Prachi stops Shahana in the room near temple and asks what she was saying about the Priest. Shahana explains to Prachi that when Palak called her, she said Ranbir is also here, but she did not want to hurt Palak. She says we can leave if you have problem with Ranbir present there and silently thinks Prachi’s heart beats only for Ranbir, she will never go. Prachi says someone else will get her love. Shahana goes outside. Prachi makes a call.

A Servant finds Rhea’s phone ringing in the room. He thinks even Meera was finding Rhea. A waiter says Rhea went towards storeroom. The servant goes to give Rhea her phone.

Prachi wonders why Rhea did not pick up her call. She decides to call Pragya.

Aliyah brings the divorce papers of Pragya and gives it to the Police Inspector. Pragya was shocked to read the papers. Alia says these are fifteen years old papers, and Pragya is no more her brother’s wife. Pragya claims the papers to be fake.

Abhi takes the papers and asks Aliyah how it is possible, there was never a divorce deed between them? He also reads the papers which were real. Abhi asks Pragya if she signed the papers? Pragya insists these are fake. Aliyah reminds Pragya the time they met in Hoshiyarpur outside the Police Station.

In a flashback, Pragya was finding her daughter. She had shown a paper to a lady constable and tries to convince her to write a complaint for Prachi’s kidnap. At that time, she came there. Pragya inquired about Rhea. Aliyah showed Prachi’s video with kidnapper. She said she was taking Prachi home to live with Rhea. Pragya pleaded on Aliyah to leave Prachi. Aliyah took Pragya’s signatures on the papers saying these were property papers. Aliyah returned Prachi to Pragya and left. In the car, Aliyah thought these were divorce papers which claims if she stays away from their property and Abhi, these papers cannot be challenged! FB ends.

Aliyah explains to Abhi that when Pragya left him he used to drink alcohol. In his contemplation he once gave her the divorce papers to get them signed. She met Pragya outside Hoshiyarpur police station where some case of Pragya was running, and she had no money. Pragya denies it, but Aliyah continues that she told Pragya these were divorce papers. Pragya had said her marriage to Abhi means nothing anymore. Aliyah says Pragya demanded property papers in return of divorce papers, but Aliyah gave her fake property papers. Abhi was saddened and asks if Pragya signed the divorce papers? She cries and denies. Alia continues her blames. Pragya thinks if Abhi cannot trust her, then even God can’t save this relationship.

Abhi says he was always mistaken, he felt there was still love between them but if the relation isn’t there anymore, what love? Aliyah blames that Pragya only wants property of Abhi, this divorce is legal and so is Abhi’s wedding. Abhi tells Pragya neither her, nor police can stop this marriage. The Inspector leaves. Pragya asserts these are fake papers planned by Aliyah.

Abhi sits in the temple to marry Meera. Pragya breaks the temple in an attempt to spoil the marriage. She challenges Abhi to marry now. She will not let it happen. Abhi asserts he will still marry. Pragya says though not legally, but she is religiously his wife. Abhi says now this wedding will take place in the temple.

Rhea cried in the storeroom. The servant finds the room locked from outside and unlocks it. He gives Rhea her phone. Rhea thinks she will now see how Abhi marries Meera. She will now show Aliyah her right place, and if need be she will even reveal about Aliyah’s planning with Sanju on Dushera.

Aaryan finds a Priest. He offers business to the Priest and requests him to come along. The Priest says he does cremations and not marriages. Aaryan did not understand. He requests the Priest to come along and help. The Priest insists that he cannot read marriage mantra. Aaryan grabs Pandit ji by neck, and twists his arm. Pandit ji was convinced.

Alia takes Raj aside. She tells Raj not to tell Dadi that Abhi is upset with Pragya and that’s why marrying Meera.

Pragya was determined not to let Abhi marry even in temple. Abhi asks when was it a sin to desire for a wife. He thinks Pragya is both, his desire and his wife.

Dadi calls Raj and asks why he didn’t pick her call? She asks what is happening here? Raj says Abhi is not marrying here and tells that he is marrying Pragya in the temple.

Rhea hears him. Dadi says they were not divorced and can marry many times, nobody can separate them. Rhea hears him and thinks to inform Prachi so that her deal gets fixed with her. Raj asks are you happy now? Dadi says very happy.

Abhi asks Pragya if she wants to say anything. Pragya says I will not let your marriage happen at any cost. Aaliya asks what is your problem, can’t you see us happy. You are divorced now and asks what do you want? She asks if the matter is about suhaag or ego and asks can you prove that he is your husband even now. She says I would have called Police, but didn’t call as you was with him before. Abhi asks did I ask you to interfere Aaliya and says only Meera can interfere in their personal matter.

Pragya is shocked and recalls their engagement. She thinks of Abhi asking Meera to wear the necklace. Abhi says you can’t ruin Meera’s life and asks her not to take tension, as he will see who stops their marriage. Meera asks Pragya to stop it and leave them alone, let them be happy. Pragya says even I can say this and tells that I didn’t know that I am divorced with you, I didn’t know that it was not property papers, but divorce papers, I was made to sign the papers through cheat. Meera shouts asking her to leave them!

