Mahira takes a glass from the Waiter and drinks, this stuns everyone, as they do not know what she’s doing, Dadi exclaims that Preeta is drinking and would now create a scene, Kartika exclaims that Preeta has become used to creating a scene!

Rishab is also worried, so asks what has happened to Preeta, as she is drinking? Karan answers that it’s not really Preeta.

Karina is also tensed mentioning that she is fed-up with Preeta creating this scene and so desires to slap her because it is a matter of their respect! Ramona warns her to stop, as it is a matter of their reputation, then Rakhi goes to warn Sarla about Preeta’s behavior.

Rakhi says to Sarla that she always said that Preeta cared for their reputation, but she is drinking even when Rakhi warned her to not do anything wrong, Sarla disagrees mentioning that she knows that something is wrong, as Preeta would never do anything of the sort, Rakhi asks her the reason she is denying it, as it’s happening before their eyes!
She starts dancing and lifts the veil which shocks everyone, as she is Mahira. She starts dancing with Karan and everyone is forced to stand still without doing nothing, they dance continuously and everyone is ashamed of what she is doing.

When the dance ends, they come to know that it’s been Mahira behind the whole thing, she exclaims that she is the Wife of Karan and the daughter-in-law of the Luthra family however, Karan refutes her statement mentioning that she’s not his Wife!

Sarla exclaims that she knew that it was not her daughter under the veil, she asks Mahira to tell her where Preeta is? Mahira inquires if everyone has seen the newspaper where it was written that she was engaged with Karan and she is the same person that has married Karan, so he’s now the Wife. She answers that Preeta is a liar, so they will have her arrested!

Rishab diverts everyone to go and get the food which has been served while ordering Ganesh to look after the guests.

Shrishti wakes up calling out the name of Preeta, the Doctor is relieved that she has woken up, the Doctor explains where she is however, Shrishti says that she has to go and save her Sister who is in trouble, she does not listen to the warnings of the Doctor relating to her health.

Gochu brings the malla, then Pawan asks him to give it to the the Priest, who orders them to bring the groom, Pawan exclaims that he will be the one to bring his brother, he turns exclaiming to Preeta that since their childhood they have done everything together so because of her when his brother is getting married, he is with him, Preeta tries to break free however, isn’t able to, she wonders what will be happening in the Luthra house and if everyone has come to know that it is really Mahira behind the veil?

Rishab warns Mahira that she should not have done this, as it is their house! Sarla asks Maira how she is wearing Preeta’s saree, but Mahira refuses to answer, Rishab says that it is not true because Sarla is their elder and she must not talk like this to her! Rishab is also really angry with her behaviour.

Mahira goes to everyone and tries to explain that she was promised to marry Karan, but she’s now being refused her right. Mahira says that Preeta had also sent them a notice however, Sarla responds that her daughter had never sent any notice demanding their alimony.

Sherlyn comes in between saying that Sarla should stop pretending that her daughter has always cared for the Luthra family, as she has done a lot of bad things! Sarla threatens that she will expose what Sherlyn has done! Sherlyn explains that she is the one who is wrong and should not target Preeta! Sarla tries to expose Sherlyn when she asks why Preeta married Karan behind the veil? Sherlyn gets nervous, then Mahira steps in between saying that she is only demanding what was promised to her because Karan said that he would marry her, she tries to call Preeta and explains that the reason she is not in the house is because she has run away with Prithvi! Sarla gets mad and slaps her in the face.

Shrishti reaches the house where she sees that a guy is standing on the ground floor, guarding someone, she attains some courage, so runs into the house.

Ramona and Karina both question why Sarla slapped Mahira? Sarla answers that she slapped her because of what she was saying about her daughter, because they all were standing without saying anything, Sarla answers that Preeta is their daughter-in-law however, Karina refuses explaining that she married Karan with deception, Sarla answers that Sherlyn is right, as Preeta had only come to watch the wedding and instead married Karan, but he also married her when he came to her wedding.

Sarla reminds Karan of his promise to protect Preeta and to always keep her happy. Preeta remarried her husband, and it does not matter, as nothing was wrong in it. Dadi says they do not accept the marriage. Sarla says Dadi was not there, so she does not accept the marriage. She herself was not in the second wedding, she does not accept it. But this all never matters. They are still married. She had asked the Priest that Karan was under veil and if the marriage is legitimate? The Priest had told her that they have taken the vows and are now married. Rakhi also did Preeta’s grahpravesh.

