Abhi stops hearing her and tells that they are not safe. Pragya says I wanted to tell you this, but Inspector Ashok’s wife made me unconscious and locked me in the room. She tells that Ashok and the goons who wanted to kill them belong to the same family. He asks her to move and tells that he will break the door.

Just then, Ashok’s mother hits rod on his head and his wife also hits Abhi. They tell that whoever comes here, can’t go. He says I don’t raise my hand on women and says I will talk to your son. Both the ladies continue to beat them. Pragya asks Abhi not to get beaten by the women. Abhi comes inside the room and tells Pragya that he has tied the women with their dupatta, without raising his hand on them. Pragya gets impressed and hugs him for his non violence act.

Abhi realizes everything and tells Pragya this family is of killers and tries to call Purab, but sim is not there. He tells that Ashok has taken the sim card when my phone fall. He says Ashok’s sister might not be involved and wanted to tell us about her killer family. Abhi says how we will go out now. Pragya says we shall go by window. He says if you had known then why you didn’t come out. She says how she would have left without him. They jump down from the window. Ashok’s mother and wife free themselves and comes to the room. They find them going through the window. Ashok, Killer and Snake comes home with the other goon. Killer gets his leg fractured. Other brother says he will call someone.

Varsha informs Ashok that they have eloped from window and ran towards their car. Snake asks Varsha and his mother about them. Ashok and the other goon check killer’s fracture leg. Abhi and Pragya sit in the car. Pragya says you lost the key again, you shall hang key in your neck. Ashok, killer and others come to the car.

The Killer is about to kill Abhi and Pragya, but Ashok keeps his gun down and asks Abhi to remember where did he drop his key? Abhi realizes that that key fell down when they came. He says you have fulfilled your promise and asks why you would have saved us, if you wanted to kill us. Ashok says he will kill them and says we are three, but you are two and trapped in the car. Abhi says who said that we are trapped and tells that we are free. He drives away. Killer scolds Ashok. Ashok and others hear the gun shot sound.

Abhi tells Pragya that the key which was with Ashok, was of his car and this is Uncle’s car and its key was with me. Pragya says can’t believe that we came out safely. Abhi tells that when she is with him, nothing can happen to him. Ashok runs back and finds Varsha dead. His mother tells that Snake got angry and wanted to shot her, but Varsha took bullet on herself. Ashok says he will not leave them as Varsha lost life due to them.

Abhi and Pragya are in the car still. She asks where are we going? Abhi says don’t know. Pragya says she can go anywhere with him. Just then they see the goons/shooters coming in Jeep. Pragya gets shocked.

Abhi and Pragya are driving the Car. Pragya looks back and says they might be the goons. Abhi calls her Chasmish and asks her to see. Pragya removes her specs and tells that everything is blurred. She then sees the killer and says they are the same killers. She asks him to drive fastly and says they are near our car. Abhi says they were near our car, you are now looking at them. He speeds up his car.

Purab comes and sits for the havan with Dadi and Sarita behen. The Killer and his men follow them in the jeep. Suddenly, the curtain catches fire. Purab gets the smell and asks Dadi and Sarita behen to move back. He sets off the fire. Aaliya brings the water jug and throws on the havan kund. Dadi shouts Aaliya.

The Priest says important prayer was going on here, and you set the havan fire off. Other Priest says it is very inauspicious, Pragya can lose her life. Aaliya gets happy and thinks she should have pour kerosene oil in the havan kund. She then their assumption shall come true. Abhi asks Pragya to stop the car and gets down from the car. She picks the stones from the road side. Abhi says you want to pelt stones on them and tells that he becomes Warrior in such situation.

Pragya asks him to sit in the car and drives. She asks him not to underestimate her and tells that Prachi and I have plucked raw mangoes from the tree. She says Prachi likes it. Abhi tells that he will give so much love to Prachi. Pragya tells that Ranbir proposed Prachi and she had accepted their alliance. Abhi thinks if this is the thing then I will get them married. He tells that he thought that…recalls Rhea telling that she loves Ranbir. Pragya asks him to say what he is thinking? Abhi says I thought that Ranbir loves Rhea. Pragya asks did Ranbir tell you? Abhi says no and says there is some confusion and asks if Prachi told you that she loves him.

Pragya recalls and tells that she didn’t tell anything when I ask, but she was happy when the alliance was fixed. Pragya thinks if Rhea loves Ranbir then she will get them married. Abhi asks her to leave the sisters. Pragya says it is matter of their lives. Abhi says for now, our lives are in danger. Pragya throws stones on the goons’ jeep. The killer and other goon shoot at their car. Abhi asks Pragya to come to the driving seat and handle the steering. They change places.

