Sameer calls Shrishti, she runs to her Phone and answering it says that it is off Sameer, he explains that they have planned, Shrishti gets excited however, Sameer says that he just wanted to inform them, Shrishti gets angry saying that they should have invited them for het Sister’s reception, as Preeta is her Sister, so she has the right. Sarla tries to calm her down mentioning that it’s nothing to be angry about.

Kartika asks Dadi if she has gotten tired? Rishab comes mentioning that he was amazed because of what she did, as he knows that his Mother is of the religious end, but she took her side, Dadi answers that she knows what Rakhi is capable of, as she has done a lot for the family, Rishab asks if Kartika is calling Dadi old? But she clarifies that she meant her old mentality and was not calling her old.

Karina also comes explaining that she could never have run the house like Rakhi, as with her temperament, it would have been impossible. Dadi calls Rakhi asking her to tell everyone what she would like to do on her birthday, then Dadi asks Karina to tell them what Rakhi would do on her birthday, they all joke mentioning that she would like to perform a Yatra.

Karan comes asking why did Ganesh not bring him the cold drink? He answers that Preeta ordered him not to however, Kartika responds that he should stop listening to Preeta and follow their orders!

Ganesh mentions that Preeta was right, as Karan had fever which is why he did not give him the cold drink, Karan says that he has taken the medicine, Rakhi explains that she is now ordering him to not drink the cold drink, as he is not well.

Rakhi then asks Ganesh if he has checked that all the matrials have arrived for the reception, but Karan says that they were only discussing and it was not confirmed, Rakhi says that some rituals have to be fulfilled, as they all also went to a lot of people’s functions so now, would have to fulfil the rituals, as he has just gottten married.

Karan looks towards everyone, Dadi expalins that she is the elder of their house and has no pressure, yet she still agrees that they have to fulfil the functions, as they are the norms of the society which have to be fulfilled. Rishab, Kartika and even Ganesh agree that they should hold the function, he leaves, while Rakhi is worried that he will not dress, but Rishab assures her that he will come for the function.

Preeta is in the hall, but she’s not able to find the suitcase, she finds it in the guestroom, so decides to take it back into her room, as she cannot let Karan throw her out of the house, she is taking it when Mahira decides to harm her from behind however, Sherlyn tries to stop her, but Mahira pushes her against the wall warning that she never comes in her way again, as she will not get what she deserves by siding with her! Sherlyn thinks that she has gotten mad.

Karan is in her room wondering that even when his entire family hates Preeta, yet they are still arranging the reception for her, he excludes Rishab and Sameer, as they both are really taking her side, so he cannot count on them. He remembers that she made the halwa (Sweets) and might have mixed something in it which is why everyone has started to take her side.

Preeta enters the room, so he makes her sit asking what had she mixed in the halwa? Preeta exclaims that she has mixed something and he is right, she mentions that she mixed love which has forced everyone to like her, she answers that she mixed love in it however, Karan gets really angry with her. She takes her suitcase mentioning that she has to set her clothes in the wardrobe.

Karan yells at her mentioning that she cannot touch his wardrobe however, she says that she also has some right over it and will place her clothes in it however, he refuses to let her. Preeta then exclaims that she will bring a new wardrobe, so has to take some of his things and set them in the store room, Karan doesn’t agree with her.

Karan then calls Rakhi explaining that Preeta has thrown all of his things out from the wardrobe, however Preeta exclaims that she only wants to put her clothes in the wardrobe because of which Karan is talking very rudely with her. Rakhi takes the side of Preeta saying that he should allow her to place her clothes in the wardrobe.

Sherlyn reaches the Kitchen and wonders what Mahira would do, as she is really frustrated, She thinks of calling Prithvi, as he would be really tensed, so she decides to call her.

Prithvi is drunk and finally wakes up, he seeing her call wonders why she is calling him, but when he answers the call, he seeks for some time and pours a jug of water on his head, then asks her what has happened? She explains the entire situation mentioning that Preeta has married Karan and come into their house, as Preeta Karan Luthra, however, Prithvi doesn’t agree saying that she would only be his Wife, Sherlyn mentions that she came with the people of the NGO and when Karan called the Police, they also sided with her and she came into their house, as a daughter-in-law.

Prithvi gets frustrated with her saying that she cannot do even a single thing, so she’s a useless woman which is why he calls her a Princess, she in anger ends the call exclaiming that she only said those things because of Mahira. She even exclaims that both of her partners are trying to run after Karan, one is his lover while the other is his enemy! She is about to break the cup when Rakhi comes inquiring what the matter is?

