Karan asks Preeta about what she said just now? Did she say it from her heart or was it just to please him? She gets back saying that it was not from heart, as there is nothing of the sort, because she was only teasing him, he gets closer to her saying that she should never tease him again. He says that she said that she is his Wife and she must give him what he desires, as she has gotten his right, then he kisses her, Mahira relapses from her dream mentioning that she cannot even think of what she has just seen, as it can’t happen!

Preeta in the room leaves Karan and sits on the other side of the bed, he says that she was saying that she is the real deal, but he will make her realize who he is! He calls for water and she answers that she doesn’t need it, he mentions that he wants water and she should give it to him, she says that she will not follow that order, as the water is right beside him, he goes to her saying that she was saying that she’s his wife and would follow all his orders, but what has happened now? She mentions that she doesn’t want to go into that character, he says that she should get out of the room, but she however, goes to lie down on the bed exclaiming that she is his Wife and has the same right like him on the bed, so she would not leave the room!

They both start to quarrel when Preeta says that he can sleep on the Couch, he asks that she is trying to order him, but he will not follow them and would think of something new, he says that he would sleep on the terrace, he snatches the Cushion and sheet before going to the terrace to sleep.

Sameer calls Shrishti exclaiming that he was keeping an eye on both Mahira and Sherlyn and saw them sneaking into the room of Preeta and Karan, and when he threatened to call Rishab, they both left. He says that she must give him what she promised, and she tries to act as if the battery of the mobile is low, but he catches that she is lying and then she ends the call.

Preeta sees another pink cushion and thinks as to why he fought with her when there were two cushions, but she is also not able to sleep, so she goes to lock the window. She asks him if Mosquitoes are biting him, so he should come inside, but he refuses saying that she was missing him, so wants that he comes inside, as she wants to see his body, but he would not give her the benefit of the doubt! She however, answers that she was saying this because she has another response for him and it is that they are taking revenge on him for what he has done to her.

They both start fighting and she says that there is a storm coming and it would rain, so he should apologize and come inside, but he refuses to listen to her, ordering that she goes back inside however, she says that the window can only be opened from the inside and she would not open it again however, he says that she should leave him alone!

Preeta thinks what Karan thinks of himself, as he thinks she is trying to ask him to come, just so she could see his body? She thinks that there is no courtesy left in this world, as there is a lot of misconception. Preeta prepares to sleep as she has even closed the windows and will be able to sleep.

Karan is on the Couch thinking that Preeta has a lot of attitude, but he will not succumb to it, as he is also very angry, but hearing the clouds, he says that he is also very angry!

Preeta hears the thunder so gets up on the bed wondering how Karan is able to sleep on the Couch when there is such severe rain?

Karan also gets up, but then again, lies on the Couch, as he would not be the one to ask her to open the window.

Preeta seeing the rain also goes to the window, but seeing how angry Karan is, she stops, thinking that she would not let him say that she came by herself to open the window, as she wants to come closer to him.

Preeta on the other side thinks that she would not open the window, as he should be the one to ask her.

Karan gets worried when she turns back and then thinking of how cold it is, he finally gets up and leans against the window, Preeta also opens the window and they both rush into the room.

Mahira is walking in the hall crying thinking that what has happened with her should not have happened, she thinks of scolding Sameer for what he has done, however, when she opens the door, he is sleeping and so she thinks that he is saved otherwise, she would not have spared him for what he has done! Mahira decides to go and check what is happening between Karan and Preeta.

Karan stops Preeta saying that he doesn’t need her to pull him, as he can take care of himself, Preeta answers that she knows he’s able to take care of himself, but she got worried, as there is a thunderstorm and it might get really bad, she decides to go and close the windows however, she is not able to because of the wind, Karan also comes closer to her and they both share a moment in the rain, she tries to leave however, her scarf gets stuck, he pulls her closer before putting it back on her.

Karan asks for how much things would she depend on him, as he was the one to close the windows? They both start arguing over who was the one to close the window, Preeta leaves saying that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

Mahira is trying to open the window, but isn’t able to see, but then tries to listen. Preeta asks Karan to take off his shirt, hearing which he starts teasing her that she wants to see him without his shirt and cannot resist the temptation, however, she refuses saying that she only wants to help him, as he is all wet because of the rain.

