita behen. She tells about her husband and kids. She says she has eloped from home and married her husband 10 years before. Now there is no love left, and don’t know why is she bearing the marriage. Pragya tells that she has no chance now, but she shall save her relations. She says the things will be difficult, but when you see your children’ happy faces, then your efforts will be paid off. She says children happiness are related to your and your husband’s happiness. Shubhra says the kids want us to be together and that’s why we are together. Pragya asks her to make everything fine between her husband and her. Even Shubhra hopes that everything becomes fine between them.

Shahana and Prachi talk about Rhea. Prachi says I thought to love her, and enjoy with her, but she… Shahana says love me and talk to me. Prachi thinks to call Pallavi, but Shahana asks her to call Ranbir and asks about Pallavi. Ranbir gets Prachi’s call and thinks she must want to clarify. Prachi asks him to say truth and asks how is Pallavi aunty? Ranbir says she is fine. He asks if she came to know about Meera and Chief, but Prachi couldn’t hear him and the call gets disconnected.

Ranbir thinks Rhea must not have told Prachi else she wouldn’t have reacted this way. Abhi returns the necklace to the jeweller and tells that he don’t want it. Sarita behen comes to Abhi and says you haven’t done right. Abhi calls Ramnik and asks him to take it. Pragya comes there. Abhi looks at her. Rhea waves towards Abhi, but he doesn’t see her. She collides with Shahana. Shahana gets upset. Prachi asks her to wash the stain in the washroom. Prachi tells that Papa and Maa are both here and asks her not to do anything. Ramnik asks Tony to keep the necklace and ring in the locker. Tony runs towards outside. Ramnik lal calls security. Security guy aims gun at Tony. Tony’s robber shoots in air and threatens to cut the saleswoman’s neck. Abhi holds Rhea to protect her. Pragya gets scared.

Meera tells Aaliya why Mr. Mehra is not understanding that the problems in Mehra family are due to Pragya. Aaliya says people get blind in love and says Abhi gets emotional as he has two daughters with her. Meera asks what will I do if he gets emotional after our marriage, then how will I handle our relationship. Aaliya says I will guide you, but don’t let her magic fall on Abhi and you. Meera says yes, I want to marry your Abhi. She turns and sees robbers going inside the Jewellery stop, with mask and gun in their hands.

Tony tells Ramnik lal that he has worked for this day. Ramnik says you have betrayed me.

Abhi takes Rhea to the side and asks her to be there. Pragya thinks to go to Prachi. Tony tells that it took six months for him to win his trust. He says nobody drank wine in the marriage yesterday. He says they had come to the shop today, but they have handled them. The robber asks Ramnik lal to do as they say. Sarita behen asks Abhi, how he can think of marrying Meera. Abhi says I will tell later, but tell me where is Pragya? Sarita behen says she must be with Prachi and Shahana.

The Guard shoots at the robber. Tony drops the necklace from his hand and Ramnik lal picks it. Prachi and Shahana hear the gun shot. Prachi gets worried for Pragya, Rhea and Sarita behen. Shahana asks her not to worry for her (Rhea). Abhi takes Sarita behen and Rhea to the side. He asks them to be there. Rhea says I will come with you. Abhi says I will go and see your Sister and Mom. Rhea looks on. Sarita asks Abhi to save them and says they might be in trouble. Rhea thinks of Meera and thinks she has gone out to attend a call. Rhea says my Mom… and then says Prachi’s Mom and Prachi needs help and goes.

Sarita behen is about to go behind Rhea, but stops seeing the robbers coming there.
Pragya comes to Prachi and Shahana and tells about the robbers.

Meera comes inside and thinks why is nobody here? The people in the store signal Meera to go. Meera sees robbers and runs out of the jewellery store. Ramnik lal keeps the necklace in the locker and falls down. Tony comes there and asks about the necklace. Ramnik lal says it is not with him and runs from there. Tony realizes necklace is in the locker and the keys is with Ramnik lal.