Sherlyn answers that she was trying to dry the cup, Rakhi explains that she is the elder daughter-in-law of the family, so she’s responsible for performing all the rituals of Preeta, Sherlyn tries to make an excuse however agrees mentioning that she would do whatever Rakhi asks her to do, Rakhi explains that no one in the family Is happy with the functions, but they have to fulfil the norms of the society and even she would not have arranged the functions if she desired so.

Sarla calls Shrishti however, Janki mentions that she is sitting angrily in her room so would not come out, Sarla mentions that she also knows how to call her, as she has made her favourite dish, Sarla goes to the dining table, then placing the bowl asks Janki to come and eat it, as Shrishti would not come out of the room. Shrishti comes running exclaiming that she would eat the entire bowl, as they all know that if something is prepared in their house which she likes then she is the one to eat it all.

Sarla says that she would not let her eat it until Shrishti gives her something which she likes, but Shrishti explains that she has nothing that she can give her, Sarla says that she desires her smile and if she gives it to her, then she would hand her the dish. Shrishti takes the bowl while crying explaining that she is the best.
Sarla gets a call from Rakhi who explains that they have all arranged a function for Preeta and they all must come. Sarla explains that Shrishti should stop crying, as they have been invited, so must go and select the dress which she would wear in the night.

Karan is in his room checking through the belongings, but she’s wondering where is his cufflinks? He then starts to search Preeta’s wardrobe however, she comes from behind asking him to stop looking, he explains that he is not able to find his cufflinks and it might be because someone might be a Thief or have some agenda, he again asks her to close her mouth, Preeta says that he must hurry, as she knows where they are in her wardrobe. She orders that he works quickly, as she has to select her saree because a lot of her time has wasted.

Preeta starts searching the wardrobe, Karan also goes near her and starts daydreaming when he is near her, she gives him the wardrobe explaining that he must leave, as she also has to select her dress, Karan stands in front of the dressing thinking that he would not let her wear something that would ruin their function, he finally thinks that she has selected a dress in which they both would not look good however he finally thinks that she has selected a nice dress, however Preeta on the contrary is thinking that she would wear a dress in which she would not look nice that would ruin Karan’s day!

Karan sits on the cufflinks and hurts himself, she asks him why he is acting so carelessly, as he is not in the playground, so must remain calm, as it’s not worthwhile. Karan exclaims that he was only helping himself, because the sooner he gets dressed, the sooner he can leave, as he feels that like a ghost in the room, they both get into an argument. Preeta exclaims that he doesn’t even know how to say thank you, she trips while on her way to change, but Karan catches her in the process, he leaves after thanking her, Preeta is left nervous.

Mahira is calling Prithvi however, he is drunk in his room wondering who is calling him, he thinks that there was a time when he was the one to cheat others however, the times have changed, as he has been cheated, he mentions that drinking helps release the pain, as the Luthra’s have taken his love, he prays that God has listened to his every prayer, so he must give him Preeta, as she is his love.

Prithvi gets a call from Mahira, she asks him if he is drunk? He exclaims that everyone wants to know that he is drunk, so what will happen if he agrees? Mahira mentions that she is happy he has recognized her, Prithvi says that she has called him, so she knows who he is, Mahira mentions that he is very handsome even then, she married Karan. Prithvi answers that he knows why she called him and it’s because she wants to make fun of him, he answers that she also lost her love when Karan married Preeta in the temple where she was supposed to be with him, he is about to end the call, but she explains that  she ahs not lost anything until she believes so, but seeing him, thinks that he has believed that he has lost.

Prithvi mentions that he is not accustomed to hearing any foolish thing because he knows that she wants to lean on a shoulder to cry however, he will not let her use his shoulder, so how can she help him? Mahira explains that she can make him get his love.

Karan is walking when he bumps into Rishab who catches him, Rishab starts making fun of him, asking if he has fought with Preeta, because he can see the expressions? Karan answers that it is not the case because she has tortured him a lot by taking all his belongings and claiming that they are hers. Rishab says that everyone has to share, so it is not a big deal, Karan takes him into his room, after opening his wardrobe says that he has not shared it with Sherlyn but doesn’t see that she has her clothes in half of the wardrobe, Karan gets surprised mentioning that he did not even share a single side with him, but has given her half of it, Rishab answers that he would also feel nice when he gets accustomed to sharing his wardrobe.

Rishab answers that when he starts sharing his wardrobe, it would be a lot sorted, as Preeta would take care of it, Karan disagrees however, Sherlyn comes from behind mentioning that he never wanted to share the wardrobe, but Rishab forced her and she only does what he desires, she then leaves.

Karan says that Rishab always acts as if there is nothing, but now he knows that his relations with Sherlyn is nothing for which they should worry about, as he’s involved with her.

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