Meera comes there and says your phone was in the Car. Abhi asks her to keep it in his pocket. Pragya takes phone from her hand and puts phone in Abhi’s pocket. Meera says she will see the shopping bags and goes. Abhi asks Pani Puri guy if he has water as mogambo is jealous. Sarita behen makes Dadi have curd sugar and calls Pragya. She asks where are you? Pragya says you know where I am and tells that she is in some bad company. Abhi washes his hands and wipes them with her saree tip. Pragya scolds him. Sarita behen hears Abhi and gets happy. Abhi calls Dadi.

Dadi collides with Sarita behen and their phones get exchanged. Pragya asks Sarita behen why her voice is looking as Dadi. Abhi also asks Dadi why her voice is like Sarita behen. Sarita behen and Dadi take their phone, talk to them and end the call. Pragya asks Abhi not to wipe his hand with her Pallu. Abhi says habits don’t go easily and will go with time. Abhi makes Pragya sit in the front seat while Meera is already seated in the back seat. Abhi says let’s go.

Prachi comes to Mehra Mansion and thinks about Ranbir and their breakup. Rhea asks what are you doing here? Prachi says I have done my work. Rhea asks did you fumble while telling him. Prachi says no, I want my mother’s happiness and tells that she broke up with him. She tells that I told him that I want money, bungalow, car and luxurious life. She says I told him that money matters to me and not his love. Rhea is happy. Prachi says he almost raised his hand on me and told that Rhea was right about her. Rhea thanks her and says only a sister can do this. Prachi breaks the hug and says I have done this for my Mom and Dad and not for Sister. She asks did you talk to Dad? Rhea says she will give the good news by evening. Prachi asks her to do it at the earliest. Rhea wipes Prachi’s tears and asks her to cry whenever she wants, says even I have cried a lot. Prachi asks her to focus on the work. Rhea thinks I have to do something big to convince Dad.

Abhi plays the song hum bewafa… Pragya and Abhi get teary eyes hearing the song. They recalls their moments. Abhi drops Pragya to her house. Pragya says thanks. Abhi says when you should have thanked me, then you was fighting. Pragya asks him to change his habits, not to taunt her and says you are getting married. She says everyone will not be like me. Meera looks at Pragya.

Pragya gets down from the Car. Her Saree tip gets stuck in the Car’s door. Meera talks on the mobile with someone. Abhi gets down. Pragya tells that door is locked from inside, open it, don’t say anything. He says so much attitude and pulls her closer. He asks why don’t you tell me by your mouth that you love me and can’t live without me. Pragya says I really love you, do I need to say this. They have a hug… Allah wariyan plays… it turns out to be her dream. Abhi looks at her and says door. He opens the door and frees her pallu. He sits in his car and drives off. Prachi thinks of her break up with Ranbir and his words. She gets teary eyes and is leaving from Mehra Mansion.

Ranbir comes home with Aryan. Ranbir says he will wash his jacket, it has become dirty. He says he will go to Prachi’s house and talk to her. Prachi is running out of Mehra Mansion and collides with Ranbir, and falls in his arms. Ranbir looks at tears rolling down her eyes and wipes her tears. SubhanAllah plays… Ranbir says you understand what love is and says why are you sad? Why are you doing this? he says I know that you can’t reject me as you love me, then why are you saying this? He says I am sorry, I shouldn’t have spoken to you in high tone. He apologizes and asks her to tell what is happening. Prachi says don’t love me, forget me Ranbir. Ranbir says never. Prachi sits in the taxi… Ranbir asks her to listen to him, but Prachi goes. Aryan asks him to call Shahana, and gives his phone.

Sarita behen and Dadi are talking, when Pragya comes there. Dadi hides. Sarita behen says I didn’t call, she came herself. Pragya asks who? Sarita behen asks if she came alone? Pragya says he came to drop me. Pragya asks her to see blouse piece and says if it is not good then I will exchange it. Dadi does hi five with Sarita behen. Pragya shows the blouse piece to Sarita behen. Sarita behen praises it and tells that she will get tea for her. Pragya says she will have it later and goes. Dadi asks Sarita behen to tell what Pragya said, after talking to her. Sarita behen asks her to go. Dadi goes. Sarita behen thinks Pragya is in tension.

Rhea is in the Kitchen and stamps her feet on the ground. Aaliya asks her not to hurt herself. Rhea says I will not hurt myself as I will get Ranbir. Aaliya provokes her about Pragya. Rhea tells that Dad will cancel this marriage as I will get what I want to. Aaliya throws the things in the kitchen and scolds the Servant.

Pallavi asks Vikram to ask her if she is in tension and says it is your duty to talk to me. Vikram asks her to say. Pallavi says she is stressed about Ranbir and says he is not talking to me nicely. Vikram says there must be some personal problem and asks her to give him some space.

