The Priest asks if Pragya’s date of birth is right. Sarita behen says yes. The Priest says jaap needs to be done at home. Aaliya says he came for money, will take 40-50 thousand for the jaap and asks them to give some money and send him. Sarita behen says it is nakshtras (problem). Aaliya insults Sarita behen and goes. Dadi apologizes to the Priest.

The Priest tells that he can’t do this Jaap alone and tells that the next 12 hours are heavy, and even her life can go. The fake Inspector’s mother comes to Pragya and Abhi’s room and asks them not to worry as they stay in Police officer’s house. She invites them for the ceremony/rituals and tells that she will give them clothes. Pragya says we will surely come.

The fake Police Inspector goes. Abhi says aunty was good, she asked us to let the room open. He kisses Pragya on her forehead and says he is lucky to get such hot wife. Pragya says even she is lucky to have him. He is about to kiss her, when she hits her hand on the cupboard and their romance get interrupted. Abhi gets upset and says kiss is incomplete, we will kiss and make it complete. The lady comes there and asks Abhi to come with her, and let Pragya change. Abhi says she is my wife, we will change infront of each other. She asks if he will not feel shy and takes him out. Song plays…

The Commissioner calls the Inspector and says you haven’t followed by orders. The Inspector says sorry sir, my duty didn’t stop me and tells that he knows that he might have some helplessness and that’s why he asked him to go home. He says I have caught the shooter Snake. The Commissioner says I am proud of you and asks him to bring him to the Police Station. He asks him not to stop the jeep on the way.

Snake /Shooter laughs and asks the Inspector to talk to his wife and children. The Fake inspector’s wife comes to Pragya and asks her to wear it. The Snake Shooter asks inspector to leave him here else meet the death.

The Inspector asks will you kill me. The shooter 1 spills the nails on the way and waits for the jeep to come. The Jeep stops as the tyres get punctured. Snake Shooter smiles. The Constable tells that the jeep is punctured. Inspector finds the nails there and says it was punctured intentionally. They see Shooter 1 and shoots at him. Shooter 1 also fires at them.

The Inspector catches Shooter 1 and beats him. The Shooter 1 grabs Inspector’s neck. Constable asks him to leave Inspector and finds the gun empty. He takes another gun. Snake comes down and aims at Inspector, but he is short of bullets. The Constable smiles.

Just then, the fake Inspector comes there and tells the fake Constable to catch the Shooters! The Real Inspector thinks the fake one as the Inspector and tells that he wants to take the Shooters to the Police Station. The fake Inspector shoots at the Inspector and the Constables and kills them. He then laughs… He says Killer Bhai (Brother) and Snake Bhai are both safe now.

The fake Inspector’s wife tells that her mother in law is making her husband meet the guests. She tells that Abhi told the guests that his wife is the one from whom nobody can take their eyes off. She tells your husband loves you so much. Pragya looks on happy.

The fake Inspector’s wife telling Pragya that she has seen such a loving husband for the first time. Her mother-in-law comes there and asks Pragya to come and make her husband understand. She takes her out. The Shooters appreciate the fake Inspector for his looks in Police uniform. He says our job is good. Snake says don’t know where did Abhishek Mehra and his wife go?

Abhi tells the guy that his wife is very looking. The guy says he will say poetry praising her beauty. Abhi says he can’t bear anyone praising his wife more and keeps hand on his eyes, as he looks at Pragya. Maine Jogi hona plays… Abhi walks towards Pragya. The fake Inspector Ashok is the Shooter 1’s brother and tells that I have taken Abhi and Pragya to our house, as I know that you got the contract and if I had killed them, then you wouldn’t have got money. The shooter 1 asks they are in our love. Abhi asks Pragya to kiss him. Pragya asks him to come to room if he wants.

Abhi bends down forwarding his cheeks towards her. A guy asks why are you bending down like this. Abhi says gravity of love. The guy says he will also go and check. Abhi tells Pragya that he will talk to her when she gives him a kiss. She goes to him and sees him talking to some girls and calling them to his house. The girls praise him. Pragya says I am his wife.