Sherlyn objects that it was forced! Sarla asks what about this reception, and rituals? They have to live in the society and belongs here. She forbids Sherlyn from interfering again!

Mahira now takes the lead and says she can speak! She tells Sarla she is defending Preeta here, but her own mother is silent. This is because there is a big class difference between them. Sarla lives in a neighborhood where petty matters are elaborated. Mahira says no one else is saying a single word. Sarla says she can not expect anything from anyone, but she believes Karan will speak for Preeta.

Karan says this party was given for Preeta, but where is she is? She has left!

Sarla is in disbelief. Karan hands Sarla the letter. Mahira grabs the letter and reads it aloud. Mahira says she went to the room and found this letter and saree in Preeta’s room.

Rishab asks Karan if this is why he hugged him?

Ramoona asks if Sarla would still claim that her daughter is the best for the family? Kareena speaks against Preeta. Sherlyn says Preeta has shown her real face again. She ran away with Prithvi! Karan shouts in fury that Preeta has run away!

Pawan and the goons force Preeta around the Temple. The Priest requests Preeta to save him. He does not know the mantra of wedding, he is a Priest of Shamshanghat  (Cremation ground). Pawan will kill him if he tells him this.

Pawan puts on Sehra (headdress) on Prithvi’s face. He asks Janki if she likes his brother, as a groom? Janki says he looks like a goon, just like his brother! Pawan tells Janki that his brother must be equally hated by her. He forces Janki on a seat and tells his men to keep an eye on her. They now carry the unconscious Prithvi to the Temple. Shrishti watches this from a window.

Pawan now tells the Priest to hurry up and perform the Wedding mantra. Preeta wonders how she must stop this wedding? Preeta says this wedding cannot take place, the groom is unconscious. She tells Pawan that the groom must be at least conscious, then she will marry him. Pawan is happy and helps Prithvi on a sofa.

Karan goes inside. Sarla follows Karan, but Mahira stops Sarla. Sarla forbids Mahira taking her daughter’s name!

Shrishti wish Mahira must go behind Karan and stop him. Mahira runs behind Karan. Kareena questions Sarla where her daughter is? She ran away with her lover.

In the corridor, Karan thinks about Mahira and Sherlyn accusing Preeta. Mahira reaches there. She apologizes to Karan and says she was extremely upset. She never intended all this. Karan turns to leave. Mahira stops Karan saying Preeta is not here, but she (Mahira) is here in the house for him. Karan forbids Mahira from touching him, as he is a married man! He is sure Preeta can not run away with anyone. He does not care what anyone says about Preeta, but he is sure that she can not leave him! Mahira is bitter that even Karan stood with Preeta.

In the hall, Sarla speaks to Rakhi that Preeta accepts her as a Mother. She loves everyone from the family. Kareena is assertive that Preeta disgraced them all! Everyone else accuse Sarla of being shameless! Sherlyn says Mahira saved their family’s respect, but Preeta left no chance! Sarla says she can give her good replies if she wishes to.

Rishab stops Sherlyn from interfering, what pain is caused to her. Everyone wants to prove themselves right. No one wants to solve the matter here. He tells Sarla to speak to Rakhi. Sarla opens the letter and says this is not Preeta’s writing. She recognizes Preeta’s hand-writing. Mahira claps from behind.

Pawan sends Gabbar to bring some medicine and black coffee to bring Prithvi to consciousness. Preeta is trying to burn the rope in her hand.

Shrishti is determined to help.

Pawan tries to wake Prithvi up. His men bring coffee for Prithvi and pour spoonfuls in his mouth.

There, Preeta tries to burn the rope in her hands. Pawan spots her. His man offers to get the medicine which the Doctor messaged. He tells him to first hold Preeta at gun point. Pawan spots Shrishti behind the window.

Mahira says she knew Sarla would say so. Sarla shouts she wanted to speak to just Rakhi and if Mahira has no manners? Sarla says she knows Rakhi did not like it when Karan married Preeta. She also did not like when Preeta married Karan. But Preeta did all this for some reason. Dadi asks Sarla the reason, as Karan married Preeta because he believed Preeta was behind Mahesh’s accident, and wanted to revenge her! Sarla looks towards Sherlyn and Mahira.

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