Abhi asks Pragya to talk sensibly. Pragya says what to say, I didn’t give you divorce with my consent. Abhi says you didn’t say what I wanted to hear and that’s why I am going to marry Meera in the temple. She asks what do you want to hear and says if I plead infront of you then will you stop the marriage with Meera. Meera asks the Priest to come with them and she leaves with Abhi. Pragya goes behind them. Purab asks the guests to leave.

Rhea calls Shaina. Shaina asks why were you not picking the call. Rhea says I didn’t have the phone and tells that she has won. She tells that she wanted her mom and dad to marry again and says it is gateway for her, as she will marry Ranbir now. Shaina says today Jai is marrying Palak in the temple and tells that even Ranbir is there. Rhea asks where is the temple and tells that she will reach there. She plans to marry Ranbir in the same temple.

Ranbir tells Jai that it was important. Shahana comes to Ranbir and says she is tired of lying to Prachi. She argues with Jai and takes Aryan’s name. Jai asks if she is in love with Aryan. Shahana says no. Ranbir shows the wedding dress which Pallavi had bought for her daughter-in-law. Jai asks her to give it to Prachi. Ranbir says there is a way to talk and says if I give her then she will not refuse. Ranbir shows the outfit and looks sadly.

Abhi, Meera and the Priest sit in the car and leave. Pragya runs behind the car asking him to stop. She thinks to talk to Dadi. Aaliya stops her and asks her to leave. She says let me go inside. Aaliya says Abhi is finally moving on and marrying Meera. Pragya says it is enough and tells that she will never forgive her for taking her signatures on the divorce papers unknowingly and says I will be in his destiny all life. Aaliya says you are not in his life. Pragya says I will fight for him till my last breath, as he is my hope, mangalsutra, husband. Aaliya calls the security and pushes her out. She asks Security to lock the door.

Pragya thinks of Abhi going to the temple and leaves. Aaliya threatens the security guys not to do mistake. Pragya sits in the cab, but doesn’t know where to go. She comes back to the Mehra Mansion and pleads in front of watchmen. The watchman says you have the power of the wife, push the gate and get inside. One of them opens the lock silently. Pragya pushes the gate and gets inside, while they try to act and stop her in front of the cam.

Aryan calls the Priest and tells that he has found him. Shahana asks why the Priest’s face is so sad. The Priest asks whose marriage is to be done. Ranbir and jai says mine. Ranbir says groom is me, the girl will think that groom will be Jai, but I will be the groom. Jai says the groom will be the one who will sit in the temple. Ranbir says the bride doesn’t know that she will be getting married. The Priest says how the marriage will happen without bride’s consent. Ranbir explains his plan. Shahana says she brought Prachi here. Ranbir says Prachi will know when she gets married to me and wear wedding necklace. The Priest asks how will I know who is Prachi?

Ranbir says the girl who will be in the bridal wear will be Prachi. The Priest says I have understood and asks Shahana to make Prachi wear the bridal dress. Aryan, Ranbir and Jai fold their hands. Shahana agrees. Aryan thanks the Priest. The Priest asks if your don father is coming here. Ranbir says his Mom is more big Don than him.

Aaliya tells Pallavi that her friend will get her rights and no injustice will happen to her. She tells that nobody should take Pragya’s name here, as she is very inauspicious here. Pragya walks inside and goes to the room. Aaliya, Pallavi and Vikram look at Pragya as she climbs up to the stairs. Aaliya tries to go behind Pragya, but her foot twists and she falls down on the stairs.

Pragya comes to Purab and asks if he will do nothing for her and asks him to tell where is Abhi? She asks about the temple and says if I don’t do anything then… Purab says Ramsita mandir. Pragya thanks him and says nobody can stop me now. Beeji asks Raj to call the doctor. Aaliya tells that she has to go and kick out Pragya from here.

Vikram asks her not to talk about Rhea’s mom like that. Aaliya asks him to stay out from their family matter. Pallavi says you don’t talk to my husband like that. Pragya is leaving, when Aaliya stops her. Pragya tells that someone is here who don’t want his marriage to happen.

Aaliya goes to Purab and confronts him for telling the temple’s name. Purab tells that he knows what she has done and tells that she has taken everyone on her side, except Baljeet Dadi and I. He says I am sure that Abhi will not fill Meera’s forehead with vermilion. Aaliya says Abhi will marry surely. Purab says you have never done anything good and that’s why nothing good will happen with you. He says I wish I wouldn’t have met you as Pragya di and Abhi wouldn’t have separated then.

Prachi asks Shahana where did she go? Shahana shows the dress and tells that it is for her. Prachi says this looks like a bridal dress. Shahana says Palak wants you to wear this dress for tying her ghatbandhan. Prachi says she will not do the ghatbandhan and asks her to refuse Palak. Shahana says she is your friend, go and refuse her. Prachi asks her to come. Shahana asks her to come. A guy (may be Digvijay) receives a call. He asks the guy to meet him.

Pragya is still on the way in the car and thinks of Abhi. She asks driver to drive the car fast. The Driver says challan will be cut. Pragya asks him to stop the car. He stops the car. She asks him to get down. The Driver gets down. Pragya sits on the driver’s seat and tells that she has to go to Ram sita temple and stop her husband’s marriage. She says I am helpless and asks him to take the auto and come. The Driver asks her to get down. Pragya says sorry, if you want then can sit in the car. He sits in car. Pragya starts driving. He asks her to drive slow.

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