The shooters’ sister Neha comes to Abhi and says even she wants husband like him. Abhi says yes. Neha says I want to tell you something, but goes without telling him.

Pragya comes there and says I want to give vermilion, as when a husband applies it on her forehead, then it becomes her pride. Abhi fills her hairline with vermilion. Pragya says she has applied to her forehead since 20 years and asks him to promise that he will apply vermilion on her always? Abhi promises her that he will apply kumkum… and just then a heavy wind blows and he stops promising her. Abhi asks her not to give him and pretends to be upset.

Pragya kisses his cheeks. Abhi gets happy. The girls take Pragya with them. Pragya asks them to dance. Shooter 1 asks if they got hurt. Ashok says no bhai (brother). Shooter 1 says I will kill them and will give them a painful death, and will not kill them until they plead in front of me. Ashok says let them dance till then.

Abhi and Pragya dance in the sangeet. The guests like their performance. Aaj phir kitte chaldiye… morni banke plays… Ashok’s wife goes from there silently. Abhi continues to dance, while Pragya goes from there.

Pragya comes to the room and feels shy. She thinks where did I come, this is not our room. She sees Shooter 1, 2 and Ashok’s picture there and gets shocked. She calls Abhi from the phone kept there, but his phone is off. She thinks if Ashok is Police officer, then what is he doing with the shooters. Ashok’s mother calls him and asks if Bittu is found.

Ashok gives the call to Shooter 1/Bittu. His mother says the sangeet is about to end and asks them to come fast, before they know. Snake takes the call and asks her to make the place ready to kill them. He asks her to sharpen all knives and keep them ready. She says sword is ready. She ends the call and asks her daughter about Pragya. Neha tells that Abhi didn’t know about her. Mother tells the Snake message. Neha says that place, where we cut the man’s leg.

Pragya asks Ashok’s wife about the shooters. Ashok’s wife says I asked him not to stay in bad company, but he didn’t listen. She opens the chloroform bottle and makes Pragya unconscious. Pragya faints. Ashok’s wife calls her husband and tells that Pragya has seen your pic with Snake bhai and Killer Bhai. Ashok scolds her. Snake takes the call and asks her to keep her away from her husband. Ashok’s wife says okay. He asks her to bring Abhi there, where she had brought the millionaire guy.

Dadi and Sarita behen get worried and wait for the Prir Sarita behen says I will call the other Priest. The Priest comes there with the other Priest and is about to begin the Prayer, but there is a heavy wind and thunderstorm sound. The Priest ays the danger is very big and asks if they sensed it. Dadi and Sarita behen get worried. The Priest asks them to sit and pray for them.

Abhi is searching for Pragya and coming towards her. Ashok’s wife Varsha looks at him, as she has hidden Pragya there. Abhi asks did you see Pragya? Varsha says she has seen her there and asks him to go. Abhi goes. Varsha takes Pragya from there. The Priest assures Dadi and Sarita behen that if the havan goes well for 8 hours then nothing will happen to Abhi and Pragya. He says if any hurdles come in the way then both of them are in danger. Abhi thinks Pragya can’t stay away from him for long among the strangers. Abhi searches for Pragya and calls her. Varsha takes her to the storeroom. Abhi is about to see Pragya as he comes inside, but Ashok’s mother comes there and asks Abhi to come, says your wife is calling you. Abhi says she is there, I thought… He turns to go. Ashok’s mother goes inside and asks Varsha to come out. Varsha comes out and asks did you find your wife. She locks the door and goes.

Abhi comes there and finds Pragya missing. He gets even more worried. Ashok’s mother calls her son and asks him to come fast, as our prey is going inside the house. Ashok asks her not to worry, says they are coming. Abhi comes to the storeroom/outhouse while searching for Pragya.

Pragya gains consciousness and replied to him, that she is inside.

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