Mahira believes that they are getting closer and celebrating the first night which she cannot bear, so turns back.

Preeta however, says to Karan that he has understood what she meant, he sneezes after which he asks her to look away before he changes his cloths, she explains that he will even say that she was trying to look which she isn’t, so he should go to the bathroom. Karan refuses saying that it’s his room and he will change in the room, so she is forced to go away however, she cannot resist seeing him, when she realizes that he knows, he covers her face, he goes near her then places her hands on his body before pulling her closer. He pushes her away saying that is she happy to see him, Preeta runs away.

Mahira is crying while walking saying that the rain is a blessing, but it is not for her, as she only wants that the night be over as soon as possible!

Preeta exclaims that the bed is not comfortable however, Karan says that his bed is the best and she would never get a chance to sleep on a bed like his, then she leaves to sleep on the Couch, he exclaims that he has finally gotten back his bed, so he would sleep now.

Preeta is on the Couch thinking that this would be the first night when Shrishti is not with her when it’s raining, so she doesn’t have that feeling and doesn’t want to see the rain.
Preeta sees Karan with a pillow on his face so decides to lift it however, when she touches him, he is not well and shivering, she wakes him up and after giving him the medicine, goes to bring water and covers his head with wet towels.

Karan thanks her for what she is doing, Preeta remembers how he came closer to her when they were closing the window.

Sarla is talking to Preeta on phone. Sarla says it’s a special day, she needs to speak to her. Sherlyn is passing by and overhears their conversation. Sarla says it’s her first day of kitchen, she must cook some good sweet and give it to her in-laws. Preeta thinks no one in the house will eat from her hand. Preeta says the ritual is great, but everyone here is particular about their diet; what if no one eats this? Sarla agrees that times have changed, but when a daughter turns to daughter-in-law, she must feed some sweet to her in-laws. This little dose of sweet will sweeten her relationship with them as well. Preeta agrees.

Sarla was emotional that Preeta’s words are sweet enough to win hearts; she is a good daughter, sister, and granddaughter. She must live in that house as a good daughter-in-law, and a good Wife as well. She never went to live in Luthra House as a daughter-in-law. It’s always a daughter-in-law’s duty to mix with them as sweet and add some sweet in every relation. Preeta was flattered that she can never compete with Sarla in her sweetness. Sarla was emotional that people blessed with daughters are extremely lucky and nothing can match her who got four of them. Both were weepy, but decides not to cry.

Sarla tells Preeta to go and cook some sweet. Maybe people might not be in her favour, but her right as a daughter-in-law will be fulfilled if anyone even eats a pinch from it.

Mahira is in her room smelling some fragrance. She speaks to the mirror that she is unaware of what happened between them in the room. She knows what will happen between them. Sherlyn breaks into the room and says Preeta is going to prepare sweet for the family. She is going good by preparing sweet on the second day of her wedding. She is trying to be a good daughter-in-law. Her mother taught her all this. Mahira is determined to mix bitterness in it!

In the Kitchen, the cook Ginesh is happy that Preeta is back at home. He complements the aroma from her sweet. Sherlyn and Mahira comes to the Kitchen. Sherlyn is angry at the Cook for not bringing her morning tea. He says he brought it to her room early morning. Sherlyn demands a second cup. She sends the Cook outside of the Kitchen instead and gets to prepare tea for herself.

Mahira takes the chance to pour salt in the sweet dish. Preeta pulls her hand right in time. Her sweet would have been ruined. Mahira asks what Preeta wants to prove? If she wants to win everyone’s heart? Preeta tells Sherlyn to leave if her tea is done? It’s her first time in the Kitchen and she wants to concentrate. She needs some space here. She clarifies to Mahira that she doesn’t want to be a sweetheart, it’s only her duty. It’s her first day after marriage.

Sherlyn smirks what if she burns Preeta’s dish, she can accuse her of not knowing her work? She gives the cup to Mahira. Preeta in time placed a bowl over her dish to catch Sherlyn’s trick.

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