Abhi takes out the gun and shoots at the goons’ jeep. Pragya asks from where did he get the gun? He says from Ashok’s house, there were many weapons and I picked the gun. Pragya says this is wrong, why did you steal it? Just then Ashok calls Killer. Killer asks the goon to stop the jeep. Abhi throws the gun from the car and tells Pragya that he is upset as she called him thief.

Pragya scolds him for throwing the gun out of the car. Killer asks Ashok why Mother is crying? Ashok says Varsha is dead. His mother tells Killer that Snake has killed Varsha in anger, and gives him swear to kill Abhi and his wife. The Killer gets angry and tells that he will kill them for Varsha’s revenge. He fires gun in air. The goon asks him not to waste bullets and asks him to kill Snake. Killer says first he will kill Abhishek Mehra and his wife.

The injured Inspector gains consciousness and calls Purab. He asks if Mr. and Mrs. Mehra reached home. Purab says no, they are in the hotel. Inspector asks him to find out their location using in which hotel they have swiped the card and bring them home, says then they will be saved. He says if not hotel, then search them on highway. He says he is ending the call as he needs to call ambulance. Purab asks Aaliya to bring Abhi’s wallet.

Aaliya brings wallet and asks why are you worried? Purab says I am going to search Di and Abhi. Pragya asks why did you throw the gun. Abhi asks what is your problem. Pragya says atleast you would have fought with them, and scare them using gun. The car speeds up. Abhi pulls the gear and stops the car. Pragya tells themselves that nothing happened to them. Abhi says I feel that you will kill me and not those killers. Pragya gets upset and gets down from the car. Abhi asks her to sit in the car and says sorry. Pragya says you hurt me and then says sorry. Abhi says there is a danger here, please sit in the car. They sit in the car.

Abhi says he will not get angry and will just love her. Pragya says that killer will let us do. They find the killer coming from the opposite direction and aims gun at him. Abhi takes the car backwards and takes a U turn, says don’t know when the road will end. She asks him to make the car safely from the cliff. Killer gives knife to the goon. Abhi holds Pragya’s hand and says we have swear together to live, then how we will die. Pragya smiles. The goon is about to throw knife at them.

Abhi and Pragya are still in the Car. The Killer’s brother is about to throw a knife at Abhi and Pragya, but his leg gets stuck and feels pain. Abhi says enjoy. Aaliya, Purab, Sarita behen and Dadi are in the car. Aaliya blames Pragya for the risk to Abhi’s life. Sarita behen says you don’t know what Pragya has done for Mr. Mehra and tells Aaliya that she is not a good wife, sister, daughter etc. Aaliya asks Purab to stop the car and make Sarita behen get down.

Purab stops the car and asks Aaliya to get down. He says he is although stressed and doesn’t want to hear her old story. He asks her to sit silently else leave! Aaliya says okay and thinks she wants to see Sarita behen crying, because of whom Purab gets upset with her. Abhi tells Pragya that he feels that the shooters will come from another side also. Pragya asks him to say positive. The other shooters see them and follow them in the tempo. Abhi realizes and tells that even truck goons are behind them. He says all companies are behind us.

The truck hits Abhi and Pragya’s car, but Abhi manages to drive fast. The passerby father and son see Abhi and Pragya in the car. The Killer takes the help of the father-son duo so that they can move the jeep and save his partner’s leg. The father-son duo helps them. The father asks the killer to go carefully as the truck hit a car on the way. The Killer asks about the car color and realizes it is of Abhi and Pragya. He drives the jeep and the tyre ran on the old man’s foot injuring him. He drives off.

Abhi tells that it seems all the shooters are after them, they have to die. Pragya asks him not to talk like that and says she wants to talk about life and he is talking about death. She says she doesn’t want to say anything which separates them. She says sorry for scolding him on the first day of marriage. Abhi says I love you. Allah wariyan plays… He asks her to say I love you too. Pragya says I will not say, and says I love you so much. He asks her to say what to take, left or right. Pragya says right.

The Shooters in the tempo thinks which side to take and stop on the way? They get down and check for the car wheels, before taking the route. Killer’s brother wearing Inspector’s uniform takes on the father-son bike and tells that he will check. He sits on the bike and speeds off. The father-son duo is shocked.

Purab sees the shooter biker about to hit his car and manages to handle the car. He is stopped by the old man’s son who tells about the truck hitting Abhi-Pragya’s car and tells that the killer smashed his father’s foot before running away. Purab calls the ambulance for his father.

The tempo shooters hit on Abhi and Pragya’s car and their car is on the cliff and is about to fall down.

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