Ranbir comes there with Aryan. Pallavi calls him. Ranbir says yes. Vikram asks him to go and rest. Ranbir calls Shahana and tells Aryan that Shahana is avoiding his calls. He tells what Prachi was doing in Mehra Mansion and gets doubtful. Aryan asks if your Papa knows about your mom. Ranbir says Papa loves her a lot, if he comes to know that she is selfish for me, then he will feel bad. Pallavi comes there and tries to talk to him. Ranbir says I will talk to you later. Pallavi goes. Ranbir tells that he has a feeling that Prachi is doing this on Rhea’s sayings. Aryan says this is impossible as she don’t like Rhea. Ranbir says but there is something surely.

Purab comes to Abhi and asks him not to do this marriage. Abhi asks until when you will say. Purab says I met Pragya di and she was not looking happy like before. Abhi says she gets happy being far from me and that’s why I have done something which makes me happy. Purab says there is no happiness on your face. Abhi says if she is happy by staying away from me then I am also happy staying away from her. Purab asks why you are showing ego? Abhi says to end her ego. Purab asks why getting egoistic with Rhea? Abhi says everyone is using me as puppet, I have decided to marry Meera. Meera comes there. Abhi asks do you have any work? Meera says no. Purab asks her to wait and asks why are you marrying Abhi, as he loves Pragya di. Abhi asks him not to talk to Meera. Meera goes.

Abhi reminds Purab that he didn’t interfere in his matter with Disha, and says I didn’t say anything when you married Aaliya. He asks him not to interfere in his matter. Vikram comes there and is about to go, seeing them talking. Abhi says now there is nothing like before, as he was my friend cum brother, but now someone’s brother and my friend. Vikram says Digvijay is coming tomorrow. Abhi says tomorrow is haldi, so no business meeting. He tells Purab that he will open the first bottle with him. Purab says no need, I will come with Di, invitation must be sent to her too. Abhi hits his foot on the bed and gets upset. Vikram goes. Abhi hugs fuggi doll and gets upset.

Pragya is cooking in the Kitchen and recalling Abhi wiping his hand with her saree. Sarita behen comes there and asks if she is getting angry on Abhi. Pragya says no. Sarita behen says face is the reflection of the heart and asks if she felt bad seeing Meera with him. Pragya says why I will feel bad, I had just the right which he is snatching as he is habitual to it. Sarita behen says you will feel bad and you will lose from both sides. She asks her to do something and tells that she has never seen such intensity of love before. She says that day, you both were not fighting with the robbers, but were trying to make sure that the other don’t get hurt. She asks her to save her love. Pragya says it is too late now. Sarita behen says love is still at the same place, you are just two steps backwards and asks her to save her husband and marriage, as tomorrow is his haldi. Pragya looks at her.

Mitali comes to Raj and asks with whom he is speaking to? Raj says business call. Mitali shows the necklace given by Tai ji and tries it. Raj says she is looking good. Mitali says she is happy to get new Dewrani, whom she can control. Dadi hears them and says Pragya is your dewrani. She reminds them of Abhi and Pragya’s love and scolds them, before going out. Mitali tells Raj that Dadi has spoiled her mood.

Aaliya comes to Purab. Purab thinks of Disha in his dream and takes her name. Aaliya thinks Disha is not gone from his mind too, and says she will not let him think of Disha even in his dreams. She throws something on the ground to make him get up. Purab gets up. Aaliya says sorry and hugs him. Purab says he is getting late. She asks if you don’t have feelings for me. She asks him to get ready for Abhi’s haldi and not to go out. She says I don’t want to order you, but you force me to behave this way. Purab says you behave like an administrator and that’s why I don’t have to treat you as a wife.

Aryan comes there and hugs Purab. He asks why is he sleeping in different room and asks if they have a fight. Purab says no, who can fight with your mom? Aryan says my Parents never have any fight and hugs them. Aaliya thinks we will be together for Aryan and thinks first she kicked out Disha from his life and now Pragya.

Pragya comes home for Abhi’s haldi. Dadi hugs her. Shahana asks Prachi if she saw Rhea. Prachi says no. Pragya sees Meera and says hi. Aaliya thinks she tries to keep her (Pragya) away, but…

Raj comes there and tells that Digvijay came. Aaliya says he shouldn’t have come and asks him to make him sit in the library. Prachi tells Shahana that it doesn’t look like Rhea has done anything. Ranbir comes there with Aryan. He says Prachi will go, if he tries to talk to her. Prachi goes. Abhi comes there with Purab. Purab thinks why are you looking at Pragya di. Abhi comes to Pragya and asks her to apply haldi to him after Baljeet Dadi and Sarita behen as she also thinks of his happiness like them. He asks Purab to apply haldi to him too. Purab says in the last. Mitali tells Aaliya that Abhi seems to be changed and have something else in his heart. She tells that if Pragya will take revenge on us.

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