Pragya is still captive by the killer and finds her bangles broken. She asks the killer to let her go. He asks her to be quiet and be here until the boss comes. He calls someone seeing light flickering. The goon says it is a voltage issue. Pragya thinks first her vermilion is wiped and now bangles… She thinks nothing wrong shall happen with him.

Rhea comes there with Mitali and asks where is Dad? She walks inside the Operation Theatre and sees Abhi on a ventilator. The nurse asks who are you? Rhea says he is my dad and asks him to open his eyes. The nurse asks her to go out and asks why don’t you understand. Purab comes inside and asks her to come out. Rhea cries and says Dad will open his eyes seeing me. Purab takes her out. Rhea asks what happened to Dad.

Aaliya says Abhi is unconscious and will ask you after gaining consciousness. Rhea asks what Doctor is doing, and asks what are they hiding? Aaliya says Doctors are doing their best, nothing serious. She hugs her. Rhea asks what happened to Dad? Purab says he is unconscious, you can meet him when he gets fine. Mitali asks what do you mean? She looks through the window pane and asks what happened to Abhi. She says Abhi and Pragya were together and asks where is Pragya? Aaliya asks Purab to reply. Rhea asks where is she? if she is fine. Pragya thinks to cut the rope with her broken bangles.

While the Killer and the goon are checking the light, Pragya cuts the rope and manages to hide from their sight. The killer asks the goons to search her. Another goon says she is not outside. Killer says she shall not run away, else I will shoot everyone. Pragya hears them while hiding. A goon comes there. Pragya goes from there. Aaliya smiles. Rhea asks did I joke? Aaliya says I am not understanding if you are all blindfolded and says I will tell what Pragya has done.

Dadi asks her to be quiet. Aaliya says Pragya succeeded to stop Meera and Bhai’s marriage, as she wanted to take revenge on him. She says she got succeeded in her plan and called us, telling us that they are here, but when we came, she was not here and Bhai was abandoned on the stretcher unattended. She says Pragya had left him here as her aim was fulfilled.

Rhea says this can’t be true. Aaliya says when someone hates someone then do this. She says Pragya can do anything and tells that she had left Bhai when Kiara was born, when you both were born.

Prachi comes there and says my mother can’t do this and says she didn’t leave hope to meet papa when she was away from him. She tells that if she is not here then there must be some reason.

The senior Doctor comes there and tells them that he will check him. The Doctor says survival chances are 50-50, if we take out the bullet then… The Senior Doctor says the chance is just 5 percent and tells that if we don’t take out the bullet then the chance is zero. He asks the doctor to ask his family to talk to his family and asks them to pray for him.

The Doctor comes out and asks them to pray for him. Rhea says nothing can happen to Dad. The doctor tells that his organs are failing and the brain is nearly damaged. Purab says survival percentage. The Doctor says just 5 percent. They all are shocked.

Pragya hides from the Killer still. Killer also walks silently, to catch her. Pragya sits behind the drum and thinks she will go out in few seconds. Some waterdrops fall on her head and her vermilion is about to be wiped. She thinks nothing can happen to him. She goes out. The Killer hears the door sound and asks the goons to catch her. Pragya sits in the car trunk parked there.

The Killer comes out and asks the goon to tell him if he sees Pragya. Goon says he is going to give some stuff to someone and asks him to see in the trunk if the stuff is right. Pragya gets tensed.

The Goon asking Killer to check the stuff. The Killer says this stuff is not important for me, but that woman. Sarita behen asks Prachi to pray for Mr. Mehra. They leave. The Doctor informs the Senior Doctor that his vital organs are not working. The Nurse says if this is happening as the bullet is not taken out. The Doctor says he is sinking. Sarita behen prays to God to make Abhi fine.

Prachi prays to God and asks him not to become her guilty as she sacrificed her love for her mother’s happiness. Just then the diya is set off kept in the temple. Doctors find Abhi dead. They inform everyone that they couldn’t save Abhi. Aaliya shouts Bhai… Rhea also shouts Dad. Everyone is shocked.

Purab holds Dadi as she is about to faint. Rhea cries and says you can’t leave me Dad. She asks Mitali to leave her, as she needs to meet her Dad. The senior Doctor gives her an injection to calm her mind. She gets unconscious due to injection and is taken on the wheelchair. The Doctor asks Aaliya to come with him, as she needs to sign on the papers. Ranbir calls Doctor as Dadi faints.

Sarita behen says oil lamps must have set off due to wind. Shahana says it is an inauspicious thing. Sarita behen says no and asks Prachi to light the oil lamps again. Prachi couldn’t light the match stick. They see Nurse bringing Rhea on a wheelchair. Prachi asks why Rhea is here? Nurse says we have to give her injection to make her unconscious, as her father passed away. Sarita behen, Shahana and Prachi are shocked.

