Inspector Saho talks to the Media and assures that he will bring everyone out. Meera asks Saho to save Abhishek Mehra. Saho says he will save everyone. Prachi comes there and tells that robber asked her to get the key else he will kill her Papa first and then everyone. Inspector Saho asks Ramnik lal to give the keys and says we will catch the thieves once they leave everyone. Ramnik lal tells about the place where he hid the keys. Saho asks her to say as Ramnik said.

Prachi asks Meera not to worry and runs inside. Goga calls the robbers and asks them to find the necklace, else… The robbers get worried and talk to each other that Goga will not leave them and will throw them infront of the fishes.

Aaliya comes there and talks to Meera. Ranbir also comes there and tries to go inside, but Inspector Saho stops him. Ranbir says Prachi, Chief and everyone is inside. Inspector Saho arrests him, but Aryan asks him not to arrest him. Prachi comes inside and asks them not to do anything to her Papa. She tells about the keys’ place. Robber asks her to come with him, but Abhi says he will come with them. The robbers agree.

The Robbers takes Abhi to the locker room and asks him where are the keys? Abhi says it must be where my daughter said. The robber tells that your daughter lied. Abhi says my daughter don’t lie, she is Pragya’s daughter and has her upbringing. The Robber finds the keys and gets the necklace from the locker. Abhi looks at the necklace.

Rhea gets worried for Abhi. Pragya asks her not to worry and says he will come. Rhea asks why did you let him go. Prachi says Papa will come. Rhea says he is just my dad. Prachi says dad or Papa is same. Rhea says you have come late after getting the key info. Prachi says if the jeweller will tell me just as I go and ask him. She says it took time.

Shahana and Rhea argue with each other. Prachi argues with Rhea. Pragya says she knows their Papa better than them and knows that he will not let anything happen to him or anyone else. Sarita behen comes to Pragya and says what do you think that they will come closer if they hug. Pragya asks if they will be distanced forever.

Abhi comes back. Rhea asks are you fine Dad? Abhi says I am fine. Rhea hugs him. Prachi goes to him and hugs him. Rhea opens her eyes and looks at Prachi. Pragya comes to them and stands with them. The robbers come there and ask everyone to thank Mr. Mehra and their family, for getting them necklace. He asks everyone to leave and says you are free to go. Rhea takes her bag and says I can take it, as I have bought it.

The Robber Tony says Mr. Mehra has not bought an ordinary thing and tries to snatch the bag. Abhi tries to stop them, but the robbers push him. Prachi holds Rhea.

Inspector Saho assures Ranbir that he will take everyone out safely. Ranbir tries to run inside. Meera tells him about the back door. Rhea asks how dare you hit my dad? The robber says kill everyone. Pragya asks Rhea not to worry and says her mom and dad are here and will not let anything happen to her.

Pragya and others get the guns and throws it out, just as Abhi aims the gun at the robber. The robber says the gun is empty and the other robber shoots at him. Pragya couldn’t hear any sound for sometime as the bullet passes from near her ears. Abhi falls down. Rhea shouts for mom and dad asking them to save her, but Pragya couldn’t hear her voice. Abhi gets up and attacks the robber.

Meanwhile, Inspector Saho enters there to catch the robbers. One of the robber is about to stab Prachi, but Pragya saves her and pulls the mat under him. They all fight with the robbers. Rhea hugs Aaliya and Meera. Pragya and Abhi look at each other. Pragya asks Prachi if she is fine? Prachi hugs her.

Sarita behen tells Abhi that she has always seen Pragya struggling for happiness and asks him to give her happiness to her, says she is the mother of both your daughters. Abhi assures her and says she will get what she wants, don’t worry. Rhea calls Abhi. Pragya looks at him with tears in her eyes. She goes to him and says congratulations. He asks did you get freedom? She says yes.

Ranbir offers to drop Pragya and family. Aaliya asks Ranbir to come with them and says Aryan will drop them. Aakhiri baar plays… Pragya and Abhi go separate ways.

Vikram talks to Abhi and says they all have come home. They are in parking now. Pallavi opens the door and waits for them. Aaliya comes there with Rhea. Rhea says I am ok aunty, and hugs Pallavi. Vikram asks Abhi if he is fine? Abhi says yes. Pallavi asks Ranbir if he is fine? Ranbir says yes, I reached there with police. He asks where is baljeet Dadi, asks if she took tension. Vikram says I have sent Beeji to her and Baljeet Dadi doesn’t know anything about it. Abhi says we couldn’t do shopping. Rhea says I have brought the purchased things, it is in the car. Pallavi asks about Aryan. Aaliya says he has gone out to drop Prachi and her family.

Aryan drops Pragya, Prachi and others to their home. Prachi asks Aryan if something happened with Ranbir, which he didn’t tell her. Aryan says no, and asks her not to do overthinking. Prachi thinks even he doesn’t know.

Rhea hit the bed as if she is beating the robber with hanger. Aaliya comes there and shouts cockroach. She asks where is cockroach? Rhea says I was trying to do acting of mom and says she has beaten them like this. she says she might be black belt in college and says she has beaten them nicely. Aaliya asks why she is calling her mom. Rhea says she is my mom, but. Aaliya says didn’t you see that Pragya didn’t look at you. Rhea says yes, I asked for her help when robber aimed gun at me, but she didn’t save me and ran to save Prachi. Aaliya says why she will save you. Rhea says yes, she was ready to fight for Prachi and not for me. Aaliya provokes her against her and says she must have done something, so that Prachi comes in Abhi’s good books. She wants to snatch your love and give that love to Prachi. Rhea gets furious.

Pragya cries thinking about Abhi. Abhi looks at the fuggi doll and asks why do you go away from me, if I am so bad. Pragya asks if I am bad. Sarita behen comes to her and says I can understand that you don’t want to eat food, asks her to drink some milk. She says if you cry then you will get weak and asks her to have milk. Pragya says how can he do this? if he don’t love me. Sarita behen says Mr. Mehra can answer this and asks her to ask again and again until she gets the answer. Pragya says I would have asked if the situation is not such and says I thought that he loves me, but he gave my right to someone else. She says when I met him for Rishi’s case, I didn’t ask him if he is remarried, as I knows that he loves me. She tells that my daughter regards Meera as her mother and tells that her hopes are ended now. Sarita behen tries to pacify her. Abhi hugs fuggi toy and cries. Song plays…

Dadi asks God to make everything fine between Abhi and Pragya. Door bell rings. Servant opens the door and receives the wedding cards box. Dadi asks Servants not to tell anyone, but just then Mitali comes and calls Aaliya and others. Dadi thinks everyone wants their happiness and thinks to go and meet Pragya. Rhea excitedly checks the card and shows to Meera, calling her Mom. Abhi says he will give the first card to an important person. Aaliya and Rhea think that the person might be business associate.

Sarita behen asks Shahana to open the door, when the door bell rings. Abhi comes there and asks if your mom is inside. Sarita behen asks you have come. Abhi says I want to give something to Pragya. Sarita behen goes to call Pragya. Prachi says I will make tea for you. Abhi tells her that her parents love her so much. Prachi goes. Shahana asks why did you tell her this and asks Abhi? Abhi says you are smart and tells that if the parents separate then she should not get affected. Shahana feels that someone’s heart will break. Abhi asks her to love Prachi so much so that she don’t miss her sister. Abhi takes towel and wipes his face, says something went in his eye. Dadi is on the way and thinks to tell everything to Pragya, about Abhi’s helplessness.

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