Ranbir thinks of Prachi when Aryan comes there and says that we will figure out something. He says everyone’s life is in God’s control and says I will ask him, why did he make me fall in love with Prachi, if she is not destined in my life. Aryan gets a message alert about the robbery and informs Ranbir. Ranbir says Chief, Prachi, Rhea and everyone are there. They leave in a hurry.

Pragya, Prachi and Shahana are going out. Shahana says we have nothing to do with the robbers. Pragya says if they hurt us or someone then? She says once we reach the stairs, then I will bring Rhea there. They hear someone coming there and are about to hit.

They see Abhi coming there. Abhi asks if they will welcome with the vase. Prachi says no. Pragya asks where is Rhea? Abhi says she is in safe place and not roaming with everyone. Rhea comes there and says Dad I came to save you, your plan was wrong. Abhi says my plan was not wrong.

Ramnik lal comes there and asks Abhi to save him. The robber asks Ramnik lal to give the keys and shoots at the Sales woman. Abhi gets angry and says now you will not get the keys. She thinks you didn’t leave your habit to fight. Abhi thinks they will not let us go, and asks the robbers to take his family to safe place, then he will give them keys. The robbers take them to the centre of the shop and takes out Sarita behen, and other people out from their hideout.

The robber threatens to kill everyone and shoots another saleswoman. The captive people panic. The robbers holds Prachi’s hand and threatens to kill her. Abhi says don’t worry Prachi. Pragya asks him to leave her. The robber starts the countdown. Pragya says I will tell the whereabouts of keys.

Meera thinks Mr. Mehra and Rhea went home, seeing their car missing. She thinks she was thinking negative. Just then she gets Aaliya’s call and tells about the robbery in the jewellery store. She says Mr. Mehra and Rhea went home. Just then, she sees Abhi’s car and tells her that she will talk to her later, as

Abhi and Rhea are inside the jewellery store. Aaliya asks her not to worry, Abhi will handle and asks her not to go inside. She calls the Police station and informs about the robbery in the store. The Inspector says Inspector Saho has already gone there and he is the best.

Inspector Saho is seen getting down from his jeep and talks to the Traffic Police. The Traffic Police let him go. Other traffic police officer tells about Inspector Saho.

The Robber asks about the keys? Abhi thinks why did she talk when she doesn’t have the keys? Pragya asks the robber not to shoot Prachi. Robber asks if joke is going on here. Pragya says I don’t know, I will not let you take anyone’s life for a small piece of jewellery. The Robber says it is a small piece of jewellery. The Robber says it is a very precious jewellery. Pragya says I will tell about the keys, but for that I have to talk to Ramnik lal.

Abhi asks Ramnik lal to go and talk to Pragya, tells that he will do 4 promotions for his shop. He says his daughter’s life is in danger and asks Prachi not to get worried. Ramnik lal thinks that Abhi might tell the robber that he has the keys and agrees to talk to Pragya. Pragya asks Ramnik lal to give the keys to her, else her daughter’s life will be in danger. Ramnik lal says robbers will kill us if we give the keys. Abhi comes there. Pragya scolds him for giving wrong idea to Ramnik. Ramnik runs out while the robber is after him. Ramnik lal goes out and falls down.

Meera comes to him. The robber sees Inspector Saho and his team coming there and he runs inside. Abhi and Pragya argue. The robber asks them to come. Shahana asks the robber to work hard and earn money. The robber aims gun at her, but Sarita behen asks him to forgive her. Other robber informs that Police came here. Rhea tells that they don’t have the keys and have come here later. She says that jeweller might be having the keys.

Pragya, Abhi, Rhea, Prachi and Sarita behen think that they will not leave us now. The robber asks Rhea to go out and get the keys. Pragya says I will go and ask Ramnik lal. Robber says you are very clever and asks Prachi to go out. Abhi says I will go and ask Ramnik lal. Robber asks Prachi to go out, else they will shoot Abhi. Prachi says I will go and get the info about keys, asks them not to do anything to her Papa.

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