Pragya reaches the hospital and asks Abhi to get up, says she has come. She asks her to get up. Aaliya wishes that he would have opened his eyes and see her drama finale. She says you have snatched what you wanted, Mehras are finished. Pragya asks her not to talk about her husband. Aaliya drags her out and asks her to leave him. She says Abhishek Prem Mehra is dead. Pragya says he is not dead and goes inside. She asks Abhi to get up. Aaliya says I wish your wish gets fulfilled and Bhai gets back to life, but dead people don’t return. Pragya asks him to return to fulfill his promise. Aaliya asks her to see her empty hairline daily and wear the white bedsheet, as she has become a widow.

Pragya is shocked and wears a white saree. It turns out to be Pragya’s imagination. The goon stops the car. Pragya is still in the goon’s car and gets down from the car. The goon sees her getting down and calls Killer. Killer picks the call and asks him to come back. The goon says that lady was in my car decky, but escaped. Killer asks him where is he? goon says he is outside a hospital. Killer asks him to send the location and asks him to catch her.

Pragya reaches the hospital. The watchman says this is an exit gate. Pragya asks him to let her go inside, as her husband is admitted in an emergency. She says a goon is after her. Watchman asks her to go and says he will see the goon. Pragya goes inside. Watchman stops the goons and makes him go. Pragya asks the nurses about Abhishek Mehra. They say they don’t know. The Receptionist says you came at the backside and tells her the way to the Operation Theatre.

Pragya comes to the Operation Theatre and says sorry to Abhi. She says goon was behind her. Just then she finds his hand falling down and realizes he is dead, seeing the straight lines on the machine. She says we will be together and asks him to get up. She says you can’t go leaving me like this and cries. She cries so much, reminding him of the promise that they will die together. She says I will live my life waiting for you, can’t live without you. She says if you want to go, then you have to take me with you. She asks him to get up and says I will call the Doctor. She shouts doctor… her condition deteriorates and she faints and falls down.

It shows, Abhi’s soul comes to meet Pragya’s soul. Pragya hugs his soul and says you scared me, I thought you had left me. She says if we can’t stay in this world then we will live in another world. Abhi says God just called me, my time is up. Pragya asks why are you saying this? Abhi says I am saying the truth and tells that our story ends. Pragya says no, there is no end to our story. Abhi says just my character ended, you have to live more….

He says Yamraj ji is calling me, I have to go. Pragya says he will agree to my sayings. Abhi says you have to take care of our daughters and live for them. Pragya says my world is you and nothing without you. Abhi says I came to say you bye so that I can go peacefully. Pragya says it is my order, you can’t go. Abhi says you couldn’t stop me as fuggi, so now trying to stop me as a teacher, asks why is she stopping a student who failed in the class. He says let me go, I love you and miss you. He goes… Pragya’s soul comes back to her body and she gets up, and shouts NO!!!!

Pragya asks him to get up and says I won’t let you go. She asks him to come home and says we will stay together. Nurse comes there and asks her to go from here, says he is dead. Pragya says he is not dead and asks her to call Doctor, else she will… take the scissor in her hand… The Nurse says okay, I will call the Doctor.

The Killer comes to the City hospital and asks goon if she went inside. The goon says yes. The Killer says we shall search her before Boss comes back. Digvijay comes to the factory and asks the goon about the Killer. The goon says Killer went to search the lady whom we had kept captive, as she escaped. Digvijay slaps him and calls Killer. Killer tells that he is behind the lady and will catch her. Digvijay says she has heard my voice and might have seen my face, she needs to be killed. He shouts Pragya… Pragya asks Abhi to get back to life and tells that today he should fight back with the God for her and should become fine. She pumps his heart…

Abhi and Pragya are taking swear in front of the temple is shown. She hits on his chest with her hands twice. Abhi moves his fingers… Pragya notices this and cries happily. Mainu dil… plays… Pragya thanks Abhi for fighting with God and returning for him. She calls Doctor and Nurse…

The Nurse comes there and asks her to go, says he is dead. Pragya says shut up. Killer and the goon hear her voice. Pragya tells Nurse that he is alive and asks her to check the pulse. Nurse checks his pulse and goes to call the Doctor. Pragya thanks her and sees the Killer coming there. She thinks if he sees me then it will be trouble, thinks to go away from there and covers cloth on Abhi’s face. Pragya hides.

The Killer peeps inside through the window pane and goes. Doctor checks Abhi and says Mr. Mehra is alive, it is a miracle, asks nurse to call the senior doctor. Pragya thinks if I go from infront of the goons then they will come behind me, and will not go in the Operarion Theatre. She runs while the killer and the goon are behind her. Pragya faints and falls down. The Nurse and wardboy take her with them. The Killer and the goon see them taking Pragya. They are about to go behind her, but leaves the hospital seeing the Police there.

Digvijay beats up Killer and injures him. Killer sits down. Digvijay says I am now at peace, tells that Pragya should die like her husband Abhishek Mehra. He says he just wants to win, either way. He says I have won, as my half revenge with him is fulfilled today and half revenge will be done when his wife dies.

The End of Twist of Fate S5 for now, and to be replaced with the popular seriesThis is Fate S3

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